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Joanna White is an American author of fantasy and Christian fiction novels.

She is best known for writing The Valiant Series, her first published works, which first began on the popular online literature platform Wattpad.

A nerd in every possible way, Joanna is a proud fangirl and lover of all things Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Japanese anime such as Fairy Tail.

Keen about writing from the age of ten, she has spent her whole life writing books and living in worlds of her own creation.

Joanna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing For Entertainment from Full Sail University, and writes to inspire as well as entertain–with all her works firmly based on her belief in God.

It is her hope that her books and screenplays will help those going through tough times, to heal their shattered hearts and turn their sorrow into joy.

Joanna continues to write from rural Missouri, where she lives with her family.

She loves God, her family, staying at home, and being a complete nerd.

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Genres: Christian, Fantasy / SF, Fiction

United States


Non Series

  • The Crystal Heist (2020)


  1. What Is Love?: A 5-day study of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 (2021)

Calamity's Hope

  1. Volcano (2021)
  2. Earthquake (2022)

Children of Choas

  1. Princess of Beasts (2020)


  1. The Heart of Christmas (2020)
  2. Lights in a Dark Sky (2022)

Republic Chronicles

  1. Dark Magi (2019)
  2. Light Magi (2021)


  1. Mortal: A prequel to the Valiant Series (2022)
  2. Forgotten: A Valiant Novella (2021)
  3. Hunter (2021)
  4. Sightless: A short ending to Hunter (A Valiant Novella) (2021)
  5. Rebels: Untold short stories from Hunter (2021)
  6. Shifter (2021)
  7. Reclaimed: The short ending to Shifter (A Valiant Novella) (2021)
  8. Samurai (2021)
  9. Healed: The short ending to Samurai (A Valiant Novella) (2021)
  10. Assassin (2022)
  11. Victorious: A short ending to Assassin (A Valiant Novella) (2022)
Calamity's Hope
Children of Choas
Republic Chronicles

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Crystal Heist

Alyra is a thief desperately trying to survive in the slums of Lower Kryston. Every day is a constant struggle for survival, but no one will trust her because of her Thief Mark. After she ends up in prison, Alyra meets a mysterious stranger who soon changes her life. Makai protects her and together, they pull off a few scams that earn them a bit of money.

Yet it's still not enough.

Together, Alyra and Makai gather a ragtag team of thieves to pull off the greatest heist Kryston has ever seen. If they pull it off and steal the Sky Orb, the social classes will be destroyed and Kryston will be changed forever. But several members of their team have their own ideas of what to do with the Sky Orb...

Can they pull off the Crystal Heist to change Kryston forever or will their team's selfish goals stand in their way?

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1650235202
Publisher: Independently published


What Is Love?: A 5-day study of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

"Love suffers long and is kind." We have heard these words before - love is patient and kind. Perhaps we saw it on a quote on social media or online, or in a shop on a t-shirt or coffee mug. Today’s society seems to be obsessed with the idea of loving others, but there’s a focus on a singular idea of what love is.

What is love? What is it, really? What does it mean to truly love someone? What does the phrase, “Love suffers long and is kind,” actually mean and how can we put this into practice and really love the people around us?

This 5-day devotional will take you through 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8. The print version has space for journaling!

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8779282024
Publisher: Independently published

Calamity's Hope


Liam is as famous and reckless as they come. His fame and fortune have come from his wild adventures all around the world, which he films for his YouTube channel. Never before has his life ever been in danger, or has he ever gotten hurt.

Until now.

His best friend, Julia, wants to be there for him, but sitting on the sidelines isn’t what Liam does best. Especially with his numbers and subscribers dropping since he can’t do much. To help him, Julia takes Liam and a bunch of their friends on a vacation to Hawaii, but all that does is make Liam’s inner adrenaline junkie want more.

The last thing either of them expect is a volcanic eruption to happen—let alone the worst one in Hawaii’s history. But after a massive earthquake split California, the surface of the earth is on the move, and Liam and Julia are standing right in the path of destruction.

Especially when Liam and his friends decide to climb the Volcano to have a look—right before it blows.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8724616997
Publisher: Independently published

After the death of his father, Myles was forced to move across the country with his mom. Now, they’re struggling to make ends meet, and while his mother seems to be healing, surrounded by her old high school friends, Myles is all alone. The loss of his dad has left him feeling empty, especially when he refuses to let himself grieve. On top of that, he’s living in a town where he doesn’t fit in.

Lizzie knows what it feels like to be living in a city while feeling like an outcast. Her father moved her and her family across the country and she misses her home as much as Myles misses his. Meeting Myles is refreshing, especially when he and Lizzie seem to hit it off. But her anger toward her father grows each day, since she wants to take over the family ranch back in Montana—a far cry from their new Californian home.

Yet the closer Lizzie gets to Myles, the more she sees just how much grief he’s hiding inside—grief that he won’t deal with. While Myles overwhelms himself working two jobs just to keep him and his mom financially afloat, Lizzie and her family are well off—more than financially secure. Despite their differences, though, Lizzie and Myles are drawn together by their faith and their shared loneliness and distaste for this town.

But this California town that they both hate lies right on a series of fault lines that’s about to rupture.

When the fault lines go, they’re going to take all of California with it.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09R3L5PWY

Children of Choas

Princess of Beasts

In the entire kingdom of Ahri, Princess Sahri is the only person who can talk to animals and heal them. She’s beloved by the people, but she’s living a lie. 

Deep inside, she wants a man who she’s not just forbidden to be with, but he’s also a criminal, part of the Ahri Reformation—using the Rune of Obedience to force criminals who fight well to put their talents to better use. What’s worse, is the man—her bodyguard, Jekre—hates her and the entire royal family for what they’ve done.

But those are the least of Sahri’s worries.

The Anati are creatures who bring life and springtime to Ahri every time they return from their long migration across the Sea. But when someone murders them, the kingdom faces a famine that will destroy them all.

Not all hope is lost—yet.

Two of the Anati had eggs. If Sahri can use her powers to keep the eggs long enough to help them get to the nesting grounds, the Anati will live. As the young ones grow, they can heal the land and save the kingdom and Sahri’s people.

The only problem is that her parents ordered her bodyguard to keep her inside the palace. The Rune of Obedience forces Jekre to comply—which means he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Sahri inside.

Who killed the Anati? The threat to the kingdom is a mystery, unknown by everyone except Jekre. And he’s been sworn to silence.

Can Sahri escape, and if she does, will she be able to get the eggs to the nesting ground in time?

Or will a famine bring Ahri to its knees?

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8588770965
Publisher: Independently published


The Heart of Christmas

Christmas is a joyful time of year. Some people love it for the presents and the food—who doesn’t adore good food? Your favorite part of Christmas may be the snow, the Christmas carols, the decorations, Santa Claus, or giving gifts.

But which of these is the point of Christmas? What makes Christmas so special? Is it your friends and family or the time you have to share together? Is it how much fun you have, or the time you have off work and away from school?

This collection of 50 sweet, short stories all deal with the very heart of Christmas—Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8693845787
Publisher: Independently published
Lights in a Dark Sky

The known galaxy stretches far and wide, protected by the Republic and brave Magi. Yet, there is more to the galaxy than meets the eye.

Can three unlikely allies unravel a conspiracy that pits the past against the present and threatens to consume their planet with war?

One Kalli yearns to prove himself as a ruthless killer, but is abandoned by his Mothership.

A con artist is left for dead on an ocean world and is nursed back to health, but the danger isn't over yet.

Tiaret will do anything to rescue her kidnapped daughter and save her from a witch and a deal her family made years ago.

A Kalli Diplomat seeks to prove to the Republic Court that not all Kalli are evil, while her boyfriend is being blackmailed into intimidating Diplomats to change their votes.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8843203245
Publisher: Independently published

Republic Chronicles

Dark Magi

King Vaxon is sadistic and cruel. After taking the crown of Castre for himself, he's finally squelched the rebellion of Magi who fought against him. The remaining ones will be thrown in an arena to fight to the death.

Vaxon knows it's unlikely they will fight each other at first. For this reason, he's sending his own son, Kyren, into the arena with them. As a powerful Dark Mage, Kyren's job is to kill the Magi. If he doesn’t, then his own father will kill his wife and children.

Kyren will do whatever it takes to keep his family alive. Even if that means he must die after slaughtering his own comrades. Is it possible to rebel in a fight you've already lost and still keep your families alive?

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1697478532
Publisher: Independently published
Light Magi

For years, Castre has governed itself apart from the Republic. But Vaxon’s War has left the land and its people weakened and in desperate need of aid. Now, many people feel it’s too late and don’t want the Republic involved. Kyren’s lost everything, but he’ll have to push aside his grief to be the king Castre needs him to be. Kyren’s forced to make a decision that will change his life forever, but he’s been shoved into a corner with no other way to keep his daughter safe.

Meanwhile, the Republic and the Magi are spread all across the galaxy, protecting people from men who crave power, just like Vaxon did. They’re on the brink of war and on top of that, one of the Magi Order’s own guilds has betrayed them. They’re now a Dark Guild, doing assassination contracts to kill innocent people. 

One of their targets is Ayka, one of the few Diplomats left in the Republic who still believes in the Father and who helps people more than she wants political power. Ayka’s life is now in the hands of the Magi, who place her in the protection of one of the most skilled Metal Mages in the galaxy. Falling for him and trying to get him out of his shell is difficult enough without adding in surviving the attempts on her life. Not to mention the people on Castre want the Republic to stay out of their affairs, but it’s Ayka’s job to represent them in the Republic Court.

While the best Guild in the entire Magi Order investigate an underground slave market, putting Zei Lin and his brother’s lives at risk, the Republic tries to avoid going to war with a race who wants nothing more than to see the Republic fall. A dark power is growing in the distant corners of the galaxy… with enough power to change the fate of the Republic and the Magi Order forever.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8750314362
Publisher: Independently published


Mortal: A prequel to the Valiant Series

Earth. Home to an alien race called Ietons that have enslaved humankind.

Growing up as a slave has made Jace believe he’s nothing—just a worthless animal for Ietons like his owner Archer to mistreat. Not only is Jace struggling to make it a day without being brutally punished, but he’s also falling in love with Archer’s daughter. If they’re discovered, death will be the least of Jace’s worries.

When beasts start mounting attacks, Jace is caught in the middle of something much bigger: a war to save earth—to save the entire galaxy. All Jace wants to do is save as many humans like him as possible and the woman he loves. But how can Jace do anything, when he’s only a slave? When he’s just a mortal?

Or is he?

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8352441947
Publisher: Independently published
Forgotten: A Valiant Novella

Only the Chosen can stop The Dark Master from spreading Corruption throughout the Galaxy...and The Dark Master will do anything to destroy the Chosen.

Jared, one of the Chosen, lives in a world oppressed by the Aretul, who imprison men and boys as prey for the Hunters. After two years of running and hiding, he's caught.

Only they don't kill him.

Instead, they give him a prize beyond his wildest dreams...but at what price?

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B094QWLM7H

A reckless young woman named Averella does what no woman has ever done.

She disguises herself as a man and purposefully gets herself arrested and thrown into Zagerah. Her brother Gabriel was taken, and with his disease, he will not survive on his own. She has no idea what to expect inside the prison; all she knows is that once men get taken, they never come back.

The Hunters will find her.

Genetically altered to be faster and stronger than humans, the Hunters use their powers to find and kill every prisoner who enter Zagerah. The only ones who can defeat them, are in fact, themselves.

Jared is a Hunter. It’s all he’s known, all he remembers. He kills ruthlessly and without regret, one prisoner after another. When a new prisoner Dalex shows up, everything begins to change. Jared goes undercover to make Dalex and the other prisoners believe he is one of them, a prisoner himself.

No one knows the truth.

He will trick them.

Toy with them.

Then, he will kill them.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8532975231
Publisher: Independently published
Sightless: A short ending to Hunter (A Valiant Novella)

The Aretul labs that created the Hunters, genetically altered killing machines, have finally been destroyed, but it came at a price for Jared, whose superhuman ability relied on his sight.

Now, he must face the consequences of his actions while Averella can do nothing for him other than watch and wait. They may be free of Zagerah, but there are prisoners inside who aren’t, and now the Hunters are on a spree.

With Jared’s issue and a powerful new evil that will destroy everything they love, can Jared and Averella save the prisoners before they’re all massacred?

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B09B6RGQ4K
Rebels: Untold short stories from Hunter

For many decades, the Aretul have ruled the world of Averell with an iron fist. Any man or boy is taken to the prison Zagerah and never seen again, left at the mercy of the vicious Hunters. Why?

How did the Aretul take over Averell and why did they rise to power? More importantly, who were these Hunters, the genetically enhanced assassins who track and kill prisoners in Zagerah?

Read this collection of short stories through the eyes of all the side characters from Hunter, and more. Immerse yourself in the world of Averell and watch its history unfold with every turn of the page. This story is meant to be read as a companion to Hunter, Book One in the Valiant Series.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8546298319
Publisher: Independently published

Beroan is a shapeshifter, part of the dragon clan. His clan’s Alpha, Sirath, wants to watch the world burn.

For ten long years Sirath has attacked villages, killing thousands of humans and burning towns to the ground. Beroan has had enough, but his resistance will only end in suffering.

Nsi is a human living in a small village with her grandmother and cousin. Her ignorance about the existence of shifters won’t protect her for long. Her family was killed in a dragon attack when she was younger, and now dragons have come again. Now she will stop at nothing until the dragon shifters are stopped, to save humans from suffering the same fate as her family.

Together, Nsi and Beroan will risk everything to save humanity from Sirath.

Darkness is spreading through the galaxy, Corrupting one world after another, and now it has come for theirs. Sirath already belongs to the Corruption of darkness.

He will not stop until he burns down the world and leaves it covered in fire and ash.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8545156993
Publisher: Independently published
Reclaimed: The short ending to Shifter (A Valiant Novella)

Peace has come to Nsi’s world, but at a terrible price. Many shifters are dead after the wars between the clans, and tragedy threatens to tear her apart, especially when a secret about her past is revealed, one that could change her entire future...

For better or worse.

Nsi struggles to cope with this secret until two mysterious strangers come to help her. One of them fills her with a sense of peace but the other leaves her intrigued about his dark past.

Her world has been freed from Corruption, but it's spreading through the galaxy, hurting other worlds and killing millions. As Chosen, it’s Nsi’s destiny to go with Radon and help him stop it, but can she reclaim her soul from the grief that threatens to drag her into darkness?

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B09DYQN89B

Okada Akari and Sakamoto Megumi just may be two women in over their head.

Okada Akari is a samurai, the daughter of the Chief Advisor to the Emperor of the Sakamoto clan. One day on a mission, she is captured by a mysterious warrior and taken to an enemy camp—an enemy filled with strange, foreign powers the likes of which her world has never seen. 

What’s worse, a foreign stranger is supplying her enemy with weapons her people cannot hope to fight against. Yet that is only the beginning of her journey, one filled with war and love, sacrifice, and darkness.

Sakamoto Megumi has wanted to be a samurai her entire life. However, as the daughter of the Emperor, training is impossible. When the Emperor is assassinated, she is thrust onto a throne she never wanted. 

As Empress, she must find a way to become a leader her people will look up to, instead of a weak woman unfit for the throne. Her generals are waiting for her to make a grave mistake. Falling in love with her high general might very well be the mistake they were waiting for.

Corruption has touched worlds before, but this time, it will take more than a few Chosen to stop it before it fills the hearts of everyone around them - even the hearts of their closest friends and allies.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8457695863
Publisher: Independently published
Healed: The short ending to Samurai (A Valiant Novella)

Leaving her homeland is the hardest thing Akari has ever done.

The people she has left behind weighs on her soul, but none more than the ones she has lost. A grave injury that leaves her unable to fight as a normal samurai is the least of her worries. For Akari, it seems only a matter of time until she can bear no more pain—physical and emotional.

Is it possible for her to heal or will she remain broken and wounded forever?

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2021
Ebook: B09GY6VBDS

Sold into slavery by his own parents at the age of seven, Aidan has spent his life enduring torture and training. Now, as a fully grown man, he is an Assassin. He kills whoever the king wants dead without question or regret.

Until another assassin comes for the king's daughter. The path to protecting her will only lead to corruption, which has already touched the hearts of many in the entire kingdom. Their love will be the source of their undoing and it starts Aidan down a path of lies and darkness.

Darkness that has already taken root inside his heart.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8817295009
Publisher: Independently published
Victorious: A short ending to Assassin (A Valiant Novella)

In his life, Aidan has committed many sins.

Yet there is one that still haunts him, one that continues to remind him of the darkness residing inside his heart. Outwardly, Aidan may look as if he has it altogether. After all, he was the first Chosen by Radon to help stop Corruption from spreading across the galaxy.

How could one of their own have darkness inside him?

As the Chosen all prepare for their first mission together without Radon to guide them, Aidan will have to decide whether he will fight against the darkness living inside him.

Or whether he will succumb to it.

Author: Joanna White
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B0B84ZM455