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It's never easy to categorize books and especially writers by their genre. This is because some writers focus on one particular genre while others easily navigate from one genre to another. I have tried my level best to indicate which writers fall under in which genre(s); meaning you will most likely encounter the same writer across multiple genres.

Name Genre #Books
Alexander, Tamera Roman 16 
Atkinson, Kate Roman 11 
Douglas, Donna Roman 12 
Faye, Lyndsay Roman 5 
Fielding, Helen Roman 8 
Manfredi, Valerio Massimo Roman 17 
North, Freya Roman 13 
Packer, Ann Roman 7 
Picoult, Jodi Roman 22 
Rice, Anne Roman 37 
Riley, Lucinda Roman 13 
Sparks, Nicholas Roman 21 
Vann, David Roman 8 
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