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Inger Ash Wolfe books in order

Inger Ash Wolfe is the pseudonym of American-born Canadian poet, playwright and author Michael Redhill.

He writes mysteries under both his pen name and real name.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in the metropolitan Toronto, Ontario area, he acquired his education at York University and the University of Toronto.

Wolfe then held a position on the editorial board of Coach House Press before serving as the publisher for the esteemed Canadian literary magazine Brick.

Although he made his debut as a novelist in 2001 with the novel Martin Sloane, which was written under his real name, it wasn't until 2008 that he made his debut under the pseudonym Inger Ash Wolfe with the novel The Calling.

The novel would later on be adapted into a film starring Susan Sarandon as Hazel Micallef.

More about Inger Ash Wolfe

Genres: Crime Suspense, Mystery

Born: 1966

United States

Pseudonym: Inger Ash Wolfe

Hazel Micallef Mystery

  1. The Calling (2008)
  2. The Taken (2009)
  3. A Door in the River (2011)
  4. The Night Bell (2015)

Detailed book overview

Hazel Micallef Mystery

The Calling

There were thirteen crime-scene pictures. Dead faces set in grimaces and shouts. Faces howling, whistling, moaning, crying, hissing. Hazel pinned them to the wall and stood back. It was a silent opera of ghosts.

Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef has lived all her days in the small town of Port Dundas and is now making her way toward retirement with something less than grace. Hobbled by a bad back and a dependence on painkillers, and feeling blindsided by divorce after nearly four decades of marriage, sixty-one-year-old Hazel has only the constructive criticism of her old goat of a mother and her own sharp tongue to buoy her.

But when a terminally ill Port Dundas woman is gruesomely murdered in her own home, Hazel and her understaffed department must spring to life. And as one terminally ill victim after another is found—their bodies drained of blood, their mouths sculpted into strange shapes—Hazel finds herself tracking a truly terrifying serial killer across the country while everything she was barely holding together begins to spin out of control.

Through the cacophony of her bickering staff, her unsupportive superiors, a clamoring press, the town’s rumor mill, and her own nagging doubts, Hazel can sense the dead trying to call out. But what secret do they have to share? And will she hear it before it’s too late?

The Calling
Director: Jason Stone
Cast: Susan Sarandon, Gil Bellows, Ellen Burstyn, Topher Grace, Donald Sutherland, Christopher Heyerdahl, Kevin Parent, Katy Breier, Paulino Nunes, Ted Whittall, Amanda Brugel, John Ralston
Author: Inger Ash Wolfe
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0156033985
Publisher: Mariner Books
The Taken

Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef is having a bad year. After major back surgery, she moves into her ex-husband’s home to be cared for by his new wife. As if that weren’t enough to cope with, her octogenarian mother is insisting that Hazel end her dependence on painkillers—an insistence that takes the form of secretly flushing Hazel’s stash down the toilet.

It’s almost a relief when Hazel gets a call about a body found in one of the lakes near Port Dundas. But what raises the hair on the back of her neck is that the local paper has just published the first installment of a serialized story featuring such a scenario. 

Even before they head out to the lake, she and Detective Constable James Wingate know they are being played. But who is pulling their strings and why are not clear, nor is what they find at the lake at all what they expected. This is no simple drowning accident or even a straightforward murder. It’s Micallef herself who is snared, caught up in a cryptic game being played by a maven of the art of deception.

Author: Inger Ash Wolfe
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-0547521732
Publisher: Mariner Books
A Door in the River

Stinging deaths aren't uncommon in the summertime, but when Henry Wiest turns up stung to death at an Indian reservation, Detective Hazel Micallef senses not all is as it seems. And when it turns out the "bee" was a diabolical teenaged girl on a murder spree with a strange weapon, a dark and twisted crime begins to slowly emerge. The questions, contradictions, and bodies begin to mount, as two separate police forces struggle to work together to save the soul of Westmuir County.

Author: Inger Ash Wolfe
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1605985169
Publisher: Pegasus Books
The Night Bell

A discovery of the bones of murdered children is made on land that was once a county foster home. Now it's being developed as a brand new subdivision whose first residents are already railing against broken promises and corruption. But when three of their number are murdered after the find, their frustration turns to terror. 

While trying to stem the panic and solve two crimes at once, Hazel finds her memory stirred back to the fall of 1959, when the disappearance of a girl from town was blamed on her adopted brother. Although he is long dead, she begins to see the present case as a chance to clear her brother's name, something that drives Hazel beyond her own considerable limits and right into the sights of an angry killer.

Author: Inger Ash Wolfe
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0771088681
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart