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Bruce Robert Coffin is an American award-winning author of mystery and thriller.

He is known for writing the Detective John Byron mysteries, as well as the Turner and Mosley Files which he co-authored with bestselling author LynDee Walker.

A retired detective sergeant who devoted nearly three decades of his life to law enforcement, Bruce oversaw all homicide and violent crime investigations for the largest city in Maine.

After the tragic events of 9/11, he dedicated four years of his life to investigating counter-terrorism cases for the FBI.

In recognition of his efforts, Bruce was awarded with the prestigious Director's Award, the highest honor granted to a non-agent within the organization.

A recipient of the Silver Falchion Awards by Killer Nashville, and the Maine Literary Award for Best Crime Fiction Novel, Bruce is a member of International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Short Mystery Fiction Society.

He is also a member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, and actively contributes to the renowned Murder Books blog.

Agented by Paula Munier at Talcott Notch Literary, Bruce currently resides in Maine.

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Genres: Mystery, Thriller

United States


John Byron

  1. Among The Shadows (2016)
  2. Beneath the Depths (2017)
  3. Beyond the Truth (2018)
  4. Within Plain Sight (2020)

Turner and Mosley Files (Co-authored with LynDee Walker)

  1. The General's Gold (2024)
  2. The Cardinal's Curse (2024)
Turner and Mosley Files (Co-authored with LynDee Walker)

Detailed book overview

John Byron

Among The Shadows

Fall in Portland, Maine usually arrives as a welcome respite from summer’s sweltering temperatures and, with the tourists gone, a return to normal life—usually. But when a retired cop is murdered, things heat up quickly, setting the city on edge.

Detective Sergeant John Byron, a second-generation cop, is tasked with investigating the case—at the very moment his life is unraveling. On the outs with his department’s upper echelon, separated from his wife, and feeling the strong pull of the bottle, Byron remains all business as he tries to solve the murder of one of their own. 

And when another ex-Portland PD officer dies under suspicious circumstances, he quickly realizes there’s much more to these cases than meets the eye. The closer Byron gets to the truth, the greater the danger for him and his fellow detectives.

Author: Bruce Robert Coffin
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-0062569479
Publisher: Witness Impulse
Beneath the Depths

When the body of prominent Portland attorney Paul Ramsey turns up in the bottom of Casco Bay, following his loss of a multimillion dollar civil trial, Byron knows it's no accidental drowning. Golden boy Ramsey had a dark side—and Byron believes the key to solving his murder lies in uncovering those secrets someone wanted buried along with him.

With the brilliant Detective Diane Joyner by his side, Byron takes on Ramsey's former employer, the powerhouse law firm of Newman, Branch & DeWitt. But delving further into the troubled waters of Ramsey's past only serves to lengthen the list of suspects—unleashing a perfect storm of corruption, betrayal, and murder that only Byron can stop. If he's not too late.

Author: Bruce Robert Coffin
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0062569509
Publisher: Witness Impulse
Beyond the Truth

When a popular high school senior is shot by police following a late night robbery, chaos ensues. The actions of the officer are immediately called into question. Amid community protests, political grandstanding, department leaks, and reluctant witnesses, Byron and his team must work quickly to find the missing pieces.

And when an attempt is made on the officer’s life, Byron shifts into overdrive, putting everything on the line. Was the attack merely retribution or something more sinister? The search for the truth may come at a price not even Byron can afford.

Author: Bruce Robert Coffin
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0062569530
Publisher: Witness Impulse
Within Plain Sight

Amid the dog days of summer, Detective Sergeant John Byron is called to the scene of a horrific crime: a young woman’s body, dismembered and left in an abandoned Portland lumber yard. The killing shares striking similarities with a spate of murders committed in Boston by a serial killer known only as the Horseman.

As Byron’s team investigates the case, they quickly push up against powerful forces in town. But Byron will stop at nothing to find the truth, not when there is a killer on the loose and everyone is a suspect. Has the Horseman expanded his killing field? Is this the work of an ingenious copycat—or is nothing what it seems? One thing is certain: Byron must uncover the truth before the killer strikes again.

Author: Bruce Robert Coffin
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-0062971340
Publisher: Witness Impulse

Turner and Mosley Files (Co-authored with LynDee Walker)

The General's Gold

A treasure so priceless, it's worth killing for.

When Mark Hawkins is found dead in a seedy motel, police deem it an accidental overdose. But billionaire computer genius Avery Turner suspects there might be more to the story. Her old friend was on the trail of the legendary General's Gold, and now Avery is determined to pick up where he left off...

Teaming up with Carter Mosley, a deep-sea shipwreck diver and adrenaline junkie turned social media sensation, Avery embarks on a dangerous quest for the treasure-and the truth. From Florida to Maine, and from the mountains of Virginia to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, they face treacherous gangs, man-eating sharks, and a world of deception and double-crosses.

As they navigate hidden clues and uncertain allies, Avery and Carter must outwit their deadly adversaries and unravel the mystery surrounding the General's Gold. But in this high-stakes game, losing the treasure could cost them their lives.

Author: Bruce Robert Coffin
First Release: 2024
ISBN: 978-1648755897
Publisher: Severn River Publishing
The Cardinal's Curse

The discovery of a hidden maritime treasure unearths a dark and twisted secret…

An invitation to join a team of scientists exploring the seas surrounding Antarctica leads to the greatest shipwreck discovery of the century—and plunges Avery Turner and Carter Mosley into a quest for the long-lost crown jewels of Norway. And to their surprise, the truth behind a long-forgotten unsolved murder.

As they chase the supposedly cursed treasure across three continents, threats and sabotage far outnumber clues and allies, leaving Avery and Carter unsure who they can trust and racing to find answers before this adventure becomes their last.

Author: Bruce Robert Coffin
First Release: 2024
ISBN: 978-1648755958
Publisher: Severn River Publishing