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J. J. Wilder is an American author of short stories, fantasy and horror novels. He also works at a further education institution.

A thorough Wisconsin native, Wilder’s passion for writing began at a very early age.

He fell in love with journalism in high school, and was even the recipient of a journalism award from his local FFA Chapter while in senior year.

In college, Wilder became the student editor of the paper while in his second year.

It’s only after graduating that he moved to fiction writing.

Wilder still lives in Wisconsin.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Horror

United States


Non Series

  • Life Coin (2011)
  • Dark Awakening (2013)
  • ZF-1 (2016)


  1. Freaks, Geeks, and Scary Things Vol. 1 (2011)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Life Coin

She may be youthful, but Allie has already experienced the worst in life.

She not only had an abusive boyfriend, but also gave birth to a lovely daughter who’s now under to custody of child protective services.

Desperate, she’s on a quest to find herself in the city. But does she really want to do it?

David’s paths entwines with that of Allie when the two have an unexpected encounter on the bus.

Soon finding himself on a new path where Allie is his guide, David comes to learn just how love can pass through time, altering decisions like the flip of a coin.

It’s a lesson that will hold true to a woman named Angela, many years later.

Author: J.J. Wilder
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1460921371
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Dark Awakening

Sue Phillips thought that she was just an average teen trying to get her senior year out of the way.

So when Tom, her brother, suggests that they that they get a gig of delivering newspapers, it sounds like a great way of earning a bit of income.

But one day, while on their assignment, the two siblings unexpectedly plunge into an underground cavern.

With no possible coming, the two seem stranded there.

Everything however changes when they meet an elderly man in the cavern, who reveals that Sue isn’t who she thinks she is.

She is a witch who must use her gift to defeat the sinister forces determined to rule over the world.

Author: J.J. Wilder
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1466259904
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The human race was pushed to the very limit after a viral pandemic.

Those who survived managed to do so by joining forces and fighting back for the sake of the future of the human race.

A number of particular stories reveal about the resilience of mankind against the deadly pandemic.

A man determined not to lose his own life while battling to locate other survivors; a group of preppers hosting others in a deplorable structure in a deserted fallout shelter; a man determined to find a military or government formula to either end or alter the spread of the infection; and a team of committed of medical experts trying to end the crisis.

Was this nature's test to unite humanity? Or was it a sign of things to come?

Author: J.J. Wilder
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1537612799
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Freaks, Geeks, and Scary Things Vol. 1

This book is a collection of stories of different lengths and genres created over the last decade.

On a quest to save his life on his twenty-fifth birthday, a youthful man is given a gold coin from his parents.

While on an isolated cabin, four friends are shocked to discover that they have company in the wilds.

While enjoying an outing at the local fair, a couple is given a rude awakening of attack of the undead after a power outage.

Lost in the wilderness with an injured ankle, a hiker receives assistance from the most unexpected of sources.

Author: J.J. Wilder
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1460924730
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform