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Marianne Curley is an Australian author of fantasy and science fiction novels.

Born in Windsor, NSW, Australia, her family moved to a farm just outside of Sydney at the age of five after floods destroyed their family home. It's while in Plumpton that Marianne discovered her passion for books.

Although she has worked as a legal stenographer and an adult education teacher, none of the experiences have been as challenging and fulfilling as writing for young adults.

Marianne currently lives on a picturesque mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland where she continues writing, having overcome cancer and a fall that severely broke several vertebra.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Paranormal , Romance, Young Adult

Born: 1959



Non Series

  • Old Magic (2000)

The Avena Series

  1. Hidden (2013)
  2. Broken (2014)
  3. Fearless (2015)

The Guardians of Time Series

  1. The Named (2002)
  2. The Dark (2003)
  3. The Key (2005)
  4. The Shadow (2018)
Non Series

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Old Magic

Kate senses a paranormal presence from the moment the new guy walks into the room.

Her instincts are immediately proven after Jarrod inadvertently triggers a freak thunderstorm inside their classroom.

Given that Jarrod doesn't believe in the supernatural, Kate’s attempts to convince him to put his supernatural abilities to good use fall into deaf ears, with Jarrod deeming it as nothing more than “hocus pocus”.

Will she ever convince him to harness his abilities and unravel the mysteries that have hung over his family for generations?

And even if she does, will his abilities be powerful enough to overcome the challenges that lie ahead?

Author: Marianne Curley
First Release: 2000
ISBN: 978-1416989912
Publisher: Simon Pulse

The Avena Series


Ebony, the violet eyed girl, always knew that she wasn’t like the others.

Kept in the beautiful valley where she was home-schooled, it was almost as though her overprotective parents were hiding her from the rest of the world.

But she can’t stay hidden forever. Ebony is glowing, getting more stunning and stronger by the day.

And when her paths entwine with that of Jordan, something ignites in her; one powerful enough to draw the attention of the heavens.

A stolen angel hidden on Earth, the heavens now want her back.

Author: Marianne Curley
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1408822623
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Ebony and Nathaneal now have the time to enjoy their newfound love, having overcome the challenges of their previous adventure.

Jordan, Ebony’s friend, is however still aggrieved by the fact that he lost his dream girl.

So when Prince Michael suddenly arrives with the sole purpose of arresting Nathaneal for breaking Avena’s law by revealing his abilities on Earth, Jordan uses the chance to make Ebony doubt Nathaneal and her own angelic nature.

Desperate to know the fate of her adoptive parents, and find her real father, Ebony finds herself caught up in yet another epic battle at the heart of Avena.

Author: Marianne Curley
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1408822616
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

“Ebony and Nathaneal were destined for each other before they were even born. Separated and hidden in different worlds, will they finally be reunited?”

For the sixteen years that she was hidden on Earth, Ebony never knew that she was an angel, totally oblivious of the fact that Nathaneal, her true soulmate, was searching for her.

But just when she is about to fulfill her destiny with him, Ebony is captured and imprisoned in a version of hell.

Convinced that her hero will come and rescue her, a resolved Ebony desperately repels against the evil that has imprisoned her.

Will Nathaneal shatter the gates of hell and reunite with his dearest love?

Author: Marianne Curley
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1408822647
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

The Guardians of Time Series

The Named

The thing about the possibility of rewriting history is that altering one tiny thing could potentially trigger a series of disastrous events.

As one of the Named, Ethan is bestowed with the responsibility of preventing this from ever happening.

But with forces of chaos bearing other ideas in mind, Ethan has an increasingly hard time staying one step ahead of them. After all, he is just an ordinary schoolboy.

However, when Isabel comes into the picture, will she make things worse? Or be his salvation?

History is quite literally in the making.

Author: Marianne Curley
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-0648263616
Publisher: MTC Services Pty Limited
The Dark

Named in a Prophecy, Isabel's brother, Matt, is not merely a member of the Guard, but their destined leader.

The promise of wielding great might in the future is however no assurance that his gifts will come easily.

And his apprenticeship to Ethan is growing ever so frustrating.

As Matt attempts to get used to life in the Guard, the Order of Chaos abducts their ageless mentor Arkarian—striking into the very heart of the Named.

But despite the terrible consequences, Isabel puts everything on the line and attempts to rescue him, but not without the help of Ethan and another.

Author: Marianne Curley
First Release: 2003
ISBN: 978-0648263623
Publisher: MTC Services Pty Limited
The Key

 “The Order of Chaos unleashes a brutal assault on the Guardians of Time in one final confrontation.”

The Named are in a desperate race against time to locate the precious lost key and unlock their ancient treasury of weapons, previously hidden in an ancient underworld city.

Will they find the Key before the Goddess opens a rift to the realms, unleashing a horde of frightening creatures that seemingly can’t be killed using conventional means?

Furthermore, with a turncoat in their midst and continually drawn further apart by mistrust, just as the prophecy predicted, will the Named be able to find a strong leader who will lead them to victory?

Author: Marianne Curley
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-0648263630
Publisher: MTC Services Pty Limited
The Shadow

The battle is finally over. Although victory is theirs, and the prophecy is fulfilled, things aren’t the same for the Guardians known as the Named.

Ethan finds himself disoriented and struggling to cope, having lost the most.

Jesilla on the other hand, who is still haunted by the death of Lathenia, vows to avenge her mother and fulfill her vision for world domination.

The one thing she however never anticipated was finding love.

Caught in a dilemma, should she do what her heart pleases? Or follow the parental strings of a Goddess?

As the Guard and the Order battle through the past and bleak future, danger lurks at every turn.

Author: Marianne Curley
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0648263647
Publisher: MTC Services Pty Limited