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Santa Montefiore books in order

Santa Montefiore (born Santa Palmer-Tomkinson) is a British Sunday Times bestselling author of historical fiction and contemporary romance novels.

Raised in Hampshire, England, she studied Spanish and Italian at Exeter University.

At nineteen, she moved to Buenos Aires where her Anglo Argentine mother was raised.

Argentina holds a special place in her heart, as it gave her the inspiration to write her first novel, Meet Me Under the Ombu Tree (2001).

Santa, who converted to Judaism before getting married to historian Simon Sebag Montefiore in 1998, currently lives with her husband and two children in London.

More about Santa Montefiore

Genres: Contemporary , Historical Fantasy, Romance

Born: 1970

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • Meet Me Under the Ombu Tree (2001)
  • The Butterfly Box (2002)
  • The Forget-Me-Not Sonata (2003)
  • The Swallow and the Hummingbird (2004)
  • Last Voyage of the Valentina (2005)
  • The Gypsy Madonna (2006)
  • The Sea of Lost Love (2007)
  • The French Gardener (2008)
  • The Italian Matchmaker (2009)
  • The Affair (2010)
  • The House by the Sea (2011)
  • The Summer House (2012)
  • The Secrets of the Lighthouse (2013)
  • The Bee Keeper's Daughter (2014)
  • The Temptation of Gracie (2018)

Deverill Chronicles

  1. The Irish Girl (2015)
  2. Daughters of Castle Deverill (2016)
  3. The Last Secrets of the Deverills (2017)
  4. The Secret Hours (2019)


  1. A Mother's Love (2013)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Meet Me Under the Ombu Tree

Raised in affluence in the Argentine pampa, the pampered, headstrong and imaginative Sofia Solanas is adored by everybody around her, apart from her Irish mother, Anna.

As such, Sofia is used to getting disciplined by her estranged mother who fills her brothers with love.

So when she begins a forbidden love affair, one which Anna eventually learns about, Sofia is banished to Europe by her mother—unintentionally separating her from her family and the love of her life for more than two decades.

That’s however until a family disaster brings her back home.

This is a touching book about love and the power of forgiveness.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-1471132124
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Butterfly Box

A renowned traveler and writer, Federica Campione’s father spends months on end at the stunning Chilean coast. She however still loves him greatly.

So when Ramon returns home, he gives her a mystical box from South America.

Forced to move with her mother to Cornwall after her parents separate, the butterfly box continually reminds Federica of her father.

Welcomed by the unconventional Appleby family, Federica falls in love with Sam, who only notices her when it matters least.

Years later, she and the cultured Torquil Jensen become one.

Despite being in an evidently happy union, Federica begins an agonizing exploration her own self, eventually discovering the real meaning of the butterfly box.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-1471132100
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Forget-Me-Not Sonata

The Hurlingham Club, in the Argentine capital, is like a foreign part of England.

Raised in the tiny Anglo Argentine circle, Audrey Garnet ends up falling in love with the strange and gifted Louis Forrester.

Moved by his love for Audrey, Louis composes a mystical and soothing piece of music known as the forget-me-not sonata.

Their romantic affairs however ends after an unfortunate family disaster takes place, with the responsible Audrey accepting her parents’ wish of marrying Cecil—the accomplished older brother to Louis.

Although she starts her own family, the forget-me-not sonata soothes her throughout the years.

This book is about self-discovery and the real meaning of love.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-0340831717
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
The Swallow and the Hummingbird

Returning home from the war, George Bolton isn’t the man he used to be.

Haunted by his experience, he is unable to start a future together with his longtime lover Rita.

So when George moves to their family farm in Argentina for a year, Rita patiently awaits his return—only for George to open up his heart to another woman who calms his haunted spirit.

As he weds Susan, George knows that his actions will shatter the heart of Rita.

When a family tragedy forces him to return home, George is faced with yet another tough choice.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-1471132063
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Last Voyage of the Valentina

A strange nobleman is brutally killed in his Italian palazzo at the end of the Second World War.

Two decades later, his cold case still troubles Alba—an indulgent girl residing on a houseboat in Sixties Chelsea.

A trail of love, debauchery and treachery runs between these two different times, one that takes Alba to the Amalfi Coast with the hopes of finding the truth.

As the events of the past come to light, exposing a hidden conspiracy with all sorts of people, one fascinating woman is at the centre of everything: her mother.

Could solving the mystery of her mother's past help Alba find happiness?

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0743276863
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Gypsy Madonna

An invaluable Titian art. A lavish French manor house hosting a terrible secret. A Nazi military commander passionate about art. A ruthless crowd and an evil priest in a France of full of loyalist and turncoats.

A young boy and his stunning French mother. An eccentric American with a melancholic voice and a magical guitar, who walks into a Bordeaux village, about to alter the lives of everyone there.

When American antique collector passes on, she leaves behind an expensive painting by Titian, one which her son had no idea she owned.

Prompted by the discovery, the boy returns to the French village of his upbringing hoping to find answers to the Gypsy Madonna.

What he however doesn’t expect is a journey of self-discovery.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-1471133664
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Sea of Lost Love

The year is 1958 in Cornwall.

Celestria is the charming daughter of a noble family. The summer holiday is accompanied by the possibility of self-discovery and romantic flings.

When tragedy however strikes in the form of the mysterious disappearance of one of the family members, with only a note with the words ‘Forgive Me’ being discovered, Celestria’s young heart is left torn to pieces.

Granted the blessing of her grandfather, she sets off on a journey to uncover the mystery, one that will lead her from the English coastal town to the south of Italy.

In the process, Celestria crosses paths with a man who teaches her the real meaning of love.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-1471187025
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The French Gardener

Miranda and David leave the English capital for a stunning countryside house with a mystical garden.

Their expectations however turn out differently, as the family becomes more and more estranged.

Everything however changes when a mysterious Frenchman arrives at their home.

Seemingly equipped with the knowledge of nature, he gradually reconciles the past with the present.

But who truly is Frenchman?

When Miranda finds out about his secret somewhere in the garden, the entire family discovers that a garden, much like love, can reinstate the human spirit for posterity.

This enchanting love tale explores the stunning enchantment of the rural England, and the reviving ability of nature.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-1471131981
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Italian Matchmaker

Gianluca no longer derives happiness from his high intensity job, huge salary and his sophisticated lovers.

Divorced and estranged from his young children, he moves to the stunning Palazzo Montelimone in Italy hoping to take a break.

Life in the sunny and picturesque Amalfi seaside is however everything but perfect.

The Palazzo, which was refurbished by his parents, is not only crammed with his mother’s strange friends, but is also troubled by the spirits of its dark past.

As he crosses paths with a miserable woman and a dignified young boy hiding a secret, Luca is forced to confront his biggest fear in order to uncover the biggest truth.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1471133688
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Affair

Despite being blissfully married with two young kids and an amazing group of friends, Angelica still finds herself drawn to a charming South African who fills her with words that spark her soul.

And as they begin exchanging emails, their long distance friendship escalates into something more.

From the elegant corridors of the English capital to the luxuriant vineyards of South Africa, Angelica finds herself putting everything she loves on the line while pursuing the pleasures of her heart.

Her dream is however full of its own shortcomings.

When reality sends them on different paths, it dawns on Angelica that for every action, there is a reaction.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1471132025
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The House by the Sea

Fascinated by the stunning Tuscan villa that’s located not far away from her tiny village, ten-year-old Floriana hopes to live there in future.

Invited inside the villa by Dante, the son of its owner, Floriana is convinced that her future lies there the moment she lays her eyes on its magnificence.

As they however get older, the two are torn apart.

Many years later, in the English countryside, a woman named Marina enlists the services of an artist-in-residence to train the guests in her hotel on how to paint.

But as it turns out, the man really isn’t who he claims to be.

Previously titled The Mermaid Garden, this book is about love, forgiveness and uncovering the past.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1451628937
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Summer House

When Lord Frampton passes away after a tragic accident, a youthful woman named Phaedra attends his burial—insisting that she is a daughter of the deceased.

This claim is proven when Lord Frampton’s will reveals that he left an invaluable inheritance to her, much to the enragement of the sons and widow.

But as time goes by, Phaedra warms her way into the heart of Antoinette Frampton, the widow, and her grandmother, Dowager Lady Frampton.

When romance however brews between Phaedra and her step brother, David, the forbidden love can only bring trouble.

And one particular family member won’t rest until Phaedra is unmasked as an impostor.

NB: This book was previously titled, The Woman from Paris.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1849831055
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Secrets of the Lighthouse

Fed up with her job, her aristocratic fiancé and her overbearing mother, Ellen Trawton leaves London for her aunt’s cottage in Connemara.

Having left everything behind, she finds peace and fulfillment in Ireland, and even considers staying there for good.

Drawn to a fascinating lighthouse, it’s a place where a young mother tragically lost her life in a fire.

Caitlin, as she was known, was the wife of Conor Macausland, who has never be the same since the tragedy.

As Ellen and Conor ignite an attraction, Caitlin's ghost is determined to tear them apart.

But as Ellen will soon discover, there’s more to Conor’s past than she knew.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1476735382
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Bee Keeper's Daughter

England, 1932: Raised in a stunning estate, Grace Hamblin is the beekeeper’s daughter.

Although her future seems explicit, everything changes when her father passes on.

Alone, she ends up marrying close friend Freddie, yet can never stop thinking about someone else.

Massachusetts, 1973: Trixie Valentine, the daughter of Grace, has fallen head over heels for rock star, Jasper Duncliffe. When Jasper however loses his brother, he leaves for England, promising to return to Trixie.

As Grace reaches out to her daughter, Trixie completely refuses to listen to her mother, convinced that Jasper will return to her.

This book explores the durable love of two women.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1476735436
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Temptation of Gracie

Upon having a chance encounter with an advertisement for a short cookery course deep in rural Italy, Gracie Burton decides to pursue her dreams, committing her entire savings to the endeavor.

Her daughter Carina and granddaughter Anastasia are certainly surprised by the impulsive decision.

Why does she suddenly want to go to Tuscany?

What they however don’t know is what Gracie has endured in her past.

They haven’t got a clue that she is hiding a secret about a remarkable life far beyond their understanding.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1471169618
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Deverill Chronicles

The Irish Girl

Much like her forefathers, Kitty Deverill is raised in Castle Deverill, Ireland.

Jack O'Leary, the son of the local veterinarian, likes playfully teasing that she isn’t a full Irish. The two fall for each other.

Bridie Doyle, the daughter of a cook in Castle Deverill, is a close friend of Kitty.

She however yearns to find fame and fortune. And when she uncovers Kitty's secret, she begins hating the girl who doesn’t seem to lack anything.

When battle erupts in Southern Ireland, Jack joins the cause.

For Kitty, who fights for Irish liberty, her loyalty will be tested when her ancestral home is ambushed.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0062456854
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Daughters of Castle Deverill

When Castle Deverill in Ireland is ravaged by fire, the youthful Celia Deverill resolves to refurbish the home of her forefathers, where she used to play with her cousin Kitty and their friend Bridie.

Now a young mother, Kitty yearns for Jack O’Leary—the one man that will never be hers. Her next choice could ruin everything that is dear to her.

Bridie, who used to be the daughter of a cook in Castle Deverill, is now a wealthy New York City socialite. Despite her fortune and fame, she is still troubled by a terrible past.

Can these three Irish women fulfill their destinies in a world rife with challenges?

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1471135903
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
The Last Secrets of the Deverills

The year is 1939. A lot has changed for the Deverill family.

Journeying from America to Ireland to look for her biological mother, Martha Wallace instead falls in love with the delightful JP Deverill—until she learns that they could be related.

Bridie Doyle, now mistress of Castle Deverill, wants to turn the place her family used to work into her home. Her ostentatious husband, Cesare, however has other plans. And when his attraction is drawn elsewhere, people start having doubts about his loyalty.

Just when Kitty Deverill starts getting used to life with husband Robert and their children, her one true love returns. His heart however isn’t available.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0062456908
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
The Secret Hours

When the forbidding Arethusa Clayton passes on, she leaves a set of astonishing orders.

She is to be buried on the rich East Coast where she and her husband brought up their two children, with her ashes dispersed in a particular place.

The only thing that Arethusa ever told Faye was that she was raised in impoverishment, which is why she left Ireland to look for greener pastures in America.

But who exactly are her family members in Ireland? Where could they be now?

Was there another reason why she abandoned them?

Who is the unknown person who is to inherit a huge portion of her estate?

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1471169656


A Mother's Love

Still grieving over the unfortunate loss of her young son, Jack, to leukemia, Celeste isn’t sure she can handle the visit by her nephew, Bruno.

However, despite having a shattered heart, Celeste welcomes the young boy, even showing him more about Jack.

In as much as having another young one around is a constant reminder of what she has lost, it also revives her passion for quilting which has been inactive.

Will Celeste manage to return back to her former self?

Will loneliness and grief be trumped by love?

This moving novella is a must read for mothers everywhere.

Author: Santa Montefiore
First Release: 2013
Publisher: Simon & Schuster