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Ramona Morrow is a cree-metis blogger, poet, writer and Canadian author of fiction and children’s books.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she is a graduate of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Married and divorced in her late 20's, Ramona has been divorced since 1987.

She is the proud mother of one grown child named Jamie, who was the inspiration behind the children’s book Jamie's Pet (2019), and two grown step-children named Shayne and Christopher.

Ramona had throughout her career worked as a waitress, car hop, prep cook, retail clerk, and sales clerk, among others.

Jamie's Pet won the 2019 Fall NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Book in the Children's Interest category.

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Genre: Children's Book



Non Series

Jamie's Pet

Jamie’s Pet is a children’s book about a little boy who wants a pet, but isn’t sure what kind of pet to get.

When Jamie and his mother make a trip to the pet store, he learns that there are a variety of pets available.

Which pet should he get?

This question troubles Jamie until he finds a perfect pet, and a perfect friend.

Author: Ramona Morrow
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1644621066
Publisher: Page Publishing