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Ben Coes is an American New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of thriller books based on international espionage.

Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Ben attended Columbia University where he was awarded the institution’s writing award, the Bennett Cerf Memorial Prize, on his graduation.

He went on to work at the White House under the Reagan presidency, serving as a White House-appointed speechwriter to the Secretary of Energy during the Gulf War.

Ben also had a spell in the oil sector, where he worked for Boone Pickens, before he went on to launch two companies.

At one point a Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Ben currently resides in Wellesley, Massachusetts with his beloved wife and four lovely children.

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Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Born: 1966

United States


Dewey Andreas

  1. Power Down (2010)
  2. Coup d'Etat (2011)
  3. The Last Refuge (2012)
  4. Eye for an Eye (2013)
  5. Independence Day (2015)
  6. First Strike (2016)
  7. Trap the Devil (2017)
  8. Shooting Gallery: A Dewey Andreas Novella (2018)
  9. Bloody Sunday (2018)
  10. The Island (2021)

Rob Tacoma

  1. The Russian (2019)
Rob Tacoma

Detailed book overview

Dewey Andreas

Power Down

The largest oil-platform in the Western Hemisphere and a major hydroelectric dam are destroyed in a devastating, coordinated terrorist attack. The West s energy supplies are on their knees.

But when the terrorists struck the Capitana rig off the coast of Colombia, slaughtering most of the crew and destroying the oil field, there was one factor they didn't take into account: former special forces operative Dewey Andreas.

Determined to find the men behind the attack, Dewey must call on his long-dormant skills and overcome increasingly deadly assaults as he follows the trail of operatives sent to take him down. Soon he is locked in a life-or-death struggle with the mysterious Alexander Fortuna...and the clock is ticking.

Can Dewey save the people and the country he loves before it s too late?

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1788635257
Publisher: Canelo
Coup d'Etat

When a fragile peace breaks down between Pakistan and India, the United States is forced to intervene. When a rapidly escalating war threatens to engulf the entire region, the president must find a way to shut it down immediately―or else face total destruction for the world at large.

With the clock ticking and Pakistan in the hands of a religious radical willing to do anything and risk everything to achieve his deadly plan, there is only one man with the skills and experience to infiltrate the live war theater and successfully execute a nearly impossible, unbelievably daring plan.

His name: Dewey Andreas. His mission: to remove the Pakistani president from power. Now all the White House has to do is find him…before time runs out.

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1447208792
Publisher: Pan
The Last Refuge

Israeli Special Forces commander Kohl Meir has proof that Iran has finally succeeded in building its first nuclear weapon―and plans on using it to attack Israel. But before Meir can recruit Dewey Andreas and execute his secret operation, he's abducted in New York and smuggled into Iran, where he's imprisoned and tortured.

Dewey owes his life to Meir and his team of Israeli commandos. Now he must do whatever it takes to free Meir from one of the world's most secure prisons…while Iran's nuclear clock ticks away. It's the most perilous mission of his lifetime―and Dewey cannot afford to fail. The fate of millions is at stake. The fragile balance of world power depends on his every move. And time is running out…

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1447208808
Publisher: Pan
Eye for an Eye

When Dewey Andreas uncovers the identity of a mole embedded at a high level in Israel's Mossad, it triggers a larger, more dangerous plot. The mole was the most important asset of Chinese Intelligence, and Fao Bhang, head of China's Ministry of State Security (MSS), responds to the discovery and brutal elimination of the mole, by immediately placing a kill order on the man responsible—Dewey Andreas.

Dewey is tracked to Argentina, where he is on vacation with his fiancée, Jessica Tanzer, a U.S. National Security Advisor. A top-level kill team is sent in quickly and quietly, but their attack fails to take out Dewey. The collateral damage, however, is both horrifying and deeply personal. With nothing left to lose, Andreas is determined to have his revenge.

Once he learns who is probably behind the attack—and why they are after him—Dewey goes rogue, using all of his assets and skills to launch a counterattack. Andreas must now face the full weight and might of the MSS, Chinese Intelligence, and the formidable Fao Bhang, if he's to achieve his one last goal: revenge on a biblical scale, no matter the odds or the armies that he will have to fight his way through.

Andreas—former Army Ranger and Delta—is a man of great skills and cunning. His opponent, Fao Bhang, is ruthless, determined, and with no limit to the assets at his disposal.

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1447247111
Publisher: Pan
Independence Day

Cloud, the code name a high-level Russian hacker, has acquired a nuclear weapon. It’s an older bomb from the USSR’s Cold War arsenal with the power to devastate a major city. Fueled by a dark and personal vendetta, Cloud has put it onto an anonymous trawler, piloted by jihadists, headed straight to America.

Dewey Andreas, a former Delta working as an agent for the CIA, is still grieving the murder of his fiancée. He’s lost his focus, his edge―and the confidence of his superiors. But when an overseas mission to capture Cloud goes awry, Dewey becomes America’s last hope of putting a stop to the bomb.

Now it’s up to Dewey to put his past behind him and risk everything to find one of the world’s most elusive enemies…or witness a terrorist attack timed to coincide with the country’s biggest holiday: Independence Day.

NB: This book is also known as A Day to Kill.

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2015
Ebook: B00H6EJSC4
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
First Strike

Deep within the Pentagon, a covert, multi-billion arms-for-influence program was created. The objective was to protect the United States and its allies from terrorist acts by secretly enabling a hand-picked man to emerge as the most powerful leader in the Middle East. But the charismatic Tristan Nazir double-crosses America, twisting the program for his own violent ends to create ISIS. Now America is at great risk.

Elite operative Dewey Andreas is sent to Syria to retrieve details about the source of ISIS’s funding but his cover is blown mid-operation and chaos erupts in the streets of Damascus. Trapped and outnumbered, Dewey manages to send proof of the awful truth—unknown at even the highest levels in the government—that ISIS’s munitions were indeed provided by America itself.

This information arrives in time to for the U.S. to cut off a final arms shipment before it reaches ISIS. But the vicious Nazir, is far from finished. He launches a bold strike into the heart of America, sending a terrorist cell to take over a dorm at Columbia University, capturing hundreds of college students as hostages. For every hour that the shipment of weapons is withheld, the terrorists will publicly execute one student. The potential loss of life is intolerable. A frontal assault is impossible. Releasing the shipment is unthinkable. There is nowhere to turn…

In a situation with no solutions, there remains only one option—Dewey Andreas.

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2016
Ebook: B017RBWIEK
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Trap the Devil

Some of the most powerful people in the government, military, and private sector are planning to take over the reins of the White House―and populate it with their own sympathizers and puppets. They’ve already taken out the Speaker of the House, whose death was made to look like an accident. The president and VP are next in line...

On restricted duty while he recovers from injuries incurred on a previous mission, Dewey Andreas is sent to Paris by the director of the CIA to accompany the Secretary of State. But what should have been a simple security job turns into a nightmare when the Secretary is taken out by a hitman―and the blame falls on Dewey himself.

Now Dewey is on the run and out in the cold, desperately trying to unravel a plot back at home and a secret enemy at his heels before the conspirators succeed in their sinister agenda. . .and kill millions of innocent citizens in the process.

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1788635240
Publisher: Canelo
Shooting Gallery: A Dewey Andreas Novella

The newly sworn in Vice President of the United States has a problem. Her son, off in college, doesn't care for his security detail. So when Spring Break comes around, he slips away from his bodyguard, picks up his best friend, and heads to Mexico for an intended week of sun, sand, women, and hoped-for debauchery. 

But when he arrives at the airport, a team of well-armed kidnappers grab both him and his friend and escape. Now they're demanding that an exorbitant ransom be paid in only a few hours — and if it's not, both boys will be killed.

Dewey Andreas, CIA operative and former Delta, happens to be in Mexico, taking some time away and helping friends Katie Fox and Rob Tacoma with a private job. Hoping to relax, Andreas is now the only hope these two young men have of surviving their misadventure.

But Mexico is a big country and, before anything else, Dewey has to find the missing boys. Even then, it's a race against the clock, with a highly-trained group of vicious men waiting at the other end.

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2018
Ebook: B07CL3S9JV
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Bloody Sunday

"24 hours to nuclear war. The clock is ticking."

North Korea, increasingly isolated from most of the rest of the world, is led by an absolute dictator, a madman with a major goal to launch a nuclear war. But nobody realizes that North Korea has made a deal with Iran.

In exchange for effective missiles, they will trade nuclear triggers and fissionable material. An exchange, if it goes through, that will create two new nuclear powers.

Meanwhile Dewey Andreas is ready to retire from the CIA. But he's the only available agent with the skills to stop North Korea. The plan is to inject a designer poison into a top North Korean general and, in exchange for the nuclear plans, provide him with the the antidote. But it goes awry.

Now, to survive, Dewey must get into North Korea. He has less than 24 hours to stop the deal and to save himself...

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1788635264
Publisher: Canelo
The Island

America is about to face the deadliest terrorist attack on it's soil since 9/11. Iran has been planning a revenge attack for years, with three goals in mind. Bring America to its knees. Assassinate the popular U.S. President J. P. Dellenbaugh. And neutralize their most successful agent, Dewey Andreas.

The first pre-emptive attack against Dewey Andreas fails but it worries the head of the CIA enough that he sends Dewey out of town and off the grid. But as intelligence analysts work as fast as they can to unravel the chatter on terrorist networks, Muhammed el-Shakib, head of Iran's military and intelligence agency, launches a bold strike.

When the President arrives in New York to address the U.N., embedded terrorist assets blow up the bridges and tunnels that connect Manhattan to the mainland. Taking control of the island with it's hidden forces, they race to the U.N. in search of Dellenbaugh and to launch an even deadlier attack that will wreak unimaginable destruction on the country itself.

While a shocked country struggles to mount a counter-attack, a hopeless, outmanned and outgunned Dewey Andreas sneaks onto the island of Manhattan to fight a seemingly impossible battle.

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1800325593
Publisher: Canelo

Rob Tacoma

The Russian

The Russian mafia has virtually taken over the criminal underworld in the U.S. and law enforcement, at every level, has been unable to stem the tide.

When a powerful Russian mob family declares war by publicly executing two high-profile American politicians, the message is unmistakable: Opposition will be met with deadly force. With no other viable options, the president creates a clandestine assassination team to take the fight back to the criminals.

The CIA recruits two Tier 1 operators―former Navy SEALs Billy Cosgrove and Rob Tacoma―but, before the team can even begin its mission, Cosgrove is targeted in a fatal attack.

Now it’s up to Tacoma to do the impossible: find and kill the hidden mob boss behind Cosgrove’s death, and take on a ruthless enemy with endless resources, zero boundaries, and no mercy.

Author: Ben Coes
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1788638234
Publisher: Canelo