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Camilla Way is a British author of mystery, suspense, thriller and crime novels.

Born in Greenwich, a borough in London, England, she attended the University of Glamorgan, where she graduated with a degree in Modern English and French Literature.

Camilla, who previously served as the Associate Editor of Bliss, the teen girl magazine, currently works as an editor and writer for men's style magazine, Arena.

The daughter of poet and author Peter Way, Camilla has previously lived in Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and Clerkenwell.

She currently lives in south-east London.

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Genres: Crime Suspense, Mystery, Thriller

United Kingdom

Non Series

  • The Dead of Summer (2007)
  • Little Bird (2008)
  • Watching Edie (2016)
  • The Lies We Told (2018)
  • Who Killed Ruby? (2019)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Dead of Summer

When Anita was thirteen years old, she became the only witness in the infamous London cave murders that took place in 1986.

That tragic event led to the death of three children.

Narrated nearly a decade later to the police psychologist who interrogated her when the murders took place, Anita’s revelation exposes the cruelty of the schoolyard to the fullest.

Set in the brisk and bust Greenwich, this book delves into the ominous events that took place during that dark hour.

The truth about the actual events that transpired will be exposed with astonishing brutality.

Author: Camilla Way
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-0156033732
Publisher: Mariner Books
Little Bird

One moment she was there, and the next, she was gone.

She was like a pigeon that flew away, never to be seen again.

At first sight, it’s almost impossible to tell who Kate is.

Not for a moment does she ever reveal about her past.

But when you pay keen attention, you’ll notice just how shaken and unsettled she is.

It’s almost as though she is afraid that someone is stalking her, keenly watching her every move.

If you do your homework, it will all start making sense: old newspaper cutting-out with astonishing headlines about a kidnapping.

This dark past lay hidden—until now.

Author: Camilla Way
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0007242375
Publisher: Harper
Watching Edie

Edie used to be the sort of girl who would cause disturbance wherever she went.

Although he had a clear sight of what she wanted when she was young, she soon learnt that you don’t always get what you want from life.

Now in her early thirties, Edie is a pregnant and lonely waitress.

Overburdened by the endless requirements of the child she brings into the world, Edie plunges into hopelessness—certain that she has nobody but herself in this world.

That however couldn’t be further from the truth.

Someone has been following her, desperate to prove that she can still be a good companion to her.

Author: Camilla Way
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1101991657
Publisher: Berkley
The Lies We Told

Beth is continually troubled by her daughter’s strange behavior.
Hannah not only doesn’t reveal her emotions, but also gains pleasure from causing pain to others.
Beth is truly devastated by what Hannah could do.
Luke seemed to have a perfect life and the dream family, until the day that he mysteriously vanished.
Determined to uncover what happened is his girlfriend, Clara.

As she investigates into his past, Clara learns that there is no such thing as a perfect family.
As Clara uncovers startling clues, she quickly realizes that Luke's life is under threat.
But does she have enough time to rescue him?

Author: Camilla Way
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1101989524
Publisher: Berkley
Who Killed Ruby?

So many unknown things take place in secret.

At first sight, it looks like nothing more than the average London townhouse.

But who exactly lives there?

Perhaps you would even be driven to believe that the occupants of the house aren’t any more different than you are.

However, within the walls of the house lies a deadly secret.

The lifeless remains of a man are on the kitchen floor, drenching in blood.

The family claims that the victim was nothing more than a killer who deservedly met his end.

But is that really what transpired?

Is that the truth?

Author: Camilla Way
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0008280994
Publisher: Harper Collins