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Cherry Seniel is a science fiction and fantasy romance writer who believes that all love stories must overcome insurmountable odds.

She launched her IT career by pursuing her undergraduate studies in Singapore before completing her Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the Ateneo de Cagayan University in the Philippines.

By day, she plies her trade as a Computer Engineer leading a dedicated team while at night, she writes her novels and brings her characters to life.

Various online courses have helped hone her skills as a writer whereas her love for literature and passion for writing gives her more reason to introduce her characters to the world.

More about Cherry Seniel

Genre: Fantasy / SF


Non Series

  • A Timeless Heartbeat (2016)

The Relic Series

  1. North Emblem (2017)
  2. The Condor of the South (2017)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

A Timeless Heartbeat

Born from the past and reborn in the present, two living souls wish to rekindle their love. When Mila opened her eyes, she could feel her heartbeat again thanks to the mysterious donor. Although the lady gave her a second chance to live, she made her promise that she would find a guy she doesn’t know.

Oblivious as to how to find her, the secret of the past is her only clue.

Fate however reveals all the answers she is looking for when Joshua’s piercing gaze awakens a new feeling in her. Is it really a new feeling, or just an old, underlying feeling reignited?

Will Mila embrace the love from the past or welcome Luke’s love in the present?

Author: Cherry Seniel
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01HRNWFR8
Publisher: Cherry Seniel

The Relic Series

North Emblem

The entire village celebrated the death of chief of Aplon. His death served as a grueling reminded that no one who defies the law of the land can ever live to tell about it. Falling in love with a Samardian is forbidden, and not even the chief is spared.

Ingrid, the woman he loves, is also made to face the harsh consequences, but she takes a chance to save her unborn child; a child who will one day rule Aplon and correct these idiosyncrasies.

Elijah always had a fatal, extraordinary touch. Although he is desperate to believe that he is normal, his heart tells otherwise.

But when he is with Hayleya, he can confidently look into her eyes and feel her touch. He always knew she was the one from the first time he saw her.

Although their love is real, he makes the same mistake his father did; falling in love with a Samardian.

In a story destined to repeat itself, Elijah must not just fight for his love, but succeed to unleash the immortal words written by his powerful mother.

Author: Cherry Seniel
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B071D67P5Q
The Condor of the South

Having lost her memory, Hayleya returns to her native town of Wendaka where the secret of her identity lies. She had fled the town for her own safety but returns clueless, with no memories of her fight to save Lela from Azura’s captivity.

Left in a coma for years due to the fight, Hayleya only recognizes Wendaka and Lela when she wakes up.

Although she can't remember Elijah, she can feel the deep emotions and strong desires of her heart.

Just when Hayleya is about to give into her feelings, she is overtaken by a sudden storm of rage. Submitting to the rage means killing the Eagle of the North—the same man who saved her life.

Elijah, on the other hand, truly loves her and is convinced that their love will triumph. But what if letting go is the only way of saving their love?

Author: Cherry Seniel
First Release: 2017
Ebook: B07F7YF4QF