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Kate Roth is an author of new adult, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance novels.

Passionate about romantic tales from the time she was in junior high, Kate loves telling romantic tales that amplify strong female voices, often with reassuring and emotionally intelligent heroes.

Although a certified author, she still works as a full-time professional hair stylist, as it has given her immense inspiration for her stories over the last fifteen years.

Whenever she isn’t managing any of her tiny businesses, Kate can be found spending quality time with her lovely son and beloved husband.

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Genres: Contemporary , Erotica, New Adult, Paranormal , Romance


Non Series

  • The Low Notes (2014)
  • Reckless Radiance (2014)

Desire Resort

  1. Last Resort (2014)
  2. Best Laid Plans (2014)
  3. Many Times, Many Ways: A Holiday Novella (2015)
  4. Peachy Keen (2015)

Quick & Dirty: Neighbors

  1. New (2019)

The Bindings Duet

  1. Bindings (2016)

The Confession Records

  1. Natural Harmony (2013)
  2. Sway (2014)
Quick & Dirty: Neighbors
The Bindings Duet
The Confession Records

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Non Series

The Low Notes

Worn out after taking care of his dying father, Kevin Reed moves back to his hometown of Wexley Falls.

Still grieving and without a source of livelihood, the mere thought of beginning a new chapter terrifies him.

But things are made better when he crosses paths with a young singer named Nina Jordan.

Beautiful and incredibly gifted, Nina instantly steals Jordan’s heart.

Even better is that the attraction between them is mutual.

However, things quickly turn upside down when they both find out that Kevin is a teacher at Nina's high school.

Given the chemistry between them, will the two pursue the wishes of their hearts, or play by the rules?

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0991151417
Publisher: Kate Roth
Reckless Radiance

When Valerie Gilmore suffered a devastating loss, she took off from everything she knew in an effort to make a fresh start.

But despite the change, Valerie still leads a life of anguish, as her days are full of remorse and her nights are passed in the company of a man who make the pain fade away—albeit momentarily.

Her reality however changes when she crosses paths with an enigmatic stranger by the name of Russell.

Gentle yet queer, Valerie has every reason to believe that Russell is keeping a secret.

Will she uncover the real reason why Russell is determined to protect her?

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1719588409
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Desire Resort

Last Resort

Danielle Ward last had sex six years ago.

And it’s not that she hasn’t gone on dates. Danielle even has a boyfriend.

Given how something always happens whenever they want to have sex, her boyfriend dumps her.

Good thing Danielle has her best friend Georgia, who is determined to get her laid.

And what better way than to go away to a stunning resort with sexy guys and endless supply of alcohol?

Although hesitant at first, Danielle gets in the mood thanks to endless liquor and a kiss from a drunken hotel guest who happens to be a movie star.

Things get more exciting when Evan Weston learns the real reason why Danielle came to the resort.

Will he be her last resort?

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1075961410
Publisher: Independently published
Best Laid Plans

Ever since his marriage ended terribly, Evan Weston has had more casual sex encounters that he would care to admit.

In fact, he doesn’t keep count anymore.

So when he visits a stunning resort, the last thing he expects is to cross paths with a woman who steals his heart.

The unexpected happens when his most recent one night stand turns out to be the greatest thing to have happened in his life.

He will not only stop at nothing to make Danielle Ward his, but even has a well-thought plan.

But then again the best laid plans sometimes go up in flames.

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1075961984
Publisher: Independently published
Many Times, Many Ways: A Holiday Novella

While trying to run away from her boring and predictable life, Danielle Ward crosses paths with sexy movie icon Evan Weston at a beautiful beach resort.

Although the bond between them is strong and intense, the two are attempting to make their relationship more than just a holiday fling.

They may look into the future with great promise, but they can’t help but wonder whether they share the same hopes for the future.

As it turns out, Evan is not only planning something big, but has an even bigger surprise for the festive season.

Will Danielle let go of her anxiety and allow Evan to give her a happily ever after?

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1075962936
Publisher: Independently published
Peachy Keen

Georgia Trenton has never been one for relationships.

In fact, relationships are quite pointless to her, which is why she prefers quick sexual encounters without the baggage attached.

If there is one thing that her closest friend Danielle’s relationship has proven to her over the years, it’s that relationships don’t work.

Georgia however finds herself questioning her own principles after a blissful Dani returns from holiday with her new man, Evan Weston.

Desperate to run away from the troubles in her life, and erotic noises thanks to Dani and Evan, Georgia goes to a resort looking for some fun with no strings attached.

But what happens when feelings emerge?

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1075963452
Publisher: Independently published

Quick & Dirty: Neighbors


She is a single mother who is completely free for a week.

He is a youthful and wickedly attractive substitute teacher residing in the apartment next door.

She needs some help. He is more than happy to be of help to her.

And as the two spend more time together, perhaps they could discover something new and beautiful in the process.

This is a sexy and exciting novella perfect for folks who love a quick romantic read.

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B07PPSLN78
Publisher: Kate Roth

The Bindings Duet


Sloane Montgomery moves to a new town in an effort to begin a new chapter, remorseful of the kind of woman that her self-destructive tendencies allowed her to become.

There, her life changes when she meets Leo Calloway.

Greatly enthralled by Leo and his menacing desires, Sloane can’t help but ponder whether her obsession with his dominance could possibly be more than just fantasy.

Has she for all this time been looking for punishment that will clear her of her wrongdoings in the past?

And when her past returns to haunt her, will the bond that she shares with Leo prove to be her salvation?

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0991151486
Publisher: Kate Roth

The Confession Records

Natural Harmony

Ex-pop princess Sabrina Walker is convinced that it’s time to finally start acting like an adult the moment she is appointed as the interim head of her uncle’s record label.

Although her career progresses, Sabrina still holds onto the remaining pieces of her old life; one that’s in the form of a shaky relationship with her manager, Beau.

However, upon employing a youthful assistant named Wade Lawson, Sabrina’s untapped belief in hers abilities—one that she has craved for the longest time—is ignited.

Thus begins a casual affair which gradually blossoms.

But in the end, a choice will have to be made.

Will Sabrina choose Beau or Wade?

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0991151424
Publisher: Kate Roth

Nothing seems to be working out for talent manager Beau Harris.

His career is unexpectedly on the decline, and the only friend he has is pop icon Vanessa Curtis, who is also his client.

Desperate to escape his terrible life, Beau goes to live with Vanessa ahead of her tour which is right around the corner.

But contrary to his agenda, Beau ends up paying more attention to his blossoming friendship with Whitney—Vanessa’s sister and back-up dancer.

Feelings are then sparked as the two spend more and more time together.

What will Vanessa think of the relationship?

More importantly, will Beau fight for a future that he had no idea he yearned for?

Author: Kate Roth
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0991151431
Publisher: Kate Roth