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Toby Clements is a British author of historical fiction and historical mystery novels.

Best known for writing the Kingmaker Series, he was inspired to write the series after a school trip to Tewkesbury Abbey sparked a lifelong interest in the Wars of the Roses.

From that moment, Clements has immersed himself in a world of literature, passionately reading every piece he can lay his hands on.

During long weekends, he eagerly participates in re-enactment fairs, acquiring skills like longbow archery and poll axe combat.

Clements has even mastered the art of starting fires with flint and steel, utilizing shreds of baked linen.

However, his focus has now shifted towards common folks of the 15th Century's folk, driven by a sincere eagerness to learn how they navigated life, love, conflicts, and even death.

The author currently resides in London with his beloved wife and three lovely children.

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Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

United Kingdom


  1. Driving Us Insane: A Year in the Fast Lane with Jeremy Klaxon, Presenter of TV's Bottom Gear (2010)


  1. Winter Pilgrims (2014)
  2. Broken Faith (2015)
  3. Divided Souls (2016)
  4. Kingdom Come (2017)


  1. The Asti Spumante Code: A Parody (2005)
  2. The No. 2 Global Detective: A Parody (2006)

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Driving Us Insane: A Year in the Fast Lane with Jeremy Klaxon, Presenter of TV's Bottom Gear

Driving Us Insane reveals the presenter of TV's cult motoring series Bottom Gear as he has never been revealed before. Week by week, car by car, stunt by stunt and challenge by challenge, it describes - in forthright, no-holds-barred detail - the events of a year to remember in the life of a legend of British broadcasting.

From his inadvertent running down of Roger Moore in an Aston Martin DBS to his gate-crashing of the set of a gay porn movie in a golf buggy, this is Klaxon laid bare. UTTERLY, TOTALLY, BARE. The cars that inspire him, the friends and colleagues who admire him, the women who desire him, the ramblers, environ-mentalists and lesbian schoolteachers who rile him.

If Driving Us Insane was a car, it would be a 7.3-litre, 12-cylinder Pagani Zonda F driving down the M40 Chiltern gap at 150 mph with a JBL GTO-1202D Subwoofer belting out The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again' while Myleene Klass swoons naked in the passenger seat. ONLY BETTER. MUCH BETTER.

Author: Toby Clements
First Release: 2010
Ebook: B00A25OL0I
Publisher: Atlantic Books


Winter Pilgrims


In the bitter dawn of a winter’s morning, a young man and a woman escape from a priory.

Fearing for their lives, they are forced to flee across a land ravaged by conflict.

For this England, torn apart by the infamous Wars of the Roses, one of the most savage and bloody civil wars in history.

Brother confronts brother. King faces king,

And Thomas and Katherine, two seemingly unimportant figures in the midst of chaos and bloodshed, must fight just to stay alive ...

Author: Toby Clements
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0099585879
Publisher: Arrow Books
Broken Faith

October, 1463

England is a divided nation. In the north, the Lancastrian king struggles to hold power, while in the south, the princes of the house of York prepare for war.

Across this land, pursued by the Church and the Law, a young man, Thomas, and a young woman, Katherine, make their way, bearing proof of a secret both sides will kill to learn.

Bent on revenge for a past outrage, Thomas and Katherine journey to the mighty castle of Bamburgh to join a weakening king as he marshals his army to take up arms in one of the most savage civil wars in history: the Wars of the Roses.

Author: Toby Clements
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0099585886
Publisher: Random House
Divided Souls

Lent, 1469

The recent wars between the House of York and the House of Lancaster seem over. The Yorkist King Edward sits on his throne in Westminster, while the Lancastrian claimants are in exile or under lock and key in the Tower.

But within the family of York there is discord. The Earl of Warwick conspires against his King, and while to one another's faces they are all smiles, their household men speak in lies and whispers.

No man comes to court unarmed.

Thomas and Katherine have returned to Marton Hall, the only home they know.

But what lies buried in the past cannot remain so for long, and soon they are forced to take up arms once more in one of the most savage wars in history.

The Wars of the Roses . . .

Author: Toby Clements
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1784752613
Publisher: Arrow
Kingdom Come


The recent tensions between King Edward and his great ally the Earl of Warwick lie forgotten these past months, but even as winter tightens her grip on the land, the peace is shattered by a vicious attack on one of the King’s allies.

Long buried secrets are brought to the surface, and Thomas and Katherine must finally decide where their loyalties lie and to choose between fight or flight, knowing either choice will incur a terrible price.

From Lincoln to Bruges, from Barnet to the great battle at Tewkesbury, both must play their part in one of the most savage wars in history.

The wars of the roses.

Author: Toby Clements
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1784752620
Publisher: Arrow


The Asti Spumante Code: A Parody

In the first-ever parody of one of the best-selling novels of all time, a nasty murder points to lots of sinister and important mysteries that will change the world. Why, for example, did the dead man leave so many bafflingly inane clues when a sticky note would have done? Why does our code-breaking hero know so much useless stuff, and why is he usually wrong about it anyway? And what’s the truth behind that frightfully sinister symbol, the publishers’ circle?

Author: Toby Clements
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0751537680
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
The No. 2 Global Detective: A Parody

Cuff College of Transgression and Pathology, Oxford.

The quiet of the evening is shattered by the discovery of a Body In The Library.

The police are Baffled. Tom Hurst, a junior lecturer at the College, breaking every rule of the whodunnit genre, follows a trail of arcane clues that leads him to Botswana and Mma Delicious Ontoast.

His investigations then take him to Sweden and Burt Colander; to Edinburgh, where he is grudgingly helped by DI John "Just-Now" Rhombus; and to Richmond, Virginia, where he meets the brilliant, attractive-in-a-powerful way, midnight-blue-pantsuited forensic pathologist Dr Su Carpaccio.

Sometimes one supersleuth just isn't enough.

Author: Toby Clements
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-1841958514
Publisher: Canongate Books