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S.A. Schneider has a wolf, so of course he writes middle grade fantasy, wouldn’t you? Since his Lego and action figure days, he’s crafted worlds and stories within those worlds. This pursuit continues into his middle grade fantasies.

He doesn’t stop with inspiring kids to write linear stories. Oh no, no. S.A. shows kids how storytelling in video games work and how they can learn to write those . He wants others to join him and delve into creating fantastical worlds.

S.A. Schneider is represented by Mickey from Creative Edge.

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Genres: Children's Book, Fantasy / SF



  1. Curse of the Spiral: Witches of Salem Short Story Collection (2022)

Town Magician

  1. Embracing the Magic: A Town Magician middle grade fantasy (2020)

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Curse of the Spiral: Witches of Salem Short Story Collection

In the shadows of Salem lurks more than just witches…

A strange symbol. Supernatural events. Portals to parallel worlds. Strange things are afoot in coastal New England. A group of extraordinary writers gathered in Salem, Massachusetts at the legendary Hawthorne Hotel to collaborate on an eerie anthology for the “Witches of Salem” writer’s retreat hosted by J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon. These talented writers wrote a collection of short stories in a co-created world that will satisfy even the most hardcore dark fantasy and speculative fiction readers.

Curse of the Spiral is the new paranormal dark fantasy anthology published by Molten Universe Media. All proceeds will be donated to House of the Seven Gables, a non-profit organization in Salem, Massachusetts whose mission is to be a welcoming, thriving, historic site and community resource that engages people of all backgrounds in our inclusive American story.

Stories by: J. Thorn & Zach Bohannon, Cameron J Quinn, James R. Essien, Jamie Collins, A.B. Cohen, JP Rindfleisch IX, Kate M. Colby, S.A. Schneider, Alicia McCalla, Wallen Pepper, Catherine Spader, Lon E. Varnadore, Lori Drake, Kelli Wieland, and Dean M. Watts.

Author: S.A. Schneider
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8801268026
Publisher: Independently published

Town Magician

Embracing the Magic: A Town Magician middle grade fantasy

Their hero is a fraud and only he knows it. When the truth comes knocking, can one boy conjure a way to save the day?

Young Samual longs to perform magic of his own. And what's worse, he can't seem to convince anyone that their beloved Town Magician is a trickster without an enchanted bone in his body. When a wicked wizard challenges the pretender to a duel, Samual vows to keep his village safe by forcing the fraudster to rise to the challenge.

Determined to prevent disaster, he secretly shadows the phony protector during his training with the Grand Wizard. And when they barely escape an vicous attack, Samual realizes he must partner up with his bitter rival. But keeping the truth hidden any longer may not help them outwit a powerful sorcerer.

With his town in grave danger, can Samual protect the ones he loves from the forces of evil?

Embracing the Magic is the enchanting first story in the Town Magician middle grade fantasy series. If you enjoy unlikely heroes, coming-of-age adventures, and spellbinding creatures, then you'll love S.A. Schneider's fantastical tale.

In the book, you also get:

- background information on Town Magicians

- Words to Know to learn new words

- Create your own adventure stories - suggestions to help kids create their own stories

Teachers and Parents: visit for educational resources and free short stories set within the Town Magician world. You can also get a copy of the study guide for teaching use.

Author: S.A. Schneider
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8986233000
Publisher: Mind Architecture