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Glenn Meade is an Irish award-winning author of thriller and non-fiction.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, he studied telecommunications before working in New Hampshire as a pilot training specialist.

However, despite his life-long interest in aviation, Meade also enjoyed writing. He worked as a journalist for the Irish Times and the Independent, and his journalistic work encouraged him to try his luck with fiction writing.

Meade made his debut as a novelist in 1994 with Brandenburg, which was inspired after his work trip to Germany, where he met an elderly former SS officer who told him a shocking tale.

His books, which have received both critical and commercial success, have been translated into 26 languages.

The recipient of the distinguished thriller of the year award by the Japanese Writer's Guild for Snow Wolf (1995), Meade’s work has been compared to those of Frederick Forsyth, John le Carre, and Tom Clancy.

Meade currently lives in Wicklow, Ireland, and enjoys visiting the American south whenever he can.

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Genre: Thriller



Non Series

  • Brandenburg (1994)
  • Snow Wolf (1995)
  • The Sands of Sakkara (1998)
  • Resurrection Day (2002)
  • Web of Deceit (2004)
  • The Devil's Disciple (2006)
  • The Second Messiah (2011)
  • The Romanov Conspiracy (2012)
  • The Last Witness (2014)
  • The Cairo Code (1998)
  • Unquiet Ghosts (2017)


  1. Seconds To Disaster: Insider Secrets, What's Really Going On In Todays Airline Industry (2012)

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Non Series


A secret that must never be revealed....

An evil never meant to be repeated....

Seventy years ago, the greatest crime against humanity was committed.

Today it’s only a heartbeat away from happening again.

In Paraguay, an elderly businessman kills himself. In Berlin, a neo-Nazi is gunned down in the street.

Trying to connect the murders, intelligence agent Joe Volkmann, aided by a beautiful young German journalist, travels to Paraguay and discovers a clue—the charred remains of an old black-and-white photograph in a remote jungle house. A photograph that holds the first key to an extraordinary secret—and a plot to create the Fourth Reich.

Volkmann soon uncovers that a string of bizarre killings around the world are all linked by a single purpose. And he also discovers that the journalist he trusted, Erica Kranz, is somehow linked to the plan.

Haunted by the ghosts of the past, and desperate to unearth an extraordinary secret, Volkmann and Kranz are plunged into a dangerous world of terrorism, fanaticism, and deception as they stare true evil in the face.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 1994
ISBN: 978-1451688238
Publisher: Howard Books
Snow Wolf

Deep in the heart of a Cold War, unravels a plot to assassinate Joseph Stalin.

It’s 1953—the middle of the Cold War. Joseph Stalin is a major threat—with his deteriorating mental stability, reports that he’s about to resume his horrifying purges, and the Soviet Union on the cusp of developing nuclear weapons, it’s a risk the US government is unwilling to take. Operation Snow Wolf is created to eliminate Stalin before it’s too late.

CIA agent Jake Massey is chosen to run the operation and he recruits Alex Slanski—AKA Wolf—to do the deed, along with Anna, who recently escaped from a Soviet gulag, to be his guide.

But someone knows their plan, and the KGB have dispatched their own deadly Major Yuri Lukin to hunt down the hunters. As circumstances quickly unravel, Jake must somehow put an end to the mission he had set into motion—before the entire situation explodes into World War III.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 1995
ISBN: 978-1451688252
Publisher: Howard Books
The Sands of Sakkara

Jack, a Prussian/American aristocrat; Harry, the son of the gardener who worked his estates. Best friends since childhood, in 1939 they go to Egypt together to work on the excavations at Sakkara. There they meet - and fall in love with - Rachel Stern, beautiful, German, Jewish. When war is declared Jack returns to do his duty for the Fatherland; Harry stays on in Egypt; Rachel s return to Europe is intercepted by the Nazis and she is never heard from again.

Until four years later. Roosevelt and Churchill are to meet in Egypt for the most important summit of WWII. And Harry, Jack and Rachel are to meet too - on different sides of a daring assassination attempt that could change the course of the twentieth century.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-0340657461
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Resurrection Day

In seven days Islamic terrorists will unleash an appalling new weapon on the Western World unless their demands are met. With millions of lives at stake, Washington and Moscow realize they have no choice but to join forces and put their two top investigators in charge of the manhunt.

As the President of the United States contemplates choosing between humiliating defeat and mass destruction, Jack Collins and Alexei Kursk find themselves pitted not only against a ruthless enemy, but also against each other.

And time is running out…

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 979-8634330846
Publisher: Independently published
Web of Deceit

New York attorney Jennifer March is haunted by the mysterious and savage slaughter of her family on the same night that her father disappeared, never to be seen alive again. 

Two years on, his corpse is discovered frozen into a remote glacier in the Swiss Alps, the victim of a bizarre murder, and Jennifer sets out for Europe to find answers. It's a journey that's meant to unravel the frightening mystery of why her family was butchered, and to help uncover a dark secret at the heart of her father's past. 

But instead, Jennifer March finds herself running for her own life, as her investigation draws her into a terrifying web of deceit, murder and betrayal, and a deadly conspiracy to hide an explosive secret.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-0340835418
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
The Devil's Disciple

Kate Moran, 30, is an FBI agent. The day before she is due to marry her fiancé, he and his twelve-year-old daughter are abducted and murdered by Constantine Gamal, otherwise known as The Devil's Disciple, a serial killer obsessed with black magic and ritualistic double-killings. 

Equally obsessively, Moran tracks Gamal down and brings him to trial. Two years later, just before his execution is carried out, he promises he will return -- not in hell but in this life -- and destroy her. Now the double killings have started all over again. 

When Kate is assigned the case she treats it as a copycat killing, but then evidence raises the shocking possibility that Gamal may have escaped execution after all. On top of this, as the murders get closer to home she realizes he is not the only one who is determined to plot vengeance against her ..

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-0340835432
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
The Second Messiah


In the desert near Jerusalem, an archaeologist is murdered after he uncovers stunning evidence in a Dead Sea Scroll about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The two-thousand-year-old parchment containing enigmatic references to not one but two messiahs is stolen before it can be fully translated.

In Rome, a charismatic American priest with long-hidden secrets is elected pope, setting off widespread panic among some of the faithful who question whether he is the Antichrist or the world's new savior. As the conspiracy over the scroll explodes into a political and religious standoff, two people find themselves on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of unknown assassins in their search for truth.

Archaeologist Jack Cane and Israeli police inspector Lela Raul must solve the mystery of the Second Messiah and uncover the real secret behind the message of Jesus before they are permanently silenced and the scroll and its contents are forever lost to humanity.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1451669442
Publisher: Howard Books
The Romanov Conspiracy


DR. LAURA PAVLOV, an American forensic archaeologist, is about to unravel a mystery that promises to shed light on one of the twentieth century’s greatest enigmas. Digging on the outskirts of the present-day Russian city of Ekaterin­burg, where the Romanov royal family was executed in July 1918, Pavlov discovers a body perfectly preserved in the permafrost of a disused mine shaft.

The remains offer dramatic new clues to the disappearance of the Romanovs, and in particular their famous daughter, Princess Anastasia, whose murder has always been in question. Pavlov’s discovery sets her on an unlikely journey to Ireland, where a carefully hidden account of a years-old covert mis­sion is about to change the accepted course of world history and hurl her back into the past—into a maelstrom of deceit, secrets, and lies.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1451669459
Publisher: Howard Books
The Last Witness

After a massacre at a Bosnian prison camp, a young girl is found alone, clutching a diary, so traumatized she can’t even speak. Twenty years later, the last witness to the prison guards’ brutal crimes must hunt down those responsible to learn what happened to her family.

Twenty years ago, after the fall of Yugoslavia, the world watched in horror as tens of thousands were killed or imprisoned in work camps during an “ethnic cleansing” in Bosnia. 

Carla Lane has little knowledge of what went on halfway around the world when she was a child. She is living a near perfect life in New York City, married and soon to have a family of her own. But when her husband is murdered by a group of Serbian war criminals, strange memories start coming back, and she discovers that she underwent extensive therapy as a girl to suppress her memories. She is given her mother’s diary, which reveals that she was, along with her parents and young brother, imprisoned in a war camp outside Sarajevo.

As her memories come back, it becomes clear that she is the last witness to a brutal massacre in the prison and that her brother may still be alive. She sets out to find her brother, but first she must hunt down the war criminals responsible for destroying her life. But these killers will stop at nothing to protect their anonymity and their deadly pasts...and are determined to silence the last witness to their crimes.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1476710952
Publisher: Howard Books
The Cairo Code

To save the Western Allies, he must kill the woman he loves…

November 1943: Adolf Hitler sanctioned his most audacious mission ever—to kill US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill while they visit Cairo for a secret conference to plan the Allied invasion of Europe, an invasion which threatens imminent defeat for Germany.

Only one man is capable of leading the defiant Nazi mission—Major Johann Halder, one of the Abwehr’s most brilliant and daring agents. He is a man with a tortured soul and a talent for the impossible. Accompanied by an expert undercover team and Rachael Stern, the young and beautiful Egyptologist, Halder must race against time across a hostile desert to reach Cairo and successfully complete the assignment, or else forfeit his life and the life of his son.

When US military intelligence hears about the plan, they assign Lieutenant-Colonel Harry Weaver, one of their best officers, to hunt down and eliminate Halder and his team. But for Weaver, as well as for Halder and Stern, there’s more than the balance of war and the lives of the Allied leaders at stake—a pact of love and friendship will be tested in the frantic, high-stakes chase to the death.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-1451688276
Publisher: Howard Books
Unquiet Ghosts

A woman believes her husband and children have been killed in a plane crash, until new evidence reveals that they didn’t die—and that her husband knows a secret that powerful forces will stop at nothing to keep hidden.

Kathy Kelly’s world was shattered when a plane carrying Jack, her husband—an Iraq War veteran and devoted father—and her two children vanished from the sky one night. No trace of the plane was ever found.

Eight years later, Kathy has struggled to rebuild her life, but then wreckage of Jack’s plane is discovered in the wilderness of Great Smoky Mountain National Park—hundreds of miles from where it should have been. The pilot perished in the crash, but there is no sign of her husband or the children. Could they have made it out alive after all? But if so, where have they been all this time? Where are they now?

As Kathy searches for any clue about what happened to her family, the investigation uncovers some unsettling clues—including a briefcase containing millions of dollars in cash, a priceless mask stolen from an Iraqi museum, and a clue that links Jack’s disappearance with the suspicious death of Kathy’s mother years ago.

But she soon learns that others have been looking for the wreckage and its occupants for a long time. Others who are determined to make sure Kathy never finds her family. Shadowy, powerful people who will kill for what was on board—a secret her husband was the keeper of. 

A secret so powerful it will open a Pandora’s box of bloody revenge—one that reaches back into the past and into the highest echelons of wealth and power, all the way to the White House.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1501125911
Publisher: Howard Books


Seconds To Disaster: Insider Secrets, What's Really Going On In Todays Airline Industry

Are You At Risk? Is There A Race To The Bottom? Get Informed.

As with the Air France Flight 447 tragedy, much of the time air crashes are a confluence of events; a cascade of bad luck, bad decisions, inappropriate airline company policy, the failure of aviation regulators, and sometimes insufficient training, or various combinations of all five.

But why?

Seconds to Disaster will demonstrate that part of that bad luck is often aided by the airline industry’s own endless and aggressive pursuit of bottom-line profit. It contributes to a creeping erosion of safety standards and puts both passenger and crew lives at serious risk.

Seconds to Disaster will not only pose and answer questions as to why accidents happen, but also offer solutions as to how they can be further prevented.

And it will explore a highly contentious issue: what parts do both the airline industry and the worldwide watchdog authorities responsible for governing that industry contribute in playing dice with passenger lives, through negligence and collusion.

NB: Co-authored with Ray Ronan.

Author: Glenn Meade
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1481026437
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform