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​Will Wight is the American author of New York Times and #1 Kindle Best Selling Series The Traveler’s Gate Trilogy, The Elder Empire, and the mystical martial arts magic series: Cradle.

In 2013, Will completed his Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida.

He can smell fear, taste anger, and hear joy, and is seemingly invisible to cameras.

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Genre: Fantasy / SF

United States



  1. Heroes Wanted (2019)


  1. Unsouled (2016)
  2. Soulsmith (2016)
  3. Blackflame (2017)
  4. Skysworn (2017)
  5. Ghostwater (2018)
  6. Underlord (2019)
  7. Uncrowned (2019)
  8. Wintersteel (2020)
  9. Bloodline (2021)
  10. Reaper (2021)

Elder Empire: Sea

  1. Of Sea and Shadow (2014)
  2. Of Dawn and Darkness (2015)
  3. Of Kings and Killers (2020)

Elder Empire: Shadow

  1. Of Shadow and Sea (2014)
  2. Of Darkness and Dawn (2015)
  3. Of Killers and Kings (2020)

Traveler's Gate Trilogy

  1. House of Blades (2013)
  2. The Crimson Vault (2013)
  3. City of Light (2014)

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Heroes Wanted

What do you think a hero is? It’s just the right person in the right place making the right choice at the right time. Heroes aren’t born. They’re made.

A demonic assassin. A half-orc boxer. A ratman necromancer. Though they take many different shapes and forms, there are heroes all around us.

Bravery can be found in the most unexpected places: a subterranean dwarven city; the sands of a temple courtyard in Ancient Egypt; a besieged castle, a Victorian brothel, a goblin warren, the post-apocalyptic ruins of a demon-infested village. Heroes dwell in the shadows as well as the light; you just have to look a little harder to find them.

Who do they fight?

Some heroes challenge injustice in all its numerous guises, while others hunt monsters both human and bestial. Others battle inner demons, the ghosts of their past, their deepest nightmares – or even the gods themselves.

Why do they fight?

For glory? Sometimes. For honor? Perhaps. There are those who instinctively strive to protect those weaker than themselves, and there are others emboldened only by a sense of obligation, or the promise of wealth. Whether by the blade or other means, they endeavor to take down all who threaten what is good and right in their world.

By hook or by crook, through cunning or combat, with tooth and claw or iron and steel, they are all united in one goal, willingly or not: to live – and die, if necessary – a hero.

Choose your weapon. Fight for what you believe in. Never give up.

Nineteen fantasy writers gather to bring nineteen tales to life, each one a unique glimpse into a wholly original world.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1713321835
Publisher: Independently published



Sacred artists follow a thousand Paths to power, using their souls to control the forces of the natural world.

Lindon is Unsouled, forbidden to learn the sacred arts of his clan.

When faced with a looming fate he cannot ignore, he must rise beyond anything he's ever known...and forge his own Path.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0989671767
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

Outside Sacred Valley, ancient ruins rise from the earth, drawing sacred artists from miles around to fight for the treasures within.

Lindon has reached Copper, taking the first step on the road to power, but the warriors of the outside world are still far beyond him.

To advance, he turns to the arcane skills of the Soulsmiths, who craft weapons from the stuff of souls. With new powers come new enemies, and Lindon soon finds himself facing an entire sect of Golds.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0989671774
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

Lindon has a year left.

When his time runs out, he’ll have to fight an opponent that no one believes he can beat. Unless he learns sacred arts the right way, from scratch, he won’t have a chance to win…and even then, the odds are against him.

In the course of their training, he and Yerin travel to the Blackflame Empire, where they fight to master an ancient power.

Success means a chance at life, but failure means death.

In the sacred arts, only those who risk the most can travel far.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0989671781
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

With his duel fast approaching, Lindon is locked away in prison.

As a Blackflame, he is too dangerous to remain free. The Skysworn, protectors of the Empire, have imprisoned him to keep him under control until the day of his promised fight arrives.

When it does, he will face Jai Long.

But a new danger approaches the Empire, closer every day. Only the Skysworn stand between the people of the land and total annihilation.

And Lindon may be forced to join them.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0999851104
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

Long ago, the Monarch Northstrider created a world of his own.

This world, known as Ghostwater, housed some of his most valuable experiments. Now, it has been damaged by the attack of the Bleeding Phoenix, and a team of Skysworn have been sent to recover whatever they can from the dying world.

Now, Lindon must brave the depths of this new dimension, scavenging treasures and pushing his skills to new heights to compete with new enemies.

Because Ghostwater is not as empty as it seems.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0999851111
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

A tournament approaches.

All around the world, great clans and sects prepare their disciples to fight against one another in a competition of young Underlords. Even the Blackflame Empire is drawn in, but their youth are not strong enough to compete.


Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0999851128
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

Emriss Silentborn, Memory of the World.

Tiberian Arelius, the fallen Patriarch.

Akura Malice, Queen of Shadows.

Seshethkunaaz, King of Dragons.

Reigan Shen, Emperor of Lions.

Luminous Queen Sha Miara.

The Eight-Man Empire.


The Monarchs, the most powerful sacred artists on Cradle, rule with unquestioned authority. They are mysterious and distant, and catching a glimpse of one is privilege enough for a lifetime.

Now, they have all gathered in one place, bringing their heirs and greatest students together for a competition to determine whose successor is the best in the world:

The Uncrowned King tournament.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0999851142
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

As the Uncrowned King tournament reaches its final rounds, tensions between the competing factions are higher than ever. The outcome may determine the power balance throughout the rest of the world.

Each Monarch schemes to seize any advantage they can...while far away, a Dreadgod stirs.

When the tournament ends, the Dreadgod will rise. Whether it will be driven back into the sea or allowed to rampage depends on the Monarchs.

And on which of them is left standing.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1734958119
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

"It’s time to go back home."

In the years since Lindon left Sacred Valley, he has attained power beyond anything his family thought possible. Now he’ll have to put those powers to the test, because a Dreadgod is on its way.

Lindon and his allies set out to evacuate the valley before the arrival of the Wandering Titan, but their sacred arts are weakened by an ancient curse. They’ll have to persuade the squabbling inhabitants of Sacred Valley to leave behind their home and set off into the outside world.

But it has been a long time since Lindon left, and more has changed than he realized.

He has always sought power to save his family…but now he might be too late.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1734958133
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

Sacred Valley has been saved…at least, what’s left of it.

With his home finally secure, Lindon delves deep into the ancient labyrinth, seeking long-lost Soulsmithing knowledge and the secret to destroying the Dreadgods. Monarchs plot against him and against each other, unaware of the threats gathering in realms beyond.

Far above Lindon and the Monarchs and the Dreadgods, another war is waged. Suriel and the Abidan clash against the Mad King and his forces in a battle for the fate of many worlds.

And if it is lost, Cradle will be destroyed.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1734958164
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

Elder Empire: Sea

Of Sea and Shadow

The Guild of Navigators has ruled the Aion Sea for centuries, using their fleet of mystical ships to collect trade for the Aurelian Empire.

Now the Emperor is dead.

For Calder Marten, Captain of The Testament, the Emperor’s death is not an end, but an opportunity. He and his crew seek the legendary Heart of Nakothi, an artifact that could raise a second Emperor…and earn Calder a fortune.

But they’re not the only ones who want the Heart.

The Consultant’s Guild, an ancient order of spies and assassins, will stop at nothing to keep the world in chaos. They seek to destroy the Heart, and prevent the world from uniting under a single Emperor ever again.

On the seas, a man works to restore the dying Empire.

In the shadows, a woman seeks to destroy it.

Will you explore the seas here with Calder? Or will you walk the shadows with Shera, in the parallel novel "Of Shadow and Sea"?

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0999851159
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing
Of Dawn and Darkness

Calder has survived the battle on the Gray Island, and escaped the Heart of Nakothi with his sanity intact. The Empire is without a leader, and he's perfectly placed to take the reins himself.

But he is not Emperor yet. The world is divided between those who support Imperial tradition and those who believe no one can take the throne. Calder must do everything he can to hold the Empire together, even as the Elders lurk in the shadows, ready to devour mankind. Meanwhile, Shera and her Consultant's Guild are stronger than ever. If Calder doesn't stop them soon, he may never get another chance.

In the shadows, a woman seeks to divide mankind.

On the seas, a man fights to save it.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0999851180
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing
Of Kings and Killers

Calder has been declared Imperial Steward, the official successor to the Emperor. He leads the Empire from the throne, just as he has always wanted.

In their tombs, the Great Elders stir.

The crack in the sky becomes more alarming by the day, so Calder and his loyal Imperialist Guilds seek a truce with their Independent opponents.

Both sides know the Elders are the true enemy, but that does not make peace easy. Blood has been spilled already, trust is hard to come by, and the Guild Heads under Calder see him as little more than a figurehead.

For civilization to survive, Calder must take the lead and prove himself to allies and enemies alike.

But he is faced with an ancient Guild of spies and assassins led by the one woman who most wants him dead: Shera of the Gardeners.

In the shadows, a woman plots to prolong a war.

On the seas, a man works to end it.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-0999851197
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

Elder Empire: Shadow

Of Shadow and Sea

The Consultant’s Guild has served the Aurelian Empire for over a thousand years, working in the darkness to hunt dissension and eliminate traitors.

Now the Emperor is dead.

For Shera, an assassin in the employ of the Consultants, the Emperor’s death is the beginning of a nightmare. Powerful forces hunt the Heart of Nakothi, a cursed artifact that can raise a second Emperor…and corrupt him in the process.

But some desire power at any cost.

The Guild of Navigators, an infamous collection of swindlers and pirates, has been paid a fortune to secure the Heart. Their only lord is greed, their only loyalty to gold, and they would sell the Empire’s freedom for the promise of a quick coin.

In the shadows, a woman works to set the world free.

On the seas, a man seeks to raise a lunatic to lord over mankind.

Will you walk the shadows here with Shera? Or will you explore the seas with Calder, in the parallel novel "Of Sea and Shadow"?

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0999851166
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing
Of Darkness and Dawn

The Heart of Nakothi has been lost, the Consultants were victorious, and the Empire remains free of Elder control. For now.

Shera has become a Soulbound, but with her new powers comes a terrifying burden. Her Soulbound Vessel has begun to poison her mind, slowly transforming her into a monstrous, bloodthirsty killer. Meanwhile, Calder Marten and his Imperialist Guilds have begun to work against the Consultants...even to the point of raising their own band of homegrown assassins. Assassins with unique ties to Shera's past.

On the seas, a man will do anything to seize control of a throne.

In the shadows, a woman fights for her own soul.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0999851173
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing
Of Killers and Kings

Shera, the new Head of the Consultant’s Guild, faces more responsibility than she ever asked for. The Guilds are in a state of open war, her Consultants have been forced to relocate from their ancestral home, and Elder cultists plague the streets.

In their tombs, the Great Elders stir.

With the sky cracked and more Elders rising than ever before, Shera and her faction of Independent Guilds seek a truce with their Imperialist opponents.

But they know that any alliance is a gamble. The Imperialists have appointed Calder Marten to the throne, and history has proven that a single ruler is vulnerable to Elder corruption.

Even so, Shera and her allies want to bring the division to an end…if the enemy Guilds are willing to cooperate.

And if Calder hasn’t been corrupted already.

On the seas, a man clings to his own power.

In the shadows, a woman fights for peace.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1734958102
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing

Traveler's Gate Trilogy

House of Blades

Simon can only watch, helpless, as his family is killed and his friends captured by enemy Travelers—men and women who can summon mystical powers from otherworldly Territories. To top it off, another young man from Simon's village discovers that he's a savior prophesied to destroy evil and save the realm.

Prophecy has nothing to say about Simon. He has no special powers, no magical weapons, and no guarantee that he'll survive. But he sets off anyway, alone, to gain the power he needs to oppose the Travelers and topple their ruthless Overlord. It may not be his destiny, but Simon's determined to rescue his fellow villagers from certain death.

Because who cares about prophecy, really?

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0989671705
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing
The Crimson Vault

As the conflict between Enosh and Damasca builds to war, Simon finds himself caught in the middle.

Alin is bound by prophecy to the Grandmasters of Enosh, but he begins to doubt his fate when he discovers that their talk of freedom hides a darker agenda.

Leah has never questioned her loyalty to Damasca. Now, she finds that allegiance tested as she is forced to oppose her own rebellious brother.

With these two powers on the brink of open war, the land soon trembles in the face of an even greater threat.

Who can stand against the Wanderer?

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0989671798
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing
City of Light

Simon has spent the last six months hunting Incarnations, and has begun to realize that his power alone won’t be enough to stop a true enemy.

Leah is queen over a nation of refugees, driven from their homes by the fury of Territories gone mad.

Alin rules his city with an iron fist, imposing the virtues of Elysia on an imperfect population.

Now, the three must stand united as the balance of the world shifts once more. A greater threat looms, and it has made its presence known...

The Incarnations are missing.

Author: Will Wight
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0989671712
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing