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Jeff Carson is the American Amazon-Bestselling author of the David Wolf Mystery Series.

Set in the high Colorado country and mountain west, his gripping tales are full of mystery, thrills, and suspense, as well as a healthy dose of humor and romance.

Jeff wrote Foreign Deceit (2012), his debut novel and first installment of the David Wolf Series, while living in Italy for a year with his beloved wife and son.

His love for fiction writing, more so stories full of adventure, thriller, mystery, and suspense, began very early on when Jeff would listen to audiobooks while cruising through the expansive landscapes of the Western part of the United States.

He is greatly inspired by master storytellers such as Robert Ludlum, Lee Child, C.J.Box, Daniel Silva, Vince Flynn, and Clive Cussler, and as such integrates several elements of his role models into his own work.

Jeff currently resides in Colorado with his wife and their two sons.

Whenever he isn’t writing, Jeff can be found golfing, hiking, camping, or doing whatever his two sons feel they should be doing at that particular moment.

More about Jeff Carson

Genre: Mystery

Born: 1963

United States


Ali Falco

  1. The Como Falcon (2022)

David Wolf

  1. Gut Decision: A David Wolf Novella (2014)
  2. Foreign Deceit (2012)
  3. The Silversmith (2013)
  4. Alive and Killing (2013)
  5. Deadly Conditions (2014)
  6. Cold Lake (2014)
  7. Smoked Out (2015)
  8. To the Bone (2015)
  9. Dire (2016)
  10. Signature (2016)
  11. Dark Mountain (2017)
  12. Rain (2017)
  13. Drifted (2018)
  14. Divided Sky (2019)
  15. In the Ground (2020)
  16. High Road (2021)
  17. Dead Canyon (2022)

Detailed book overview

Ali Falco

The Como Falcon

Ali Falco longs to prove her mettle as a Polizia di Stato detective, but it’s tough with the Carabinieri taking over any high-profile cases, and the politics inside her department pushing her to the fringes of any action that pops up. So when a dead body emerges from the limestone soil above Lake Como—a young woman who’s been missing for years—Ali is resigned to read about it in the local paper.

Soon after, death strikes again, this time much closer, and no rank or politics can push her out of involvement with this one, because the deceased is her father.

They were tightly bonded until her mother’s death thrust a divide between them. It’s been ten years since she’s spoken to him, and it would have been the rest of her life had he lived, but something about her father’s death doesn’t look right. It looks like murder. And hate him or not, he’s family, and she’s a sworn detective.

With the help of an Interpol investigator named Marco, an intriguing man with a complicated past himself, Ali sets aside the pain of her history and looks into the last decade of her father’s life in order to shed light on his death, revealing truths that are more shocking than than she could have imagined.

With each detail uncovered, Ali and Marco draw closer to unraveling a web of disturbing lies, and to an unseen enemy that will do anything it takes to remain hidden, one that will stop at nothing to keep the secrets of the past in the past, and Ali in the dark. Forever.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09MSV6V8L
Publisher: Cross Atlantic Publishing

David Wolf

Gut Decision: A David Wolf Novella

After six tours as an Army Ranger, David Wolf is finally back home in Rocky Points, Colorado, where he's in his third week of training for the Sluice County Sheriff's Department.

His survival instincts and fresh memories of military action are wreaking havoc on his chances of making a good impression, and when he screws up during his first week on patrol, everyone has written him off as hopeless--a dangerous kid without any self control.

So when he thinks he sees trouble happening during a routine call, probie-deputy Wolf must decide if he can defy orders and trust the instincts that got him through six tours of death-defying military action, or if he's just seeing things again.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 979-8568025016
Publisher: Independently published
Foreign Deceit

Living in a ski resort town in the middle of the Colorado Rockies should be paradise, but deputy David Wolf is stretched thin hunting a missing person and dealing with his ex-wife coming back into the picture. All that trouble drops to the wayside, however, when he gets word his brother has died half a world away while traveling in northern Italy.

A nagging suspicion there's more to the story than officials are telling him is enough to pull Wolf from his volatile life to Lecco, Italy, a city along the shores of picturesque Lake Como. Five thousand miles from home in this place where Wolf struggles to even communicate with another soul, a disturbing secret awaits among the ancient cobblestone alleys, one that has already proven deadly to one foreigner.

With the aid of a Carabinieri agent with a chip on her shoulder, can Wolf piece together what really happened to his brother without suffering the same fate?

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0615952024
Publisher: Cross Atlantic Publishing
The Silversmith

Wolf is given an offer he doesn't want.

But refusing will prove deadly.

Deputy David Wolf has waited sixteen years to follow in his father’s footsteps and be appointed Sheriff of the Sluice County sheriff’s department, headquartered in the ski resort town of Rocky Points, Colorado. But instead of the dream job, he's offered something else.

When Wolf refuses, and a dead body shows up with clues pointing to Wolf as the culprit, he soon finds himself chased by his own department, along with a special forces hunter with a lust for blood.

In this action-packed, suspenseful second installment in the David Wolf Series, Wolf must draw on all his skills to survive the onslaught in the high Rocky Mountain forest. And if he wants to clear his name, he'll have to piece together a mystery unearthed from the ground that could do no less than rewrite his own past, and ensure his future among the living.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1505246827
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Alive and Killing

Just for a day, Colorado Sheriff David Wolf trades slogging through murky meltwaters and even murkier small-town politics for an overnight camping trip in the wilderness with his son. But when a man with fresh burns turns up on their trail, falling from the heavy load in his backpack and running wild from something, Wolf suspects the camping trip may have taken a turn for the worse.

Unfortunately his instincts are spot on, and Wolf is forced into action with the last person he wants by his side in a deadly battle.

When news of their episode travels through the valleys, local FBI agents want to take over the investigation, hoping to halt murder and corruption originating 7,000 miles away in Afghanistan. But national security or not, Jack’s safety is at stake, and orders to stand down fall on his deaf ears.  

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1497394643
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Deadly Conditions

Shock travels fast in a small town.

The ski resort town of Rocky Points, Colorado has just been hit with an epic snowstorm, and when a plow uncovers a young woman brutally murdered and marked with a cryptic message, Sheriff David Wolf and his deputies are left scrambling to find a killer before he strikes again.

Wolf will stop at nothing to halt the fear running rampant through Rocky Points, which means he needs to find the killer, and fast. But when his investigation leads him to corruption involving the highest authorities, he'll be forced to gamble everything--limb, career, and even his life--in order to unveil the truth.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1505436303
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Cold Lake

The truth emerges, one piece at a time.

When a fisherman reels in a plastic bag containing a severed human head from the depths of Cold Lake, Colorado, sheriff David Wolf and his deputies scramble to the scene. It doesn't take long to realize more surprises lurk below.

Their grim discoveries reopen a cold case Wolf’s father worked twenty-two years ago, and Wolf must try to succeed where his father failed before him. Wolf has the advantage on his dad, though, because he has bodies. Lots of them.

Amid sweeping political changes that have his department and the entire county on edge, Wolf and his deputies come to the disturbing realization there is a dangerous serial killer in their midst—one who will stop at nothing to remain hidden.

Can Wolf and his deputies unveil the truth before someone pays the ultimate price?

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1505436358
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Smoked Out

Wolf joins forces again with FBI special agent Kristen Luke as they face a gang of deadly criminals out to destroy all they hold dear.

With over a dozen mending bones and other injuries wreaking havoc on his body, along with a shredded spirit twisting his sanity, former sheriff David Wolf is in no shape for any sort of action. But when FBI surveillance units move into the valley and surround his house, it seems he's about to have no choice.

Wolf quickly learns, however, things are not what they seem, and a trap has been set with him as the prey. If he wants to live long enough to bring justice for the only woman he’s ever loved and to see his son grow into a man, broken body or not, he must move, and move fast.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1519637581
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
To the Bone

In a place where ancient, killing monsters are buried beneath, it seems more are still prowling topside.

Chief Detective David Wolf’s son has a new girlfriend, and when she discovers her father—a well known man in ancient fossils trade circles—has been murdered, she and the rest of her shattered family turn to Wolf to bring them justice.

With the help of a small town sheriff and a retired police dog named Jet, Wolf follows the clues to a dig site in western Colorado, where secrets have been entombed for eons, and people are dying to keep them that way.

In a place where killing monsters are buried under the earth, it becomes clear there are still some roaming topside, and in this suspense-filled seventh installment of the David Wolf Mystery Thriller series, Wolf must keep his wits or it will be his bones found next.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1091879836
Publisher: Independently published

Just as Detective David Wolf and his new girlfriend get started, so does the killing.  

When a man careens off the road into the frigid waters of the Chautauqua River, Chief Detective David Wolf risks his own life to bring the man to shore. News of Wolf’s bravery travels fast through the burgeoning ski town of Rocky Points, Colorado, and before long he’s pulled into the political grinder, where candidates are eager to exploit Wolf’s character for their own gain. Injured as well in the process, it seems his heroic deed was some cruel twist of fate, that is, until he meets Lauren Coulter, a new girl in town and a nurse at the local hospital.

Lauren is smart, beautiful, and just Wolf’s type. The connection between them is there. But just as they get started, so does the killing. And as bodies start emerging, so do the secrets from Lauren’s troubled past.

Has fate steered Wolf to the wrong woman? Or is someone more devious behind the wheel? Lives will depend on how fast Wolf can come up with the answer, and this time, living with failure will prove to be something much worse than death.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1523842049
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Chief Detective David Wolf is called to a crime scene next to the Chautauqua River, where a woman resident of Rocky Points has been murdered. The killer has left a well-known signature not seen for years--a severed ear. For Wolf, the gruesome display is a surprise, but so is the FBI beating the local department to the scene.

While the town reels with panic, Wolf learns the latest victim was dating an SBCSD deputy whose past directly links to similar killings in the Four Corners area. Worse, the FBI has more secrets they’re not telling, only adding to the mounting questions about how to catch this calculating, ruthless murderer.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1536983562
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Dark Mountain

When a dead body is discovered stuffed inside a car trunk in the forest outside Rocky Points, Colorado, Chief Detective David Wolf finds himself involved in a case that will rock the local community. But as details emerge, the tension rises higher when it’s clear the driver’s last client was Tom Rachette, Wolf’s loyal detective. Worse yet, Detective Rachette is no longer answering his phone.

At the same time, Wolf gets a cryptic email that jars loose war memories he'd rather forget. And it soon becomes clear he must face his past head-on if he wants to save his friend from certain death.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1520799698
Publisher: Independently published

A woman crashes her car near the scenic Colorado ski resort town of Rocky Points and slips into a coma after suffering head trauma. The Sluice-Byron County first responders discover she’s stolen her vehicle from central Washington and doctors find her body is riddled with wounds that have nothing to do with the collision.

Chief Detective David Wolf of Rocky Points is two days from getting married when he learns the crash victim’s identity as Special Agent Kristen Luke of the FBI—Wolf’s colleague and former lover. As questions mount about her inauspicious arrival, Luke wakes up and provides no answers, because she can’t remember.

When the Feds drop in to take Special Agent Luke back home, Wolf can’t shake the feeling more danger is at play than they’re letting on. In this action-packed new installment of the David Wolf mystery-thriller series, Wolf must choose between two loyalties, risking his new life at home to travel to the Pacific Northwest.

Among biblical rains and ruthless gangs, can Wolf find the truth? Or will all he holds dear drown in deception?

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1973260226
Publisher: Independently published

As the snow melts, a disturbing truth emerges.

A Rocky Points businessman goes missing, leaving behind an SUV drifted over in snow and a lot of questions for the Sluice-Byron County SD. But the answers are hard to come by, and Chief Detective David Wolf’s personal problems aren’t making investigating any easier for him and his team.

As the temperatures rise in the Chautauqua Valley, the most important clue emerges from the melting drifts. At the same time, Wolf’s memories surface from the shadowy depths of his mind and back into his life. Even for a man with Wolf’s history, dealing with the case and facing his demons head-on proves too much, and Wolf is brought to his knees, both physically and mentally.

Will the valley’s best cop rise again, purified by fire? Or will his ashes drift away on the high winds of the Rockies, leaving behind a justice unpaid?

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1982937867
Publisher: Independently published
Divided Sky

One dead. One missing.

Loyalty pulls Wolf into the case. Getting back out alive will be another matter.

One man is dead and another is missing down south near Ridgway, Colorado. When the local law enforcement reaches out to Chief Detective David Wolf's department, his task is to check on former-sheriff Harold "Hal" Burton. Because a person of interest in the case has also gone missing--Burton's estranged nephew, Jesse.

Out of loyalty to his old boss, Wolf is sucked into the case, and it soon becomes clear there is more going on than meets the eye. And as for disturbing clues, there are plenty to meet the eye when they arrive in Ridgway.

Meanwhile, change is in the air back in Rocky Points, as palpable as the buzz before a lightning strike. And it looks like if Wolf can survive the forces at play amid the jagged skies of the San Juan mountains, then more trouble awaits at home.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1096462606
Publisher: Independently published
In the Ground

When diggers at a high altitude surface mine exhume the corpse of one of their workers, the Sluice-Byron SD is called to the scene. Upon arrival, detectives find answers are hard to come by, but one thing’s for certain—they are looking at murder.

David Wolf, now acting interim sheriff, is finding this second time around running the show less desirable than the last, so when a spot opens up in the investigation he wastes no time jumping into the action.

The case pulls Wolf and his team to the outlying town of Dredge, Colorado, and to an unknown satellite deputy named Piper Cain. As the case heats up, Cain manages to crack her own way into the case, and just maybe into Wolf’s life.

But danger lurks beneath the surface in these far outreaches of the county, and Wolf will learn those responsible for the death are willing to go all the way to keep their secret buried.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 979-8693773127
Publisher: Independently published
High Road

When a sheriff’s son is found dead in a neighboring county to the south, clues show foul-play. Led by the same sheriff now doubling as a father hell-bent on vengeance, the investigation turns violent, pushing the local district attorney north to Rocky Points for help. They need somebody with an outside perspective to lead the investigation, and Chief Detective David Wolf is just their man.

Wolf has no pending investigations and there’s a fellow man in law enforcement in need, so he has little reason to say no and every reason to say yes. However, it’s not the sheriff who’s asking for help. And as it turns out Wolf has a history on the football field with this sheriff—one involving a lot of pain for Wolf.

Setting aside personal feelings, Wolf ventures south and gets tangled in a mysterious investigation, and finds a truth that is fractured, its pieces scattered wide by the explosive nature of the big man from the gridiron now wearing the badge in Crow Valley.

Just as expected Wolf finds his presence is unwanted, but it’s soon clear that innocent people are in mortal danger with the vigilante justice that’s being doled out in Crow County, and there are unseen forces at play rendering all involved blind. With danger looming if he makes one misstep, can Wolf gather all the pieces of truth and stop the killing?

Or will this be the time he dies trying?

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8777824240
Publisher: Independently published
Dead Canyon

When a drug runner on pre-trial release disappears, nobody’s surprised in Sluice-Byron county. What is shocking, however, is when Wolf finds the man’s severed foot, tracking ankle bracelet still attached. It looks like somebody has come to retrieve their man, and make a statement while doing so.

Why? Wolf wonders. And what happened to the man? Is he still alive? These questions are pushed aside, however, when Wolf realizes somebody in town has also disappeared, someone he’s grown close to over the years. And now the clock is ticking, and the need for answers has become much more urgent.

With the help of friend and former lover Special Agent Kristen Luke, Wolf is clued into a major FBI operation under way in the southwest, and it looks like everything is intertwined, part of the same ongoing power game, one with seemingly no rules, starring shadowy, horrifying players who have no regard for life.

With stakes as high as it gets, Wolf and Luke will need to dig deep, using all their skills and determination to win. Because for Wolf and Luke, and for those they hold dear, losing is not an option anybody will be able to live with.

Author: Jeff Carson
First Release: 2022
Ebook: B09MV8LLJR
Publisher: Cross Atlantic Publishing