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Kallypso Masters books in order

Kallypso Masters is a USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary romance and fiction novels.

Having began her writing journey while still in high school, Kally has finally been living the dream since 2011, selling half-a-million copies of her books in paperbacks and e-books.

An eighth-generation Kentuckian, she has been married to her hubby, whom readers know as Mr. Ray, for over three decades.

They have two adult children and a rescued dog and cat.

Those who follow Kally know that she lives for visits from her lovely grandson, Erik.

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Genres: Contemporary , Romance

United States


Non Series

  • Roar (2016)

Bluegrass Spirits

  1. Jesse's Hideout (2017)
  2. Kate's Secret (2017)

Rescue Me Saga

  1. Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel (2012)
  2. Nobody's Hero (2012)
  3. Nobody's Perfect (2013)
  4. Somebody's Angel (2014)
  5. Nobody's Dream (2015)
  6. Somebody's Perfect (2019)
Non Series

Detailed book overview

Non Series


Kristoffer Roar Larson has for four years been troubled by the terrible accident that took away his lovely wife, until the day he crossed paths with Pamela Jeffrey.

Her confident personality and with her willingness to submit brings out feelings that he thought were long buried.

Dr. Pamela Jeffrey provides medical assistance to those in countries devastated by war, until a health scare grounds her stateside.

When she crosses paths with Kristoffer, he hesitantly agrees to help prepare her for a future Dom.

As their chemistry intensifies and treachery begins to surface, will Kristoffer fully open up to the woman who has turned his entire world upside down?

Author: Kallypso Masters
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1941060261
Publisher: Kallypso Masters

Bluegrass Spirits

Jesse's Hideout

Tillie Hamilton converts the 180-year-old house in rural Kentucky—one which she inherited from the old woman who rescued her as a child—as a B&B, being that it’s the only safe haven she has ever known.

When Greg Buchanan, the old woman’s good-looking grandson comes into the picture, he accuses Tillie of destroying his grandmother’s memory by claiming that Gram haunts the inn.

While going though Gram’s private journals, Greg discovers that Jesse James—a notorious outlaw who visited the place a lot—returned to the house in the 1930s, fifty years after his alleged death.

With the attraction intensifying, can Gram and Jesse convince the two lonely overachievers that they belong together?

Author: Kallypso Masters
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1941060285
Publisher: Ka-Thunk! Publishing
Kate's Secret

The only thing that single mom Kate Michaels wants is to ensure that her daughter, Chelsea, has a happy and steady life. Her entire world is however turned upside down when Travis Cooper, her college sweetheart, storms back into her life after thirteen years.

When an attainable task involving an Army friend who recently passed on sends Travis back to Kentucky in search of answers, all his plans are threatened when he crosses paths with Kate.

What will happen when Travis learns about Kate’s well protected secret?

Will he be willing to forgive and give love a second chance?

Author: Kallypso Masters
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1941060308
Publisher: Ka-Thunk! Publishing

Rescue Me Saga

Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel

Marc d’Alessio, a co-owner of a private BDSM club, enjoys doing business with the very men he served with in Iraq.

Although working at the club comes with its advantages, Marc has completely decided to stay away from women. As much danger as he has been exposed to in his life, women have proven to me more dangerous to his heart.

When he however rescues Angelina Giardano from a terrible maiden encounter at the club, Marc can’t seem to get the woman out of his mind, despite the fact that she seemingly turns his world on its head.

And when Angelina’s past comes back to haunt her, Marc comes to her rescue.

Can he however be the angel that she needs?

Author: Kallypso Masters
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1941060148
Publisher: Ka-Thunk! Publishing
Nobody's Hero

Despite successfully fighting in four combat zones, Adam Montague—a retired Marine Master Sergeant—finds himself retreating from Karla Paxton, who has declared war on his heart.

Given their huge age difference, Adam feels that he should be her guardian rather than her lover. Karla however always ends up in his bed, something that further complicates his desire to do the right thing.

Their huge age difference however isn’t the only problem. Fifty-year-old Adam has been running away from a terrible secret for over three decades, one that has prevented him from admitting love for anyone.

Will Karla help him make peace with his past?

Author: Kallypso Masters
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1941060155
Publisher: Ka-Thunk! Publishing
Nobody's Perfect

Savannah/Savi finally finds a safe haven for herself and her daughter after running away from eleven years of abuse at the hands of her own father.

When her father however resurfaces to threaten her newfound peace, Savi turns to Damian Orlando for help. Eight years earlier, the two had a passionate encounter that resulted in a secret that Savi can’t hide anymore.

An afflicted warrior who has been through hell in Iraq, Damian will do whatever it takes to protect Savi and her daughter. He however thinks that Savi deserves a better man than him.

Can these two wounded souls find love and healing, together?

Author: Kallypso Masters
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1941060162
Publisher: Ka-Thunk! Publishing
Somebody's Angel

When Marc d’Alessio, a co-owner of a private BDSM club, rescued Angelina Giardano from a terrible maiden encounter at the club, he never thought that she would turn his world on its head.

Although their intense attraction still rages months later, something from Marc’s past not only prevents him from fully committing to her, but also further complicates his relationships with his friends and family.

Angelina loves Marc, the BDSM club, and the explosive ways in which their bodies ignite. She however cannot fully give herself to someone who won’t fully reveal himself to her.

Will Marc risk opening his heart and becoming the man she deserves?

Author: Kallypso Masters
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1941060056
Publisher: Kallypso Masters
Nobody's Dream

Cassie López, a Peruvian-born artist, took off to make a fresh start after being betrayed by the man she planned to marry. To her, life is brutal and unfair.

Luke Denton is a Search-and-Rescue worker who lost his wife and unborn child in an unfortunate incident. To him, life is brutal and unfair.

When these two individuals cross paths after Luke comes crashing into her Colorado mountain sanctuary, Cassie suddenly feels drawn to his kindness.

The gentle nature of the cowboy threatens to bring down her high walls that have helped her survive.

Can these two wounded souls learn to trust and love one another?

Author: Kallypso Masters
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1941060124
Publisher: Kallypso Masters
Somebody's Perfect

Savannah Orlando has finally found happiness with her husband, Damián, after running away from the years of abuse at the hands of her own father.

With his trial fast approaching, Savannah not only struggles to come to terms with her new life of happiness, but also has a hard time preventing herself from relapsing into her old habits.

Damián Orlando is convinced that his wife’s father has all it takes to destroy them, even when incarcerated.

Troubled by how the man robbed Savannah of her childhood innocence, Damián will finish what he started the day he rescued Savannah, should her father ever threaten his family.

Author: Kallypso Masters
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1941060339
Publisher: Ka-Thunk! Publishing