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Terri Nixon is a British author of Historical fiction and fantasy.

Born in Plymouth, she moved with her family to a village in Cornwall at the age of nine where she discovered her passion of writing.

Currently living in Plymouth with her youngest son, Terri works in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Plymouth University where she is continually bemused by the number of students who don't possess pens.

She also writes under the name T Nixon, whilst also contributing to anthologies under the names Terri Pine and Teresa Nixon.
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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Historical Fiction, Romance

Born: 1965

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • NightRise (2013)

The Fox Bay Saga

  1. A Cornish Inheritance (2019)

The Lynher Mill Chronicles

  1. The Unquiet Dawn (2018)
  2. The Dust of Ancients (2013)
  3. The Lightning and the Blade (2016)
  4. The Battle of Lynher Mill (2015)

The Oaklands Manor Trilogy

  1. Maid of Oaklands Manor (2013)
  2. Evie’s Choice (2014)
  3. Kitty’s War (2015)

The Penhaligon Saga

  1. Penhaligon's Attic (2016)
  2. Penhaligon's Pride (2017)
  3. Penhaligon's Gift (2018)
Non Series
The Fox Bay Saga

Detailed book overview

Non Series


You remember that thing you thought you saw from the corner of your eye: the frisky shadow that stole your attention while your mind prompted you to immediately turn away?

It’s here and it’s waiting for you.

It’s also quite patient. In fact, very patient!

So sit tight for a while.

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00G7SVIQY
Publisher: Lynher Mill Publishing

The Fox Bay Saga

A Cornish Inheritance

The year is 1920, in Bristol. Helen Fox has the perfect life.

She is blissfully married to Harry, a gorgeous former playboy, and together they have three beautiful children.

Theirs is a life of glamour and affluences, none more so than when it comes to parties, until a fatal motorcycle accident changes everything.

Forced to leave their home, Helen moves to the Fox family's hotel on the Cornish coast where she learns that her perfect life was nothing but a lie.

She starts afresh for herself and for the sake her children, all thanks to the assistance of her spirited new friend, Leah Marshall.

When the future of the hotel is placed under siege, Helen knows that she must take radial actions, or risk starting all over again.

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0349423982
Publisher: Piatkus

The Lynher Mill Chronicles

The Unquiet Dawn

The year is 1643 in Cornwall.

Piracy along the Cornish coast is rampant like never before.

Meanwhile, a long-running alliance that was a seed of greed is growing stronger, especially now that a new hand is at the summit.

A King readies to pass his kingdom to his daughter, with his son looking on in resentment, bitterness and sheer determination.

Underneath rages a mortal war: one pitting king against government, Catholic against Protestant and brother against brother.

Although lessons are being drawn from it, are they really the right kind of lessons?

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0992695668
Publisher: Lynher Mill Publishing
The Dust of Ancients

Richard Lucas has been haunted by evocative, unsettling dreams since his wife passed on eleven years ago.

Determined to put his life back in order, he is convinced by his best friend Dean to take a sabbatical.

Upon his arrival in the village of Lynher Mill where Dean lives, Richard is shocked to discover that his best friend is bound to the Cornish moorlands beyond his wildest imaginations.

When he however learns of his own ties to the moor, Richard has to battle with his own history just to survive.

Shattering decisions have to be made if the land itself is to endure.

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0992695606
Publisher: Lynher Mill Publishing
The Lightning and the Blade

"Manipulating the forces of nature is a deadly game. Manipulating the hearts and minds of mighty, ancient enemies is even deadlier."

An unsettling peace has spread over the village of Lynher Mill, with a royal marriage bearing the promise of bringing together the moorland elementals and their old foes on the coast.

The brother to the bride is however determined to sabotage the marriage, being that his dark and secret work depends on it.

He as such desperately looks to unearth and trigger long-buried hatreds.

And soon enough, the two races launch a struggle that could very well destroy them both, and the mortals who are caught up in their path.

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0992695620
Publisher: Lynher Mill Publishing
The Battle of Lynher Mill

An unenthusiastic king and a misguided lord lock horns across the vastness of moorland that covers the west of Cornwall, both determined to win over the support of a third faction, The Foresters.

They endeavor to use their oldest and most effective weapon, but their talents have become stale and massive in their hands. What once came by an effortless law of nature is now impossible to control.

As the elementals bring blood and darkness on each other, a desperate mother armed only with the truth, will do whatever it takes to find her child.

The truth could however spell doom for her.

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0992695644
Publisher: Lynher Mill Publishing

The Oaklands Manor Trilogy

Maid of Oaklands Manor

When Lizzy Parker, a scullery maid, has a coincidental encounter with heiress Evie Creswell, it marks the beginning of a long friendship and a new job for Lizzy; one that not only plunges her into world of privilege but also delivers her into the loving arms of a killer.

Lizzy falls in love with the strange and handsome Jack Carlisle, despite the rumors he had played a part in the death of Evie's father.

As she entwines herself with the risky life that Carlisle lives, Lizzy must decide if he is worth the risk to her own.

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0349401034
Publisher: Piatkus
Evie’s Choice


Aristocrat Evie Creswell is far away from her privileged home. She was looking forward to staying pretty and having a good marriage at Oaklands Manor, until World War One changed everything.

Evie shocked her family by marrying Will Davies, who works as a butcher’s apprentice, rather than someone from nobility.

She drives an ambulance in Belgium, transporting the injured to hospital, while Will is in the trenches in France.

Evie has mustered the courage to do her work, but it kills her to think that she is losing Will’s love.

Will they make it out alive? And if they do, will their marriage survive this vicious war?

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00KQOI5AW
Publisher: HQ Digital
Kitty’s War


Having found a safe haven at Dark River Farm, Devon, Kitty Maitland seems to have finally began her road to recovery from the horrible ordeal in Flanders—until the arrival of two utterly different visitors threatens to destroy her peace.

The first is an adorable rogue who is both a mystery and a temptation, perhaps what she needs to forget about Scottish army captain Archie Buchanan.

The other one is a young woman, with a history with the farm, who plants seeds of envy and suspicion.

Dark River is now characterized by fear and suspicion.

Will it ever become the haven that it once was?

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00R861R4M
Publisher: Carina

The Penhaligon Saga

Penhaligon's Attic


Anna Garvey moves from Ireland to Caernoweth, Cornwall, with her eighteen year-old daughter, Mairead, to take up an inheritance of the local pub. She however has a secret.

The locals start warming up to Anna after she starts a friendship with a vulnerable girl named Freya Penhaligon, who is having a hard time sustaining her family business following the death of her grandmother.

As their friendship grows, Freya even begins opening up thanks to the sharp and vivacious Mairead.

When Anna's past however catches up with her, she is forced to face her previous life for her sake, and that of her daughter.

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0349412658
Publisher: Piatkus
Penhaligon's Pride


Anna Garvey and her daughter Mairead are peacefully running their local pub in Caernoweth, Cornwall, with Anna's turbulent past seemingly behind them.

Meanwhile, Freya Penhaligon is increasing drawing the affection of Hugh, the elder son of the rich Batten family.

With the terrible events of the last few months now behind them, things seem to be getting back on track, until Anna is cast into a blackmail plot after unwillingly revealing something that she shouldn’t.

Her past may not be behind her after all.

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0349418780
Publisher: Piatkus
Penhaligon's Gift


Freya Penhaligon is shocked to see her beau, the historian Tristan MacKenzie, arrive on the same coach as her mother.

When he asks for her hand in marriage, Freya sees this as the beginning of a new chapter in her life, free from her terrible past. Not everyone in his family is however receptive to the news.

Elsewhere, while attempting an audacious building project, the Batten family realizes that they are to immune to intrigue and disaster.

The truth behind Isabel's return will shake Freya to the core.

Author: Terri Nixon
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0349418797
Publisher: Piatkus