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Grace Palmer is an American bestselling author of small-town women’s fiction and contemporary romance novels.

She is known for writing many novels, including her beloved Sweet Island Inn Series, which is set on the stunning island of Nantucket.

A lover of words who writes with elegant grace, Palmer enjoys painting distressing portraits of love and loss set within an emotional context of family, friendship, motherhood, and marriage.

Convinced that there is no place like home, Palmer is also a firm believer in the rejuvenating nature of fine wine and robust coffee, and that the darkest moments precede the arrival of dawn.

After running away from the Northeastern winters, Palmer now makes her home in Charleston, South Carolina, where she lives with her husband.

Whenever she isn't writing, she enjoys cooking, knitting, and does her best to prevent her cats from tormenting her golden retriever.

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Genres: Contemporary , Romance, Women's Fiction

United States

Sunny Isle of Palms

  1. The Beach Baby (2022)
  2. The Beach Date (2022)
  3. The Beach B&B (2022)

Sweet Island Inn

  1. No Home Like Nantucket (2020)
  2. No Beach Like Nantucket (2020)
  3. No Wedding Like Nantucket (2020)
  4. No Love Like Nantucket (2020)
  5. No Secret Like Nantucket (2021)
  6. No Forever Like Nantucket (2021)

Wayfarer Inn

  1. The Vineyard Sisters (2021)
  2. The Vineyard Mothers (2022)
  3. The Vineyard Daughters (2022)

Willow Beach Inn

  1. Just South of Paradise (2020)
  2. Just South of Perfect (2020)
  3. Just South of Sunrise (2020)
  4. Just South of Christmas (2020)

Detailed book overview

Sunny Isle of Palms

The Beach Baby

Charlene Wilson is in over her head.

Isle of Palms is supposed to be her little slice of paradise—and for a while, it was. She and her husband, Davy, had a successful house flipping business, a happy family, a bright future.

Then it all changed.

Davy passed away too soon and left her with massive medical bills.

The house Charlene is trying to flip can’t find any buyers and she’s running out of money.

And her troubled daughter hasn’t been seen in more than five years.

Add to that her younger sister coming back to the Isle of Palms unexpectedly for the first time in a decade, and Charlene is feeling more overwhelmed than ever.

She uses her 45th birthday wish to hope that, just once, things will end up okay.

Then she walks outside…

And finds a baby on her doorstep.

There’s a note, too. It says,

Dear Mom: His name is Tyler.

I can’t keep him.

Look after him for me.

And suddenly, all of Charlene’s other problems don’t seem so important after all.

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8419806603
Publisher: Independently published
The Beach Date

Annette Wilson doesn’t know what to do.

After ten years, she’s back on the Isle of Palms and reconciled with her older sister Charlene. She thought she’d put her old life—her cheating husband with a second family—behind her.

But she thought wrong.

Because out of nowhere, Frederick reappears on her doorstep, asking for forgiveness and a second chance.

It would be so easy—maybe too easy—to slip right back into the way things once were. But is that the right choice?

Or is this fresh start in her hometown—not to mention a budding connection with the handsome owner of a new local restaurant who seems to have quite an eye for Annette—what she actually needs?

Torn between the old and the new, Annette can’t decide which way to turn.

Then she wakes up feeling queasy…

And her world flips upside down.

Pregnant at 40. She hardly knew such a thing was possible.

And, more to the point…

She hardly knows what to do next. Can she pick right?

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8419807679
Publisher: Independently published
The Beach B&B

Elaine Robbins is running out of options.

Bills don’t pay themselves, and with her husband John gone, she doesn’t know how she’s going to afford to stay on the island she loves.

Renting out her spare rooms to strangers is a scary proposition, but what choice does she have?

Besides—after three years of too much quiet in her empty home, maybe a fresh face will help cure her loneliness.

But when her first guest, a travel writer named Finn, arrives, she starts to wonder if maybe she made a mistake. He’s handsome and charming and warm—and somehow, those things feel a little bit scary.

Starting a new chapter means turning your back on the old one, after all.

Is she ready for that?

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8419809109
Publisher: Independently published

Sweet Island Inn

No Home Like Nantucket

Mae Benson had her golden years figured out—until her husband’s death off the coast of Nantucket rips away her happily-ever-after.

She’s not ready for what happens next, either: her grieving sister-in-law asking Mae to take over the Sweet Island Inn.

Now, with a broken heart and a bustling inn to care for, Mae must figure out how to put the pieces of her life back together.

And she’s not the only one hurting. Her four kids are each coming home with problems of their own.

Mae’s oldest child, Eliza, is facing an unexpected pregnancy with a fiancé she’s never truly loved.

Daughter Holly is stuck with a workaholic husband and doesn’t know where to turn.

Headstrong Sara is reeling in the throes of a forbidden workplace romance.

And her youngest son, Brent, is drowning in guilt after his father’s passing.

Take a trip to Nantucket’s Sweet Island Inn and follow along as Mae and her children face the hardest summer of their lives.

