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Patrick Robinson is a British International bestselling author of mystery, suspense, thriller, and non-fiction novels.

Born in Kent, England, Robinson spent a huge part of his younger years as a journalist, where he wrote daily newspaper columns.

He however left the job in a bid to pursue his dreams of becoming an author; ultimately earning international fame as a novelist.

Renowned widely for his non-fiction titles, Robinson wrote the book Lone Survivor (2007), which he co-authored with Marcus Luttrell. The novel was later adapted into a film by the same name starring Mark Wahlberg.

An author whose works have appeared severally on the New York Times bestsellers list, Robinson currently spares his time between Ireland and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

More about Patrick Robinson

Genres: Mystery, Non-fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Born: 1940

United Kingdom

Non Series

  • Slider (2002)

Arnold Morgan

  1. Nimitz Class (1997)
  2. Kilo Class (1998)
  3. H.M.S. Unseen (1999)
  4. Seawolf (2000)
  5. The Shark Mutiny (2001)
  6. Barracuda 945 (2003)
  7. Scimitar SL-2 (2004)
  8. Hunter Killer (2005)
  9. Ghost Force (2006)
  10. To the Death (2008)

Mack Bedford

  1. Diamondhead (2009)
  2. Intercept (2010)
  3. The Delta Solution (2011)
  4. Power Play (2012)


  1. Born to Win: A Lifelong Struggle to Capture the America's Cup (1985)
  2. True Blue: The Oxford Boat Race mutiny (1989)
  3. One Hundred Days: The Memoirs of the Falklands Battle Group Commander (Bluejacket Books) (1992)
  4. Horsetrader: Robert Sangster and the Rise and Fall of the Sport of Kings (1993)
  5. Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 (2007)
  6. A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers (2009)
  7. TOPGUN on Wall Street: Why the United States Military Should Run Corporate America (2012)
  8. Honor and Betrayal: The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs Who Captured the "Butcher of Fallujah" -- and the Shameful Ordeal They Later Endured (2013)
  9. The Lion of Sabray: The Afghan Warrior Who Defied the Taliban and Saved the Life of Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell (2015)
Non Series

Detailed book overview

Non Series


Each summer, on the fields of glorious Cape Marlin, off the New England coast, the nation's best college players gather to play the most important baseball of their lives.

Jack Faber is a young hotshot pitcher with an unhittable slider and a rocket for a fastball. He plays for the fabled Seapuit Seawolves and dreams of making the Big Show. But a new coach, the scowling Bruno Riazzi, a former pro catcher, resents the kid's celebrity status and decides to knock him down a peg or two. And he stops at nothing to make it happen.

Humiliated, Jack loses his lifelong art, and with it his passion for the game, as well as, mysteriously, his ability to throw. A devastated Jack Faber is released from the St. Charles College roster. But the Seawolves coaches won't give up on him. They bring Jack back to Cape Marlin, determined to help him rediscover his lost talent. He finds himself again under the summer sun, coaches and old friends standing by him. But in the end it will be up to Jack.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-0060580339
Publisher: It Books

Arnold Morgan

Nimitz Class

It's as big as the Empire State Building, a massive floating fortress at the throbbing heart of a U.S. Navy Carrier Battle Group. Its supersonic aircraft can level entire cities at a stroke. Its surveillance gear can track every target within thousands of square miles--in the air, on the surface, and under the sea. Its crew of six thousand works night and day to keep this awesome military machine at peak performance. It's a Nimitz-Class nuclear carrier, the most powerful weapons system on the planet. Nothing can touch it.

So when the first stunned messages say only that the Thomas Jefferson has disappeared, the Navy reacts with disbelief. But as her battered escorts report in, the truth becomes inescapable: a Nimitz-Class carrier has been claimed by nuclear catastrophe--the mightiest military unit on earth, vaporized without warning by an accidental detonation of unimaginable power. No other explanation is possible.

But as Navy maverick Bill Baldridge begins to investigate the disaster that claimed his idolized brother's life, another chilling alternative begins to emerge from the high-tech web of fleeting sonar contacts and elusive radar blips. It points to a rogue submarine commanded by a world-class undersea warrior with the steely nerve and cunning of a master spy. Suddenly it's up to Bill Baldridge to track down this shadowy nuclear terrorist, who has already turned America's ultimate weapon into the biggest sitting duck in history--and who still has another nuclear-tipped torpedo in his tubes. He's already proved he has the icy ruthlessness to incinerate six thousand sailors without a qualm. What will he do for an encore?

In these pages the modern military springs to life, form the Pentagon's tense conferences to the screaming flight deck of a giant carrier to the silent conning tower of an attack sub on full alert. But as Bill Baldridge races against time to pursue the nation's most deadly enemy, we are forced to ask ourselves serious real-life questions: Have defense budget cuts jeopardized our national security? Are we prepared to defend ourselves against naval terrorist? How safe are we?

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-0099225621
Publisher: Arrow
Kilo Class

It's one of the stealthiest, most dangerous underwater warships ever built—and it's about to set off World War III.

Silent at less than five knots and capable of a massive nuclear warhead punch, it's the 240-foot Russian Kilo Class submarine. Strapped for hard cash, the Russians have produced ten new Kilos for Beijing. The Chinese have already received three of the subs and now the last seven are ready to be delivered—a code-red situation the Pentagon must avert. Armed with a full strike force of Kilos, China can cripple American interests, shatter the balance of power, and successfully achieve the unthinkable in the Pacific Rim. But not if the newly appointed National Security Adviser, wily Texas admiral Arnold Morgan, can stop them—using the navy's deadliest covert forces.

In a breathtaking race against time, a team of Navy SEALs penetrates deep inside the remote waters of northern Russia on a daring mission of destruction. And in the icy darkness of the North Atlantic, a brave U.S. captain takes his 7,000-ton nuclear vessel on a hair-raising trip beneath the polar ice cap to head off a powerful Russian cordon determined to transport the Kilos at any cost. Horns locked in a tense game of geomilitary survival, each of the world' three most powerful nations knows that one mistake will mean all-out war.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-0099269045
Publisher: Arrow Books
H.M.S. Unseen

The H.M.S. Unseen is one of the most efficient, lethal submarines ever built. But suddenly, on a training mission off the English coast, it vanishes, baffling military intelligence on both sides of the Atlantic, including National Security Adviser Admiral Arnold Morgan. A missing weapon is dangerous enough. But then the unthinkable begins to happen... Planes begin blowing up across the skies.

Searching for answers, Morgan is convinced that only one man can be behind all these devastating events: his archenemy, the world's most cunning—yet reportedly dead—terrorist spy. Determined to stop his old nemesis, Morgan must use all his wits to find a madman armed with a powerful sub hidden somewhere in a million square miles of ocean. 

Morgan doesn't know, however, is that the fanatical terrorist has a plan of his own, one that will bring these two intense warriors face-to-face—and only one will come out alive in one of the most chilling spy stories of the year.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 1999
ISBN: 978-0099269052
Publisher: Arrow Books

Armed with stolen U.S. military technology, the Chinese are producing a frightening new breed of weaponry, led by the ICBM submarine Xia III--a vessel that just might be able to launch a nuclear warhead across the Pacific Ocean and take out an American West Coast city.

National Security Adviser Admiral Arnold Morgan can't let that happen, and he dispatches the most stealthy hunter-killer submarine in the U.S. fleet, the 9,000-ton ultrasecret Seawolf, deep into the dark, forbidden waters of the South China Sea. But then the unthinkable happens: Seawolf, collides with a Chinese destroyer and falls into enemy hands. 

A team of cunning Navy SEALs--the biggest Special Forces assault group assembled since Vietnam--is sent in to free the captive Seawolf, crew and bring them home. The American Eagle confronts the Chinese Dragon with the balance of world power on the line. Failure is not an option...

NB: This book is also known as U.S.S. Seawolf.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-0099405269
Publisher: Arrow Books
The Shark Mutiny

An oil tanker mysteriously explodes in the Persian Gulf. Then a second . . . and a third. To the President's National Security Adviser Admiral Arnold Morgan it is more than a tragic coincidence—it is a brazen act of aggression that must not stand. 

In partnership with Iran, the Chinese navy has mined the Strait of Hormuz, intending to hold the world's oil supply hostage. Now eighty percent of America's active sea power is being mobilized—including U.S.S. Shark, an aging nuclear submarine on its final tour of duty—to dismantle a deadly alliance between two powerful enemies. 

But something goes terribly wrong during a bold retaliatory SEAL assault on China's Indian Ocean power plants—a disaster that spawns death, disbelief, rage . . . and rebellion. And with a volatile world on the brink of catastrophic conflict, the commanders of a nuclear boat in the twilight of glory must confront a nightmare as devastating as it is unthinkable: mutiny!

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0099405276
Publisher: Arrow Books
Barracuda 945

The enemy from within...

Iranian-born British Commando Major Ray Kerman was a rising star in the SAS -- until he abruptly switched loyalties while on a mission in the Middle East. 

Fanatically determined to employ his brilliant talents and training in the destruction of those he once swore to protect, he is now General Ravi Rashood, leader of the world's most vicious terrorist organization -- and he has found his ultimate weapon: Barracuda 945. A sleek and silent Russian hunter-killer nuclear submarine that can fire land-attack guided missiles from below the ocean's surface, it is invisible to all pursuers and virtually impossible to track. 

Yet Admiral Arnold Morgan, the President's National Security Adviser, must somehow marshal America's forces and hunt down this 8,000-ton nightmare of modern warfare before it unleashes its fire and death . . . or the first target to fall will be California.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-1784758219
Publisher: Arrow Books
Scimitar SL-2

Amid the Canary Islands lies the massive crater of the volcano Cumbre Vieja. Scientists theorize that one day the volcano will erupt, triggering a series of events that will lead to a tsunami higher than any in recorded history. This mega-tsunami, with waves of more than 150 feet in height, would ravage Europe, Africa, and ultimately the East Coast of the United States, causing immeasurable loss of life and destruction . . .

After Professor Paul Landon, the world's most prominent geophysicist, is found with a bullet in his head, it is discovered that Ravi Rashood—America's nemesis and the former SAS officer who is now the head of Hamas—has hatched a diabolical plot against the West: to fire a nuclear-tipped guided cruise missile—Scimitar SL-2, named for the curved sword of the Muslim warrior Saladin—into Cumbre Vieja.

United States Admiral Arnold Morgan, the retired National Security Adviser, and the Pentagon know it's not a joke when Rashood, accompanied once again by his wife, the Palestinian Shakira, explodes Mount St. Helens. Morgan knows something even more horrific is to come.

But stopping them won't be easy.

Rashood and his Hamas crew are deep in the ocean, in an undetectable sub, which he managed to procure from Russia via communist China. Perhaps worse, a new President, a weak-willed liberal in the White House, worries about taking a stand. As the terrorists' deadline approaches, the newly implemented and unseasoned National Security team must consider the unthinkable. They must assume the daunting task of organizing a mass relocation of major population centers along the East Coast to safer ground.

Morgan once again finds himself at the center of a desperate cat-and-mouse chase, battling his greatest enemy yet as he races against time to locate the silent underwater marauder and stop Rashood before the unimaginable happens.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-0099439868
Publisher: Arrow
Hunter Killer

Stunned and outraged by the extravagant lifestyles of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, the Crown Prince and heir to the throne recruits France to help him overthrow the Saudi ruler. 

With the aid of French hunter killer submarines the Prince plans to inflict heavy damage on the massive oil installations and loading docks on the shores of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, thus destroying the Saudi oil industry and bankrupting the monarch. 

While the French Special Forces engage in a daredevil operation above and below water, the mysterious Major Jacques Gamoudi marshals yet more ex-French Foreign Legion fighters to take the Southern military base on the Yemen border, then the capital city of Riyadh. Quickly, Admiral Arnold Morgan is asked to take charge of the counter-operation from the White House. 

In a desperate battle for the desert kingdom, Gamoudi is joined by Morgan's old nemesis, Hamas' General Ravi Rashood. The French intend to assassinate Major Gamoudi, but with the world's oil markets in chaos, the US has one aim - to take him alive and force a confession for what the French have done.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0099474340
Publisher: Arrow Books
Ghost Force

The year is 2011.

An oil-hungry world is starving . . .

. . . and Argentina, with Russia's help, is determined to brutally wrest the petroleum-rich Falkland Islands from British hands. Enraged over this brazen act of international piracy, Great Britain dispatches a battle fleet to the islands for the second time in thirty years—unaware that Viper K-157, a lethal Russian Akula-class submarine, lies in wait, stuffed to the gunwales with ship-killingtorpedoes.

America cannot sit idle as hell explodes in the South Atlantic and, under the stern eye of Admiral Arnold Morgan, the military's most powerful weapon is unleashed to hammer Argentina into submission: the U.S. Navy SEALs. The outcome of the unforeseen war that's igniting in America's backyard ultimately depends upon her awesome "ghost force” and their successful execution of two remarkable clandestine missions—while the consequences of failure may be too terrible to consider.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2006
Ebook: B000JMKOFU
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books
To the Death

The hunt begins when a bomb explodes in Boston's Logan Airport, and Admiral Arnold Morgan, the most trusted advisor to President Bedford, must move quickly to break the terrorist cell responsible for the bloodshed. 

As Morgan ships the Islamic fanatics to Guantanamo Bay for containment, the Hamas high command hatches a vicious plan to assassinate him once he exits the United States. Leading this attack is chief Hamas assassin General Ravi Rashood. Meanwhile, President Bedford, in a desperate attempt to protect the Admiral at all costs, summons the most advanced and dangerous Navy SEAL team the United States has to offer.

And so begins the exhilarating chase that goes beyond the borders of the United States, taking the reader on a terrifying journey through southern Ireland, London, and Scotland. This near-future masterwork is a story of mayhem, intrigue, and wanton murder.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-1593155179
Publisher: Vanguard Press

Mack Bedford


In order to save a life, he must take one...

Navy SEAL Mack Bedford is expelled from the military after recklessly avenging the death of fellow soldiers, killed by insurgents wielding a deadly Diamondhead anti-tank missile.

Then he learns the weapons were sold illegally by the infamous terrorist abetter, Henri Foche. Meanwhile, Mack has a gravely ill son whose life can only be saved by an expensive and experimental medical procedure.

When Mack is asked to assassinate Foche, his hand is forced... His reward: a chance of survival, not just for his son, but for his country.

But before Mack can reach his target, a jilted mercenary group intervenes. Can he succeed – and survive?

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1788635851
Publisher: Canelo

A deadly foe rears its head...

An appeal court judge frees four of the world's most dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo Bay. The CIA tracks them back to Pakistan's North-West Frontier, but then the men vanish.

Fortunately, a communication from the Afghan side of the border is intercepted by Britain's secret surveillance station in Cyprus. Al-Qaeda is plotting a devastating attack. The CIA panics, its greatest fears realized.

Retired Navy SEAL Mack Bedford is called in to assist one of the most highly classified missions ever launched from CIA headquarters, with the stakes higher than ever before...

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1788635868
Publisher: Canelo
The Delta Solution

A daring mission deep into enemy waters...

Operating out of the Indian Ocean, a heavily armed and professional team of Somali pirates, known as the ‘Somali Marines’, have been capturing large cargo ships in order to ransom them for huge sums of money, enraging the Pentagon.

Tensions reach boiling point after they seize two United States ships, and demand 15 million dollars. Against all advice, the ship owners pay up, causing the US military to form an elite hit squad, charged with eliminating the pirates’ operation.

Battle-hardened veteran Mack Bedford is deployed to SEAL Team 10 to form The Delta Platoon. His objective: to go the Indian Ocean and obliterate the Somali Marines once and for all.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1593156473
Publisher: Vanguard Press
Power Play

It is the year 2018—a highly volatile nuclear world. Israel has obliterated the deep underground nuclear weapons facility built by Iran. The United States has destroyed the nuclear facility of a defiant North Korea.

Against this background, the Russians have upped the stakes in the latest world power-play—cyber warfare—to reduce the United States to helplessness: a three-strike missile attack on the National Security Agency at Fort Mead, Maryland, while simultaneously jamming the top-secret electronic access key to America’s nuclear launch system—the nuclear football. If successful, Russia would blow the United States off the nuclear map.

Meanwhile the British Royal Navy, formerly the most powerful in the world, is rapidly crumbling, leaving the United States without its main deep sea ally at a time when they’re needed most.

As this geo-political battle comes to light behind close doors dealings and dark secrets, it is up to Mossad spymaster, codenamed the ‘Golan,’ to avert the Russian scheme, and there is only one man he in turn can trust to get the job done: US Navy Seal Mack Bedford.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0274799572
Publisher: Vanguard Press


Born to Win: A Lifelong Struggle to Capture the America's Cup

The author, helmsman for the Australia II, recounts the 1983 America's Cup yachting match, and discusses the controversies and strategies of the race

NB: Co-authored with John Bertrand.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 1985
ISBN: 978-0553172492
Publisher: Bantam USA
True Blue: The Oxford Boat Race mutiny

In the winter of 1986/7 a group of American students came to Oxford University intent on putting some steel into a boat race crew still reeling from their humiliating defeat at the hands of Cambridge. But what began as a disagreement over training methods between the elected President of the University Boat Club and a fiery-tempered rower from California was to escalate into a bitter confrontation that made headline news worldwide.

NB: Co-authored with Daniel Topolski.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 1989
ISBN: 978-0553400038
Publisher: Bantam
One Hundred Days: The Memoirs of the Falklands Battle Group Commander (Bluejacket Books)

Written by the man who masterminded the British victory in the Falklands, this engrossing memoir chronicles events in the spring of 1982 following Argentina's takeover of the South Atlantic islands. 

Adm. Sandy Woodward, a brilliant military tactician, presents a complete picture of the British side of the battle. From the defeat of the Argentine air forces to the sinking of the Belgrano and the daring amphibious landing at Carlos Water, his inside story offers a revealing account of the Royal Navy's successes and failures.

At times reflective and personal, Woodward imparts his perceptions, fears, and reactions to seemingly disastrous events. He also reveals the steely logic he was famous for as he explains naval strategy and planning. His eyewitness accounts of the sinking of HMS Sheffield and the Battle of Bomb Alley are memorable.

Many Britons considered Woodward the cleverest man in the navy. French newspapers called him "Nelson." Margaret Thatcher said he was precisely the right man to fight the world's first computer war. Without question, the admiral's memoir makes a significant addition to the official record. 

At the same time it provides readers with a vivid portrayal of the world of modern naval warfare, where equipment is of astonishing sophistication but the margins for human courage and error are as wide as in the days of Nelson.

NB: Co-authored with Sandy Woodward.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 1992
ISBN: 978-1557506528
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
Horsetrader: Robert Sangster and the Rise and Fall of the Sport of Kings

With individual thoroughbred racehorses costing millions of pounds each, the explosion in the bloodstock industry in the 1980s was the ultimate gamble of the decade - symbol of the business euphoria of the times. 

Tracing the events of how Sangster and his elite Irish racing experts took the world's most prestigious bloodstock auction, the Keeneland Sales in Kentucky, by storm and written with the co-operation of Sangster himself, this book is the inside track on a breathtaking bid to corner the thoroughbred market. The shock waves from the spectacular crash that followed are still reverberating throughout the world of the sport of kings

NB: Co-authored with Nick Robinson.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 1993
ISBN: 978-0006381051
Publisher: Harper Collins
Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10

On a clear night in late June 2005, four U.S. Navy SEALs left their base in northern Afghanistan for the mountainous Pakistani border. Their mission was to capture or kill a notorious al Qaeda leader known to be ensconced in a Taliban stronghold surrounded by a small but heavily armed force. Less then twenty-four hours later, only one of those Navy SEALs remained alive.

This is the story of fire team leader Marcus Luttrell, the sole survivor of Operation Redwing, and the desperate battle in the mountains that led, ultimately, to the largest loss of life in Navy SEAL history. But it is also, more than anything, the story of his teammates, who fought ferociously beside him until he was the last one left-blasted unconscious by a rocket grenade, blown over a cliff, but still armed and still breathing. 

Over the next four days, badly injured and presumed dead, Luttrell fought off six al Qaeda assassins who were sent to finish him, then crawled for seven miles through the mountains before he was taken in by a Pashtun tribe, who risked everything to protect him from the encircling Taliban killers.

A six-foot-five-inch Texan, Leading Petty Officer Luttrell takes us, blow by blow, through the brutal training of America's warrior elite and the relentless rites of passage required by the Navy SEALs. He transports us to a monstrous battle fought in the desolate peaks of Afghanistan, where the beleaguered American team plummeted headlong a thousand feet down a mountain as they fought back through flying shale and rocks.

In this rich, moving chronicle of courage, honor, and patriotism, Marcus Luttrell delivers one of the most powerful narratives ever written about modern warfare -- and a tribute to his teammates, who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

NB: Co-authored with Marcus Luttrell.

Lone Survivor
Director: Peter Berg
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Eric Bana
Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-0316067607
Publisher: Back Bay Books
A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers

One of the biggest questions of the financial crisis has not been answered until now: What happened at Lehman Brothers and why was it allowed to fail, with aftershocks that rocked the global economy? In this news-making, often astonishing book, a former Lehman Brothers Vice President gives us the straight answers—right from the belly of the beast.

In A Colossal Failure of Common Sense, Larry McDonald, a Wall Street insider, reveals, the culture and unspoken rules of the game like no book has ever done. The book is couched in the very human story of Larry McDonald’s Horatio Alger-like rise from a Massachusetts “gateway to nowhere” housing project to the New York headquarters of Lehman Brothers, home of one of the world’s toughest trading floors.

We get a close-up view of the participants in the Lehman collapse, especially those who saw it coming with a helpless, angry certainty. We meet the Brahmins at the top, whose reckless, pedal-to-the-floor addiction to growth finally demolished the nation’ s oldest investment bank. 

The Wall Street we encounter here is a ruthless place, where brilliance, arrogance, ambition, greed, capacity for relentless toil, and other human traits combine in a potent mix that sometimes fuels prosperity but occasionally destroys it. 

The full significance of the dissolution of Lehman Brothers remains to be measured. But this much is certain: it was a devastating blow to America’s—and the world’s—financial system. And it need not have happened. This is the story of why it did.

NB: Co-authored with Lawrence G. McDonald.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-0307588340
Publisher: Currency
TOPGUN on Wall Street: Why the United States Military Should Run Corporate America

TOPGUN on Wall Street chronicles one man's extraordinary journey from the cornfields of Ohio, to the cockpit of an F-14, to the boardrooms on Wall Street. Lt. Cdr. Jeffery Lay and #1 New York Times bestselling author Patrick Robinson bring a ground-breaking voice to the business landscape with a revolutionary answer for stabilizing corporate America: business--the military way.

As a TOPGUN fighter pilot, Lt. Cdr. Lay perfected a tried-and-true military technique: PLAN--BRIEF--EXECUTE--DEBRIEF. However, when he entered Wall Street, he noticed the business world was less efficient, awash with excuses for failure, and a lack of accountability.

These deeply-rooted flaws will doom corporate America unless we put admirals in charge and adopt the military's tight chain of command.

This game-changing thesis is interwoven with Lt. Cdr. Lay's dramatic story, including his high-intensity fighter-bomber landings, never-before-written details of the TOPGUN weapons school, and his battle with cancer.

TOPGUN on Wall Street is destined to show the business world that excellence is a choice and perfection is attainable.

NB: Co-authored with Jeffery Lay.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0306822513
Publisher: Vanguard Press
Honor and Betrayal: The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs Who Captured the "Butcher of Fallujah" -- and the Shameful Ordeal They Later Endured

On a daring nighttime raid in September 2009, a team of Navy SEALs grabbed the notorious terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed, the villainous "Butcher of Fallujah," the mastermind behind the 2004 murder and mutilation off our American contractors. 

In this no-holds-barred account, bestselling author Patrick Robinson reveals for the first time the entire story, from the night the SEALs stormed the al-Qaeda desert stronghold to the accusations and legal twists and turns that followed to the cut-and-thrust drama in the court room where the fate of three American heroes hung in the balance.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0306823527
Publisher: Da Capo Press
The Lion of Sabray: The Afghan Warrior Who Defied the Taliban and Saved the Life of Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell

Bestselling author Patrick Robinson helped Marcus Luttrell bring his harrowing story of survival to the page and the big screen with Lone Survivor. But the Afghani man who saved his life was always shrouded in mystery. 

Now, with The Lion of Sabray, Robinson reveals the amazing backstory of Mohammed Gulab—the brave man who forever changed the course of life for his Afghani family, his village, and himself when he discovered Luttrell badly injured and barely conscious on a mountainside in the Hindu Kush just hours after the firefight that killed the rest of Luttrell’s team.

Operating under the 2,000-year-old principles of Pashtunwali—the tribal honor code that guided his life—Gulab refused to turn Luttrell over to the Taliban forces that were hunting him, believing it was his obligation to protect and care for the American soldier. Because Gulab was a celebrated Mujahedeen field commander and machine-gunner who beat back the Soviets as a teenager, the Taliban were wary enough that they didn’t simply storm the village and take Luttrell, which gave Gulab time to orchestrate his rescue.

In addition to Gulab’s brave story, The Lion of Sabray cinematically reveals previously unknown details of Luttrell’s rescue by American forces—which were only recently declassified—and sheds light on the ramifications for Gulab, his family, and his community. Going beyond both the book and the movie versions of Lone Survivor, The Lion of Sabray is a must-read for anyone who wants to know more about the brave man who helped the Lone Survivor make it home.

Author: Patrick Robinson
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1501117992
Publisher: Atria Books