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Fred Wiehe is a creative writing instructor, accomplished author, screenwriter and member of the Horror Writers Association.

His novels, short stories and screenplays cut across several genres from horror to science fiction and fantasy.

Wiehe is the bestselling author of Aleric: Monster Hunter and Fright House.

Other than being a professional writer of both adult fiction and YA (Young Adult) fiction, he also teaches Creative Writing to children of all ages.

More about Fred Wiehe

Genres: Fantasy / SF, Horror, Non-fiction, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Born: 1955


Non Series

  • Starkville (2001)
  • Night Song (2001)
  • Strange Days (2005)
  • Aleric: Monster Hunter (2011)
  • Holiday Madness the Special Limited Edition (2012)
  • Fright House (2015)
  • The Collected Nightmares (2019)

Bloodshot Series

  1. Bloodthirsty (2022)
  2. Bloodlust (2022)
  3. Bloodbath (2022)


  1. Creative Writing: Get Started Writing Fiction (2018)

Detailed book overview

Non Series


Starkville is under attack!

A quiet burg in the Sierra Foothills, a mysterious infection is transforming its residents into psychotic killers.

Maggie Stark is determined to go back to her hometown in order to run away from her former career and the nightmares and death that haunt her family.

But when the retired homicide detective moves from San Francisco with her eight year old son, she is shocked to discover that Starkville isn’t the place she once knew.

When Deputy Sheriff Sam Waters requests for her help, Maggie reluctantly agrees to assist with the investigation.

Matters however take a strange turn when the two encounter a one hundred and fifty year old Chinese man by the name Wing Sun.

Wing Sun not only knows the terrible secret concerning the outbreak, but it is only he who holds the key that will bring the evil in Starkville to an end.

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0595179244
Publisher: iUniverse
Night Song

San Jose police detectives Alfie Free and Tommy Chandle have been friends and partners and for thirteen years.

Despite downplaying the ominously numbered anniversary, they are however powerless in escaping the terrible and mysterious events that lie ahead.

Soon enough, they find themselves chasing a drug kingpin and self-professed vampire.

When the body of their snitch is discovered in a back alley; all of his blood drained, the duo takes off to the Santa Lucia Mountains of Big Sur where Tommy unexpectedly inherits a ranch. 

Even that however isn’t enough to ditch the dark cloud that hovers over their thirteenth year together.

When they befriend a band of Gypsies by the name kumpania, their vacation soon turns into a mission of protecting their new friends from wolf-like beasts with blazing eyes.

Night Songs will be heard right before the beasts attack.

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0595188390
Publisher: iUniverse
Strange Days

An ancient monster from a different dimension has slain Frank Talbort's wife and stolen his identity.

Having taken over Frank's body, the monster unleashes a terrible bloody killing spree in San Francisco.

As for Frank, he has to find a way of breaking free—to re-enter the physical world and stop the monster that controls his former body.

Officer Kemp lies in a hospital bed having sustained a traumatic head injury while investigating the murder of Frank's wife.

Comatose and fighting for his life, David's spirit is joined by that of Frank to reawaken the broken body. This however gives rise to a schizophrenic battle between two personalities.

With contrasting memories and emotions, the two must somehow make peace with their inner demons and work together.

Time is nonetheless not on their side, as the monster is now after David's wife.

These truly are Strange Days!

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2005
Ebook: B01K8ZWWBQ
Publisher: Helm Publishing
Aleric: Monster Hunter

A Gypsy who has lived for the last two centuries, Aleric Toma Bimbai hunts monsters for bounty.

His mission this time round is however a challenge, as he has to rescue a zombie rather than kill it.

But Wasso Wonko isn’t any ordinary zombie. He can talk and still thinks on his own. Other than that, he is also Gypsy.

As he undertakes his mission, Aleric unearths an evil plot that threatens to extinguish the existence of his people.

He will have no option but to step up against a crazy scientist and the self-professed King of the Gypsies in a series of events that will test his reputation of being unkillable.

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2011
Ebook: B01K92VTNK
Publisher: Gauthier Publications
Holiday Madness the Special Limited Edition

Never have the holidays been as thrilling or as pleasurably frightening for Young Adults (YA) and Adults as they are in this special limited edition collection of 15 supernatural short stories.

The Halloween short stories include Trick or Treat: It's the Puppet People, Trick or Troll, The Uglies, The Halloween Box and Ghosts, Inc. This Special Edition also includes the short story Halloween Creep.

Christmas short stories on the other hand include, A Gremlin for Christmas, Holiday Madness, The Three Wolf Men, Run, Run Rudy: A Zombie's Not Too Far Behind, Santa's War and Christmas-Time Gremlins: A Sequel. This Special Edition also includes The Perfect Gift. The two short stories for all occasions Raven Mocker and Bad Moon round out this collection.

Originally written by author Fred Wiehe, all of the stories were read on the radio, especially at Halloween and Christmas, for KKUP; a nonprofit, public radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1481213257
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Special, Limited edition
Fright House
Fright House is a crazy asylum turned Halloween attraction. It’s also the last place that Penny Winters should be.

Her actions have stirred the ghosts that have been dormant for quite a while; giving it power beyond measure.

Now, it not only wants to possess Penny but also soak up all her psychic energy and keep its ghosts alive forever.

Enter Tory Jackson, the only man who can save her, but not without the help of his Paranormal Scene Investigations team. Time nonetheless is not on their side as they attempt to rescue her.

