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Colleen Oakes is an American bestselling author of young adult and children’s books.

Born in Denver, Colorado, she attended Concordia College in Bronxville, New York, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A in English Literature and Creative Writing.

After college, Colleen worked as a wedding florist for nearly five years before selling her business to become a full-time writer.

She currently resides in North Denver with her husband, son, and a golden retriever.

Whenever she isn’t reading or writing, Colleen can be found swimming, traveling or indulging in nerdy pop-culture.

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Genres: Children's Book, Fantasy / SF, Romance, Young Adult

United States


Non Series

  • The Black Coats (2019)

Children's Books

  1. Niko's Night & Day (2019)

Queen of Hearts Saga

  1. Queen of Hearts (2014)
  2. Blood of Wonderland (2014)
  3. War of the Cards (2017)

The Elly in Bloom Books

  1. Elly in Bloom (2012)
  2. Elly In Love (2014)

Wendy Darling Books

  1. Wendy Darling: Volume 1: Stars (2015)
  2. Wendy Darling: Volume 2: Seas (2016)
  3. Wendy Darling: Volume 3: Shadow (2017)
Children's Books
The Elly in Bloom Books

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Black Coats

For years, mysterious figures known as the Black Coats have been unleashing retribution upon men who have shattered the hearts of girls and women.

When the person who murdered Thea's cousin walks away, Thea receives a request to join the Black Coats' balancings—vengeful acts meant to serve as a warning.

Finally, justice for Natalie is within touching distance.

However, when the ferocity of the balancings goes too far, Thea finds herself with a choice to make.

To what extent is she willing to go in order to ensure that justice is served?

Will she emerge out of it in one piece?

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0062679642
Publisher: HarperTeen

Children's Books

Niko's Night & Day

Niko's Night & Day is a children’s book about God's creation.

Inspired by chapter 15 of Luke in the Bible, this book teaches about being lost and how wonderful it is to be found.

Jesus Christ came to earth in order to bring grace and capture the lost souls. Through Him, there is repentance and forgiveness.

As Niko desperately searches for his lost train in the forest, this book will help young readers understand also how Christ came to save the lost.

The book is complete with pictures, appealing graphics and captivating illustrations best suited for children, parents and grandparents.

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B07N12TWTK
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

Queen of Hearts Saga

Queen of Hearts

This is unlike the Wonderland tale that we know. Alice hasn’t plunged down a rabbit hole.

In this Wonderland, every smile conceals a secret, each tart is accompanied by a request, and prisoners are the only ones who can tell the truth.

Princess Dinah will one day rule over Wonderland. She however hasn’t witnessed the sinister side of her kingdom.

She would love nothing more than her father’s acceptance and a happily ever after with the boy who stole her heart.

When treachery however strikes, shattering her heart and threatening her sovereignty, Dinah must outwit her devious foes—lest she lose her throne as well as her life.

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0062409744
Publisher: HarperTeen
Blood of Wonderland

Cast out of Wonderland, Dinah now seeks solace in the strange and abundant Twisted Wood with nothing more than her war steed.

Set up by her brutal father for the merciless killing of her brother, she has now become a public enemy.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, she has to decide whether to flee from Wonderland, never to return again, or battle her father for the crown.

When she crosses paths with an old enemy of her father, Dinah surprisingly draws more allies.

But in order to win the battle, Dinah must come face-to-face with some dark truths about her heart and her fate.

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0062409775
Publisher: HarperTeen
War of the Cards

Dinah has suffered immeasurable grief in her life. Her beloved brother was viciously murdered, her evil father sold her out, her devoted subjects have been destroyed by the war, and the love of her life shattered her heart.

The queen has however risen, with a dark soul and a distorted mind.

Having lost everything, she has nothing else to defend other than Wonderland and her throne.

But as the war intensifies, Dinah serves the risk of taking over a blood-stained throne.

Can a queen overwhelmed by passion and fury ever rule her kingdom well?

Or will her rage destroy Wonderland?

This is certainly not a happy ending.

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0062409805
Publisher: HarperTeen

The Elly in Bloom Books

Elly in Bloom

Things haven’t turned out badly for Elly Jordan, given that she caught her husband cheating on her just two years ago.

Now the owner of a floral boutique in St. Louis, she has a gorgeous best friend, a stubborn sheepdog, a sardonic assistant, and a pretty routine life.

Her good-looking neighbor is however drawn to Elly’s seductive curves.

When she receives an extravagant wedding contract beyond her wildest imagination, Elly will need the help of everyone around her in order to make the day a success.

However, could uniting her distressing past with her promising future cause problems for her?

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1940716091
Publisher: SparkPress
Elly In Love

“A tale about true love and sacrifice.”

Florist Elly Jordan has had a terrible year.

She not only got to plan the wedding of her ex-husband and the cheating redhead that led to their separation, but also ended the relationship with the sexiest musician in St. Louis.

Three months on, Elly is ready to usher in what should arguably be the most rewarding wedding season she has ever had.

Spurred on by her devoted friends, Elly contemplates about launching a floral boutique when a renowned wedding reality show requests her to plan the wedding of a famous figure.

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1940716190
Publisher: SparkPress

Wendy Darling Books

Wendy Darling: Volume 1: Stars

Wendy Darling lives the perfect life. She has the perfect relationship with her family in the lavish side of London, and is in love with a boy named Booth.

Everything however changes one night when the pleasantly handsome Peter Pan visits her family’s children's nursery.

Fascinated by this flying boy with mystical gifts, they follow him to Neverland—the ultimate island of freedom.

But as time gradually goes by, Wendy learns that Neverland isn’t an island paradise after all.

As she continues to fall even harder for Peter, Wendy’s memory of her home becomes blurry.

Could the island paradise and the boy of her dreams turn everything into an eternal nightmare?

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1940716954
Publisher: SparkPress
Wendy Darling: Volume 2: Seas

Wendy and Michael are on board the Sudden Night—the deadly and feared vessel under the command of the notorious Captain Hook and his vicious crew.

Stranded in this foreign realm of mermaids, moles and pirate rivalry, Wendy has a hard time keeping her family above the waves.

Troubled by the deranged boy that she once gave her heart to and battling to pull through the quirky Neverland sea, Wendy’s hopes of going back home become more unlikely by the day. As if that were not enough, the treachery has only just begun.

Will Wendy find comfort in Peter's archrival, or will she be used as a puppet in a far sinister ploy?

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1940716886
Publisher: SparkPress
Wendy Darling: Volume 3: Shadow

Yet again reunited with the fascinating Peter Pan, Wendy hides a secret. Having struck a deal with Hook, she plans on destroying the darkness that has taken over Peter: the Shadow.

But in order to achieve this, she must not only discreetly unlace Peter from the inside, but also persuade Tink to denounce the perverted love that unites them.

With war on the horizon, Wendy races against time to unchain Peter from the Shadow.

Failure is not an option.

Because is Wendy won’t triumph against the Shadow, Peter’s sinister soul will unleash destruction unlike anything ever witnessed.

Author: Colleen Oakes
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1943006168
Publisher: SparkPress