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Victor O'Reilly is an Irish New York Times Best Selling author of three highly celebrated researched action thrillers, namely Games of the Hangman, Rules of the Hunt and The Devil's Footprint.

Prior to becoming an author, O'Reilly acquired a wealth of commercial experience and marketing in various countries. He started Addmaster Corporation UK and also previously worked for Doyle Dane Bernbach Advertising and United Biscuits.

O'Reilly is an astute expert in defense matters and counter-terrorism, and is a public speaker on terrorism issues to various groups like the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Association.

He currently lives in the United States.

More about Victor O'Reilly

Genre: Thriller

Born: 1944


Hugo Fitzduane Series

  1. Games of the Hangman (Also known as Games of Vengeance) (1991)
  2. Rules of the Hunt (1995)
  3. The Devil's Footprint (1997)

Detailed book overview

Hugo Fitzduane Series

Games of the Hangman (Also known as Games of Vengeance)

In a well crafted work of shocking suspense and intrigue, Victor O'Reilly joins the likes of of Robert Ludlum and Ken Follett with a story of deadly games and mysterious players.

When photographer Hugo Fitzduane discovers a hanging body, it is primarily concluded as a suicide. When the body of a terrorist, bearing the same mysterious tattoo, is however discovered, Fitzduane throws himself into a trail of violence as he desperately seeks to join the dots.

Author: Victor O'Reilly
First Release: 1991
ISBN: 978-0425134566
Publisher: Berkley
Rules of the Hunt

Irish ex-soldier and war photographer, Hugo Fitzduane, is relieved and once again feels safe having defeated the terrorist brute infamously known as the Hangman.

His peace however doesn’t last for long, as the Cutting Edge—a Japanese terrorist group and allies to the Hangman—target Hugo and his family.

Author: Victor O'Reilly
First Release: 1995
ISBN: 978-0425150979
Publisher: Berkley
The Devil's Footprint

Author of Games of the Hangman and Rules of the Hunt brings another novel as the third part of the Hugo Fitzduane Series.

Hugo Fitzduane this time round faces the sting of vengeance from the Hangman's blood thirsty lover, in a full blown ambush on American soil.

Author: Victor O'Reilly
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-0425161869
Publisher: Berkley