Penny has to die at all costs on Halloween night, so that she can become one with the ghosts, and Fright House is willing to kill everyone!
Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1629292274
Publisher: Caliburn Press
The Collected Nightmares

Nightmares are always with you.

They move beneath the skin along the veins, through the synapses and into the nerves.

They creep in the darkness surrounding your heart and are a version of yourself that has gone too far; done things that can’t be taken back.

Although they always fight to control your body, only you can decide which one wins.

This is what bestselling author Fred Wiehe reveals in yet another work of art by the seasoned storyteller.

From the man who was visited in the night by a stunning yet cold woman to the three teenage friends who play with demons beyond their ken, from the vengeful patrons of a horse stable to the monster hunter who fears he might be the worst monster of all, all these perfectly crafted characters will make startling choices!

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1946874115
Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books

Bloodshot Series


Do multiverses exist? And if they do, does a duplicate of each of us exist in every reality? These are questions Lieutenant Sean (Mac) McGrath and Sergeant Randy Dexter must come to terms with to solve a murder and stop the widespread use of a new psychotropic drug dubbed Bloodshot.

Almost simultaneously, a young woman is murdered in Haight-Ashbury and this dangerous drug hits San Francisco’s streets. Taken through the retina and optic nerve, Bloodshot degrades and disrupts the neural network and central nervous system, turning people into crazed killers and bloodthirsty cannibals. Their investigation quickly takes them down a strange path that borders on science fact and science fiction, a path that reveals horrors more akin to nightmares than the real world, a path where they both begin to doubt their own already fragile sanity.

For if they are to believe the mounting evidence before them, they must also believe their prime suspect invented a device that can open portals to parallel universes, a device that enables him to travel from one realty to another and murder his ex-girlfriend time and time again—because apparently once just isn’t enough.

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8425736352
Publisher: Independently published

The devastating effects of the psychotropic drug Bloodshot on the San Francisco Bay Area intensifies, reaching out in all directions—up and down the peninsula and across the bay into Oakland and points farther east. Despite its deadly side effects, sales are up, and casualties continue to mount. 

SFPD cops Lieutenant Sean (Mac) McGrath and Sergeant Randy Dexter thought they had seen and heard it all in their long careers. But the mayhem, murder, exploding heads, and cannibalism plaguing their city is taking its toll on their resolve. Their sanity is also being tested as undeniable proof points to the existence of multiverses and a maniacal genius—world-class physicist Wyatt Kole—who has developed a device that opens portals to travel from one parallel universe to another to murder his girlfriend time and time again. 

Moreover, an exact duplicate of McGrath lies dead in the morgue and a body found in the Santa Cruz Mountains is identified as Professor Kole. How can that be? As impossible as it may seem, the only plausible explanation is the existence of duplicates from a parallel universe, which forces McGrath and Dexter to admit that their suspicions of Kole as a universe-hopping murderer and drug dealer are true. But they have no proof the professor murdered anyone or that he’s responsible for Bloodshot. 

To make matters worse, they are both fighting their own personal demons—McGrath, alcoholism and Dexter, the fear that he suffers from hallucinatory psychosis like his father. But somehow, they must overcome before Kole can open a new portal and disappear, taking Bloodshot and its horrifying bloodlust effects with him to plague yet another reality.

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8845692788
Publisher: Independently published

After being shot, left for dead, and dumped into a parallel dimension by the universe-hopping murderer and drug dealer Wyatt Kole, SFPD Sgt. Randy Dexter survives and makes a life for himself among strangers with familiar faces. 

With Captain Sean McGrath’s help, he is back on the force, and within three months promoted to lieutenant. He’s also dating Gemma, the girl whose murder he was investigating in his former life. Here in this reality, she is alive and well. Although she still works with the Wyatt Kole of this world, she has broken romantic ties with the physicist. Life is good. But that’s all about to change.

People are suddenly turning into flesh-eating, bloodthirsty cannibals; the psychotropic drug Bloodshot has somehow stalked him to this new dimension. Has the Wyatt Kole of this world followed in his counterpart’s footsteps or has another Kole come to this universe, bringing murder and mayhem with him? Either way, Gemma’s in danger.

Dexter and McGrath race to Kole’s but what they find is even more horrifying than they expected. Kole—not Gemma—is the one lying on the kitchen floor, shot and bleeding out. A portal to another universe is still open, and the murderer is making good her escape, a murderer with the face of the girl Dexter loves but now with a look of insanity in her bleeding eyes. As Gemma steps through the portal, she turns and fires, wounding McGrath. The next instant she disappears. And within that same instant, before the portal can close, Dexter follows. 

To somehow save Gemma from the effects of a new and even deadlier strain of Bloodshot, he must navigate a sea of familiar strangers. But can he save her? The only other alternative is to kill her, for she must somehow be stopped. Because in her wake is a bloodbath of half-eaten corpses.

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B0B8PFW7N8
Publisher: Raven Tale


Creative Writing: Get Started Writing Fiction

Are you looking to write short stories, books and novels?

Do you want to leave readers in awe with amazing stories and unforgettable characters?

Do you fancy seeing your novel or book on Amazon or in a bookstore?

Do you want to go all the way to becoming an accomplished and celebrated author who makes a decent living out of being a professional writer?

Are you looking to achieve all this but don’t know how or where to start? If so, then this book is exactly what you will need.

In this book, bestselling author Fred Wiehe will equip you with everything you need to become a successful writer.

Don't even think about putting your writing career on hold!

Author: Fred Wiehe
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1981083930
Publisher: Independently published