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Malcolm J. Wardlaw is an author of dystopian, science fiction and post-apocalyptic novels.

Born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, he studied aeronautical engineering at university level.

Despite facing unfulfilling employment opportunities with British firms for a few years, Malcolm still went on to become a Chartered Engineer.

The holder of an MBA from business schools in London and New York, Malcolm has worked in various places in the UK, as well as in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and the United States.

Although Malcolm never enjoyed English as a subject during his schoolboy days, he started reading at length in his late twenties, and was greatly influenced by the works of Ernst Junger (Storm of Steel) and Edward Young (One of our Submarines).

The Sovereigns of the Collapse author currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Genres: Dystopian Fiction, Fantasy / SF, Fiction

United Kingdom


Sovereigns of the Collapse

  1. Death by Decent Society (2020)
  2. The Night of Blind Ambition (2020)
  3. The Church of Nuclear Science (2020)
  4. Operation Ultimate (2020)
  5. Nuclear Nightminster (2020)

Detailed book overview

Sovereigns of the Collapse

Death by Decent Society

Since the financial armageddon, it’s been guns, gold and lots of slaves.

It is 2106. Seventy years have passed since our times collapsed in complete banking disaster. No one cares about over-population, mass extinctions or climate change any longer. The world is a post-apocalyptic paradise—for a few.

One of those ‘few’ is Donald Aldingford, a star barrister in his mid-thirties. Suddenly he is no longer one of the ‘few’ after being shot down and jailed for trespassing into private airspace. While in prison, he picks up disturbing rumors about his younger brother Lawrence, who disappeared without trace ten years earlier aged seventeen.

Donald takes a deeper interest in the world around him. He lifts stones. He peers behind dusty curtains. What he finds is horrifying and repugnant—the dreams of madmen come true. As he closes on the mystery of his disappeared brother, he pierces the last, most dangerous veil of a rotten society.

Author: Malcolm J. Wardlaw
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1916165809
Publisher: Plutonic Books
The Night of Blind Ambition

Escape to freedom or escape to hell?

Lawrence makes a desperate bid for escape across a winter wilderness where danger is patient and very sly. The best he can hope for is a death worth dying.

He does not know the outside world is changing. Revolution is in the air. The National Party has launched the Atrocity Commission to track down glory criminals like him. Its enquiries are exposing a brutal world that has existed for decades.

And that brutal world has Sarah-Kelly and her National Party in its sights!

When the shooting starts, there will be no place for neutrals. Even honest Donald will have to take sides, or perish.

Author: Malcolm J. Wardlaw
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1916165878
Publisher: Plutonic Books
The Church of Nuclear Science

Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes it’s a deadly trap.

Lawrence has sworn to destroy the Value System of Nightminster. Donald plots a counter-revolution against the fanatics of the National Party. Sarah-Kelly is determined to expose the crimes of the glory trusts. Then suddenly all three are on the run for their lives!

Despite their mutual loathing, Donald and Lawrence embark on a long and dangerous winter journey hoping to gain asylum with the Church of Nuclear Science. On the way, they discover not all that glitters is gold—sometimes it’s a deadly trap.

Meanwhile, Sarah-Kelly’s Atrocity Commission is reaching farther and farther from London.

Author: Malcolm J. Wardlaw
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1916165823
Publisher: Plutonic Books
Operation Ultimate

The truth of the Value System is too outrageous to believe.

Lawrence has won the support of the Shellingfield dynasty to attack the Value System. But first, he has to prove to the world it’s as evil as he claims. He must get living evidence.

As the first tribune of the Protectorate, Nightminster has tasted power, and it’s a taste he likes. He has every intention of getting more of it. His alliance with the Krossington dynasty makes him a formidable force. He’s going to purge the Value System and have Bishop Donald Aldingford indicted for the murder of Julius Shellingfield. He’ll win the support of the glory trusts by putting Sarah-Kelly Newman on trial for mass-murder.

With no enemies left, what can stop him achieving supreme power?

Author: Malcolm J. Wardlaw
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1916165830
Publisher: Plutonic Books
Nuclear Nightminster

Will might prove right?

Nightminster has shown indefatigable will and astounding gall; again and again he has thwarted efforts to defeat him. He still believes he can win—with good reason.

Lawrence has been shunned by the Shellingfields, despite victory at the Value System. For him, life and death are separated by a single sheet of paper.

Sarah-Kelly still awaits her fate in the Basement of Euston depot. For her, life is death, it’s just a matter of time.

The great enemies manoeuvre for battle. Each has a secret weapon, but which will land the killing blow?

Author: Malcolm J. Wardlaw
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1916165885
Publisher: Plutonic Books