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Andrea Randall is an American author of Christian books and contemporary romance novels.

Passionate about writing from a very early age, Andrea began by writing poetry and short stories, before finally discovering about the powerful and moving nature of words.

A graduate of Cornell University, Andrea is a current seminary student in Liberty University’s Divinity program.

She currently lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Charles, and four of their combined five children.

Words have always been important to Andrea. They are just as beautiful as they are powerful, and the ammunition contained in a single word is limitless.

Readers can be sure that they will always find something unique in all of her books.

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Genres: Christian, Contemporary , Romance

United States


Non Series

  • Nocturne (2013)
  • Something's Come Up (2013)
  • In the Stillness (2013)
  • Bar Crawl (2014)
  • Chasing Kane (2016)

Jesus Freaks Series

  1. Jesus Freaks: Sins of the Father (2014)
  2. Jesus Freaks: The Prodigal (2014)
  3. Jesus Freaks: The Broken Ones (2015)

November Blue Series

  1. Ten Days of Perfect (2012)
  2. Reckless Abandon (2013)
  3. Sweet Forty-Two (2013)
  4. Marrying Ember: Novella (2014)
  5. Bo & Ember (2014)

Detailed book overview

Non Series


Savannah Marshall is a gifted flutist and daughter of musical royalty when she enrolls in the elite New England Conservatory of Music. Brilliant, eclectic and passionate, she lives music, but struggles with her plans for the future.

Gregory Fitzgerald is one of the most renowned cellists of his generation. A member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and professor at the Conservatory, he is laser focused on his career to the exclusion of friends, family and especially romance.

When Gregory and Savannah’s paths cross in the classroom, it threatens to challenge more than their wildly differing beliefs on music. Friendships, ethics, and careers are put on the line as Gregory and Savannah play a symphony of passion and heartbreak.

In the final movement, Gregory and Savannah are handed their greatest challenge, as the loss of absolutely everything they’ve held as truths hangs in the balance.

NB: Co-authored with Charles Sheehan-Miles.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0989868822
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press
Something's Come Up

Feeling humiliated after her movie star ex's public betrayal, Stephanie escapes on a spontaneous road trip. She detours for a sexual rendezvous down memory lane with her former frenemy with benefits, attorney Pace Turner.

When Pace gets an unexpected phone call from the one woman he’s never forgotten, his libido slams into overdrive. Steph is the only one who knows everything about the self-obsessed young millionaire, inside the bedroom and out, and his buried desires bubble to the surface.

Over a sex-fueled 24 hours, megalomaniac Pace and sociopath Steph relive their doomed “romance.” Will they rediscover their complicated and gritty connection, or merely pour salt into poorly healed wounds?

NB: Co-authored with Michelle Pace.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1494929336
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
In the Stillness

Natalie is a wife.

Natalie is a mother.

Natalie is a cutter.

Clawing at walls built by resentment, regret, and guilt, Natalie cuts as an escape from a life she never planned.

Staying present is only possible when you let go of the past. But, what if the past won't let go?

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1484118788
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Bar Crawl

Frankie and CJ couldn't be more different.

CJ, the narcissistic, sex-addicted drummer seems to value his drum set over the various women he takes home night after night.

English teacher Frankie finds solace inside books instead of people.

When Frankie rejects CJ, he makes it his mission not to let her get away again. This will come at a cost that CJ has long considered too high: honesty.

What happens when you lay all of your cards on the table, and the one person you want to believe you thinks you're playing yet another game?

Will she buy it? Find out what happens when Frankie slows down long enough to figure out if CJ is genuine in his intentions, or if she's just another stop on his life-long bar crawl.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00L1KT4AU
Chasing Kane

When Grounded Sound Entertainment launches a six-month cross-country tour, label superstar Regan, and his drummer cousin CJ hit the road running.

Regan’s marriage to Georgia is on a continual upswing as the couple discusses adding a baby to their unconventional union. He knows this tour might be his last for a while, as he plans to trade late nights on stage for diaper duty.

As for CJ Kane? His preparations for the tour include breaking the heart of his patient girlfriend, Frankie—the girl everyone thought had finally grounded the notoriously salacious drummer.

Demons chase the Kane boys while they live a fast-paced life on the road. Expectations, heartache, and a marriage set to two different tempos follow the lifelong roadsters to each city. Regan and CJ are forced to examine their lives beyond the cheering fans and magazine covers to find out what it is they're really running from.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1632021731
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press

Jesus Freaks Series

Jesus Freaks: Sins of the Father

Kennedy Sawyer is the valedictorian of her upper middle class, liberal high school.Roland Abbot is the charismatic, attractive televangelist from New Life Church with a dark past and an illegitimate child.

