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Suzanne Redfearn books in order

Suzanne is an American award-winning author of the novels Hush Little Baby (2013), No Ordinary Life (2016) and In An Instant (2020).

Having been born and raised on the east coast, she moved to California at the age of fifteen.

Besides being an author, Suzanne is an architect with a specialty in residential and commercial design.

She currently lives in Laguna Beach with her husband where they own two restaurants: Lumberyard and Slice Pizza & Beer.

More about Suzanne Redfearn

Genres: Contemporary , Fantasy / SF, Mystery, Thriller, Women's Fiction

United States


Non Series

  • Hush Little Baby (2013)
  • No Ordinary Life (2016)
  • In an Instant (2020)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Hush Little Baby

“If I stay, he will kill me. If I leave, he'll destroy Addie and Drew.”

An accomplished career, a beautiful home, a loving husband, and two lovely children, Jillian Kane seems to have it all.

This however couldn’t be any more different in reality. Behind closed doors, Jillian bears the bruises of an abusive marriage. She however sticks around for the sake of her children Addie and Drew; for Gordon would destroy them and her if she walked away.

When she finally hits her breaking point, Jillian takes off with her two young children.

With no money, and no plan, her only hope is that her husband doesn’t find her.

Author: Suzanne Redfearn
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1455573202
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
No Ordinary Life

Faye Martin has been struggling to protect and fend for her children ever since her husband walked out on them. They however have a change of fortune when her four-year-old daughter is discovered through a YouTube video, and is presented with a chance to star in a television series.

When fame and fortune presents a new set of challenges, Faye realizes that everything does come with a price.

Scrutinized by millions in a world where everyone is putting on an act, Faye is alone in her struggle to save her family from Hollywood.

Author: Suzanne Redfearn
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1455533909
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
In an Instant

Life isn’t the same again for sixteen-year-old Finn Miller after a terrible accident tumbles her and ten others over the side of a mountain. Those who survive the accident are left with a permanent scar of sadness and regret.

Jack, her father, is on a desperate search for vengeance while her best friend, Mo, is after the truth. Her sister, Chloe, longs to join her, while her mother, Ann, is tormented by her decisions, despite rescuing them all.

Will Finn be able to start a fresh chapter, given how she and her family are still shattered in pieces?

Author: Suzanne Redfearn
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1542006583
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing