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From Laura Ingalls to Elton John, from Andy Warhol to Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Stewart spent the first nineteen years of her life wanting to be someone else.

It was while in college that she discovered her passion for writing when her English professor asked if she wanted to write a short story for extra credit.

After finishing her BA in English, Barbara got married the awesome Dave Kopecek and moved to the Midwest to get an MFA in Creative Writing.

She lives in the Catskill Mountains with her loving husband and an odd little cat named Shirley.

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Genres: Horror, Thriller, Young Adult

United States

Non Series

  • The In-Between (2013)
  • What We Knew (2015)

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Non Series

The In-Between

Fourteen-year-old Elanor Moss has got the scars to prove her numerous failures.

Desperate to make a fresh start, she moves to Pottsville, ready to look beyond the agony and misery of her old life.

When tragedy however strikes, Elanor's life is changed forever.

Madeline is gorgeous and courageous, everything Elanor isn’t.

The perfect best friend that she has always wanted, theirs is a connection way deeper than friendship.

Madeline is however unlike other girls, and Elanor must keep her new friend a secret or risk being labeled “crazy.”

But when Elanor starts doubting her own sanity, her life—which revolves around Madeline—begins spinning out of control.

Author: Barbara Stewart
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1250030160
Publisher: Griffin
What We Knew

"Can two wrongs ever make a right? What sacrifices would you be willing to make for your best friend?"

Growing up, childhood best friends Tracy and Lisa never went to the woods, due to the scary stories of a monster known as Banana Man.

Tracy and Lisa are however not kids anymore, and Banana Man was just a sick joke, right?

A figure lurks in the woods, carefully watching. He knows their secrets, the kind of secrets that the girls can’t even tell each other.

Reality is far more terrifying than the scariest myth, and the two childhood friends will face challenges that will test their bonds of friendship, loyalty, and love.

Author: Barbara Stewart
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00R6E16M4
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin