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JZ Murdock is an American writer, filmmaker and screenwriter.

His writings primarily focus on horror, speculative and sci-fi.

Other than that, Murdock is also a blogger and non-fiction writer on psychology, life, the process of writing and politics.

He has owned LGN Productions (IMDB) since 1993 and currently resides in bucolic Bremerton, Washington.
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Genre: Fantasy / SF


Non Series

Death of heaven

Death of heaven is science-fiction tale about the "true" origin of the Earth and everything in it.

Through the story of two boyhood friends, we will come to learn of the staggering reality of our true history, and the history of Earth herself.

James and Jimmy, brought together by a mutual childhood tragedy, discover that they are not learning everything they are by accident.

Instead, they are being allowed to find everything they need to know about the true origin of humanity…and its potential destruction.

Author: JZ Murdock
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1936809042
Publisher: Zilyon Publishing Incorporated