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Jan Dunlap is an American college professor, speaker, and author of mystery, suspense, thriller and non-fiction books.

She is known for writing the witty Bob White Birder Murder Mystery series, the Archangel series and the international best-selling memoir "Saved by Gracie”.

Passionate about writing, Jan’s literary works cut across a wide range of subjects, including birding, conservation, and personal spirituality.

Jan is an alumna of Regis University in Denver, St. Catherine University in St. Paul and Minnesota State University-Mankato where she received a BA in English, an MA in Theology, and an MA in English Studies respectively.

The author currency lives in Texas Hill Country with her husband, cat and dogs, having previously resided in Minnesota.

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Genres: Mystery, Non-fiction, Suspense, Thriller

United States


  1. Purpose, Passion and God: Awakening to the Deepest Meaning of Life (2006)
  2. Saved by Gracie: How a Rough-And-Tumble Rescue Dog Dragged Me Back to Health, Happiness and God (2014)


  1. Heaven's Gate (2016)
  2. Heart and Soul (2016)

Bob White Birder Murder Mystery

  1. The Boreal Owl Murder (2008)
  2. Murder On Warbler Weekend (2009)
  3. A Bob White Killing (2010)
  4. Falcon Finale (2011)
  5. A Murder of Crows (2012)
  6. Swift Justice (2014)
  7. The Kiskadee of Death (2015)

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Purpose, Passion and God: Awakening to the Deepest Meaning of Life

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your life? Have you ever asked, "What is God calling me to do?" In this powerful new work, Janice Dunlap provides a vocational roadmap for you as a Christian seeking God's will for your life. 

Flying in the face of modern conventional ideas, Dunlap shows you that finding your vocation is less about your own needs and wants, and more about serving and loving others. Jesus is the example of this. And your own participation in God's plan for your life is the result. 

This book will help you attain a clearer perspective on how your daily tasks point you to the passion and purpose of God already living in you. This book is ideal for pastoral ministers, counselors, catechists, high school students, and the general reader. It invites every follower of Christ to reflect once again on the deepest meaning of life.

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2006
ISBN: 978-1585955473
Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications
Saved by Gracie: How a Rough-And-Tumble Rescue Dog Dragged Me Back to Health, Happiness and God

There But for the Grace of Dog Go I . . .

Author Jan Dunlap was suffering increasingly severe bouts of anxiety after a medical misdiagnosis slapped her in the face with an acute realization of the tenuous nature of human life. A degreed theologian, Jan found her personal faith in God and His promises severely shaken and her enthusiasm for life being replaced by growing fear and debilitating insecurity. 

Then a rescue-shelter black lab-mix by the name of Gracie came into her life as her daughter's new pet, and Jan determined to do whatever it took to provide both her daughter and the dog with the sense of security she herself no longer felt.

She quickly discovered, however, that Gracie had her own agenda, and it was all dog. From chasing squirrels to jumping fences to the occasional roll in dead fish, Gracie taught Jan that life is for living, not dreading. As she began to realize that Gracie was helping her manage her anxiety, Jan also came to a new awareness of how a loving God provides healing through His own works of creation. 

Part memoir and part medical exploration of the truly healing gifts that God freely offers us through our interaction with animals and nature, Saved by Gracie is a story of God's redeeming love revealed at the paws of a dog.

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1780782270
Publisher: Authentic Publishers


Heaven's Gate

What if unknowing archangels were already walking the earth, preparing us for the Second Coming of Christ?

With the unlikely help of Russian medium Khristina Tupikova, Dr. Michael Carilion finds the missing piece of the One Theory—the Holy Grail of theoretical physics. Even as he prepares to announce his stunning scientific discovery, however, a tabloid reporter beats him to the newsstand … with the claim that the physicist has proven the existence of heaven. Besieged by skeptics and fanatics alike, Carilion is caught in a wave of violence and betrayal that throws him into a deadly maelstrom in which faith and science are locked in mortal combat.

But when he is subsequently framed for the murders of his wife, his research partner, and a magazine editor, Carilion realizes that more than his theory is under attack. To save himself and his allies, Carilion must ultimately surrender in faith to God in order to defeat the Devil himself who would destroy him, his theory, and a shattering new understanding of the relationship between life and death.

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1941555095
Publisher: FaithHappenings Publishers
Heart and Soul

Former Marine paramedic Raphael Greene has an extraordinary gift for healing—a gift, he’s found, to be both a blessing and a curse. When a shocking drive-by shooting throws him into the role of guardian angel for cardiologist Ami Kim, he finds they share more than a mutual attraction: Ami is a gifted medical intuitive. 

Even more astounding to Rafe is his discovery that Ami is conducting clinical trials of a therapy for heart disease that harnesses the power of prayer, a “cure” that her unscrupulous clinic partner has secretly sold to a pharmaceutical giant.

As Ami and Rafe reel from the fallout of her partner’s treachery, they uncover something even worse: a horrific plan to transform Ami’s cure into an instrument of worldwide murder. Stalked by enemies on all sides, they find themselves caught in a deadly race that will require them to battle their personal demons before they can save the lives of others. 

Faced with the reality of pure evil and certain death, Rafe must do two things in order to stop a medical nightmare of gigantic proportions: relinquish control of his healing gift and convince Ami to once again have faith in herself, as well as in a merciful God.

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1941555309
Publisher: FaithHappenings Publishers

Bob White Birder Murder Mystery

The Boreal Owl Murder

Birding, the gentle pastime of watching birds, can at times become a competitive sport. Even at its worst, though, when birders don’t give out information of their sightings and try to sidetrack other birders, it seldom rises to the level of serious harm . . . usually. But when Bob White mannered school councilor and dedicated weekend birder, finds a body on a birding trip, the idea that there’s an exception to every rule gets hammered home.

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2008
ISBN: 978-0878392773
Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud
Murder On Warbler Weekend

For birder Bob White, May in Minnesota means three things: counseling high school students with spring fever, coaching the girls’ tenth grade softball team and finding every warbler species during spring migration. But when his mother discovers a body in the midst of a morning of birding, disturbing items get added to Bob’s seasonal list: murder, gambling addictions, shady politics, and controversial land deals, not to mention the possibility of wearing an orange jumpsuit while making license plates . . .

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2009
ISBN: 978-0878393213
Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud
A Bob White Killing

Birders always hope for a rarity when they go on a Birding Weekend, but when Bob White finds the weekend leader sporting bullet holes in his chest, he realizes that more than an unusual bird is at stake. To make matters worse, Bob must contend with a lost love, big cats, ATV enthusiasts, and small-town intrigue as he sets out to find a killer, along with an elusive Northern Bobwhite, in Minnesota’s Fillmore County. In this third Birder Murder mystery, Bob discovers that the past and present can collide in surprising ways to shape the future…assuming he’ll survive the weekend and still be around to see it.

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-0878393756
Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud
Falcon Finale

Bob White is hoping to post a state record by sighting an elusive Gyrfalcon in Minnesota’s Cottonwood County, but instead, finds himself flying to Flagstaff, Arizona, to help his sister track down her missing husband (aka Bob’s best friend, Alan Thunderhawk). 

As soon as he lands in the high mountain country, though, Bob finds more than he bargained for, including a twenty-year-old unsolved murder and a boy who claims to be Alan’s son. Sifting his way through deception, land disputes, family secrets, and even an earthquake, Bob must strike a balance between suspicion and trust while he negotiates the tricky landscape of unearthing buried truths. 

Along the way, his birding expertise affords him close encounters with Arizona birds and possible murderers, but in order to solve the mystery and bring everyone home to Minnesota, Bob must first do something he’s never done before – not just find a killer, but figure out where the body is, too!

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-0878394487
Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud
A Murder of Crows

Amidst the annual scarecrow display at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Bob White finds the dead body of Sonny Delite, a birding colleague well-known in the state for his conservation advocacy. Dismissed by the police as a suspect in the case, Bob turns his attention to unmasking the former celebrity wrestler who has joined the Savage High School faculty, but quickly regroups when the murder investigation comes home to roost at the high school. 

Determined to discover the identity of Sonny’s killer, Bob’s chase takes him to the proposed site of a wind farm, into the crosshairs of a World War II ordnance expert who shoots vegetables from his bazooka, to Alberta Marsh and its trove of rare birds, and into the girls’ locker room at Savage High School to round up some egg-layingstudents.

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2012
ISBN: 978-0878396160
Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud
Swift Justice

When Bob White finds a birding colleague dead in a pool of coffee at the annual December meeting of the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union, he finds himself targeted by bad luck and an unknown killer. Adding to his winter blues, Bob’s star Hmong student lands in jail for trespassing in an abandoned brewery, and intrigue among rival birding bloggers catches Bob and his friends in a crossfire. 

In desperation, Bob must go underground (literally!) to solve the puzzle of unseasonal Chimney Swifts, urban redevelopment, a ghost story, and murder in this sixth book of the Bob White Birder Murder Mysteries.

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0878397693
Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud
The Kiskadee of Death

Illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and the advent of space tourism creates a deadly backdrop for a murder investigation when birder Bob White finds a famous Winter Texan dead in one of the Rio Grande Valley’s World Birding Centers during his January escape from Minnesota’s deep-freeze.

Author: Jan Dunlap
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-0878397990
Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud