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Boo Walker books in order

Boo Walker is an American bestselling author of thriller, general fiction, literary fiction and romance.

Known for writing the Red Mountain Chronicles, the author also writes thrillers under the pen name Benjamin Blackmore.

Boo Walker initially got his artistic juices flowing as a songwriter and banjoist in the lively city of Nashville, Tennessee, before eventually moving to the west where his captivation with the raw beauty of the Yakima River saw him settle on a picturesque farm in Washington State.

Encircled by grapevines and wine barrels, the writing that he is renowned for in book clubs all over the globe became like second nature.

Never settling in one place for too long, Boo Walker currently resides in Cape Elizabeth, Maine with his wife and son.

More about Boo Walker

Genres: General Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Thriller

United States

Pseudonym: Also writes as Benjamin Blackmore


Non Series

  • Turn Or Burn (2014)
  • Lowcountry Punch (2014)
  • An Unfinished Story (2020)
  • The Singing Trees (2021)
  • A Spanish Sunrise (2022)
  • The Stars Don't Lie (2023)


  1. Off You Go (2014)

Red Mountain Chronicles

  1. A Marriage Well Done (2019)
  2. Red Mountain (2016)
  3. Red Mountain Rising (2018)
  4. Red Mountain Burning (2020)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Turn Or Burn

An extremist cult is threatening Seattle. Can an ex-soldier put aside his own demons to stop them?

Ex-military contractor Harper Knox has taken over his family’s farm in eastern Washington, ripped up the cherry trees and planted grape vines, hoping that the wine life will ease his PTSD-riddled soul. But he still has nightmares, and he’s still diving into the dirt every time a kid sets off a firework.

Desperate to taste battle again, he accepts a bodyguard gig in Seattle protecting a doctor involved with controversial AI research. Sometimes the only way to deal with the fire is by jumping back into the flame.

Things go bad quickly, and Harper and Italian mercenary Francesca Daly join forces to make things right. Technology and religion collide as the two vigilantes race through Seattle on a hunt for a madman.

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0991301805
Publisher: Sandy Run Press
Lowcountry Punch

They call him The Pretender. He's one of the best undercover agents in the DEA.

But breaking into high-society Charleston might just kill him.

After one of the worst nights of his life, DEA Agent T.A. Reddick leaves Miami for Charleston, SC, hoping a return to his roots will heal a wounded heart and the guilt of killing a friend.

The sleepy and sultry city of Charleston is filled with echoes of the Old South: genteel playboys, society debutantes, and quiet cobblestone streets.

But as Reddick will soon discover, there’s danger lurking under her charming veneer. When a movie star’s death shines a national spotlight on Charleston’s underground cocaine trade, he must go undercover to find the main supplier and shut him down.

As a hurricane bears down on the port city and the DEA gets ready to spring its trap, Reddick must contend with more than he ever could have imagined.

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0991301836
Publisher: Sandy Run Press
An Unfinished Story

A grieving widow and a disenchanted writer form an unexpected bond in a story about second chances and finding the courage to let go of the past.

It’s been three years since Claire Kite lost her husband, David, an aspiring novelist, in a tragic car accident. Claire finally finds the courage to move on; then she discovers among the remnants of her shattered world her husband’s last manuscript. It’s intimate, stirring―and unfinished. An idea comes to her…What if she can find someone to give David’s novel the ending it deserves?

Whitaker Grant is famous for his one and only bestselling novel―a masterpiece that became a hit film. But after being crippled by the pressure of success and his failed marriage, Whitaker retreated from the public eye in his native St. Petersburg, Florida. Years later, he’s struggling through a deep midlife crisis. Until he receives an intriguing request from a lonely widow. To honor David’s story, Whitaker must understand, heart and soul, the man who wrote it and the woman he left behind.

There’s more to the novel than anyone dreamed. Something personal. Something true. Maybe, in bringing a chapter of David’s life to a close, Claire and Whitaker can find hope for a new beginning.

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1542019446
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
The Singing Trees

A young artist forges a path of self-discovery in an enriching tale about forgiving the past and embracing second chances.

Maine, 1969. After losing her parents in a car accident, aspiring artist Annalisa Mancuso lives with her grandmother and their large Italian family in the stifling factory town of Payton Mills. Inspired by her mother, whose own artistic dreams disappeared in a damaged marriage, Annalisa is dedicated only to painting. Closed off to love, and driven as much by her innate talent as she is the disillusionment of her past, Annalisa just wants to come into her own.

The first step is leaving Payton Mills and everything it represents. The next, the inspiring opportunities in the city of Portland and a thriving New England art scene where Annalisa hopes to find her voice. But she meets Thomas, an Ivy League student whose attentions―and troubled family―upend her pursuits in ways she never imagined possible. As their relationship deepens, Annalisa must balance her dreams against an unexpected love. Until the unraveling of an unforgivable lie.

For Annalisa, opening herself up to life and to love is a risk. It might also be the chance she needs to finally become the person and the artist she’s meant to be.

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1542019125
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
A Spanish Sunrise

A widowed father and his young daughter embark on a life-changing journey in a heartening story about family and second chances.

Adjusting to the death of his wife hasn’t been easy on Baxter Shaw―or on their eight-year-old daughter, Mia. Baxter has left his band and abandoned his dreams to focus on being a single father, but it’s not enough: Mia’s exhibiting escalating behavioral problems. And neither has been able to face the past head-on…until the past reaches out to them.

After surprising results from a DNA test, Baxter and Mia journey to southeastern Spain to connect with their mysterious roots. Staying in a centuries-old villa on a renowned olive oil estate, they come to know the family they never realized they had, including a woman whose strength and passion for the estate remind Baxter of the love he lost―and that it’s not too late to rekindle his own dreams.

For Baxter and Mia, it’s a healing season in Spain, and the romance of the culture awakens a new outlook on life. But when long-simmering family secrets surface and the estate’s fate is called into question, Baxter must choose to let go of the past if he ever hopes to find love and live again.

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1542037921
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
The Stars Don't Lie

A man who thought he put his shattered past behind him embarks on a reflective journey home...

Haunted by a tragic decision he made twenty years ago, veterinarian Dr. Carver Livingston has not once returned to his Vermont hometown. Now his parents’ impending divorce and his mother’s plea for support lure Carver to a reluctant homecoming. His mission: sweep into Teterbury, save a marriage, and get out before anyone else from his past knows he was even there. Fate has other plans.

It’s hard to hide from former friends. Harder still to fight old feelings for the crushing and beautiful high school soulmate whom he dreams of pursuing again. And Mrs. Cartwright, his fragile English teacher, who once pulled Carver out of sadness. She taught him to always look up and to see life’s grander perspective in the stars. Now it’s Carver’s turn to help Mrs. Cartwright find those bright lights in the dark.

Against his need to leave, Carver decides to stay longer, as he, his mother and father, and Mrs. Cartwright are all at turning points in their lives. Hope is not lost. If they look up, they’ll see that tonight, the stars still shine.

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2023
ISBN: 978-1662508783
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing


Off You Go

In Charleston, South Carolina, Dewey Moses is a vegetable farmer, a bluegrass musician, and a recovering alcoholic. Since getting booted out of his house and his band, he's trying to get back on top. 

Now, he's a year sober, and selling vegetables at the farmer's market. But what he knows better than growing heirloom tomatoes is how to get down to the bottom of things. What started out as a favor for a friend is proving to be his most lucrative talent: investigative work. 

When Faye Callahan, the wife of one of the most powerful land developers in the South, comes to see him, she puts his talents to the test. Her daughter jumped off the Cooper River Bridge a few days before. She left a suicide note in her abandoned car. There were witnesses. But Faye doesn't believe it. Having just fallen in love, her daughter was as happy as she'd ever been. Why would she take her own life? 

Agreeing to help, Dewey finds out quickly that sometimes it's best to leave things alone. Off You Go is a smart and quick read, and Dewey Moses is irresistible.

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0991301850
Publisher: Sandy Run Press

Red Mountain Chronicles

A Marriage Well Done

In the marriage game, when is it time to throw in the towel?

Margot Simpson was raised to believe that you don’t run for cover the moment it rains. You don’t slide divorce papers across the kitchen island, especially when you have a teenage son. You roll up your sleeves, toss your hair in a bun, and dance in the downpour.

When Margot abandoned her singing career on Broadway to follow the man of her dreams to Burlington, Vermont, she never looked back. She embraced her new role as a wife, mother, and homemaker with an artist’s passion.

For years, her husband was a dedicated partner and father, but his political aspirations are getting in the way of his family’s happiness. With his eyes focused on a Senate seat, he’s forgotten the people that matter most.

Lucky for him, the words “give up” aren’t in Margot’s vocabulary. She's convinced that if she loves her husband hard enough, he’ll awaken from the daydream he’s trapped in. But as Margot does everything she can to be the perfect wife, she realizes it's her own awakening—and even sanity—that are at stake.

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1793456861
Publisher: Independently published
Red Mountain

How well do we really know each other?

Red Mountain in eastern Washington is home to a community of eccentrics.

Otis Till, the area's visionary winemaker, has been known to howl at the moon--fully nude.

Single mother Margot Pierce moved across the country to build an inn, but so far all she does is binge on gelato, the Hallmark Channel, and fantasies of murdering her ex.

High school senior Emilia Forester is the daughter of celebrity parents struggling to build her own life outside of their shadow.

And Brooks Baker is a man haunted by his past spent living on the streets as an orphan. Somehow, everyone lives together harmoniously, their lives intertwined like the vines in Red Mountain's beautiful and renowned vineyards.

But in a place where everyone knows each other, secrets are like poison...and right now Otis, Margot, Emilia, and Brooks all have something to hide. When their secrets come to light and dysfunction ignites, will their small mountain be stronger for it--or will lives be torn apart?

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0991301874
Publisher: Sandy Run Press
Red Mountain Rising

What do you do when it all comes crashing down?

Boo Walker has returned to wine country for the sequel to his powerful, best-selling novel, Red Mountain. Join four wildly colorful characters as they search for life, love, and meaning in a tiny wine-growing region in the desert of eastern Washington State.

Otis Till, the grapefather of Red Mountain, has regained his senses of smell and sight, but his vision of what Red Mountain should be is now threatened by a greedy landowner.

Margot Pierce has finally opened her French inn, but as her son leaves for college and her boyfriend says goodbye, she realizes how lonely her world could possibly become. Can she stomach the trials of going back on the dating market, even if that means finding him online?

Brooks Baker's engagement has fallen apart, so he's alone again, despite having reconnected with his biological family. Will he ever find real love on the mountain? Will having his family nearby deliver the fairy tale he'd hoped for?

Adriana Hernandez has changed her name and escaped to Red Mountain with her young son to hide from their previous life in California. Can they find some sense of belonging here? Or will they have to run forever?

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1730911521
Publisher: Independently published
Red Mountain Burning

Why must all good things come to an end?

In Washington State wine country, Red Mountain is a refuge for searchers and wanderers, artists and lovers, farmers and chefs--people looking for a place to belong. Despite the stunning landscape, the world-class wines, and their best efforts, the eccentric inhabitants often attract trouble.

Brooks Baker, the man with the most broken of pasts, craves stability, but he's forced into making a tough decision when the woman he loves considers a move to Florida.

Margot Pierce, the dream chaser and innkeeper who fled Vermont to escape her first marriage, faces a new challenge when her fiancé's estranged daughter comes to town.

Otis Till, the grapefather, knows it's time to hand over the reins to the new guard of Red Mountain. But he wants just one last great vintage before he goes.

Author: Boo Walker
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-0999712634
Publisher: Sandy Run Press