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Howard Shrier is a Canadian award-winning author of mystery and thriller novels.

Born and raised in Montreal, he graduated from Concordia University with an Honors Degree in Journalism and Creative Writing.

He has throughout his career worked in various media, including print, magazine and radio journalism, theatre and television, sketch comedy and improv.

Howard has also served as a high ranking communications advisor to government agencies.

He lives in Toronto with his wife and their two sons, where he also works as a teacher at the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies.

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Genres: Mystery, Thriller



Non Series

  • Lostport (2011)

Jonah Geller Series

  1. Buffalo Jump (2008)
  2. High Chicago (2008)
  3. Boston Cream (2012)
  4. Miss Montreal (2013)
Non Series

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Non Series


The man calling himself Ben McBride entered WITSEC to break free of a life of crime and violence in Tampa. Given a new past by the U.S. Marshals, and hope for a new future, he’s about to board a flight to Tucson when word comes that his cover is blown, and he has to head in a different direction: north to a town called Eastport, on the Erie Canal outside Buffalo.

It doesn’t take Ben long to find trouble in the declining snowbound town the locals call Lostport. Because from the moment he gets there, the local law is on him. He’s being followed wherever he goes. And he soon gets the feeling he’s not the only witness hiding there.

Is it bad luck? Coincidence? Or is someone behind the scenes pulling strings to assemble a group of men desperate enough to pull a once-in-a lifetime heist?

Author: Howard Shrier
First Release: 2011

Jonah Geller Series

Buffalo Jump

Toronto investigator Jonah Geller is at a low point in his life. A careless mistake on his last case left him with a bullet in his arm, a busted relationship and a spot in his boss’s doghouse. Then he comes home to find notorious contract killer Dante Ryan in his apartment — not to kill him for butting into mob business, as Jonah fears, but to plead for Jonah’s help.

Ryan has been ordered to wipe out an entire Toronto family, including a five-year-old boy. With a son of his own that age, Ryan can’t bring himself to do it. He challenges Jonah to find out who ordered the hit. With help from his friend Jenn, Jonah investigates the boy’s father — a pharmacist who seems to lead a good life — and soon finds himself ducking bullets and dodging blades from all directions. When the case takes Jonah and Ryan over the river to Buffalo, where good clean Canadian pills are worth their weight in gold, their unseen enemies move in for the kill.

Author: Howard Shrier
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0307356062
Publisher: Vintage Canada
High Chicago

Toronto investigator Jonah Geller has opened his own agency, World Repairs, with best friend and partner Jenn Raudsepp. Asked to investigate the apparent suicide of a young woman, they’re drawn into the high-stakes world of construction and development on a long-neglected parcel of Toronto’s waterfront. Clues lead them to suspect that fabled real estate tycoon Simon Birk—the partner of the dead girl’s father—is killing anyone who gets in the way of the project. Without enough evidence to convince Homicide Sergeant Katherine Hollinger, Jonah heads off to Chicago to take on Birk, his creepy hairless bodyguard and a corrupt cop. As Birk unleashes a wave of attacks against Jonah, he calls on reinforcements, including former hit man Dante Ryan, and crafts an audacious plan to take down one of Chicago’s most powerful—and dangerous—men.

Author: Howard Shrier
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0307356086
Publisher: Vintage Canada
Boston Cream

Jonah Geller resumes his vagabond ways in Boston Cream, the Vintage World of Crime trade paperback original and sequel to the Arthur Ellis-winning novels Buffalo Jump and High Chicago.

David Fine is not the kind of guy to go missing. Or so his father tells PI Jonah Geller. A brilliant young surgeon-in-training, devout, devoted to his parents–last seen 2 weeks ago leaving the Boston hospital where he worked. Still recovering from a concussion, Jonah and partner Jenn Raudsepp soon find out that David fled for his life after a vicious Irish crime boss tried to abduct him. And that he’s more likely dead than alive. Then Jenn joins the ranks of the missing, and Jonah needs help from former hit man Dante Ryan and two local wise guys as he races the clock to save her life, one step ahead of the Boston law.

Author: Howard Shrier
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0307359568
Publisher: Vintage Canada
Miss Montreal

After what happened in Boston, P.I. Jonah Geller can’t show his face in the U.S. again. Which is fine with him. He’s got a new case in Montreal, one of the world’s most colorful and scandalous cities. An old friend has been brutally murdered there in what looks like a hate crime, and the police investigation is stalled. With an election looming and tensions seething, Jonah and former hit man Dante Ryan have to battle religious fanatics, gun runners and a twisted political dynasty to get to the truth.

Author: Howard Shrier
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0307359582
Publisher: Vintage Canada