Ignoring the cautions of her mother and the confusion of her Ivy League-bound friends, Kennedy enrolls at the conservative Christian Carter University where her sights are set on Roland Abbot—her birth father.

Kennedy’s intentions are to learn more about her father than the Bible. However, roommates who are quick to evangelize to strangers, an RA who seems to be hiding something, and friends in the most unlikely places challenge everything she’s ever held as true in the raging battle of us vs. them.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1632020932
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press
Jesus Freaks: The Prodigal

The morning after Kennedy Sawyer confirmed to the world that she is the daughter of internationally renowned televangelist Roland Abbot, she’s faced with a new challenge: What kind of daughter does she want to be to him? The sometimes kind, the title kind, or the all-in kind?

In the months following her decision, Kennedy is faced with sex, drugs, extended family, lying, threats, booze, strip clubs, and wavering faith among her family and friends.

Exploring how much honesty is too much, Kennedy pushes the boundaries of all of the relationships around her to see if God really lies somewhere beneath it all.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1632021120
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press
Jesus Freaks: The Broken Ones

Far away from the campus of Christian Carter University, Kennedy Sawyer wonders if she'll ever go back. Winter break erupted into scandal, her best friend isn't speaking to her, and the media is still digging into her life.

When Kennedy learns NBC will be filming a reality show at the University, she decides to take control. She'll let people in on her terms.

She soon learns how little control she has. She struggles to maintain an on-camera college life with friends, family, and dating. Behind the scenes, Kennedy and her friends confront their darkest fears and secrets.

Will Kennedy surrender to the God she believes in and the one her friends stake their lives on? Or will she decide she is better off alone?

Away from the pain. Away from the secrets. Away from the freaks.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1632021441
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press

November Blue Series

Ten Days of Perfect

Scars from her first love, and the reckless lifestyle of her parents force Ember Harris to chart a new course. She favors practicality over spontaneity, and rules over a broken heart.

An encounter with a musician at a local pub forces Ember into making a decision between letting go or holding on for dear life as passions are unlocked and deceptions revealed.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1479372966
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Reckless Abandon

November Harris is lost. After a failed romance with musician Bo Cavanaugh, Ember is left struggling to regain her true self. The problem is, Bo won’t go away and Ember's stance is firm—she doesn't want him back.

Adrian Turner, Ember's ex-boyfriend-turned confidant, is patient with her heartbreak, but he can't hold back his own feelings forever.

As she sorts through her past, in an effort to plan a solid future, Ember will find that sometimes even the best laid plans bow to the soul's desire for reckless abandon.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1481866866
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Sweet Forty-Two

Regan Kane arrived in San Diego with nothing but a violin, his car and what feels like a lifetime of grief. Although he’s surrounded by friends and music, one delivery from the post office reminds him that the past is always just around the corner. When he befriends a local bartender, Regan wonders if he's finally ready to let go.

Georgia Hall has spent most of her life in the shadows of her mother’s mental illness. Pushing away those around her ensures they won’t get hurt when she succumbs to the same fate.

All of that unravels when she meets Regan. As her life spins out of control and the line between reality and fairytale blurs, she has to make a choice to trust or fall.

Regan and Georgia are searching for healing among the wreckage. Will doing so together make moving on all the more sweet?

Or will the secrets and darkness of the past drive them apart?

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0989868884
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press
Marrying Ember: Novella

It started like it always does. For musicians, anyway. The moment Bo Cavanaugh heard November Harris sing, it all clicked into place.

That was a year and a half ago. Between then and now there's been unthinkable tragedy, ruthless heartache, and lifetimes of passion.

It was never a question in Bo's mind that he would marry Ember someday. The question he faces, though, is can he do it before the weight of a family's history pulls Ember away from him forever?

In this novella in the November Blue series, follow Bo as he sets out on the only quest he was ever meant to accept: Marrying Ember.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1632020727
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press
Bo & Ember

And they lived happily ever after …

That’s where the typical romance ends. For Bo and Ember Cavanaugh, however, the “I do’s” are just the beginning.

On the heels of a wildly successful tour with The Six, Bo and Ember are offered the musical opportunity of a lifetime. A cross-country move back to the Cavanaugh estate holds promises, old friends, and feelings they thought were long since buried.

In the middle of the whirlwind that is their professional life, Bo and Ember try to establish a solid and loving home. Life, though, doesn’t stay in the promises of “happily ever after.”

In the final installment of the November Blue series, excitement, temptation, loss, and the struggle over what love means forces the couple to strip it all away and focus on what it means to be soul mates, what it means to be married, and what it means to be …

Bo & Ember.

Author: Andrea Randall
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1632020741
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press