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Anne Rice books in order

Anne Rice was an American author of fiction, Christian literature and erotic content.

Having been born and spending much of her early life in New Orleans, Louisiana, Anne pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science at San Francisco State University, and her Master of Arts Degree in English and Creative Writing at the same institution.

She authored well over 30 novels, with her 1976 debut novel, Interview with the Vampire, acclaimed as one of the best-selling novels of all time.

Anne was married to Stan Rice, a poet and painter, for 41 years before he died of brain cancer in 2002.

Together they had two children; Michele, who succumbed to leukemia at age five, and Christopher, who is an author.

Anne Rice died on December 11, 2021, at the age of 80.

More about Anne Rice

Genres: Fantasy / SF, Non-fiction, Roman

Born: 1941

United States

Pseudonym: Anne Rampling, A.N. Roquelaure


Non Series

  • The Feast of All Saints (1979)
  • Cry to Heaven (1982)
  • Exit to Eden (1985)
  • Belinda (1986)
  • Servant of the Bones (1996)
  • Violin (1997)

Art Books

  1. The Master of Rampling Gate (1982)
  2. Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story (2012)
  3. The Wolf Gift: The Graphic Novel (2014)


  1. Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession (2008)

The Sleeping Beauty Series

  1. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (1983)
  2. Beauty's Punishment (1984)
  3. Beauty's Release (1985)
  4. Beauty’s Kingdom (2015)

Christ the Lord

  1. Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt (2005)
  2. Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana (2008)

Lives of the Mayfair Witches

  1. The Witching Hour (1990)
  2. Lasher (1993)
  3. Taltos (1994)

New Tales of the Vampires

  1. Pandora (1998)
  2. Vittorio the Vampire (1999)

Ramses the Damned

  1. The Mummy or Ramses the Damned (1989)
  2. Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra (2017)
  3. The Reign of Osiris (2022)

Songs of the Seraphim

  1. Angel Time (2009)
  2. Of Love and Evil (2010)

The Vampire Chronicles

  1. Interview With The Vampire (1976)
  2. The Vampire Lestat (1985)
  3. The Queen of the Damned (1988)
  4. The Tale of the Body Thief (1992)
  5. Memnoch the Devil (1995)
  6. The Vampire Armand (1998)
  7. Merrick (2000)
  8. Blood and Gold (2001)
  9. Blackwood Farm (2002)
  10. Blood Canticle (2003)
  11. Prince Lestat (2014)
  12. Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis (2016)
  13. Blood Communion (2018)

The Wolf Gift Chronicles

  1. The Wolf Gift (2012)
  2. The Wolves of Midwinter (2013)
Lives of the Mayfair Witches
New Tales of the Vampires
Songs of the Seraphim

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Feast of All Saints

Set in New Orleans in the 1840's, this gripping historical book follows the journey of the free people of color in an age when they were feared and ignored by whites.

Continuously hanging in a world where everything is defined as either black or white, and only being able to find balance in their own community, they are a people who live in uncertainty and ambivalence; an aspect that forms as much strength to them as it does their weakness.

The Feast of All Saints
Director: Peter Medak
Cast: James Earl Jones, Forest Whitaker, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Eartha Kitt, Pam Grier, Ben Vereen
Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1979
ISBN: 978-0099269472
Publisher: Gardners Books
Cry to Heaven

Set in Italy in the 18th century, six-year old Guido Maffeo is castrated to make sure he has the perfect soprano voice.

He attends the conservatory where he becomes a star but his high rising star comes falling down when he loses his voice.

Although he goes on to become a teacher, Guido earnestly searches for a boy who can transform his lost dream into a reality.

It is while in Venice that he crosses paths with Tonio Treshi; a great singer and son of nobility.

Tonio wishes to be a singer, but the son of a nobleman could never pursue such a career—according to his family. Yet in the same family, his mother is an alcoholic and his brother has been disowned for loving a commoner.

Confused, he half-willing half-forcibly gets castrated and begins his lifelong ploy for revenge against Carlo in a story of stardom, decadence and unending complexities.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1982
ISBN: 978-0345373700
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Exit to Eden

A book by Anne Rice, written as Anne Rampling!

A strikingly beautiful, uncanny and bold sexual adventurer, Lisa is the founder and supreme mistress of The Club—a private island resort where fantasies unspoken meets willing flesh.

It’s a place where desirous participants with deep pockets can experience the best there is of surrender and submission.

Elliott, a photojournalist who spends his days on the edge in some of the most dangerous places on earth, goes to the paradise island to explore his deepest sexual longings.

Together, the two will launch an erotic adventure well beyond their wildest dreams.

Exit to Eden
Director: Garry Marshall
Cast: Dana Delany, Paul Mercurio, Iman, Stuart Wilson, Hector Elizondo, Rosie O'Donnell, Dan Aykroyd
Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1985
ISBN: 978-0061233494
Publisher: Avon Red

A book by Anne Rice, written as Anne Rampling!

Jeremy Walker is a popular, good-looking 44-year-old illustrator of children's books.

Belinda is fresh, golden-haired and the living embodiment of a seduction worth craving for.

Yet hers is a forbidden passion, as Belinda is only 16-years old.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1986
ISBN: 978-0425176658
Publisher: Berkley
Servant of the Bones

To be able to tell the story of Azriel, Servant of the Bones, you’ll first have to familiarize yourself with the world of Isaiah and Jeremiah, and the destruction of Solomon's Temple,

You can call him a ghost, genii, demon, or just spirit made visible.

He freely tells of his deepest feeling as he goes back in time, from royal plotting and religious turmoil in ancient Babylon to Europe during the devastating age of the Black Death and then to the modern world.

Somewhere amidst the skyscrapers of Manhattan, he clashes with his own human origins and the sinister forces that seek to rebuke him to a life of nefarious destruction.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1996
ISBN: 978-0345412317
Publisher: Ballantine Books

This is the moving story of three strong characters wrapped in music.

The first is an elegant yet vulnerable young woman who bears the aspirations of one day becoming a great musician.

The second is an incredibly gifted yet treacherously seductive violinist. He is a ghost who uses his gifts and magic violin to exploit and dominate the emotions of his targets.

The third, an ever present figure, is the specter of Beethoven.

Violin takes us through the ages; from Vienna in the nineteenth-century to modern New Orleans and Rio de Janiero whilst narrating the story of these three highly indelible persons.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-0099255154
Publisher: Arrow

Art Books

The Master of Rampling Gate

Julie, a youthful woman, has become consumed with the house that her father made her and her brother promise to demolish it after his death.

She doesn’t have an idea of what exactly awaits her at Rampling Gate. All she knows is that a mysterious spirit, one that tormented her father for years, is now after her flesh.

Based in the gas lit streets of London in 1888, The Master of Rampling Gate is a rapturous love story where Julie grapples to choose between a world of reality and logic, and the deep promises of a creature she just can’t resist.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1982
ISBN: 978-1565210097
Publisher: Innovation Books
Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story

A richly-illustrated graphic novel adaptation of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, told through the eyes of the vampire Claudia, who was just a little girl when she was turned by the vampire Lestat. Though she spends many years of happiness with her two vampire fathers, she gradually grows discontent with their insistence upon treating her like a little girl, even though she has lived as long as any mortal man...and her lust to kill is certainly no less than theirs...

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0316176361
Publisher: Yen Press
The Wolf Gift: The Graphic Novel

When reporter Reuben Golding arrives at a secluded mansion at the request of the home's mysterious female owner, he doesn't expect this assignment will lead to him being inexplicably attacked-bitten-by a beast shadowed in darkness. This single event prompts a terrifying but seductive transformation that both opens Reuben's eyes to what was previously unseen and unknown, and leads to even more questions. Why was he given this wolf gift? Is its nature good or evil? And is he now all alone in this mysterious new world?

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00OP5EX36
Publisher: Yen Press


Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession

Anne Rice shocked her readers in 2005 by revealing that she had reconverted to her Catholic faith, having been an atheist for several years.

She did this by releasing the novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt which was soon followed by Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana.

From her childhood in New Orleans in a devoutly religious Irish Catholic family to losing her belief in God; from spending several years with Berkeley where her writing career took off thanks to books about rituals, vampires and otherworldly beings, to suffering personal grief and tragedy that involved her mother's drinking, the death of her young daughter and the loss of her beloved husband, Stan Rice.

This is the touching story of Anne Rice and her personal journey of spiritual transformation.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0307388483
Publisher: Anchor

The Sleeping Beauty Series

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Legend has it that the spell cast upon the young beautiful princess in "Sleeping Beauty" can only be broken through the kiss of a Prince.

Using the pen name A.N. Roquelaure, Anne Rice retells the story by delving deeper into the subtle yet indisputable sexual energy in the traditional folktale.

In this book, the Prince not only awakens "Sleeping Beauty" with a kiss, but with sexual initiation.

As a result of bringing the century long spell to an end, the prince is rewarded with an absolute enslavement of Beauty.

Before the likes of E.L. James and Sylvia Day charmed the world with Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You respectively, Anne Rice already had an erotic New York Times best seller in The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1983
ISBN: 978-0452281424
Publisher: Penguin Books
Beauty's Punishment

Beauty is cast away from the Satyricon-like world of the Castle as a result of engaging in a hidden and impermissible sexual relation with Prince Tristan; a defiant slave.

She is sold at an auction, and it doesn’t take before she experiences the punishments of "the village", as everything she has ever learnt is turned over to the personable Captain of the Guard.

This captivating and arousing book is a tale of pain and pleasure where Anne Rice explores the psychology of the inner most human desires.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1984
ISBN: 978-0452281431
Publisher: Penguin Books
Beauty's Release

As Beauty rousingly takes on the shady side of sexuality, her desires make her bound captive by an Eastern Sultan; a slave in the exotic enclosures of the harem.

In this continuation of the adult fairy tale, Beauty's numerous variations of sexual longings are vividly painted in a richly intense manner that will leave the reader begging for more.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1985
ISBN: 978-0452281455
Publisher: Penguin Books
Beauty’s Kingdom

Two decades have passed since Laurent and Beauty were cast out of the kingdom to return to their homeland. Yet two decades later, they return to the kingdom as the new king and queen.

Their return is for the purpose of preserving the ways of complete sensual surrender, albeit on the terms of voluntary servitude in Bellavalten.

Several keen princes, princesses, lords, ladies, and common folk travel to Beauty’s new kingdom where the two royal figures awaken their domain; welcoming a new era of fantasy and absolute sexual delight.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0143108214
Publisher: Penguin Books

Christ the Lord

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

This book by Anne Rice is about the life of Christ the Lord, as drawn from the gospels and the most respected New Testament scholarship.

It looks to present a realistic fictional portrait of Our Lord in Time.

The book is based on the unwavering belief that the Creator of the Universe “dwelt among us” as Jesus Christ; with The Bible acting as the source of inspiration for the emotions and powers of the Child Jesus as expressed in the book.

History itself, and the gospels, act as the primary source of this recreation of a world in which Our Lord might have lived; from the time he was as a young boy, in war and in peace, from one day to the next.

The Young Messiah
Director: Cyrus Nowrasteh
Cast: Adam Greaves-Neal, Sean Bean, David Bradley, Lee Boardman, Jonathan Bailey, David Burke
Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0345492739
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana

This second installation of Anne Rice's bold tale about the life of Christ begins during his last winter before his baptism in River Jordan and concludes with the miracle at Cana.

The prophecies of a Virgin birth have long surrounded Yeshua, yet he for many years lived as one of the many worshippers who came to the synagogue to observe the Sabbath.

After baptism, he takes hold of his destiny and is thrice tempted by the Devil.

When he miraculously transforms water inside six great limestone jars into magnificent red wine at a wedding in Cana, many acknowledge him as the anointed one.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0307741196
Publisher: Anchor

Lives of the Mayfair Witches

The Witching Hour

The Mayfair family, based in New Orleans, has for several generations produced both male and female witches.

When one person dies in this close and deeply connected family, their death strengthens the others with his/her knowledge.

For every generation there is, one Mayfair witch is chosen and accorded with the powers of "the man," known as Lasher.

To the Mayfair clan, Lasher is a protector; a sexual being who seduces the witches and also gives them gifts.

From present day New Orleans and San Francisco to centuries back in Amsterdam and the France of Louis XIV, from the coffee plantations of Port-au-Prince to Civil War New Orleans and back to the present day, this first part of the Mayfair Witches Series will set precedent for a riveting and captivating tale.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1990
ISBN: 978-0345367891
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Women of the Mayfair clan are succumbing to hemorrhages whereas Rowan and Michael have begun showing signs of a mysterious genetic abnormality.

Lasher, born from Rowan, is of a great threat to the Mayfairs, given that he is a different species in a mortal body.

Rowan and Lasher travel to Houston together and she becomes pregnant with a Taltos.

Lasher is on a mission to sire and reproduce his race in other women, but they are unable to bear it.

When Rowan escapes and becomes comatose as her fully-grown Taltos daughter is born, the Mayfairs declare outright war on Lasher as they struggle to regain Rowan’s health.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1993
ISBN: 978-0345397812
Publisher: Ballantine Books

The Talamasca look to unite a male and female in a bid to preserve the Taltos race which is on the verge of extinction.

Their search draws the interest of Ashlar, an ancient Taltos somewhat interlaced with Lasher's identity.

Ashlar makes revelations about the taltos mythology and ancestry, and requests Michael and Rowan to assist in his quest against evil.

In order to help Ashlar however, Michael needs to keep his relationship with the sex-crazed computer obsessed Mona Mayfair a secret—seeing that it has given rise to a new female Taltos.

The task at hand becomes incredibly difficult when Morrigan, the Taltos, is named the heir to the Mayfair fortune, thus making Morrigan the new monster of the Mayfair family.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1994

New Tales of the Vampires


Pandora hesitantly begins narrating her tale but gradually gains momentum as she takes us through the ages; from Imperial Rome to France in the eighteenth-century, to twentieth-century Paris and New Orleans.

She takes us back to her childhood during the time of Caesar Augustus.
There, she crosses paths with the good-looking Marius; a mortal she helplessly falls in love with.

She however has no option but to flee from Rome in fear of execution by schemers planning to gain control of the city.

In Antioch, she looks poised to be reunited with Marius who is now an immortal—tormented by his vampire nature.

He gives her the Dark Gift and together they set off for a fantastic adventure.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-0099271086
Publisher: Arrow/Children's
Vittorio the Vampire

Vittorio lives in a world of immeasurable riches and grandeur. He gained his education in the Florence of Cosimo de' Medici, and his knighthood at his father's castle at the mountaintop.

His life of affluence however comes under threat when his whole family is ambushed by an evil power.

While all this unfolds, Vittorio is ensnared by Ursula; a vampire and the most stunning of his supernatural enemies.

As he seeks for revenge, Vittorio will find himself caught in the midst of demonic foes, war and political intrigue.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1999
ISBN: 978-0345422392
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Ramses the Damned

The Mummy or Ramses the Damned

When an archaeologist who unearthed the tomb of Ramses II dies, the treasures are shipped to England to his daughter Julie.

Julie discovers a mummy which comes to life in the form of a perfect man. She grows fond of him, and familiarizes him with modern life in a move that includes visiting the museums that claim to reconstruct his time. He is however greatly upset by the modern day portrayal of his beloved Cleopatra.

When Ramses, Julie, her ex-fiance and his father Elliott travel to Egypt, Ramses is further unsettled by the tourist aspect of his ancient civilization.

One night, he sneaks to the immortality elixir and awakens the mummified Cleopatra, but she doesn’t have her once beautiful body or mind.

Cleopatra is a walking corpse of decomposed flesh and a disorientated mind; one that goes on a merciless killing spree.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1989
ISBN: 978-0345360007
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra

Former pharaoh of Egypt, Ramses the Great, is brought back to life by the elixir of life while in Edwardian England. Now immortal along with his future bride, he is caught up in a deadly battle of wills against the legendry Queen Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was similarly reawakened by the same elixir which mysteriously brings the dead back to life.

As these powerful ancient rulers openly challenge one another in their bid to unravel the mystical powers of the elixir, they are disturbed by a force much older and greater than them.

This force, a queen with an exceptional knowledge of the origins of the elixir, once ruled a kingdom that stretched to the very ends of the earth.

Only she holds the key to the immortality of Ramses and Cleopatra, and the secrets of the vast expanse of the universe.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1101970324
Publisher: Anchor
The Reign of Osiris

A pharaoh made immortal by a mysterious and powerful elixir, Ramses the Great became counselor and lover to some of Egypt's greatest and most powerful rulers before he was awakened from centuries of slumber to the mystifying and dazzling world of Edwardian England.

Having vanquished foes both human and supernatural, he's found love with the beautiful heiress Julie Stratford, daughter of Lawrence Stratford, the slain archeologist who discovered his tomb. Now, with the outbreak of a world war looming, Ramses and those immortals brought forth from the mists of history by his resurrection will face their greatest test yet. 

Russian assassins bearing weapons of immense power have assembled under one command: all those who loved Lawrence Stratford must die. From the glowing jewels at their necks comes an incredible supernatural force: the power to bring statues to life. As Ramses and his allies, including the immortal queens Cleopatra and Bektaten, gather together to battle these threats, Ramses reveals that the great weapon may have roots in an ancient Egyptian ritual designed to render pharaohs humble before Osiris, the god of the underworld.

The resulting journey will take them across storm-tossed seas and into the forests of northern Russia, where they will confront a terrifying collision of tortured political ambitions and religious fervor held in thrall to a Godlike power. But the true answers they seek will lie beyond the border between life and death, within realms that defy the imagination of even an immortal such as Ramses the Great.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1101970331
Publisher: Anchor

Songs of the Seraphim

Angel Time

This story begins in the present day. Toby O’Dare, otherwise known as Lucky the Fox, is a hired assassin on another assignment. He has no soul and is basically a dead man walking.

His life of solitary assignments and dangerous mission is however interrupted by a seraph who gives him a chance to save rather than destroy lives.

O’Dare, who long ago dreamt of being a priest, grabs the opportunity with open arms and is taken back through the ages to England in the thirteenth-century.

Finding himself at a place where children mysteriously die or disappear, and claims of ritual murder are being made against Jews, O’Dare launches his mission for salvation.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-0307745392
Publisher: Anchor
Of Love and Evil

Toby O'Dare, a former hit-man, is summoned by angel Malchiah to carry out findings on the poisoning of a well known nobleman, and bring an end to the haunting of a diabolical dybbuk. This is despite the fact that he hasn’t fully recovered from his last divine mission.

The two journey back to Italy in the fifteenth-century; to the times of Michelangelo, the Holy Inquisition, and Pope Leo X.

Masquerading as a lute player sent to appease this troublesome spirit, Toby will soon learn that despite all the plots and counterplots, he is still cornered by the veil of ecclesiastical terror closeing in around him.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1400078967
Publisher: Anchor

The Vampire Chronicles

Interview With The Vampire

This is the story of Louis who narrates his journey through the mortal and immortal life, and how he was lured to become a vampire by the lustrous and evil Lestat.

Based in the streets of New Orleans, Louis comes across a lost young child by the name Claudia, but ends up turning her into a vampire not because he wanted to hurt but to help her.

The two go on to form a formidable alliance; with their mutual resentment towards Lestat driving them halfway across the globe to look for others of their kind.

Arriving at Paris, they settle at the Theatre des Vampires; a place where they meet Armand who welcomes them into a whole community of vampires.

Louis and Claudia will however learn that finding others of their kind presents more danger than they could ever envisage.

Interview with the Vampire
Director: Neil Jordan
Cast: Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Stephen Rea, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater, Kirsten Dunst
Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1976
ISBN: 978-0345409645
Publisher: Ballantine Books
The Vampire Lestat

This second installation of The Vampire Chronicles follows Lestat as he searches for his origins and seeks to solve the riddle behind what exactly happened to him.

The book reveals a kind-hearted personality with his own fusion of morality, romanticism, and courage, in stark contrast to the harsh and evil Lestat introduced in Interview With The Vampire.

Asleep for a mind-blowing fifty-five years, he awakens to find himself in the modern world.

Lestat nevertheless goes on to become a successful rock star musician commanding millions of followers; a move that triggers him to reveal his true identity with the hope that other immortals in the world will join his course of seeking to solve the mystery behind who they are, and where they came from.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1985
ISBN: 978-0345419644
Publisher: Ballantine Books
The Queen of the Damned

This third installation of The Vampire Chronicles follows three completely different storylines.

Lestat, a rock star vampire, makes his final preparations for a concert in San Francisco; squeakily unaware of the hundreds of vampires mingling among the fans—determined to destroy him for risking to expose them.

A group of men and women around the world, both vampires and mortals, is muddled by a strange dream of red-haired twins who suffer a horrifying tragedy.

Searching for answers, Lestat ends up awakening Akasha, Queen of the Damed and mother of all vampires, from her 6,000 year sleep while on cavern, way beneath a Greek Island.

Queen of the Damned
Director: Michael Rymer
Cast: Aaliyah, Stuart Townsend, Marguerite Moreau, Paul McGann, Vincent Pérez, Claudia Black, Lena Olin
Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1988
ISBN: 978-0345419620
Publisher: Ballantine Books
The Tale of the Body Thief

Lestat returns as the main character in this fourth part of the series; albeit as a reckless and emotional figure searching for a serial killer in Southern Florida.

A new twist is however added to the tale with the introduction of Raglan James; a vampire hunter and Lestat’s sworn enemy.

Swayed by James to temporarily switch bodies with a young mortal, against the advice of Louis, Lestat quickly falls for it only to learn that he hates everything about being a mortal.

But James has already vanished with his mighty vampire body, and Louis is unwilling to help him become a vampire again.

The book is primarily focused on the themes of body and soul and soul migration.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1992
Memnoch the Devil

Dora is the charming and captivating daughter of a drug baron.

She has fully captured Lestat so much that he simply can’t get her out of his visions; prompting him to launch a desperate search for her.

All the while, the Devil seemingly knows what his real identity  is, and as such wants something from him.

Caught between his life as a vampire and his feelings for Dora, Lestat gets acquainted with Memnoch who claims to be the Devil himself; offering him with opportunities beyond his wildest dreams.

It doesn’t take long before Lestat is forced to pick a side in a decision that will test the ultimate religious belief.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1995
ISBN: 978-0345389404
Publisher: Ballantine Books
The Vampire Armand

Through this sixth part of The Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice grippingly takes us through the story of Armand; the perpetually young boy with the face of a Botticelli angel.

Thought it, we will journey with Armand across the centuries, from his childhood in Kiev Rus during Mongol’s frightful era of dominion, to ancient Constantinople where he is sold into slavery by Tartar raiders.

At a lavish palazzo in the Venice of the Renaissance, Armand is held captive mentally and emotionally by Marius; a powerful vampire who masquerades amongst humans as an isolated painter.

It is there that Armand will be accorded with the gift of vampiric blood.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 1998

Louis is greatly tormented by guilt. As though his status as a killer hadn’t left him in enough state of strife in his immortal life, the murder of Claudia, the child vampire with whom he loved, sends him spinning into depression.

Desolate, he seeks the help of Merrick, a beautiful witch, with the hope of bringing Claudia back.

Merrick has to use black magic to establish a link with Claudia’s ghost, despite the dangers that come with it.

Her search nonetheless takes her to the very edge of destruction.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-0099548164
Publisher: Arrow Books
Blood and Gold

Marius, who was at one point a proud Senator in Imperial Rome, is abducted and forcefully made a protector of the Queen and King of the vampires in the dark realm of blood.

We, from his point of view, witness the fall of pagan Rome to the Emperor Constantine, the terrible sack of the Eternal City by the Visigoths, and the atrocious aftermath of the Black Death.

He eventually ends up happily residing in the midst of mortals as a painter after order is restored by the Renaissance; even giving his heart to the great master Botticelli, to Bianca the enchanting courtesan, and to the young, strange apprentice by the name Armand.

But in the present day, somewhere in the jungle, Marius will meet his fate whilst seeking justice from the oldest vampires in the world.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0099548157
Publisher: Arrow Books
Blackwood Farm

Quinn Blackwood is a smart young man who has been disturbed since birth by a strange doppelganger "Goblin"; a spirit from a dream world that can neither let him escape nor allow him to belong anywhere.

But when he becomes a vampire in a move that sees him lose everything he has ever owned, and unwillingly gain an unspeakable immortality, the doppelganger becomes stronger and more horrifying than Quinn himself.

Moving from his boyhood on Blackwood Farm to New Orleans in the present day, from ancient Athens to Naples in the 19th-century, Quinn will seek the help of renowned Vampire, Lestat, with the hope of setting himself free.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-0099446729
Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd
Blood Canticle

Back at Blackwood Farm, the characters create two worlds of vampires and witches.

Mona Mayfair comes to the farm to die and is brought into the world of the undead.

Julian Mayfair, her uncle and protector of the family, is on a mission to haunt Lestat for what he did to Mona.

Rowan Mayfair, a smart neurosurgeon and witch, finds herself attracted to the mighty Lestat.

Michael Curry, her husband, on the other hand wants Lestat to help curb his wife’s temporary madness.

Ash Templeton, a 5,000-year-old Taltos, has taken Mona’s child.

Patsy, the country-western singer, returns to exact retribution for her death; one that took place at the hands Quinn Blackwood…her son.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-0099548188
Publisher: Arrow Books
Prince Lestat

The vampire world is in crisis.

Vampires have been increasingly spinning out of control.

Fires are being lit all over the world, large massacres, eerily similar to those carried out by Akasha in The Queen of the Damned…Old vampires, awoken from their slumber in the earth, do the bidding of a Voice; one that demands that they erratically burn vampire-mavericks across cities, from the likes of Paris and Mumbai to Hong Kong, Kyoto, and San Francisco.

Through all this, there is a curiously missing hero; Prince Lestat!

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0345803658
Publisher: Anchor
Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis

Vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, a hero and inspirational leader, fights and eventually makes peace with a mysterious force from another world that strangely takes possession of Lestat's living body and soul.

This old and mystical power has all the strength, history, and guileful reach of the unknowable Universe.

Through this spirit, we come to learn of the hidden paradise located on a limitless continent, and why this power came to build and rule the magnificent empires than once blossomed in the Atlantic Ocean centuries ago.

We will come to learn of the immeasurable and extensive powers of this lost kingdom of Atalantaya.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0804173148
Publisher: Anchor
Blood Communion

Lestat takes us from his ancestral castle in the snow-covered mountains of France to the verdant wilds of lush Louisiana, with its lingering fragrances of magnolias and night jasmine; from the far reaches of the Pacific’s untouched islands to the 18th-century city of St. Petersburg and the court of the Empress Catherine.

He speaks of his fierce battle of wits and words with the mysterious Rhoshamandes, proud Child of the Millennia, reviled outcast for his senseless slaughter of the legendary ancient vampire Maharet, avowed enemy of Queen Akasha, who refuses to live in harmony at court and who threatens all Lestat has dreamt of...

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0525433927
Publisher: Anchor

The Wolf Gift Chronicles

The Wolf Gift

Reuben Golding, a young reporter on assignment, arrives at an isolated mansion high above the Pacific at the request of the female owner of the home.

She swiftly seduces him and they seem to be having a perfect night until the man is mysteriously ambushed and bitten by a beast lurking among the rural darkness.

This opens a new chapter of a horrifying albeit seductive transformation that will thrust Reuben into a new and mysterious world with so many unanswered questions.

Why, for instance, has he been given the wolf gift?

Is the gift for good or evil?

Is he the only one or are there many of his kind out there?

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0307742100
Publisher: Anchor
The Wolves of Midwinter

It’s winter and the Nideck Point community is planning for its annual celebration of music and pageantry.

Reuben Golding, who now has the Wolf Gift, is however preparing to commemorate an ancient Midwinter festival along with his fellow Morphenkinder—a secret meeting that normally assembles deep within the vegetation rich areas of the surrounding forests.

But when he is harassed by a ghost, Reuben becomes anguished and unable to speak as the ghost haunts the corridors of the magnificent mansion.

Nideck’s preparations nevertheless reach a boiling point. It’s time they reveal their fair share of dark mystical powers.

Author: Anne Rice
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0345805546
Publisher: Anchor