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Margaret Murphy books in order

Margaret Murphy is a British internationally acclaimed bestselling author of psychological thrillers.

Born in the maritime city of Liverpool, her books are often set in her home town.

She is a former Chair of the UK Crime Writers Association (CWA), founder of Murder Squad, and a former RLF Writing Fellow and Reading Round Lector.

Margaret has throughout her career served as a country park ranger, biology teacher, dyslexia specialist and Visiting Professor in creative writing.

Her forensic thriller novels have been authored under the pseudonyms, Ashley Dyer and AD Garrett.

More about Margaret Murphy

Genres: Crime Suspense, Mystery, Thriller

Born: 1959

United Kingdom

Pseudonym: 1. Ashley Dyer 2. A.D. Garrett.


Clara Pascal Books

  1. Darkness Falls (2002)
  2. Weaving Shadows (2003)

Detective Cassie Rowan Books

  1. Before He Kills Again (2020)

Detective Jeff Rickman Books

  1. See Her Burn (2004)
  2. See Her Die (2005)
Detective Cassie Rowan Books
Detective Jeff Rickman Books

Detailed book overview

Clara Pascal Books

Darkness Falls

Clara Pascal has it all.

A stunning, accomplished woman and a committed mother, people can’t help but envy her.

All that however changes when Clara is robbed of everything that is dear to her.

Abducted and locked up in a dark cellar with neither food nor warmth, her life is now a living hell.

Meanwhile, the police launch a desperate search for Clara: knocking on doors, following on whatever leads they find, and even begging witnesses for help.

How could she have just mysteriously disappeared?

Although her abductor doesn’t reveal why he has kidnapped her, Clara begins figuring out why she is still being kept alive.

And the reason will send shivers down your spine.

Author: Margaret Murphy
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-1789313949
Publisher: Joffe Books
Weaving Shadows

Amy Dennis dies after being brutally assaulted in her own home, leaving behind her baby who was sleeping upstairs.

And it doesn’t take long before a raging custody battle ensues between Amy’s family and the baby’s father, who so happens to be married.

Desperate to make a fresh start following her terrifying abduction, Clara Pascal wants to return to work, rebuild her relationship with her daughter, and rekindle her marriage.

Although she wants things to return to normal, what exactly is normal?

Meanwhile, Ian Clemence is raring to go after being released from prison on the grounds of being innocent.

Will Clara be able to uncover the sinister truth about him?

Author: Margaret Murphy
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-1789314328
Publisher: Joffe Books

Detective Cassie Rowan Books

Before He Kills Again

A serial killer is on the loose in Liverpool.

Seven people have thus far fallen victim to his vicious attacks, and the deranged killer has already chosen his next target.

Meticulous in every sense of the word, the killer lives behind no clues. Nameless and faceless, the police simply can’t catch him.

Enter Detective Cassie Rowan.

A young policewoman who has always taken care of her younger brother, Neil, ever since the death of their parents, Cassie goes on a dangerous undercover mission in the backstreets of Liverpool in an attempt to catch the ‘Furman’.

But how long will it take before the serial killer turns his attention on Cassie?

Author: Margaret Murphy
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1789314625
Publisher: Joffe Books

Detective Jeff Rickman Books

See Her Burn

When the naked, blood-stained body of a woman is discovered dumped inside a wheelie bin, Detective Jeff Rickman is brought in to get to the bottom of things.

And it doesn’t take long for the police to finally have their main suspect. The only problem is that the suspect is Jeff Rickman himself.

Meanwhile, four innocent people are burnt to death after a cruel prank goes terribly wrong.

Although Rickman is convinced that the incident is connected to his murdered Jane Doe, will he be able to uncover the truth and exonerate himself before it’s too late?

NB: This book was previously published under the title, The Dispossessed.

Author: Margaret Murphy
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-1789314502
Publisher: Joffe Books
See Her Die

When a woman named Megan Ward mysteriously vanishes, Detective Jeff Rickman is brought in to solve the case.

Although it initially seems like a simple missing persons case, Rickman is puzzled when he fails to find any photos, passports, or friends and family members from Megan’s previous life.

Elsewhere, Patrick Doran, who runs Safe Hands Security, is overcome with worry after a hacker infiltrates his computer network, thereby compromising a past he thought would be forever buried.

And when someone close to Megan is brutally murdered, Rickman realizes that the missing person could very well have been a very dangerous person to know.

NB: This book was previously published under the title, Now You See Me.

Author: Margaret Murphy
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-1789314700
Publisher: Joffe Books