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Katharine McGee is an American New York Times bestselling author of young adult and contemporary romance novels.

Born in Houston, Texas, she holds a degree in English and French literature from Princeton, and an MBA from Stanford.

Her curiosity of what American could have been with a royal family, which started while she was pursuing her undergraduate degree, gave rise to the American Royals Series.

Katharine’s time in New York City, where she worked as an editor while pursuing her writing, inspired the The Thousandth Floor Series.

She lives in Houston with her husband.

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Genres: Contemporary , Romance, Young Adult

Born: 1988

United States


American Royals Series

  1. American Royals (2019)
  2. Majesty (2020)


  1. Meet Cute: Some People Are Destined to Meet (2018)

The Thousandth Floor Series

  1. The Thousandth Floor (2016)
  2. The Dazzling Heights (2017)
  3. The Towering Sky (2018)
American Royals Series

Detailed book overview

American Royals Series

American Royals

General George Washington was given the crown after triumphing in the Revolutionary War.

More than two centuries later, his descendants are still at the helm of power.

Princess Beatrice is on the brink of serving as the nation’s maiden queen regnant, a role she has been preparing for her whole life—except she’s starting to feel suffocated.

Princess Samantha is the spare, which means she never gets any attention except when she’s flouting the rules. She seldom cares about anything other than the forbidden boy.

Prince Jefferson, Samantha’s twin, is third in line to the throne.

America loves the incredibly handsome prince, but not as much as the two girls battling to win his heart.

Author: Katharine Mcgee
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1984830203
Publisher: Ember

America has suffered a huge loss. Princess Beatrice finally ascends to the throne, with Princess Samantha second in line.

Prince Jefferson is however nothing more than an adored handsome prince.

The first ever queen of America, Beatrice is determined to prove that a woman can rule just as good—if not better. Tough choices will be made.

Renowned for being the party princess, Samantha lives up to her name. Will she find someone to compliment her?

When close to the crown, keep your friends close and foes closer.  Daphne and Nina don’t need to be reminded of that.

But what if you can’t tell the difference?

Author: Katharine Mcgee
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-0241365991
Publisher: Penguin Books


Meet Cute: Some People Are Destined to Meet

Regardless of whether you believe in destiny, luck, or love at first sight, I think we can all agree that every romantic tale begins somewhere.

This book is a collection of short romantic tales of "how they first met", written by some of the most beloved young adult authors today.

From meeting through an irritable customer service Tweet, to break-ups and make-ups and two teenagers at a house party in an effort to run away from the cops, this anthology has its fair share of diversity.

Stories are by: Katharine McGee, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Dhonielle Clayton, Katie Cotugno,Jocelyn Davies, Nina LaCour, Emery Lord, Kass Morgan, Meredith Russo, Sara Shepard, Nicola Yoon, Ibi Zoboi and Julie Murphy.

Author: Katharine Mcgee
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1328604286
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers

The Thousandth Floor Series

The Thousandth Floor

The year is 2118 in Manhattan.

Despite appearing perfect, Leda Cole hides the fact that she is addicted to a drug—and a forbidden boy.

Eris Dodd-Radson’s easy-going life turns on its head after a shattering treachery destroys his family.

Rylin Myers, who works in one of the top floors, finds herself in an expected romance. Will she be forced to forgo her old life?

Tech guru Watt Bakradi knows a lot about everyone. Hired to undertake a secret assignment by a girl on the upper-floor, Watt ends up entangled in a chain of deceit.

Living on the thousandth floor, Avery Fuller is troubled by the one thing she cannot have.

Author: Katharine Mcgee
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0062418609
Publisher: Harper Collins
The Dazzling Heights

The year is 2118 in Manhattan.

Troubled by memories of that terrible night, LEDA is determined to hide the truth; going as far as trusting her foe.

WATT is desperate to forget everything, until Leda makes him return to his dark past.

Moving to a school on the upper floor thanks to a scholarship, RYLIN is forced to confront the boy whose heart she shattered, and who equally shattered hers.

Desiring a person that can never be hers, a desperate AVERY will stop at nothing to have him.

Meanwhile, CALLIOPE is about to cause controversy.

Five teenagers hold deadly secrets. A vengeful figure stalks them all.

Author: Katharine Mcgee
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0062418630
Publisher: Harper Collins
The Towering Sky

The year is 2119 in Manhattan. The lives of five teenagers entangled.

Desperate to forget the memories of Dubai, Leda is forced to solicit help from the one boy she has been avoiding.

Rylin returns to her former life. But what happens when she is forced to choose between two boys and two opposing worlds?

Calliope plays a long con, until her actions eventually return to haunt her.

Madly in love with Leda, Watt will stop at nothing to win her heart again. But some secrets should never be unearthed.

Returning from England with a new boyfriend, Avery’s life is flawless. She however doesn’t want a flawless life.

Author: Katharine Mcgee
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0062418661
Publisher: Harper Collins