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Andrew Britton was a British-born author of spy novels.

Born in Peterborough, England and raised partly in England and Camlough, Northern Ireland, Britton’s family immigrated to the United States when he was seven; living in Grand Rapids, Michigan before moving to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Upon finishing high school, he joined the U.S. Army where he served as a combat engineer for three years, and also served in Korea.

Britton then attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after his military service, where he studied economics and psychology.

As an author, he is best remembered for writing the Ryan Kealey thrillers.

Britton died on March 18, 2008 in Durham, North Carolina due to an undiagnosed heart condition.

He was 27 and continues to be missed by his friends and family.

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Genre: Thriller

Born: 1981 / Died: 2008

United Kingdom


Ryan Kealey

  1. The American (2006)
  2. The Assassin (2007)
  3. The Invisible (2008)
  4. The Exile (2010)
  5. The Operative (2012)
  6. The Courier (2013)
  7. Threatcon Delta (2014)

Detailed book overview

Ryan Kealey

The American

CIA agent Ryan Kealey has no time to wrestle his demons. Former U.S. soldier Jason March, one of the world's deadliest assassins and Ryan's former protégé, is now working with a powerful terror network whose goal is nothing less than the total annihilation of the United States.

Ryan puts together the pieces of a terrifying puzzle. With the fate of the country resting on his shoulders, he finds himself caught in a desperate game of cat-and-mouse with the most cunning opponent he's ever faced, a man who won't be denied the ultimate act of evil and who is all the more deadly for being one of our own.

NB: This book is also known as Heart of Betrayal.

Author: Andrew Britton
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-0786018000
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
The Assassin

A weapon of catastrophic destruction. A nation on the brink of unspeakable disaster. And the ultimate enemy lies closer to home than anyone realizes.

Only maverick CIA agent Ryan Kealey sees the threat for what it really is—but Washington refuses to listen. With the lives of millions at stake, Kealey has only one option: to take matters into his own hands. And the clock is ticking . . .

Supercharged and fiercely intelligent, The Assassin is an action-packed international thriller where no one can be trusted—and the final aftershocks are felt until the very last page.

Author: Andrew Britton
First Release: 2007
ISBN: 978-0141027975
Publisher: Penguin Books
The Invisible

Tensions between Pakistan and India are at an all-time high. To complicate matters, twelve American climbers have disappeared in Pakistan's Hindu Kush range. As the conflict escalates, the U.S. Secretary of State's motorcade is ambushed on the outskirts of Islamabad. When her back-up team arrives, they discover a disastrous scene: dozens are dead, including seven diplomatic security agents, and the secretary of state has vanished without a trace.

In the wake of the unprecedented attack, CIA agent Ryan Kealey's operation goes into high gear. Naomi Kharmai, the British-born analyst who has taken on a daring new role with the Agency, is on his team again. But Kharmai is becoming increasingly unpredictable, and as they work their way toward the target, it becomes clear to Kealey that anyone is fair game--and no one can be trusted.

Author: Andrew Britton
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0786018024
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
The Exile

For the President of the United States, the daily horror of life in West Darfur’s killing fields just hit heartbreakingly close to home. His niece, Lily, has been targeted and savagely murdered by a corps of fearsome government-backed militiamen. With the situation too explosive for diplomatic or military solutions, yet with the President and the public thirsting for revenge, America is out of options. Except one: Ryan Kealey, ex-Special Forces, former CIA, and unrivaled counterterrorism expert.

Kealey has been central to the war on terror for over a decade. But after the Agency hung him out to dry-and let his lover die-he turned his back. Until now. For the government has revealed its trump card, the one thing Kealey will risk everything for. Soon, from the lawless streets of Sudan to the highest levels of the American government, Kealey unearths secrets and betrayals that shock even his war-tempered sensibilities-and ignite a conflagration with unknowable global consequences.

Author: Andrew Britton
First Release: 2010
Ebook: B004ZGMT2W
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
The Operative

After more than a decade on the deadly front lines of the war on terror, Ryan Kealey believes he's finally put danger behind him--and some of his demons to rest. But his calm is shattered when he's swept into a merciless terror attack during a charity gala in downtown Baltimore. 

Among the dozens of casualties is the wife of CIA Deputy Director John Harper. With normal channels of investigation obstructed, Harper turns to Kealey, the one man with the resources, expertise--and freedom from government interference--to pursue the awful truth.

Following a string of secrets and violence, Kealey blazes a trail from the confines of the innermost chambers of government and big business to the dimmest reaches of the human psyche, forced to match wits with a new nemesis aided by new allies, each with a unique agenda. Slowly, Kealey unspools an unimaginable conspiracy that suggests America may in fact be its own worst enemy.

Author: Andrew Britton
First Release: 2012
Ebook: B009YKLSMG
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
The Courier

Ryan Kealey now knows he'll never really put the game behind him. He's seen too much, and the instinct is too deeply hardwired. But the game itself has changed. Between tense interagency "cooperation" that gums the works, and an overreliance on data-crunching and wiz-kid tech, today's US intelligence service has lost a step to its ever-bolder, viciously adaptable global enemies. And thanks to an incredible discovery in the Arctic, those enemies now have a nuke--capable of unleashing unthinkable terror.

To hunt down the devastating package before it can be used, Kealey forms an unlikely partnership with the young Farsi-speaking nuclear physicist Rayhan Jafari. But once on the ground, with technology and their by-the-numbers command failing them, they're on their own--trusting only their guts and each other--to conduct the dirty business of combating horrific destruction.

Author: Andrew Britton
First Release: 2013
Ebook: B00DV1IUYS
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
Threatcon Delta

Ryan Kealey has no doubt that the forces seeking to tip this teetering world into chaos are only getting better equipped—and, most terrifying of all, more patient. And despite all the ELINT, the all-seeing electronic intelligence gathered at Langley, nothing stops a devastating attack from ripping through the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

Wrenched from retirement to work the Texas tragedy, Kealey learns of a far greater threat in the Middle East. A radical terrorist group claims possession of a powerful ancient relic, the Staff of Moses, which they will use to unleash plagues across the globe. To avert unimaginable devastation, lone-wolf Kealey, armed with little more than intuition, must prevent a disaster of biblical proportions that may well be inevitable.

Author: Andrew Britton
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00KFP7YAO
Publisher: Pinnacle Books