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Davis Ashura is an American physician and author of fantasy novels.

He is best known for writing series such as Instrument of Omens, the Castes and the OutCastes, and the Chronicles of William Wilde, all of which are part of his Anchored Worlds universe.

Ashura made his debut as a novelist with A Warrior's Path (2013), the first book in the Castes and the Outcastes Series.

Passionate about words and storytelling, he enjoys writing about heroes who see themselves as servants first; the kind of characters with whom you would enjoy sharing drinks and dinner, and who know how to deal with trouble.

Besides his rich characters and vivid fictional world, Ashura has also gained a considerable following among fans of epic fantasy and adventure fiction, and often engages with them in online forums and social media platforms.

He currently lives with his wife in North Carolina where he practices medicine, but only when the insurance companies let him.

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Genre: Fantasy / SF

United States


Eternal Ephemera

  1. Blood of a Novice (2023)

Castes and the Outcastes

  1. A Warrior's Path (2013)
  2. A Warrior's Knowledge (2015)
  3. A Warrior's Penance (2018)

Chronicles of William Wilde

  1. William Wilde and the Necrosed (2018)
  2. William Wilde and the Stolen Life (2018)
  3. William Wilde and the Unusual Suspects (2018)
  4. William Wilde and the Sons of Deceit (2019)
  5. William Wilde and the Lord of Mourning (2019)


  1. Stories from Arisa (2014)

Instrument of Omens

  1. A Testament of Steel (2020)
  2. Memories of Prophecies (2021)
  3. A Necessary Heresy (2022)
Eternal Ephemera

Detailed book overview

Eternal Ephemera

Blood of a Novice

Cam Folde will shake the very fabric of creation... or see all his hopes turn to ash.

The son of the town drunk, Cam never figured on letting his family name hold him down. He always strove to dream bigger, to fight for something better, to achieve more than what everyone else expected of him.

But, as they say, 'once a Folde, always a Folde', and when a decision to rescue a friend leads to disaster, fortune's favor is lost. Cam spirals away from his dreams and ambitions; his fall finally ending at the bottom of a bottle.

But all hope is not lost. Cam rises, supported by family and friends. And when a powerful Master of Ephemera offers him a chance to walk the Way into Divinity and achieve redemption, Cam seizes the opportunity. All he has to do is survive the Ephemeral Academy, the very school where the next generation of Masters are trained. There, Cam just might achieve the greatness he's always sought, and with friends at his side, including an irrepressible Awakened panda, it even seems possible.

But Cam will soon discover that the Way into Divinity is as steep as it is arduous, and there are more fearsome things than humans who brave its perilous climb...

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2023
ISBN: 978-1960031914
Publisher: DuSum Publishing

Castes and the Outcastes

A Warrior's Path

Sweeping from the majestic city of Ashoka to the perilous Wildness beyond her borders, enter a world where Caste determines mystical Talents, the purity of Jivatma expresses worth, and dharma may be based on a lie.

Rukh Shektan has always understood duty. As a member of Caste Kumma, the warrior Caste, nothing else is acceptable. He is expected to take part in the deadly Trials, to journey the Wildness and protect the caravans linking Humanity's far-flung cities. Though the mission is dangerous, Rukh's hope and optimism are undaunted. Karma, however, is a fickle fiend. 

His caravan is destroyed by the monstrous Chimeras; twisted servants of their fearful goddess, Suwraith. While Rukh survives the attack, events force him along an uncertain path. Morality becomes a morass - especially when he encounters a mysterious warrior, Jessira Grey, a woman whose existence ought to be impossible. 

The holy texts warn against her kind: ghrinas, children of two Castes, abominations. They are to be executed whenever discovered, but for the first time in his life, Rukh defies duty. Jessira may be the key to his city's survival.

Meanwhile, a secret society seeks Ashoka's demise; foul murders cloak a deadlier purpose; and behind it all looms Suwraith. But it is the Baels, the leaders of Her Chimeras, who may hide the greatest deception of all.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-0999704455
Publisher: DuSum Publishing
A Warrior's Knowledge

Rukh Shektan has lost everything: his home, his standing, and his future. He must journey with Jessira to reach her mountain home, the OutCaste city of Stronghold, before winter’s icy snow and winds bar all passages. Their travels test Rukh’s will and hope as Chimeras hound their footsteps, but the most difficult test proves to be Stronghold itself. The city is not as Jessira described.

Rector Bryce and Mira Terrell form a reluctant alliance. A secret from his family's past threatens Rector, forcing him to do the bidding of Dar’El Shektan, the ruling ‘El whom Rector had betrayed. Rector and Mira must seek the means to bring down House Shektan’s most bitter rival, Hal’El Wrestiva, the man responsible for Rukh’s banishment.

Meanwhile, Bree and Jaresh continue their search for the Sil Lor Kum. Their hunt brings them closer to the truth. Danger lurks, and the Withering Knife murders continue. And unbeknownst to them, Hal’El Wrestiva, the SuDin of the Sil Lor Kum, furthers his own intentions.

Above the clouds, watching the world is Suwraith. Her clouded mind is clear for the first time in millennia, and She makes Her own plans. The Sorrow Bringer has learned of Stronghold’s existence.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0999704479
Publisher: DuSum Publishing
A Warrior's Penance

Following Stronghold’s destruction, Rukh and Jessira lead the ragged remnants of the OutCastes on the long march to Ashoka. There, they seek sanctuary for her people, but in order to do so, they must overcome unyielding law that demands exile for all ghrinas.

Meanwhile, Hal’El Wrestiva—exposed and reviled as the Withering Knife murderer—escapes from Ashoka and hatches one final scheme to resuscitate his soiled reputation. The Virtuous, a newly formed organization full of certitude and strife, plots the destruction of House Shektan. And Li-Choke and the Baels launch a final, desperate plan to save their kind as well as all of Humanity.

But it is Rukh who must confront the harshest of choices. It is one that will cost him everything he loves but might also see to the salvation of his home. He cannot falter for Suwraith has once again turned Her ruinous intentions toward Ashoka.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0999704493
Publisher: DuSum Publishing

Chronicles of William Wilde

William Wilde and the Necrosed

At seventeen years old, William Wilde was orphaned because of the magic in his veins, magic he doesn't even know exists. Eight months later, Serena Paradiso enters his life. Captivating and confident, she holds secrets about William's heritage. His friends know them, too.

All of them watch William, studying him, wondering if he is the one for whom they've been searching. So does Kohl Obsidian, an undead horror who seeks to devour William's magic.

William, Serena, and his friends must face Kohl together, rely on one another to defeat a creature who cannot be killed.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0991127689
Publisher: DuSum Publishing
William Wilde and the Stolen Life

William finds himself beset on all sides by cruel foes and even crueler friends.

Having survived the monster, Kohl Obsidian, Wiliam Wilde had hoped his life would settle down; that he'd finish his senior year of high school with no further adventures.

But life isn't so simple for a potential magus, especially one who's overcome as deadly an enemy as Kohl. Instead, William has unwittingly earned the raptor gaze of even greater foes. One is someone he thought he could implicitly trust while others are even more dangerous. And all are from the island of Sinskrill. 

They are mahavans, powerful magic-users bent on humanity's enslavement. They seek to capture William and chain him to their needs, to bind him in perpetual servitude upon Sinskrill.

William finds himself caught amongst people for whom deceit and pain are simple coins to be traded, and his best hope to survive these new challenges might lie with someone he'd always thought to be his mortal enemy.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0999704417
Publisher: DuSum Publishing
William Wilde and the Unusual Suspects

William survived Sinskrill, but he can’t forget what he suffered there. Some hardships endure, and despite his wonderful, new life on the lush, paradise of Arylyn, nightmares continue to haunt him. He won’t ignore what was done to him or Jake or those who remain on that cursed island.

But closure will only come if he finds a means to reconcile himself to that terrible chapter of his life. Without it, he can’t save the loved ones who remain on Sinskrill: the wise troll, Travail, and William’s teacher and one-time tormenter, Fiona. Both remain trapped under the boot-heel of the Servitor, Sinskrill’s terrifying ruler.

William has promised to return and free them, and while he’s gained powerful allies to aid in his quest, such as Rukh and Jessira, he must master his own magic and summon his own courage.

But will courage alone be enough against the Servitor’s terrible power? And waiting in the wings is an even greater foe: the fallen god Shet.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0999704431
Publisher: DuSum Publishing
William Wilde and the Sons of Deceit

The raid on Sinskrill was a success, but the battle is only just beginning. William realizes the stakes at hand. He still has to find a way to prevent Lord Shet, the god of the mahavans, from returning to Earth from the faraway world of Seminal. If he doesn’t, Arylyn will be destroyed.

But strange visions plague his mind: an albino monster who infects William with anger. It is Sapient Dormant, the Overward of the necrosed and tasked by Shet to recover a long lost talisman of power. The Servitor of Sinskrill also advances his own plans. He’s learned Arylyn’s location and will do whatever he can to bring a crippling blow to the magi.

Serena struggles with her own path, torn between loyalty and love for William and a desire to see her family safe. Rukh and Jessira seek to provide balance to the magi. Only they have the skill and training to keep Arylyn safe. But their memories of their shared past life on Arisa remain fragmented, and their greatest allies, their Kesarins—Aia and Shon—are nowhere to be found.

And on Seminal, Lord Shet schemes, certain of his coming victory.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1732978010
Publisher: DuSum Publishing
William Wilde and the Lord of Mourning

William and Serena struggle to recover from the devastation wrought upon their home by the forces of Sinskrill. They want nothing more than peace, but they have to fight on. They know that the war between the two islands, one spanning millennia, is reaching its denouement.

Both Arylyn and Sinskrill—magi and mahavans—prepare for the final battle. Warriors are trained, readied for the battle neither side truly wants. Indeed, peace might be a possibility, but not so long as the Servitor, Serena’s father, rules Sinskrill. He brings Sapient Dormant, the dread Overward to the mahavan home island to serve at his side. 

Worse, he rouses Salachar Rakshasa, an ancient demon who no one can truly control. Every man, woman, and child of both Arylyn and Sinskrill might pay the price for the Servitor’s zeal to survive.

Rukh and Jessira have their own troubles. Some of the magi no longer trust their leadership, but their wisdom and guidance is needed now more than ever for on the far-off world of Seminal, Shet is awake and readying his armies. And he has his own vengeance in mind.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1732978034
Publisher: DuSum Publishing


Stories from Arisa


This a world of loss and hardship; of legend and wonder; the world of A Warrior's Path. Return there now with Stories from Arisa, a short story collection featuring four wonderful new fables from that mythic place; each one a polished gem; together, an assemblage spanning the realms of hope, humor, tragedy, loss, and love.

Received Wisdom

The Baels of the Eastern Plague have fallen away from Hume’s teachings. It is Li-Dirge who finds leadership thrust upon him. He must challenge the SarpanKum and return his brothers to the path of fraternity.

The Prank

The House of Fire and Mirrors. The Fort and the Sword. Both are Kumma military academies and fierce rivals in the city of Ashoka. The Wrath is the annual competition between the two schools, deciding bragging rights for the next year, but it is the Prank that dictates who laughs last and longest. This year, it is especially important for Rukh, Keemo, Farn, and Jaresh.

A Lesson Learned

Drin Port only wanted a long, tall drink. Many long, tall drinks. When chance brings him the opportunity of a lifetime, will he have the wisdom to take advantage of it?

The Missing Diamond

Rector Bryce is called upon to investigate a missing diamond. The thief is not at all who he would have expected

Also included are the prologue and chapter 1 of A Warrior’s Knowledge, Volume Two of The Castes and the OutCastes.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00MMT5PZ2
Publisher: DuSum Publishing

Instrument of Omens

A Testament of Steel

A young man with no past must progress into a warrior out of legend.

Cinder Shade’s life begins on a fateful afternoon at the bottom of a well where he awakens, bruised, battered, and bereft of all memory. His only understanding is a driving imperative—to protect those who can’t defend themselves and become a warrior worthy of the name.

He discovers within himself a peculiar gift, one in which the codes of combat are made evident and the language of steel is made clear. When he earns a place at a prestigious elven warrior academy, Cinder fights to enhance his knowledge and perhaps even humble the proud elves who believe no human is their equal.

His hard-earned skills are put to the test when strange rumblings emanate from deep in the Dagger Mountains. Monsters out of myth emerge. And so does something far worse ...

An ancient god. The world believes this deity long dead, but he is very much alive. And he remembers his enemies all too well. Even if they don’t remember themselves.

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8655889033
Publisher: Independently published
Memories of Prophecies

The memories of the past may be forgotten, but prophecies linger.

Cinder Shade and his fellow cadets have survived a brutal mission in the vast wilds of the Dagger Mountains. Laying to rest many of their brother warriors, they return to the Third Directorate, battered, bruised, and weary of soul.

But the world turns, and new challenges press. Cinder must set aside his grief, especially when granted a task by Anya Aruyen, the elven princess with whom he shares an inexplicable bond. She urges him to further master his skills as a warrior and become worthy of fighting at her side.

Others have also taken note of Cinder. His name is spoken in the high halls of elven palaces. The empress watches him, wondering at his unmatched abilities. So, too, do the dwarves. They fear Cinder, worrying that he is the embodiment of their darkest prophecies.

And in the distant north, shadows gather. They whisper of their fallen god, Shet, dead three thousand years now. Whispering of his rebirth.

But when the prophecies speak conflicting portents and none can decipher the truth, what path can even a consummate warrior take?

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8729049400
Publisher: Independently published
A Necessary Heresy

Prophesized heroes are reborn. The burden they bear is as terrible as it is necessary.

The dead city of Mahadev. In three thousand years, none who have entered those ageless walls have returned to bear word of what evil lurks within. And yet it is there that Cinder and Anya must journey. A hard road with mysteries and dangers abounding.

And the greatest of those perils is imprisoned within the ruined temple at the very center of the necropolis’ dark heart. There, Cinder and Anya are given insight into the terrifying truth the world faces. It is an evil so vast that even the dark god, Shet, must bow before its will. It is the bringer of apocalypse, the ender of civilizations. If ever freed, the world will be helpless before its horrific power.

Forging an alliance all would have rather avoided, Cinder and Anya have no choice but to work with Shet to take on this greater enemy. Worse, it is a pact that will see them give away that which they hold most precious...

Author: Davis Ashura
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 979-8793902182
Publisher: Independently published