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JaQuavis Coleman books in order

JaQuavis Coleman is an American film director and author of urban fiction novels.

He also uses the pen names Ashley Coleman and Ashley & JaQuavis; using the latter when writing with his wife Ashley Antoinette.

Born and raised in the infamous Flint neighborhoods in Michigan, JaQuavis and his wife Ashley burst into the scene while still teenagers, writing about the street life that they knew life the psalm of their hands.

At twenty-seven, JaQuavis was named by Ebony magazine as one of the Top 100 most influential African Americans in the United States.

More about JaQuavis Coleman

Genre: Urban Fiction

United States

Pseudonym: Ashley Coleman, Ashley & JaQuavis

Non Series

  • The Day the Streets Stood Still (2012)
  • Judas (2017)
  • Cubana (2019)
  • The Stiletto Agreement (2022)

Dopeman's Trilogy

  1. The Dopeman (2010)
  2. The Dopeman's Wife (2009)
  3. The Dopefiend (2010)


  1. The White House (2014)

Streets Have No King

  1. The Streets Have No King (2017)
  2. The Streets Have No Queen (2019)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Day the Streets Stood Still

Meet Sean. He was raised by a hustling, well-connected mother and was taught early about street survival. When his mother is brutally murdered, Sean is thrust into a cold world all alone.

An old friend of his mother takes Sean under his wing and introduces him to a life of drug dealing at its highest level. Sean becomes "King Sean" and rises up the drug game's totem pole. King Sean makes a solid name for himself in the street game. The only weakness he has ever had is a childhood friend and also the love of his life--a beauty named Sunny.

Sunny has a struggle with drugs, and along her road to recovery, Sean falls victim to the vice as well. His life is slowly headed on a downward spiral, and his decline from street fame is filled with murder, lies, backstabbing, and a struggle to survive.

Walk on the journey with Sunny and Sean as they hit rock bottom and steal, lie, and deceive in their struggle with addiction. Someone dies...but not until the end is the truth unveiled.

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-1601625397
Publisher: Urban Books

While a man rests in the hospital bed, recovering from a horrible car crash that nearly took his life, he searches deep inside of himself. He pens an opus that would ultimately change his life forever. He writes under the name “Judas” and he completes an expose’ that uncovers the secrets and truths of an illegal crime figure that’s on trial. The article gains national exposure and eventually wins a Pulitzer prize, one of the most esteemed honors that a writer can achieve.

However, when the national story hits the spotlight, skeletons begin to show themselves and Judas is sucked into a deep dark world that pulls him into the abyss of the streets.

This clever, thriller takes you along the journey of a man fighting a ghost. Judas’ article exposes things that taps a domino, which eventually brings down an entire syndicate. A suspenseful cat and mouse game begins between the writer and the man that he’s exposed.

Everyone around Judas begins to die and the psychological chess match between the hunter and the prey keeps readers guessing until the very last sentence. The betrayal of Judas is an enthralling page turner that has many plot twist and plays mind games on each page as the story unfolds.

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-0986333552
Publisher: Official Writers League

A man's quest to escape his past life is an uphill battle. After seeking a Cuban voodoo doctor to receive a spiritual advantage on his upcoming court case, Saint opens up Pandora's box. The Santeria voodoo seemed to work, but at what cost?

Saint's dangerous visit to Cuba comes with much more than he anticipated as he enters an underground secret society of high stakes gambling. He gets tangled in a web of heinous crimes, money games, and backstabbing.

Torn between a woman he meets in Cuba and his wife at home, Saint finds himself embroiled in an intricate plan, which threatens his freedom and everything that he has worked for. Lines are crossed, both internationally and morally.

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1645561378
Publisher: Urban Books
The Stiletto Agreement

One wife. One mistress. One deadly game of sex, deception, and betrayal...

Both wife and mistress are attached to the same man, a man heir to the throne of a powerful business. The same man that had led them on for years and kept secrets from them both. But now he’s thousands of miles away, duct-taped and bound to a chair in a basement in Detroit, Michigan.

As the intricate plan concocted between the two women unfolds, more and more layers of secrets are exposed. What starts out as a quest for ransom money turns into a ruthless game of cat and mouse. Within 72 hours, sex, manipulation, lies, and altered plans will all explode into unpredictable consequences that will change their three lives forever...

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1250081285
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Dopeman's Trilogy

The Dopeman

Dopeman: Memoirs of a Snitch is a complex tale about the life and times of one the biggest drug traffickers the Midwest has ever seen.

The FBI has launched an intricate plot to take down one of the most prolific drug organizations in the summer of 2009, and Seven Smith is their main target. Seven establishes a relationship with an up and coming hustler and takes him under his wing. Unbeknownst to Seven, his protégé works for the authorities.

The young hustler falls in love with a woman who is off-limits, and he has to make a difficult decision that puts many people's lives at risk.

Lola Banks is the daughter of a well-known hit man and street legend in Ohio. When she lays her eyes on the out-of–towner/snitch, it becomes a forbidden love. She is caught in a web of lies and deceit, only to get the hurtful truth on the last page. This is a hustler's love story at its absolute finest.

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1601622884
Publisher: Urban Books
The Dopeman's Wife

Once the streets pull you in, they own you. Or at least that's the way it's been for Nautica. Growing up in the ‘hood, all she's ever known is the fast life—fast money ill-gotten through scandals and relentless scheming.

But when a big scam nearly finishes her off, she decides to seek more out of life than the "hustle" and tries to make a new life for herself on the East Coast. It isn't long, though, before she falls in with Manny, a drug kingpin, who sweeps her off her feet. He promises to marry her and make her "Queen of the Street."

Then everything falls apart. As their relationship unravels, both of their dark secrets are uncovered, pitting them against each other in this exciting tale of love and deception.

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-1601621597
Publisher: Urban Books
The Dopefiend

Hazel has nothing and no one in her life; the only thing she "owns" is an insatiable addiction to heroin. Her addiction brings her to the slums, where she quickly learns the tricks of surviving—of hustling and getting her street smarts. She'll do anything to feed her habit, even if that means robbing and conning and selling her own body.

Yet no matter how much heroin she does, the pain that's cut so deep within her never goes away in this story so intimate and compellingly written, you'll feel like you're walking in her shoes.

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1601622662
Publisher: Urban Books


The White House

The young heroine Draya lives paycheck to paycheck, laboring as a maid in a luxurious white house. One day, in the course of performing her duties, she is presented with an irresistible opportunity for a quick--and risky--payday. What unfolds in the white house changes the course of her life.

Kidnapping, murder, and mayhem lead her--and the reader--through a harrowing and twisting plot to an explosive ending that no one sees coming. Look through the eyes of this young woman and glimpse how a life can forever be altered due to an unfortunate series of events--all touched off in a legendary white house.

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1617752612
Publisher: Infamous Books

Streets Have No King

The Streets Have No King

A street thriller of kidnapping, murder, trickery, and love that will have you at the edge of your seat.

After 7 years of prison, multi-millionaire drug mogul Kane Garrett is back on the streets. But instead of diving back into the drug game, he’s teaching a college class, infusing business principles with his signature ruthless edge he developed in the streets. When a student―and heavy heroin dealer―named Basil catches Kane’s eye, Kane takes him on as a protégé and together, they build the biggest, smartest drug trafficking business the state has ever seen.

But when Basil meets Moriah, Kane’s only daughter, lines get crossed and their dominant business union becomes a deadly rivalry. Welcome to a world where the kings meet their end and no one stays at the top for long. The crown always lies heavy on he who commands the streets―and Kane and Basil will fight to claim their rule, before power is toppled again.

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1250081278
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
The Streets Have No Queen

As a painter travels the world, he mourns the death of his wife, but finds an escape through his art. Until an unexpected knock at the door takes his otherwise secluded life on a dramatic turn.

The guest presents a problem that traps them inside of a home for 72 hours, and the quiet suburban estate becomes the devil's playground. The painter is then thrown into a psychological game with twists and turns that lead to an unforeseeable ending...

Author: JaQuavis Coleman
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1645561545
Publisher: Urban Books