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Manda Scott is a Scottish teacher, columnist, blogger, economist, and bestselling author of mystery, thriller, and historical fiction books.

Born and raised near Glasgow, she studied veterinary surgery before becoming a lecturer at the universities of Cambridge and Dublin.

Passionate about writing and cognizant of the fact that nobody wants to publish veterinary novels, Manda started writing her first crime novels set in Scotland.

Debuting with No Good Deed in 2001, the book was impressively shortlisted for the Orange Prize, and similarly got nominated for an Edgar Award.

Manda has since written several novels, including a non-fiction book, 2012: Everything You Need to Know about the Apocalypse.

An anesthetist and acupuncturist for both people and animals, Manda also teaches shamanic dreaming, creative writing and concept-based dog training.

She has written columns for publication such as The Herald, The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, and Huffington Post.

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Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery, Thriller

Born: 1962

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • No Good Deed (2001)
  • The Crystal Skull (2007)


  1. Dreaming the Eagle (2003)
  2. Dreaming the Bull (2004)
  3. Dreaming the Hound (2005)
  4. Dreaming the Serpent Spear (2006)

Capitaine Inés Picaut

  1. Into The Fire (2015)
  2. A Treachery of Spies (2018)


  1. Scottish Girls About Town (2003)

Kellen Stewart

  1. Hen's Teeth (1996)
  2. Night Mares (1998)
  3. Stronger Than Death (1999)


  1. 2012: Everything You Need to Know about the Apocalypse (2011)


  1. A Vengeance of Spies (2019)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

No Good Deed

For Detective Inspector Orla McLeod, violence is a way of life. As a child, her own world was ripped apart by a brutal, unforgettable moment of terror. So when the Special Branch operation she is spearheading goes disastrously wrong, she will do everything she can to protect the nine-year-old boy caught in the cross fire. For Jamie Buchanan was the sole witness to an act of savagery committed in cold blood by a man rapidly becoming one of the most feared criminals in Europe.

Orla and her partner, Luke Tyler, had risked their lives to infiltrate Tord Svensen’s criminal world. Together they had gone deep undercover in a Glasgow tenement to get close enough to bring him down. Then in a series of harrowing events, everything in Orla’s life would change forever.

Now Orla finds herself haunted by the memory of what happened—and tormented by the guilt she feels over her own survival. What keeps her going are the promises she made to her partner Luke and to orphaned Jamie Buchanan. Jamie is the only person who’s seen Tord Svensen’s face, the only one able to ID him.

Officially pulled off the Svensen case, Orla spirits Jamie away to the only place she feels safe, a lonely cottage under the shadow of a snowcapped Scottish mountain. But there will be no sanctuary for them in the Highlands. For, like Orla, the hunter who pursues them knows exactly what to do to survive. And that means putting both Orla and her vulnerable young charge in the grave.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0747262503
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
The Crystal Skull

An ancient skull with a terrible legacy has just been found. It signals that the end of the world starts now...

Ancient wisdom predicts the end of the world with uncanny precision. But it also provides the key to staving off apocalypse — a flawless sapphire of incomparable beauty carved into the perfect likeness of a human skull.

Stella Cody has discovered a crystal skull of exquisite beauty. It has been hidden for four centuries. She also inherits its legacy of dark secrets, intrigue, and murder.

Facing an increasingly implacable enemy, Stella and her lover, Kit, struggle to crack the code that hides the skull’s intended resting place. Their search takes them from the intellectual rigor of Cambridge University to the untamed wildness of England’s prehistoric stone circles.

But time is against them, and they have only hours left to uncover the secret that may yet save the world.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-0593055717
Publisher: Bantam


Dreaming the Eagle

Boudica means Bringer of Victory (from the early Celtic word “boudeg” ). She is the last defender of the Celtic culture in Britain; the only woman openly to lead her warriors into battle and to stand successfully against the might of Imperial Rome—and triumph.

It is 33 AD and eleven-year-old Breaca (later named Boudica), the red-haired daughter of one of the leaders of the Eceni tribe, is on the cusp between girl and womanhood. She longs to be a Dreamer, a mystical leader who can foretell the future, but having killed the man who has attacked and killed her mother, she has proven herself a warrior.

Dreaming the Eagle is also the story of the two men Boudica loves most: Caradoc, outstanding warrior and inspirational leader; and Bàn, her half-brother, who longs to be a warrior, though he is manifestly a Dreamer, possibly the finest in his tribe’s history. Bàn becomes the Druid whose eventual return to the Celts is Boudica’s salvation.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-0553814064
Publisher: Transworld Pub
Dreaming the Bull

Book one, Dreaming the Eagle, took readers from Boudica’s girlhood with the Eceni tribe to the climax of the two-day battle when she and her lover, Caradoc, faced the invading Romans. Believing her dead, Breaca’s beloved brother, Bán, joined the Roman cause.

Dreaming the Bull, the second book in this compelling series, continues the intertwined stories of Boudica, and Bán, now an officer in the Roman cavalry. They stand on opposite sides in a brutal war of attrition between the occupying army and the defeated tribes, each determined to see the other dead.

In a country under occupation, Caradoc, lover to Breaca, is caught and faces the ultimate penalty. Only Bán has the power to save him, and Bán has spent the past ten years denying his past. Treachery divides these two; heroism brings them together again, changed out of all recognition -- but it may not be enough to heal the wounds.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-0553814071
Publisher: Transworld Pub
Dreaming the Hound

In a spellbinding novel of gods and men, myth and brutality, acclaimed author Manda Scott returns to her heralded saga of a world under siege. For here is the epic tale of Boudica, the legendary Celtic queen, and her embattled Eceni tribe—a bold new work of imaginative fiction that takes us on a thrilling journey into a clash between magic and mankind.

To the Eceni tribe of Britannia, nature is the ultimate god, and warriors are joined in battle by the voices and spirits of their ancestors. But the proud Eceni are running out of time. Nero’s army, long since out of patience with Britannia’s wild tribes, is becoming increasingly oppressive. And Boudica’s family is at the center of a gathering storm: Cunomar, Boudica’s son, who longs for the mettle to kill as fiercely as his mother…Graine, her young daughter, gifted with the power of dreamers, scarred forever by the horrors of war...and Boudica’s brother, born Bán of the Eceni, turned the traitor Valerius—a man caught between worlds: warrior and dreamer, Roman and Eceni.

As conflict erupts between the tribes and their brutal invaders, Boudica is forced to make a bold sacrifice. Cloaking her identity, she will travel directly into the stronghold of an enemy who longs for her crucifixion. What happens next—in a brutal drama of betrayal, heroism, and sacrifice—will leave Boudica with no options but one: to raise and arm every warrior, every dreamer, every tribe…and push the invader and its legions back into the sea.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0553816365
Publisher: Bantam
Dreaming the Serpent Spear

It has been twenty years since the Romans first occupied Britannia, and the rebellion by Boudica and her people nears its bloody climax. Now, as the Roman army marches on Mona, the last protected village in Britannia, the only hope for her nation lies with Boudica.

With so much to lose—the very lives of her children and an entire culture on the verge of obliteration—Boudica must find a way to save her people. In doing so, she will change the face of history forever.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-0385338356
Publisher: Delta

Capitaine Inés Picaut

Into The Fire

February 2014: Police Capitaine Inés Picaut is called out to investigate a blaze in the old town of Orléans. This is the fourth in a series of increasingly brutal arson attacks, and at the center of the conflagration lies a body. An Islamic extremist faction claims responsibility, but Inés and her team cannot trace its whereabouts, or any evidence of its existence. And a partly melted memory card found in the victim's throat is the only clue to his identity.

September 1429: Joan of Arc is in the process of turning the tide of The Hundred Years' War. English troops have Orléans under siege, and Tomas Rustbeard, the Duke of Bedford's most accomplished agent, finally has her in his sights. But he knows that killing 'The Maid' – the apparently illiterate peasant girl who nonetheless has an unmatched sense of military strategy and can ride a warhorse in battle – is not enough. He must destroy the legend that has already grown around her. And to do that, he must get close enough to discover who she really is.

More fires rage and the death toll mounts while Inés fights to discover what connects an expert in the analysis of war graves, the unquenchable ambitions of the Family which seeks to hold the city in its absolute power, and the discredited historical theories of her own late and much lamented father.

When Tomas risks everything to infiltrate the hotly defended inner circle of the Savior of France, he finally discovers a secret that will prove as explosive nearly six hundred years later as it would do if revealed in his own time.

As each thread of Manda Scott's immaculately interwoven narrative unfolds, Inés and Tomas's quests become linked across the centuries. And in their pursuit of the truth, they find that love is as enduring as myth – but can lead to the greatest and most heart-breaking of sacrifices.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0552169578
Publisher: Corgi Books
A Treachery of Spies

An elderly woman of striking beauty is found murdered in Orleans, France. Her identity has been cleverly erased but the method of her death is very specific: she has been killed in the manner of traitors to the Resistance in World War Two.

Tracking down her murderer leads police inspector Inès Picaut back to 1940s France where the men and women of the Resistance were engaged in a desperate fight for survival against the Nazi invaders.

To find answers in the present Picaut must discover what really happened in the past, untangling a web of treachery and intrigue that stretches back to the murder victim's youth: a time when unholy alliances were forged between occupiers and occupied, deals were done and promises broken.

The past has been buried for decades, but, as Picaut discovers, there are those in the present whose futures depend on it staying that way – and who will kill to keep their secrets safe...

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0552169516
Publisher: Corgi Books


Scottish Girls About Town

Meet the Clanswomen...

International bestselling authors Jenny Colgan, Isla Dewar, and Muriel Gray lead off this dazzling collection of stories by popular and rising Scottish women authors. A sometimes wild, sometimes poignant romp through the lives of Scotswomen, Scottish Girls About Town revels in the universal hilarity and strife of being a girl!

They're looking for something moor.

In Jenny Colgan's "The Fringes," a hapless heroine heads to the Edinburgh "Fringe" -- a massive theatrical and musical festival -- for a night of her own disastrous drama. Isla Dewar offers up "In the Garden of Mrs. Pink," one woman's look back at her girlhood and the life lessons she learned from an eccentric neighbor. In Muriel Gray's "School-Gate Mums," a single mother with killer instincts settles the score with one of the mothers at her son's school. 

Whether they're racing their flatmates in a weight-loss contest, reconnecting with long-lost friends, or grappling with the men in their lives, these daughters of Scotland prove that no one can top their audacious spirit and Highland charm.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-0743482530
Publisher: Gallery Books

Kellen Stewart

Hen's Teeth

Midnight in Glasgow is not the best time to be faced with a dead body. Particularly if the body in question is your ex-lover and the woman grieving at her bedside used to be your friend. Add a corpse packed with Temazepam, a genetic engineer with an unstable past and a killer on the loose with a knife and you have all the reason you need to walk away and never come back.

Glasgow therapist Dr Kellen Stewart has put the past behind her: medical career, relationship, life on the farm in the country. Then the phone rings and Bridget is dead – the only lover who ever counted. The local doctor says it's a heart attack, the police think it's suicide. Kellen knows that it's neither but is she willing to rake up the past to prove it?

Dragged into a world of rogue doctors, bent genetic engineers and killers who gut their victims as a warning, Kellen must face her own past as much as the very real terrors of the present to stop the killing – or she'll be next.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 1996
ISBN: 978-0755325474
Publisher: Gardners Books
Night Mares

Dr Nina Crawford of the University of Glasgow's Vet School - driven, fanatically dedicated, a survivor - is one of the most respected animal surgeons in the country. But now she seems to be losing her grip. On her operating theatre, on her skills - and on her mind.

After routine operations, horses are dying of the highly infectious E. Coli endotoxemia, and even when the theatre is sterilized the outbreak isn't stemmed. Under the fierce scrutiny of those around her Nina feels herself spiraling into the depths that led her, years before, to attempt suicide.

Kellen Stewart, heroine of Manda Scott's astonishing debut novel Hen's Teeth, is Nina's friend and therapist. Now her horse needs emergency surgery, and she is catapulted into Nina's tragic dilemma. And soon it becomes clear that not only horses' lives are on the line...

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-0747258803
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
Stronger Than Death

Medics have a way of organising cases. The first one you see is: 'in my experience'. Two becomes 'case after case'. Three is a series. In medicine, as in crime, three is the magic number that makes a syndrome real - or that turns death from a frightening accident, an unfortunate end to a night of heavy drinking, or a ridiculous overdose into a series. And that means the killer, too, has a label. 

Three men are dead, three colleagues with a shared past, a past also shared by the one person Kellen Stewart would trust with her life: pathologist Lee Adams. Suspect number one in this fast, hard-edged thriller.

Set in Scotland, the action takes us to the rocks of the west coast and back to the farm in the Campsie Fells that is the location for the first two Kellen Stewart novels.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 1999
ISBN: 978-0747258810
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing


2012: Everything You Need to Know about the Apocalypse

A pocket compilation of the Mayan legends of 2012, featuring everything you need to know about the Apocalypse in easy to digest facts.

The first thing you need to know about 2012 is that it's just like any other year.

And the second thing you need to know... is that it really isn't...

The Maya didn't make it their 'end date' for nothing...

2012 collects everything you need to know about how, why and what is going to happen in this apocalyptic year, as outlined in the ancient Mayan prophesies in a humouros and insightful way, the facts, the fantasies and the frankly extraordinary.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2011
Ebook: B006MVXRI8
Publisher: Transworld Digital


A Vengeance of Spies

My dear Elsa—

You are grieving and I am sorry, but there are things you need to know…

Because this is not only a confession. It is an accusation.

So, in case you get no further, here is the bald fact.

I killed your grandfather.

War hides many secrets and some of them are better kept. But the secret of Hut Ten was never that kind: it could have been leaked and a life would have been saved.

One man could have made that difference. He didn’t - and vengeance has taken forty years to catch up with him.

Author: Manda Scott
First Release: 2019
Ebook: B07P1HV93Y