Love, loss, heartbreak, hope—it’s all here and more. Can Mae find a way to bring herself and her family to the light at the end of the tunnel?

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8645901257
Publisher: Independently published
No Beach Like Nantucket

The Benson family needs a fresh start. Can they find peace and happiness on the beaches of Nantucket?

Last summer, a storm blew the Benson family’s lives to bits.

It’s been almost a year since that fateful day.

Since they learned that life at the beach isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

They’re doing their best to pick up the pieces.

Mae is running the Sweet Island Inn.

Eliza is learning what it means to be a mother.

Sara is rediscovering her passion in the wake of heartbreak.

Holly is searching for stability in her marriage.

And Brent is—well, Brent isn’t doing so great.

Despite these challenges, they just might make it—if they can stick together.

But right when it seems like they’re going to be okay, terrible news strikes.

A call from Aunt Toni changes everything.

And suddenly, Nantucket doesn’t feel quite like home anymore.

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8645691592
Publisher: Independently published
No Wedding Like Nantucket

The wedding of the year versus the storm of the century. Who will win?

Things are finally looking up for the Benson family.

After a year of tough choices and big leaps of faith, it seems like love, success, and happiness are right in their grasp.

But with a wedding on the horizon and a successful new restaurant growing faster than anyone ever expected, everyone certainly has their hands full.

In fact, it’s starting to cause problems.

Little cracks are appearing in the surface.

And the historic storm brewing offshore might turn those cracks into craters.

Can the Bensons and their loved ones band together in time to make this summer their best yet?

Or will jealousy and uncertainty spoil the big day?

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8645692483
Publisher: Independently published
No Love Like Nantucket

She built the Sweet Island Inn. But can Toni Benson build a life of happiness for herself?

Toni Benson’s life has been a roller coaster.

Years ago, the heartbreak caused by a cheating ex-husband left her in tatters.

Then she discovered the run-down fixer-upper that would become the Sweet Island Inn.

For a while, things were good.

But when her brother Henry’s tragic death sends her reeling all over again, she’s back to square one.

So she sets off on an overseas journey, in hopes of learning from scratch what kind of woman she is meant to be.

She wasn’t looking for love.

But it found her anyways.

Follow Toni’s journey as the Nantucket native navigates an explosive romance, an unbearable tragedy, and the prospect of starting life anew in her late fifties.

In the end, only one thing is certain: there is no love like her love for Nantucket.

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8679119024
Publisher: Independently published
No Secret Like Nantucket

A secret bundle in a dusty corner sends the Benson family reeling.

It wasn’t meant to be uncovered.

But when her son Brent stumbles across something curious hidden in the workshop, innkeeper Mae Benson must relive events she thought she left thirty years in the past.

Her boyfriend Dominic is doing his best to help. But the arrival of a movie crew on Nantucket to film the adaptation of his latest novel has upended everything at the Sweet Island Inn.

And Mae’s children are just as preoccupied.

Eliza, eight months pregnant, can’t be reached—and Mae is terrified that something is going wrong with the baby.

Holly is dealing with an unexpected houseguest with a grim and mysterious past.

And Sara is struggling to answer a thorny question: who is stealing from her restaurant?

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8526743471
Publisher: Independently published
No Forever Like Nantucket


Mae Benson was born to run the Sweet Island Inn. She cooks, she cleans, she laughs, she makes a mean pot of coffee and she always knows which beach to recommend to her guests.

But suddenly, that way of life looks very much in danger.

On what was supposed to be a happy day—the day her boyfriend Dominic gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him—Mae discovers that a collective of out-of-towners with bad intentions intends to usurp her business by building a competing hotel right down the street.

And she’s not the only one floundering.

Other mysterious out-of-towners are bringing troubles of their own for the Benson clan—including an anonymous offer to buyout Sara’s ownership of Little Bull restaurant (with some very strange strings attached).

Holly’s childhood friends arrive back on Nantucket for a tumultuous high school reunion with plenty of baggage in tow.

And Eliza, meanwhile, is doing her best to keep her head above water—even as the anxieties she thought she left behind threaten to drag her beneath the stormy waves.

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8453981755
Publisher: Independently published

Wayfarer Inn

The Vineyard Sisters

Three estranged sisters.

Two months to save their family's inn.

One secret that changes everything.

Warren Townsend’s death brings his three estranged daughters together on Martha's Vineyard for the first time in years.

After the funeral, the Townsend women are all desperate to return to their own individual pursuits. But just when they’re ready to leave the island for good, the last line of Warren's will binds them together forever.

They have two months to save their father's legacy, the Wayfarer Inn...

Before it gets sold to the highest bidder.

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8465238441
Publisher: Independently published
The Vineyard Mothers

The party of the year turns into the disaster of the year when a storm traps the Townsend women inside the Wayfarer Inn—along with some unexpected guests and some unwelcome secrets.

