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Wayne Simmons is a British author of horror and science fiction novels.

He is known for writing books such as Xinners (2018), The Girl in the Basement (2014), and Voodoo Child (2015) which he co-authored with Andre Duza.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Wayne’s novels have been published in the UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey and North America.

His zombie novel, Flu (2010), was serialized by Sirius XM’s Book Radio, while his cyberpunk novel, Plastic Jesus (2013), was termed by the Guardian as ‘a stunning read, but not for the faint hearted.’

Wayne is a regular contributor to Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Horror

United Kingdom

Non Series

  • Plastic Jesus (2013)
  • Voodoo Child (2015)
  • Xinners (2018)


  1. Holiday of the Dead (2011)

Drop Dead Gorgeous

  1. Drop Dead Gorgeous (2008)
  2. Doll Parts (2012)


  1. Flu (2010)
  2. Fever (2012)


  1. The Girl in the Basement (2014)

Year of the Zombie

  1. Last Christmas (Book 12) (2016)
  2. Year of the Zombie: A collection of stories (2018)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Plastic Jesus

It is the near future, following a devastating Holy War. Once part of the US colonies, Maalside, the New Republic, now stands alone in the Pacific, separated from the heartland by 200 miles of salty ocean. Lark City is its capital, watched over by a 50 foot, pouting, stiletto-heeled and garter-belted ‘Miss Liberty’, a crude parody of the famous landmark across the water.

In this brutal neon jungle, Code Guy Johnny Lyon writes a Jesus social networking AI, to rebrand religion following the war. But something goes wrong; a virtual hell breaks on the streets of Lark – a violent, surreal and uncontrollable social breakdown.

Caught in this terrifying web of danger are Sarah Lee, Johnny’s co-worker, drug lord Paul McBride who is determined to exploit the chaos to wipe out his enemies, and McBride’s junkie daughter, a prostitute called Kitty.

Now, only Johnny can save Sarah, Kitty and the city.

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1907773631
Publisher: Salt Publishing
Voodoo Child

You've been warned!

Stay away from Blackwater, Louisiana. Behind the smiles and the southern hospitality lies a dark secret.

You've been warned!

Don't go in the woods. They're haunted.

You've been warned!

Don't go in the lake. There's a dead witch beneath those waters.

Lori Sawyer was raised in these parts. The biracial descendant of a Voodoo Priestess, she's known as "witchy girl" to her friends, Abby and Roxy. But to Lori, Blackwater is a sacred place, a crossroads of old southern, African, and French spirituality to be celebrated, not feared. In fact, it's just the sort of environment to help free Abby from the memory of witnessing her boyfriend's murder.

And from the guilt of having killed him.

In 1985 three friends will embark on a weekend getaway that will change their lives forever.

NB: Co-authored with Andre Duza.

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0957656352
Publisher: Infected Books

When Rev takes on the Helo job, it seems like a pretty straightforward slam. Grab some no-mark, gangster kid at the local strip joint. Pop him, scalp him and go.

But a run-in with some Stokians followed by a bad hyperjump leaves Rev and his crew floating around uncharted space. Their ship is damaged and leaking fuel. Their only hope lies with a seemingly deserted mining vessel, parked by a mysterious looking rock.

But what happened to its crew? And what's with all those smaller ships floating around it?

And... are those dead bodies?

XINNERS is an indulgently pulp sci-fi adventure delivered 60s noir style. It's Dawn of the Dead meets Battle Beyond the Stars, Romero meets Corman.


Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B07F6ZSMJW
Publisher: Infected Books


Holiday of the Dead

The zombie apocalypse can really put a downer on your holiday...

38 holiday-themed zombie stories from new and established authors including Night of the Living Dead co-writer, John Russo, Pontypool writer, Tony Burgess, Joe Hunter author, Matt Hilton, Shaun Jeffrey, Rod Glenn, Iain McKinnon, David Dunwoody, Wayne Simmons, Bowie V Ibarra, Joe McKinney, Remy Porter, A P Fuchs, Thomas Emson and Eric S Brown.

Over 500 pages crammed full of flesh-eating horror and dark humor from the cream of UK, US and Canadian talent. Theme parks, serial killers, seaside resorts, Christmas, Thanksgiving and fishing trips. You’ll scream, you’ll laugh and you might even shed a tear…

Holiday zombie horror has never been so entertaining.

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1907954054
Publisher: Wild Wolf Publishing

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous

As tattoo artist Star begins to ink her first client on a spring Sunday morning, something goes horribly wrong with the world...Belfast's hungover lapse into a deeper sleep than normal, their sudden deaths causing an unholy mess of crashing cars, smoldering televisions and falling aircraft. 

In the chaotic aftermath a group of post-apocalyptic survivors search for purpose in a devastated city. Ageing DJ Sean Magee and shifty-eyed Barry Rogan find drunken solace in a hotel bar. Ex-IRA operative Mairead Burns and RIR soldier Roy Beggs form an uneasy alliance to rebuild community life. Elsewhere, a mysterious Preacher Man lures shivering survivors out of the shadows with a promise of redemption. 

Choked by the smell of death, Ireland's remaining few begin the journey toward a new life, fear and desperation giving rise to new tensions and dark old habits. But a new threat--as gorgeous as it is deadly--creeps slowly out of life's wreckage. Fueled by feral hunger and a thirst for chaos, the corpses of the beautiful are rising!

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-1934861059
Publisher: Permuted Press
Doll Parts

In this bloody, gory Irish sequel to the author's strong seller Drop Dead Gorgeous, a tattered band of survivors continue to struggle for survival in the chaotic aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1907777530
Publisher: Snowbooks



A deadly strain of flu mutates, causing the deaths of millions throughout Ireland and beyond. But the infected don’t stay dead for long, rising up to become flesh-eating monsters. Geri McConnell is a survivor. Through the graffiti-stained streets of Belfast she runs, determined to stay one step ahead of the ever-increasing hordes of living dead. 

In neighboring Finaghy, God-fearing Karen looks to the stoic and level-headed Pat Flynn for a paternal figure. But with a checkered past as an IRA gunrunner, Pat is battling demons of his own. Meanwhile what remains of the military congregate in a run-down base thirty miles south of Belfast. And the virus is airborne. Anyone can become infected. Flu is a terrifying and brutally realistic zombie horror story.

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-0988349407
Publisher: Tantor Media

A deadly strain of flu has mysteriously mutated, causing the deaths of millions throughout Ireland and beyond. But the infected don't stay dead for long, rising up to become flesh-eating monsters. In a quarantined lab just outside Belfast, lab worker Ellis and security guard Abe fight their way through corridors of the living dead, determined to expose a gruesome truth. 

Aging conspiracy theorist Tom wracks his brain to figure out what went wrong. Meanwhile, a young child and her two unlikely wards find themselves in the middle of a cat and mouse game involving the remains of the military, a covert government department, and the ever increasing throng of dead. The fate of humanity lies in their hands.

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0988349414
Publisher: Tantor Media


The Girl in the Basement

In the UK, a teenager goes missing every three minutes.

Goth girl, Kayley Sands, is one of them.

After a night out in Manchester, Kayley wakes to find herself strapped to a bed in a damp, dingy basement. Her captor is insane, his intentions unclear.

Now, facing the demons from her past could be the only way to ensure a future…

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00M1KKHEG
Publisher: Infected Books

Year of the Zombie

Last Christmas (Book 12)

The Office Christmas Party can be a nightmare at the best of times but when it coincides with the end of the world, things get even messier.

For mild-mannered security guard Howard Stanton, this was meant to be an easy shift. A chance to keep his head down and watch Die Hard movies while the rest of the staff get wasted. But then the zombie apocalypse happened and people expected him to do something about it. Was that even in his job description?

It's going to be a long drink- and drug-fuelled night. The world's going to hell and it's down to Howard to hold it all together. He's in charge tonight, and if he screws up, it'll be everyone's last Christmas.

NB: Co-authored with David Moody.

Here is the complete list of books in the series:

1. Killchain (2015) by Adam Baker

2. The Plague Winter (2016) by Rich Hawkins

3. The Yacht (2016) by Iain Rob Wright

4. Z-Hunt (2016) by Mark Tufo

5. Geraint Wyn: Zombie Killer (2016) by Gary Slaymaker

6. Little Monster (2016) by James Plumb

7. Ride the Serpentine (2016) by Andre Duza

8. Scratch (2016) by David Moody

9. 1975 (2016) by Sean T Page

10. Nock (2016) by Scott McGlasson

11. One of Them (2016) by Matt Shaw

12. Last Christmas (2016) by David Moody and Wayne Simmons

Year of the Zombie: A collection of stories (2018) by various authors

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B01MU13P3H
Publisher: Infected Books
Year of the Zombie: A collection of stories

Throughout 2016 – the YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE – cult apocalyptic publisher INFECTED BOOKS released an original zombie-themed novella every month. Featuring a mix of readers’ favorite authors and new voices, YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE resulted in a collection of stories like no other.

From Somalia to Wales

From cruising the ocean to hiding in bunkers

From bored kids to ferocious warriors

From hunters to the hunted

From the beginning of the apocalypse to the post-apocalypse, to the post-post-apocalypse...

Featuring stories by:

David Moody (Autumn, Hater)

Adam Baker (Outpost, Winter Raven)

Rich Hawkins (The Last Plague, The Last Outpost)

Iain Rob Wright (The Final Winter, The Gates)

Mark Tufo (Zombie Fallout, Indian Hill)

Sean T Page (Zombie Survival Manual)

Matt Shaw (Sick B*Stards, Rotting Dead F*cks)

Wayne Simmons (Flu, Drop Dead Gorgeous)

Andre Duza (Jesus Freaks, Voodoo Child)

Gary Slaymaker

James Plumb

Scott Mcglasson

Author: Wayne Simmons
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1978487215
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform