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Steve Mosby books in order

Steve Mosby is a British author of mystery, suspense and crime fiction novels.

He also writes more mysteries under the pseudonym, Alex North.

Steve is best known for writing the Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller, The Whisper Man (2019), which is written under his pen name.

The book, which is available in more than 30 languages, was inspired by his son, who at one time mentioned that he was playing with "the boy in the floor."

On the other hand, the books written under the name Steve Mosby have been translated into 9 languages, and made it to the top ten bestseller lists in France, Germany, and Holland.

Born in Leeds, England, Steve studied Philosophy at Leeds University and worked in the institution’s sociology department prior to becoming a writer.

He currently lives in his hometown of Leeds with his wife and son.

More about Steve Mosby

Genres: Crime Suspense, Mystery, Suspense

Born: 1976

United Kingdom

Pseudonym: Also known as Alex North

Non Series

  • The Third Person (2003)
  • The Cutting Crew (2006)
  • The 50/50 Killer (2007)
  • Cry for Help (2008)
  • Still Bleeding (2009)
  • Black Flowers (2011)
  • The Murder Code (2012)
  • The Nightmare Place (2014)
  • I Know Who Did It (2015)
  • The Reckoning on Cane Hill (2015)
  • You Can Run (2017)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Third Person

“This isn’t some kind of ‘Dear John’ letter. I’m coming back again.” But Amy didn’t come back. The note on the kitchen table was the last her boyfriend, Jason, heard from her. At first, he let Amy have her space, but when weeks turned to months, Jason went after her. What he found appalled him. It seemed that Amy led a secret life on the Internet. There she met people who could put her in touch with a horrible experience from her past. Now Jason sits at home and cruises those same horrific websites to find her kidnapper. And one day, in a place called “The Melanie Room,” he finds him.

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-0752863948
Publisher: Orion
The Cutting Crew

The small team of policemen never even identified the dead girl and, for the officers involved, her murder came to symbolize everything that was wrong with the city—a haphazard sprawl of commerce and indifference. 

Four months on, that group is in disarray. Sean has disappeared into the city's black heart and not returned, and Martin is separated from his job, his wife, and his friends. But then a simple note from his ex-partner forces him to re-enter an investigation he'd rather forget. "I found her," it says. 

The search leads him from one side of the city to the other in a downward spiral of violence and pain, and drags him into the orbit of the things that are really wrong with the city—the eight brothers rumored by legend to have control over everything.

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-0752877686
Publisher: Orion
The 50/50 Killer

The 50/50 killer preys on couples.

He manipulates their love for each other and makes them play a game.

He stalks them, tortures them and then forces them to choose.

What is going to break first? Their will or their love for each other?

Only two things are certain:

One of them will die.

And the other will have killed them.

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-1409188735
Publisher: Orion
Cry for Help

'Help me' the girl on the phone says. But she is already dead.

Dave Lewis is a man with a history. Haunted by his brother's murder when they were children, and scarred by his parents' grief, he's trying to convince himself the past is the past.

When Detective Sam Currie failed to prevent his son's death it cost him everything - until a new crime takes hold of him. A killer is stalking the city, abducting girls and sending texts and emails to their families before he kills them. When Dave Lewis appears to connect both investigations, it's an opportunity Currie can't resist...

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-1409188827
Publisher: Orion
Still Bleeding

Life is priceless - but death is worth even more.

Sarah Pepper is dead: killed by her boyfriend in a drunken rage. He's confessed, but can't remember exactly where he dumped her body. The police appeal to the public for help finding Sarah's remains. They're looking for a field with a wooden gate, an empty bottle of vodka by the roadside. She will be partly concealed beneath a hedge...

Shocked by the news, Alex Connor travels halfway round the world. He's coming home determined to say goodbye to Sarah, the friend who helped him through his darkest days. When he arrives, however, he finds only a mystery. The field has been located, but using the information provided by the police, someone else has got there first. Sarah's body has been taken.

On the other side of the country, a killer is preying on young women. When a girl called Rebecca Wingate vanishes, Detective Paul Kearney knows they only have a week to find her - before her body turns up, drained slowly and completely of blood. Kearney seemingly gets a break when a man is caught and confesses - but Rebecca 's body isn't where it should be...

In their hunt to find the living and the dead, Kearney and Alex are drawn together into a sinister world of death fetish and 'murderabilia', where relics and mementos of killers are traded, and life is only the first thing a victim will lose.

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-0752884417
Publisher: Orion
Black Flowers

Black flowers for the missing ones mean they're never coming back...

As if from nowhere, she appears one day on a seaside promenade, with a black flower and a horrifying story about where she's been. But telling that story will start a chain reaction of dangerous lies and deadly illusions that will claim many more victims in the years to come.

When Neil Dawson's father commits suicide, he is obviously devastated. But through his grief, Neil knows something isn't right. Among his father's possessions, he finds a copy of an old novel, The Black Flower. Opening it will take Neil into an investigation full of danger, pain and subterfuge.

Hannah Price is also mourning her father, having followed his footsteps into the police force. When she gets assigned to Neil's father's case, it will lead her on a journey into her own past and to the heart of a shattering secret.

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1409188742
Publisher: Orion
The Murder Code

Detective Inspector Andrew Hicks thinks he knows all about murder. For Detective Hicks, however horrific the act, the reasons behind a crime are usually all-too-explicable. So when a woman is found bludgeoned to death, he suspects a crime of passion and focuses on her possessive ex-husband. But when a second body is found, similarly beaten, Hicks is forced to think again about his suspect, as the pieces don't add up.

When more murders take place in quick succession, Hicks realizes he is dealing with a type of killer he has never faced before, one who fits nowhere within his logic. Fear spreads as the police search for patterns and reasons where none appear to exist. Then the letters begin to arrive...

As the death toll rises, Hicks must face not only a killer obsessed with randomness and chaos but also the secret in his own past. If he is to stop the killings, he must confront the truth about himself and the fact that some murders begin in much darker places than he ever imagined.

NB: This book is also known as Dark Room.

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1605986241
Publisher: Pegasus Crime
The Nightmare Place

DI Zoe Dolan is tracking a stalker who brutally attacks women in their own homes. With no idea how he gets in, or who he'll target next, the case is at a dead end - until a tip-off from a confidential helpline.

But the new information drags Zoe deeper into the darkness. As the psyche of a vicious criminal threatens to drown her, the traumas of her past creep ever closer.

Now, for Zoe and the other women of the city, nowhere is safe. Particularly their own bedroom in the dead of night . . .

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1409188896
Publisher: Orion
I Know Who Did It

Every year Detective David Groves receives a birthday card for his son . . . even though he buried him years ago. His son's murder took everything from him, apart from his belief in the law, even though the killers were never found. This year, though, the card bears a different message: I know who did it.

A woman who died in a car accident is claiming to be back from the dead - with a terrifying account of what she's been through.

The answer to both lies with the kind of people you want to run from - and uncovering the truth means going through hell . . .

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1409188834
Publisher: Orion
The Reckoning on Cane Hill

The hardest crimes to acknowledge are your own.

Charlie Matheson died two years ago in a car accident. So how is a woman bearing a startling resemblance to her claiming to be back from the dead? Detective Mark Nelson is called in to investigate and hear her terrifying account of what she's been through in the afterlife.

Every year, Detective David Groves receives a birthday card for his son—even though he buried him years ago. His son's murder took everything from him, apart from his belief in the law, even though the killers were never found. This year, though, the card bears a different message: I know who did it.

Uncovering the facts will lead them all on a dark journey, where they must face their own wrongs as well as those done to those they love. It will take them to a place where justice is a game, and punishments are severe. Nelson and Groves know the answers lie with the kind of people you want to turn and run from. But if they're to get to the truth, they must face their own wrongs, as well as those inflicted on the ones they love.

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B085GKZNXQ
Publisher: Pegasus Crime
You Can Run

When a car crashes into a garage on an ordinary street, the attending officer is shocked to look inside the damaged building and discover a woman imprisoned within. 

As the remains of several other victims are found in the attached house, police believe they have finally identified the Red River Killer―a man who has been abducting women for nearly twenty years and taunting the police with notes about his crimes. But now the main suspect, John Blythe, is on the run.

As the manhunt for Blythe intensifies, Detective Inspector Will Turner finds himself fighting to stay involved in the investigation. The Red River killings hold a personal significance to him and he must be the one to find the killer, although he's determined to keep this from his fellow officers at all costs.

Author: Steve Mosby
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1643130484
Publisher: Pegasus Crime