Four months after their father’s death brings half-sister Jill to Martha’s Vineyard, Leslie and Michelle Townsend are still adjusting to tumultuous lives.

Leslie is reeling as she rediscovers memories of the past that throw everything she thought she knew about her father into doubt.

Michelle is struggling to cope with the ned of her relationship with Isaac and the ongoing debacle of her divorce.

Meanwhile, Jill is juggling the unpleasant appearance of her ex-boss and her mother’s declining health.

The sisters come up with the idea for a May Day party to turn things around. But nothing goes according to plan.

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8813055157
Publisher: Independently published
The Vineyard Daughters

The Townsend sisters are learning that love is hard.

Jill’s mother has taken a turn for the worse and Caleb has received orders taking him away from Martha’s Vineyard for good.

Leslie and Michelle try to be there for their half-sister, but they’ve got storms of their own to navigate. Jealousy, a missing husband who refuses to sign divorce papers, and turbulent relationships with Shane and Isaac make everything harder.

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8813054709
Publisher: Independently published

Willow Beach Inn

Just South of Paradise

Georgia had the perfect life—until her husband of nearly forty years leaves her for their inn’s much younger housekeeper.

Starting over at fifty-eight is a terrifying prospect. But a mysterious new guest may make the heartbreak easier.

And her children are going through troubles of their own.

Georgia’s younger daughter, Tasha, left Willow Beach to make it in Hollywood. But a manipulative boyfriend is making her risk her career and face the wrath of her A-list diva boss.

Tasha’s sister, Melanie, is trying to pick up the pieces of her broken heart after a difficult break-up. Just when she seems to be turning a corner, the man who left her comes back and begs for a second chance.

Golden child Drew has made mistake after mistake. Can helping his mother renovate the Inn be the project he needs to put his life back together?

Running the Willow Beach Inn, helping her grown children navigate the choppy waters of life, and rediscovering her own passions is no easy feat. Is there hope for Georgia to find happiness in the wake of heartbreak?

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8652992279
Publisher: Independently published
Just South of Perfect

An unplanned stop in Willow Beach turns into an unexpected romance.

Being a single mother was hard. But Stella Pierce did a good job, and now that her only child is off to college, she can sit back and relax.

Except that these things never work out the way you’ve planned. Turns out that the empty nester life just makes her anxious. So when her friend Brenda suggests she take a vacation down to Boston, that’s exactly what Stella does.

Too bad she never makes it that far.

When her car breaks down in the small seaside town of Willow Beach, Stella finds herself stuck. And the sweet, handsome mechanic down at the car shop, Sam Warren, doesn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to send Stella on her way.

Fortunately, the Baldwin family at the Willow Beach Inn is there to welcome her with open arms.

Maybe starting fresh is exactly what Stella has been looking for.

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8689634494
Publisher: Independently published
Just South of Sunrise

It’s never too late in life to give love a second chance.

When fate (and a stubborn niece) force fifty-something divorcee Liza Hall to take on a new catering client, the last face she expects to see is Benjamin Boyd.

As in, the very handsome, very familiar Ben who broke her heart many years ago.

That’s bad news indeed. Her quiet life in Willow Beach is just what she’s been searching for. Why give that up and invite the memory of heartbreak back in?

But it’s tough for Liza to resist pressure from her young niece, the pleas of a desperate client, and the man who has always known how to tug on her heartstrings.

And soon, Liza finds herself getting drawn closer and closer to a man she swore off for good.

Can a second shot at love leave her better off than the first?

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8554398100
Publisher: Independently published
Just South of Christmas

Willow Beach might be a small coastal town, but its annual Winter Fest is a huge, joyous celebration. However, this year, wrapping presents isn’t the only problem the Baldwins have to face. 

A relationship reaching its “now or never” moment, a vandal causing chaos at the Inn, and—most heart-wrenching of all—a life-threatening accident that throws plans for a baby into question...

Things look difficult for Georgia Baldwin and her children this winter, but one thing’s for certain: no matter what happens, they’ll always have each other.

Christmas in Willow Beach is Georgia Baldwin’s favorite time of year. What’s not to love? Lights on all the houses, the scent of peppermint lattes wafting from The Roast, and all the fun and festivities that come with the town’s annual Winter Fest. Home has never felt cozier.

But not everything is sleigh bells and sweetness in the Baldwins’ world.

Tasha and Eddie are going through a rough patch. With the whole town pressuring them towards marriage, Tasha starts to wonder what she has to do to get Eddie to finally pop the question.

Drew, on the other hand, is desperate to get married--if only his girlfriend’s father will give him his blessing.

Melanie’s baby fever is running hot despite the winter chill, though her boyfriend Colin isn’t quite as enthusiastic. But a horrific accident leaves their future--and Colin’s life--very much in question.

Georgia is trying her best to hold her family together. But something ugly and mysterious is happening in town, and it’s forcing Georgia to face an impossible question: is it time to sell the Willow Beach Inn?

Author: Grace Palmer
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8571644280
Publisher: Independently published