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Russell Proctor is an Australian writer who has also spent part of his working life as a lawyer, teacher, professional actor, medical project manager and even…a pizza delivery boy.

Proctor is a skeptic and futurist, which is no surprise that he examined the methods and ideas of science and pseudo-science in his novel Plato’s Cave.

His interests include astronomy, cats and hiking; one that has seen him travel to places away from modern civilization such as Antarctica, the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Currently semi-retired, Proctor writes during the day whilst tutors school and university students in the evenings.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Horror


Non Series

  • Plato's Cave (2011)
  • Days of Iron (2011)
  • Holding Darkness (2013)

The Jabberwocky

  1. The Red King (2015)
  2. An Unkindness of Ravens (2015)
  3. The Looking-Glass House (2016)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Plato's Cave

When Emily Branwell wakes up with a hangover one morning, the last thing she expected was to find her horoscope astoundingly accurate. She can walk through walls, and sausages keep appearing out of nowhere all around her.

What’s more, an enormous, threatening shadow appears in the sky, prompting Emily to solve the riddle of her rapidly crumbling world before reality itself collapses.

Should she perhaps count her drinks next time to save her all the trouble?

Plato's Cave takes a witty look at humanity's search for truth and the meaning of existence through the eyes of a woman who would wish nothing more than for the Universe to just stop bothering her!

Author: Russell Proctor
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1479308798
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Days of Iron

In the future, genetic engineering has created three species of humans. Homo sapiens are the masters; Sirians being the savage and insular, whereas the Helots are the slaves—with no right to breed.

Humanity, in all its forms, has spread out into the galaxy; ruled by the supreme Syndicate of Galactic Corporations who strictly keep the technology only within the ruling Elite.

For Sape colonist, Maddy Hawthorn, the peaceful life she had envisioned at Barnard's Star is shredded apart when she becomes entwined in a terrorist ploy to destroy the stranglehold of the Elite.

Hounded by the military and the Syndicate's agents, she must fight a merciless regime to survive, but demons from her own past might seemingly pose the most dangerous threat of all.

Author: Russell Proctor
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1460934630
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Holding Darkness

A little girl lives in a cellar—along with her brother and father—while a war rages overhead.

A man tries to kill a nest of wasps, only to discover a strange secret when he takes a closer look.

A man gradually loses his memory as he waits for a ferry.

Holding Darkness is a book about three stories that explore the darker side of the human mind.

Author: Russell Proctor
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00C7PRB0S
Publisher: Russell Proctor

The Jabberwocky

The Red King

Now blissfully married and leading a respectable life in Edwardian London, it’s hard to tell that Alice Liddell had adventures in Wonderland many moons ago, until her dreams come back to haunt her.

A serial killer is on the loose in the streets, leaving behind a chain of brutishly murdered children and adults. The Red King—who drains blood from his victims—is on an unforgiving quest for revenge against a seven-year-old girl who humiliated him years ago.

Alice joins forces with Dorothy Gale, who had her own adventures in a land called Oz, and together they hunt the Red King, before the entire world is at his mercy.

The Red King marks the introduction of the mysterious Jabberwocky Book that Alice discovered in Looking-Glass Land; one that holds the key to the survival of four linked worlds.

Author: Russell Proctor
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00U9VD3UE
Publisher: Permuted Press
An Unkindness of Ravens

A horrific death in the Tower of London and a frightening attack on an ocean liner in the mid-Atlantic marks the arrival of the Raven—a creature looking to reshape the universe.

Fresh from conquering and defeating the Red King, Alice Liddell and Dorothy Gale know they have to try and stop the Raven.

But not even their childhood adventures in other worlds will have prepared them for the destructive scheme that this creature of darkness possesses.

Author: Russell Proctor
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B017EB8VD0
Publisher: Permuted Press
The Looking-Glass House

As the Great War flares across four worlds, Alice Liddell and Dorothy Gale unite once again to face the Red King. But Alice discovers the truth about her childhood and the mysterious Oxford don who first sent her to Wonderland, whereas Dorothy faces adverse danger; much more than she ever encountered in Oz or the tower of the Raven.

When old enemies return and new alliances are formed, the two women seek to stop the Great War, and defeat the ominous plans of the Red King to enslave Europe's leaders.

Alice and her sisters Lorina and Edith hold the key to saving all of the worlds linked by the mystical Jabberwocky Book, but Edith died long ago, and Alice must find a way of summoning the power of her dead sister before it’s too late!

Author: Russell Proctor
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01L67Y9Z2