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Kate Atkinson books in order

Kate Atkinson is a renowned British award winning author who first came into the limelight in 1995 when her first novel, Behind the Scenes at the Museum, won the Whitbread Book of the Year Award (presently the Costa Book Awards).

Although Atkinson has since gone on to publish nine novels, one play and an assortment of short stories, her best work remains the 4-novel series featuring Jackson Brodie; a former police inspector-cum-private investigator.

The novel series- which chronologically began with Case Histories (2004), One Good Turn (2006), When Will There Be Good News? (2008) and Started Early, Took My Dog (2010)- was quite popular it became a BBC television series; Case Histories starring Jason Isaacs.

Atkinson was awarded an MBE in 2011 for her outstanding contribution to Literature.

More about Kate Atkinson

Genres: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Roman, Thriller

Born: 1951

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • Behind the Scenes at the Museum (1995)
  • Human Croquet (1997)
  • Emotionally Weird (2000)
  • Not the End of the World (2002)
  • Transcription (2018)
  • Shrines of Gaiety (2022)


  1. Abandonment (2000)

Todd Family

  1. Life After Life (2013)
  2. A God in Ruins (2015)

Jackson Brodie

  1. Case Histories (2004)
  2. One Good Turn (2006)
  3. When Will There Be Good News? (2008)
  4. Started Early, Took My Dog (2010)
  5. Big Sky (2019)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Behind the Scenes at the Museum

When Ruby Lennox was conceived by Bunty - albeit grudgingly- she ended up being born when George, her father, was at the Dog and Hare in Doncaster telling a woman adorning an emerald dress and a D-cup that he wasn't married.

Bunty never wanted to marry George to begin with, but alas here she was, left with three little girls in a flat above the pet shop in a dilapidated street beneath York Minster.

Ruby tells the story of The Family, from that day at the tail end of the nineteenth century when a traveling French photographer catches a fragile yet astounding Alice and her children, to the jocular yet memorable events of Ruby's own life.

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 1995
ISBN: 978-0312150600
Publisher: Picador USA
Human Croquet

In the beginning, the Fairfaxes lived grandly at Fairfax Manor in the great forest of Lythe. Over the centuries however, the once glorious forest has been destroyed; getting replaced by Streets of Trees that have taken a toll on the population of the Fairfaxes.

Sixteen year-old Isobel Fairfax, who gets caught in Shakespearean time warps, now knows a fair bit about the past; one that makes her to desperately wait for her mother’s return - the attenuated, dangerous Eliza whose disappearance still remains a mystery.

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-0312186883
Publisher: Picador USA
Emotionally Weird

Located in an island off the west coast of Scotland is a large disintegrated house, once home of their ancestors, where Effie and her mother Nora take refuge and tell each other stories.

Nora at the beginning narrates a recollection of who her father was, about Jimmy, Jack and Ernie - nothing that her daughter really fancies hearing.

Effie in turn tells of her life in a Dundee college where she lives in a torpid relationship with Bob - a student who rarely gets out of bed and never attends lectures.

Inexplicable things however begin happening. Effie being followed, the killing of old people and the unknown whereabouts of the mysterious yellow dog…

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-0312279998
Publisher: Picador USA
Not the End of the World

Playful and often intense, Not the End of the World is Kate Atkinson's first collection of short stories. The book takes an exploration of the world we think we know, while at the same time offering insight into the other world that lurks just beneath the surface of our consciousness.

From Charlene and Trudi who obsessively make lists while bombs explode in the streets, to Meredith Zane who could have finally discovered the secret to eternal life, stories collected in the book show just how there is no limit when the worlds of material existence and imagination collide.

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-0316159371
Publisher: Back Bay Books

Juliet Armstrong, an eighteen-year old, is reluctantly recruited into the erratic world of espionage in 1940. Placed in the obscure M15 department where she is tasked with monitoring the movements of British Fascist sympathizers, she soon finds out just how tedious and terrifying the work can be.

Now a producer at the BBC ten years later, Juliet- who is surprisingly faced by figures from her past- begins to acknowledge that choices do indeed have consequence.

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0316176668
Publisher: Back Bay Books
Shrines of Gaiety

1926, and in a country still recovering from the Great War, London has become the focus for a delirious new nightlife. In the clubs of Soho, peers of the realm rub shoulders with starlets, foreign dignitaries with gangsters, and girls sell dances for a shilling a time.

The notorious queen of this glittering world is Nellie Coker, ruthless but also ambitious to advance her six children, including the enigmatic eldest, Niven, whose character has been forged in the crucible of the Somme. But success breeds enemies, and Nellie’s empire faces threats from without and within. For beneath the dazzle of Soho’s gaiety, there is a dark underbelly, a world in which it is all too easy to become lost.

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-0593663318
Publisher: Random House Large Print



Childless and recently divorced, all that forty-something year old Elizabeth wants is to live a life of isolation.

She as such moves into a converted Victorian mansion—full of history, character and woodworm—only for her privacy to be invaded by her best friend, her sister, their mother, the builder and a photographer.

The arrival of Elizabeth however awakens a former inhabitant of the house from her resting place; one that revisits her own long-forgotten past.

This is a play about love, death, identity and evolution.

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-1854596017
Publisher: Nick Hern Books

Todd Family

Life After Life

A baby is born during a snowstorm in England in 1910, but unfortunately dies before she can even take her first breath.

The same baby is however born for a second time during a snowstorm in England in 1910, and lives to tell about it.

What if we would be able to live for an infinite number of times? Would you live again and again until you eventually got it right? Would you want to save the world from the inevitable?

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0316176491
Publisher: Back Bay Books
A God in Ruins

The book is about Teddy Todd - a would-be poet, heroic World War II bomber pilot, husband, father, and grandfather – and his navigation through the perils and advancements of the 20th century.

Despite everything he endures in battle, Teddy’s greatest challenge will be to face life in a future he never expected to have.

A God in Ruins, funny and emotionally devastating in equal measure, takes a look at war and its ripple effects not just on those who live through it, but likewise on future generations.

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0316176507
Publisher: Back Bay Books

Jackson Brodie

Case Histories

Jackson Brodie, a former police inspector turned private investigator, lives a life marred by death, intrigue and misfortune.

Haunted by a family tragedy of his own, he attempts to unravel a mystery of three cases; the little girl who went missing in the night, the beautiful office worker who fell victim to a random attack and the tale of a new mother who found herself trapped in a hell of her own making.

Despite the fact that the first case took place over thirty years ago, Brodie will be startled to discover that the cases, albeit diverse, are connected…

Case Histories
Director: Marc Jobst
Cast: Jason Isaacs, Amanda Abbington, Paul McCole, Kirsty Mitchell, Zawe Ashton, Millie Innes
Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-0316010702
Publisher: Back Bay Books
One Good Turn

People who had thronged to catch a glimpse of the lunchtime show at the Edinburgh Festival end up witnessing a grisly road rage incident and a near homicidal attack.

Ex-cop, ex-private detective and recently accomplished millionaire, Jackson Brodie, also happens to be an innocent bystander - until he becomes a murder suspect.

A washed up comedian, a mysterious Russian woman, a female police detective and the spouse to a devious real estate tycoon play an intricate role in driving Jackson Brodie from retirement and into the core of several mysteries.

Case Histories: One Good Turn
Director: Bill Anderson
Cast: Jason Isaacs, Simon Weir, Brian McCardie, Adam Godley, Marion Bailey, Amanda Abbington
Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-0316012829
Publisher: Back Bay Books
When Will There Be Good News?

In Devon, a six-year old girl witnesses a horrific crime and the man who was convicted for it is released from prison thirty years later.

In Edinburgh, sixteen-year old Reggie, who works as a nanny for a G.P, finds out that her employer has disappeared with the baby and no one else seems bothered by it.

Across town, Detective Chief Inspector Louise Monroe also happens to be looking for a missing person.

On a train, ex-detective Jackson Brodie suddenly hears a shocking sound.

When will there be good news…?

Case Histories: When Will There Be Good News?
Director: Dan Zeff
Cast: Jason Isaacs, Amanda Abbington, Zawe Ashton, Millie Innes, Edward Corrie, Gwyneth Keyworth, Paterson Joseph
Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0316012836
Publisher: Back Bay Books
Started Early, Took My Dog

Security chief Tracy Waterhouse leads a quiet, orderly life until she comes across Kelly Cross, a perpetual offender, mishandling her young child. Tracy ends up makes a foolhardy purchase after one moment of insanity; one that instantly turns her world upside down.

Both Jackson Brodie - who was innocently walking the dog - and Tilly, an elderly actress with enough problems of her own, witness the bizarre exchange; all three eventually learning that no good deed goes unpunished.

Case Histories: Started Early, Took My Dog
Director: Dan Zeff
Cast: Jason Isaacs , Stuart Bowman , Marene Miller , Shaaray Sharif, Victoria Wood, Frank Gilhooley, Skye Devlin
Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-0316066747
Publisher: Back Bay Books
Big Sky

Jackson Brodie, a former military man turned private eye, has retreated to a quiet seaside village in North Yorkshire; in the occasional company of his rebellious teenage son Nathan, and ageing Labrador Dido.

Something dark however lurks in the picturesque setting.

When a wife comes asking for proof over her infidel husband, Brodie is convinced that the case is as simple as it sounds. That’s however until a chance encounter with a dejected man on a crumbling cliff guides him to a sinister network.

Both old secrets and new lies will be entwined in this tale.

Author: Kate Atkinson
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-0857526113
Publisher: Doubleday
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