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Cecy Robson is an International and multi-award-winning author of fantasy, young adult and contemporary romance novels.

A certified nurse of eighteen years, Cecy loves spending her free time creating mystical worlds, thrilling romance and young adult adventures.

Being the passionate storyteller that she is, Cecy still laughs and cries at the characters that she pens down for her next exciting story.

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Genres: Contemporary , Fantasy / SF, Romance, Young Adult


Weird Girls Series

  1. The Weird Girls (2012)
  2. A Curse Awakened (2014)
  3. Sealed With a Curse (2012)
  4. A Cursed Embrace (2013)
  5. A Cursed Moon (2013)
  6. Cursed by Destiny (2014)
  7. A Cursed Bloodline (2014)
  8. A Curse Unbroken (2015)
  9. Of Flame and Promise (2016)
  10. Of Flame and Light (2016)
  11. Of Flame and Fate (2017)
  12. Of Flame and Fury (2020)

Carolina Beach Series

  1. Inseverable (2016)
  2. Eternal (2017)
  3. Infinite (2018)

Death Seeker Series

  1. Unearthed (2019)

In Too Far Series

  1. Salvatore (2019)

O’Brien Family Series

  1. Once Kissed (2015)
  2. Let Me (2016)
  3. Crave Me (2017)
  4. Feel Me (2017)
  5. Save Me (2018)

Shattered Past Series

  1. Once Perfect (2014)
  2. Once Pure (2015)
  3. Once Loved (2015)
Death Seeker Series
In Too Far Series

Detailed book overview

Weird Girls Series

The Weird Girls

Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other girls in their twenties. The only difference is that they are in reality nothing like other races on earth, being that they are products of a backfired curse that gave them supernatural powers.

Having had enough of the human society, they set up residence amongst vampires, werebeasts, and witches of the Lake Tahoe region where the girls hope will be a real home for them.

When they however unintentionally strip a witch of her powers during a tussle at a bar, the girls find themselves caught up in a battle where winning is the only option.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1947330177
Publisher: Cecy Robson
A Curse Awakened

Celia Wird is capable of transforming herself into a tigress, while her three sisters can not only burst into flames, but also heal wounds and turn ordinary objects into lethal weapons.

The sisters were cursed way before they were born, only for the curse to backfire and equip them with supernatural powers.

As wild as their abilities are, the girls need to control things before it’s too late.

When vampires target Danny, Celia’s adorable ex-boyfriend who so happens to be human, the sisters rush to assist.

Doing so however involves facing their shadowy past and breaking the curse that is interfering with their abilities, the same curse that should never be broken.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1947330139
Publisher: Cecy Robson
Sealed With a Curse

Just when the Wird sisters endeavor to avoid local vampires, werebeasts, and witches of the Lake Tahoe region, one of them ends up killing a vampire in self-defense.

Vampires however aren’t hostile, and the punishment of killing one is death.

When more vampires are however attacked, everyone can’t help but question whether the vampires of Tahoe are cursed with a plague.

Caught between the handsome leader of a vampire family and the leader of a werewolf pack, Celia has to come up with a way of not only pleasing everyone, but also protecting her own heart.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2012
Ebook: B008EXK77G
Publisher: Berkley
A Cursed Embrace

Celia Wird and her sisters may have helped Misha, the leader of a vampire family, to rescue his kind, but it came at a price as their abilities have now been exposed to the supernatural community of the Lake Tahoe region. And soon enough, they begin feeling the effects of their newfound fame.

Even worse is that the werewolf pack is determined to shatter the relationship that Celia has for Alpha werewolf Aric, in order to preserve his pureblood status.

Weres are however being discovered dead, with evidence found incriminating the vampires.

Things further escalate when a dark force known as the Tribe seeks to destroy Celia and her sisters.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00F3MGBEO
Publisher: Signet Books
A Cursed Moon

Bren, the arrogant brash hound of a werewolf, hates the fact that he belongs to Aric's pack, perhaps just as much as he loathes finding a mate.

When he however disrespects Aric's command in front of the pack, Bren’s impulsive behavior not only lands him in the doghouse, but also opens up a painful topic that will undoubtedly piss off the Alpha wolf.

The good thing however is that nobody could ever be pissed with Bren for long, given his crazy charm.

And when terrifying ghosts instigate an aggressive paranormal takeover, Bren joins forces with Celia Wird to bring them down before they harm someone they both love.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1947330153
Publisher: Cecy Robson
Cursed by Destiny

Celia Wird is at a crossroads. She loves Aric, but he is a pureblood who must reject her love in order to protect the future of his werewolf species.

She’s also supposed to prevent a band of demon terrorists from toppling the paranormal world.

Determined to stop them, she must join forces with Misha, the handsome leader of a vampire family who has never hidden the fact that he wants her.

Worse for Celia is the fact that a clairvoyant’s prophecy threatens to ruin her future with Aric.

There is only one way of protecting the world from supernatural terrorism. And it involves binding herself to her intended mate who seemingly isn’t Aric.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2014
Publisher: Signet Books
A Cursed Bloodline

Cursed with supernatural abilities before they were born, Celia Wird and her three sisters have confronted the most vicious and extraordinary creatures in the Lake Tahoe region.

Celia’s heart has always belonged to Alpha werewolf Aric, and the two have had an amazing chemistry from their first encounter.

But Anara, a werewolf Elder whose abhorrence towards Celia explodes, tortures her before issuing an ultimatum for Celia to bring an end to her relationship with pureblood Aric—lest he destroy everyone and everything that is dear to her.

A truly unstoppable force, Anara won’t go down without destroying those Celia loves.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1947330245
Publisher: Cecy Robson
A Curse Unbroken

The preternatural world is changing.

Traumatized, Celia Wird’s sister struggles to recover from terrible horrors.

Aric and the werewolf Elders are on a desperate search for an unholy grail that grants limitless power.

They are however not the only ones after it, as a resilient coven of witches also want to possess the stone.

And soon enough, Misha—the leader of a vampire family—sends Celia to go after the stone.

Can she and the vamps prevent the weres and the witches from getting to the treasure first?

Wary of Celia’s safety, Aric pleads with her to abandon the hunt. What they however don’t know is that they are the ones being hunted, and Celia is much stronger than she seems.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1947330269
Publisher: Cecy Robson
Of Flame and Promise

When they were cursed by a spell, Taran Wird and her sisters should have been destroyed.

Instead, they find themselves gifted with supernatural abilities.

Given that she has immense power at her fingertips, there is not a lot that Taran fears, be it demons, vamps et cetera.

The one thing that however terrifies her is commitment, more so after her sister failed to get her happily ever after.

Will she ever gather the courage to meet the reserved parents of her were boyfriend?

And if she does, will Taran be able to win over their approval?

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1947330283
Publisher: Cecy Robson
Of Flame and Light

Taran Wird has the power of fire and lightning at her fingertips.

Although she is mated to Gemini, the only werewolf with the ability to split into two different wolves, her insecurities severs their relationship.

Tormented by a mysterious injury, she struggles to regain control of her magic.

When the zombie-like limb completely turns against her, she seeks help from the coven of witches—the same ones who wanted to exile the Wird sisters when they first moved to the Lake Tahoe Region.

The difficult teachings however leave Taran frail and distraught.

Nevertheless, she has to learn them fast, for there isn’t much time left.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0997194753
Publisher: Cecy Robson
Of Flame and Fate

Although Taran Wird can conjure the power of fire and lightning, none of the Wird sisters compares to the peculiar entity that is Destiny. And Taran is assigned to protect her.

The descendant of two witches, Destiny is respected among the supernatural elite for her gift of prophecy.

Her prediction now involves Celia, Taran’s sister, who will give birth to children who will be powerful enough to take on the darkness on the rise.

When Johnny Fate—a human rock star and a male version of Destiny—comes into the picture, the two peculiar entities clash.

Will Fate change the fate of Celia’s unborn children?

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1947330016
Publisher: Cecy Robson
Of Flame and Fury

Taran Wird had no intensions of attending the official gathering of the supernatural elite. She only did so to help unite the supreme beings with the hope of protecting her sister, Celia.

Celia is expecting alpha werewolf Aric’s son, the very one who was prophesized about.

Evil is however determined to ensure that the child will never be born, for he is the one that will destroy the darkness rising.

Taran, her werewolf lover, Gemini; Master Vampire Misha and his clan; and even the coven of witches all promise to protect Celia.

It was never meant to implode, but it did.

And as the deaths increase and allies become enemies, Taran vows to fight, if it's the last thing she does.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1947330337
Publisher: Cecy Robson

Carolina Beach Series


Desperate to escape his past, former army sniper Callahan moves to an inherited house in Kiawah Island, South Carolina where his life entangles with that of Trinity.

Funny and adorable, Trinity has always been overlooked by men who prefer her “hot” friends.

A guy finally fell in love with her, until she caught him in bed with one of her closest friends.

Desperate to move on, she joins the Peace Corps, but not until she goes back to Kiawah for one last summer.

There, she crosses paths with Callahan.

Neither of them expected to find love. Neither of them expected to become so inseparable.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0997194739
Publisher: Cecy Robson

After months of terrible luck and worse men, all that Luciana Diaz wants to do on New Year’s Eve is sneak under her covers and forget all about the dreadful year. That’s until her friends convince her to attend a party on the lavish shores of Kiawah Island.

The last thing she however expected was to wake up beside a stranger who so happens to be the new attorney at her firm.

Landon Summers vows to stay off relationships after an ugly divorce, until his sister, Trinity, forces him to attend a New Year’s Eve party, where he meets Luciana.

None of them had any plans of falling in love, but a New Year is all about new beginnings.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1947330030
Publisher: Cecy Robson

Hale Wilder worked hard to become an accomplished businessman.

Dubbed “the Anaconda of Wall Street”, he’ll turn your millions to be billions and make you retire before forty-five?

He was flying high until a scandal threatened to destroy his future.

A public relations goddess, Becca Shields thrives on turning scandals into superstardom.

So when she learns that Hale is in trouble, she comes to his rescue, given their history together.

Hale could never have imagined that he would have another chance at greatness or Becca.

And now that he has both, there’s no letting go without a fight.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1947330078
Publisher: Cecy Robson

Death Seeker Series


Olivia Finn is a pixie desperate to fit in among the humans in order to hide from the death hounds which razed her family.

A talisman protects her from her enemies, until Death catches up with her, only to realize that she is shielded from its claws.

With her power now discovered, Fae who consider Olivia their savior seek her, while dark forces stalk her—determined to destroy her.

As much as the King of the Dead has vowed to train and protect her, should Olivia trust him or rather follow her own intuition?

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1947330313
Publisher: Cecy Robson

In Too Far Series


Forced to raise his two younger brothers after his father killed his mother in an act of jealousy, Salvatore Romero became a parent way earlier than he could have imagined.

Desperate for money, he solicits help from Vincent Maggiano, an old friend and the heir to the biggest crime empire in New Jersey.

Sal neither planned to join the mob nor fall in love with Adrianna Daniels—his brother's reserved counselor.

Aedry isn't Sal’s type, while Sal similarly isn’t Aedry’s cup of tea.

Neither of them planned on joining a life of crime or falling in love.

Nevertheless, they have—and they’re already in too deep.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1947330214
Publisher: Cecy Robson

O’Brien Family Series

Once Kissed

Curran O’Brien is a hard as nails, fast rising cop in the Philadelphia police department.

When his rookie partner is nearly killed under his watch, Curran can’t wait to jump on the case.

Instead, he is assigned to the DA’s office where he meets the sexy intern he is meant to protect

Tess Newart certainly knows who Curran O’Brien is. How could she ever forget the steamy one-night stand they had back in college?

Being her only indiscretion, she completed law school and is now interning on a huge case against a vicious crime boss.

And when danger surfaces, Curran will have to prove just how tough he can be.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00TCI48WW
Publisher: Loveswept
Let Me

Finn O’Brien is a fast rising MMA star who is ruthless in the ring.
Beneath his fiery persona however lies years of trauma and agony.
When his fury lands him in trouble, Finn is forced to attend court-mandated therapy where he meets the stunning Sol Marieles.

Desperately working towards her master’s degree in psychology, Sol has a lot on her plate given her crucial internship and the terrifying family situation that needs her attention.
As much as she doesn't need a distraction like Finn, her attraction towards the ruggedly sexy fighter just grows stronger.
Alone, they’ve been struggling to find happiness, but together, there’s no stopping them.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0997194715
Publisher: Cecy Robson
Crave Me

Wren O’Brien isn’t the average girl. Raised as the only girl in a loud Irish family with seven siblings, she’s more of fast cars and bad boys.

Perhaps that explains why she has a shattered soul and a crazy ex.

Evan Jonah, who runs an empire, has just moved to Philadelphia from London.

So when he makes his way into the nearest dealership, the last thing he expects to find is a sexy female car rep with legs to die for.

When Wren is asked out, she neither expects to have an amazing time nor an intense night of passion.

Another thing she also never expected was to be completely swept off her feet.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0997194777
Publisher: Cecy Robson
Feel Me

Declan O’Brien has worked hard to become the Assistant District Attorney.

Despite having an impressive record of winning outwardly impossible cases, Declan is livid when he’s placed on a unit he simply doesn’t want. However, on the bright side, the move could aid towards his political aspirations.

Born with a hearing impairment to a neglectful mother, Melissa Fenske was adopted by a young attorney who is now Declan’s boss.

As the current Director of Victim Services, Melissa isn't impressed that Declan is placed in her unit, more so after their terrible first encounter.

Nevertheless, the two have a simmering attraction for each other, and none of them ever counted on meeting their match.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0997194791
Publisher: Cecy Robson
Save Me

Despite being the most handsome of the O’Briens, Seamus is almost clocking forty while still single.

Given his poor taste in women, all he wants is a perfect wedding date that will neither kiss the limo driver or rob the newlyweds.

Allie Mendes has always lived in the shadow of her perfect sister, until she sister steals the man Allie was meant to exchange vows with.

Desperate for a bright future, she crosses paths with Seamus O’Brien.

Given that Allie needs a temporary boyfriend to avoid looking lonely while Seamus needs a decent wedding date, the two strike a deal.

Neither however expected a chance at real love.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1947330054
Publisher: Cecy Robson

Shattered Past Series

Once Perfect

Evelyn Preston once had a privileged upbringing, until her rich father committed suicide after being caught in an embezzlement scandal. Lonely and struggling financially, she takes a waitressing job at a trendy nightclub.

It’s there that she is drawn to Mateo Tres Santos, the gigantic bouncer and underground MMA fighter.

A former military man who ended up incarcerated for assaulting the man who harmed his sister, Mateo feels the same protective instinct towards Evelyn.

As their chemistry intensifies, will the two be able to overcome their pasts together in order to secure their future?

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00JNQMLE0
Publisher: Loveswept
Once Pure

Sofia Tres Santos once lived a blissful life, until the day that her innocence was violently stolen, forcing her to punish herself with reckless behavior and undeserving men.

Now twenty years old, she hopes to make a fresh start, but not without the help of Killian O’Brien—her childhood friend and longtime crush.

Killian has always had a thing for Sofia.

So when she accepts to work at his mixed martial arts gym, Killian uses the chance to help and protect the one girl he has always cared for.

His attraction towards her however strengthens as he teaches her how to defend herself.

As much as Killian is unmatched in the ring, Sofia will show him that the real fight happens in the heart.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00P54ZO3Y
Publisher: Loveswept
Once Loved

Having been raised with an abusive drug addict father and a weakling mother who couldn’t do anything about it, Lety Tres Santos is more than relieved when she finally joins college—until her father destroys her hopes.

Forced to now find a way of paying for her tuition after losing her scholarship, she intends to do it all without the help of Brody Quaid.

A freshman, a 'Straight A' student and a lacrosse star, Brody is the campus golden boy who fell terribly hard for Lety.

As different as they are, it makes their attraction even more explosive.

Author: Cecy Robson
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00M60RM0S
Publisher: Loveswept