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Lilith Roman is a British author of romance novels.

Passionate about writing contemporary and paranormal romance tales that incorporate a touch of danger, fervent emotions, and somber undertones, Lilith’s works consistently culminate in a satisfying and heartwarming Happily Ever After.

Besides writing, Lilith also enjoys chocolate, steamy books, horror movies and curses far more than she should.

Her adoration for horror films persuaded her that every creature, including the one lurking beneath the bed, deserves a tale of love.

Lilith currently lives in the UK with her beloved husband and their fluffy bear-dog.

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Genres: Contemporary , Paranormal , Romance

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • My Kind of Monster (2021)


  1. Even in Death: A Romantic Horror Novella (2021)
  2. Blissful Perdition: A Lesbian Romance Short Story (2022)

Twisted Legends Collection

  1. Reckless Covenant (2022)
Twisted Legends Collection

Detailed book overview

Non Series

My Kind of Monster

I wanted to give in to the hunger…

Niklas Bergman stalked in the shadows of the silent woods, a depraved hunter… and I am his prey. I traded one captor that broke my body and soul, for one that threatens to break not only my heart, but the walls that contain the darkness that lives inside of me. He is a beautiful monster, everything I searched for before my capture, the only one that understands my secrets and I fear my heart and mind will not survive him.

I am a monster, I am a monster… I was a monster…

Suki Knoxx hides a legacy of blood and I will drown her in it myself if that’s what she needs to embrace it. I wanted to use her — no limits, consequences or remorse — but when I set my eyes on her, broken and abused, her enemy became mine. Now I can’t let her go, not until I break her open. Her darkness calls to mine, her demons dance on heathen songs sung by my own and sometimes… prey wants to be prey.

Souls break open. Limits are crossed. Secrets are unleashed. A monster is born.

Author: Lilith Roman
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1916888906
Publisher: Lilith Roman Books


Even in Death: A Romantic Horror Novella

Where do we stand when the abyss looks back at us?

Where do we live when life hides things from us?

How do we respond when the shadow speaks to us?

Death, death brought me back to my childhood home, my parents’ estate deep into the English countryside… and I’m now the owner of it all.

But this house comes with a secret, one that I am part of and one that I am unknowingly keeping. Yet this secret has a voice, a voice that comes from a shadow, a shadow that crawls over your skin, brushes over your lips, whispers in your ear and brings forth an unnatural depravity.

It knows me more than I know myself… it knows all the things I have forgotten. And when the shadow comes for me… I have no choice but to remember it all.

I want to remember it all.

What do we do when the abyss swallows us?

Author: Lilith Roman
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1916888999
Publisher: Lilith Roman Books
Blissful Perdition: A Lesbian Romance Short Story

They call us heretics. We call them corrupt.

Only it’s me who’s being corrupted now.

She’s an image of pure innocence, but I’ve always been able to see her soul… and it’s on fire. Only those flames are anything but holy, and they feel so good when they lick my skin. And hers tastes like every sin I’m not even supposed to know exists.

Our community is holy. We are raised as unyielding servants of God, and we must worship through prayer, purity, and pain. And I want Him in my soul, I want Him in my heart, I need his forgiveness and seek his salvation, because I fear her more than the prospect of punishment for my filthy sins.

Only God has been quiet, and Serafima’s heart is beating louder and louder for me.

My name is Vera Voight, and this is my journey to perdition.

Author: Lilith Roman
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1916888982
Publisher: Lilith Roman Books

Twisted Legends Collection

Reckless Covenant

He’s back.

For years I went out of my way to keep this man at a distance. I never expected to be the one to pull him back into my life.

But what choice do I have?

Only one road leads to salvation… a deal with the handsome, black-eyed devil—Vincent “The Serpent” Sinclair. One of the ruthless leaders of this underworld.

In another time, another life, I used to love him. Now, I just need him.

But will he break me all over again?

I want her back.

The sinful woman with hair like fire and a matching soul—Morrigan O’Rourke. After all these years, she’s still the only one who fits my darkness so very well.

She wants vengeance. And I wonder how she’ll feel when I’ll tell her why part of that vengeance is mine…

In another time, another life, she used to love me. And she will once again.

But this time it will be forever.

NB: This book is part of the Twisted Legends multi-author Collection. Here is the complete collection by various authors:

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Hell Gate (2022) by Veronica Eden

Reckless Covenant (2022) by Lilith Roman

Under The Cover Of Darkness (2022) by Emma Luna

The Ripper (2022) by Alexandra Silva

Author: Lilith Roman
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1916888968
Publisher: Lilith Roman Books