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Layton Green is an American attorney and bestselling author whose works cut across multiple genres, including mystery, thriller, suspense, fantasy, and horror.

He has written books such as the Genesis Trilogy, the Dominic Grey Series, the Blackwood Saga, and the Detective Preach Everson Series.

Layton attended law school in New Orleans and practiced as an attorney for nearly a decade.

He has also held many different jobs over the years, including working as an intern for the United Nations, an ESL teacher in Central America, a bartender in London, a knife seller in Brixton, among others.

Layton is a former co-creator and editor of International Thrills, an online column that interviewed crime authors from across the globe.

His books have been translated into multiple languages and similarly topped several bestseller lists.

A three-time finalist for an International Thriller Writers Award, Layton currently lives in North Carolina with his lovely wife and children.

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Genres: Fantasy / SF, Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

United States


Non Series

  • The Metaxy Project (2014)
  • The Letterbox (2016)

Blackwood Saga

  1. The Brothers Three (2017)
  2. The Spirit Mage (2017)
  3. The Last Cleric (2018)
  4. Return of the Paladin (2019)
  5. A War of Wizards (2021)

Detective Preach Everson

  1. Written in Blood (2017)
  2. A Shattered Lens (2019)

Dominic Grey

  1. The Summoner (2010)
  2. The Egyptian (2011)
  3. The Diabolist (2013)
  4. The Shadow Cartel (2015)
  5. The Reaper's Game: A Dominic Grey Novella (2016)
  6. The Resurrector (2017)
  7. The Family (2022)

Genesis Trilogy

  1. Unknown 9: Genesis (2020)
  2. Unknown 9: Revelation (2021)


  1. Hemingway's Ghost (2011)
Detective Preach Everson

Detailed book overview

Non Series

The Metaxy Project

Rising above a hardscrabble childhood to become a star at one of Atlanta’s most prestigious law firms, Derek Miller is reliving The Great Gatsby in his own backyard. The spell is broken, however, when Derek’s investigation into the death of his mentor, a prominent psychologist, runs afoul of a mysterious government project involving research into psychic phenomena.

As Derek digs deeper, convinced his mentor was murdered, he is plunged into a rabbit hole of government experiments, clandestine figures, and supposed paranormal events. His investigation also puts him at odds with shadowy forces deep within the corridors of power—including those on the top floor of his own law firm.

With his career in shambles, a warrant out for his arrest, and his life in jeopardy, Derek is running out of time to unravel the secrets surrounding his mentor’s research. And if he fails, it’s not just his own life that will be at risk, but the lives of those he holds most dear.

From a theoretical physicist to a clairvoyant housewife to the charismatic pastor of a mega-church, from lavish Southern mansions to desperate urban wasteland, Derek’s investigation turns into a race for survival that hinges on one thing alone: finding, and stopping, the most powerful psychic the world has ever seen.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-0615988092
Publisher: Sixth Street Press
The Letterbox

What if you had the chance to uncover tangible evidence of the divine? How far would you go, what dangers would you brave, in pursuit of the greatest mystery of all?

Four companions of varying beliefs, on a journey to the forgotten corners of Europe, are about to find out.

Beneath a fog-enshrouded fen on a desolate English moor, a team of scientists unearths a two-thousand-year-old wooden box, preserved in silver and inlaid with a map of patterned gemstones. A set of runes, carved in an obscure language into the side of the box, claims the map is a pathway to God. 

In an attempt to decipher the map, a wealthy New Orleans collector assembles an unlikely team: a specialist in cultural antiquities who dabbles in the occult; a jaded attorney searching for meaning; a brilliant linguist who loathes organized religion; and a Catholic historian with a reputation for acquiring pieces no one else can or will.

Shackled by secrets and hidden motives, pursued by a sinister religious order, driven by an insatiable desire for answers, the four companions trek across Europe as they search for a connection among the ancient sites revealed by the map. 

As the hunt for truth takes them deeper into the unknown, their lives and perhaps their souls in peril, they must determine whether the letterbox is part of an elaborate, centuries-old deception—or the answer to mankind’s ultimate questions.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1535001298
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Blackwood Saga

The Brothers Three

All Will Blackwood ever wanted was a little adventure. A fantasy addict and apprentice builder in New Orleans, struggling to make ends meet, he has long wished for an escape from the real world.

Late one night, he and his brothers receive a surprise inheritance: a staff with a mysterious stone on top, a pair of rogue's bracers, and a sword that Will can barely lift. A man who stops bullets with a glance shows up to take the sword, and the three brothers barely escape with their lives. Searching for an explanation, it is not until a magical key whisks them across time and space, into a terrifying version of New Orleans ruled by wizards, that Will accepts the truth about his family's past.

It seems Will Blackwood has found his adventure. But this isn't one of his fantasy novels, or a gaming campaign with friends. In his father's world, magic and monsters are real. Choices are life and death. And they have no idea how to get home . . .

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1733818803
Publisher: Cloaked Traveler Press
The Spirit Mage

Valjean thought about how impossible it seemed that there was another world out there from which he had narrowly escaped. A world of manticores and cave fiends, magic swords and potions, spirit mages and necromancers. Wizard-monks who could shatter walls with their fists, a city of colored spires so beautiful it took his breath away . . . and a world in which Val’s brothers were still trapped.

Desperate to help his brothers, high-powered attorney Val Blackwood manages to find a way to return to the world of Urfe. After landing in the dangerous underbelly of New Victoria, he concludes that the only way to find Will and Caleb is to enroll in the Abbey—the school for wizards—and somehow gain access to a portal called the Pool of Souls. 

Yet to succeed, he not only has to pass the entrance exam and survive the rigors of the school, considered the most demanding in all the Realm, but also avoid a lethal assassin targeting students.

As Val struggles to survive, his brothers undergo an even deadlier trial. Reeling from the loss of Mala, an adventuress lost in the mysterious Place Between Worlds, Will and Caleb and Yasmina are captured by slavers and taken to the mines beneath Fellengard Mountain. Even if they manage to escape, a feat no one has ever accomplished, they must still find their way out of the vast and untamed caverns of the Darklands. A place even the wizards fear.

Trapped in a land of dreams and nightmares, the brothers must somehow stay alive and learn to adapt to their new surroundings—or risk losing their home world forever.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1733818810
Publisher: Cloaked Traveler Press
The Last Cleric

Trapped in a world where wizards rule, the Blackwood brothers from New Orleans have become entangled in events that threaten to upend the Realm.

Oldest brother Val, sentenced to die in wizard prison, is forced to undertake a quest for the Congregation to try to win his freedom—but which might cost him his soul.

Reunited with an old companion, Caleb must overcome his personal demons as he braves the dangers of the Barrier Coast to warn his ancestors of the coming invasion.

And in a distant unexplored jungle, Will must find his warrior spirit as he and Mala lead a party of adventurers in search of the Coffer of Devla, a fabled artifact thought to reside in the lost pyramid of Yiknoom Ukab K’ahk, the most powerful sorcerer king who has ever lived. Used to annihilate the enemies of its possessor, the coffer might be the only hope for the struggling revolution.

Yet even if Will’s expedition is a success, prophecy holds that the coffer can only be used by a cleric of Devla.

And no true cleric has walked the Realm for centuries . . .

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1733818827
Publisher: Cloaked Traveler Press
Return of the Paladin

Three incredible journeys in the shadow of a revolution.

In the penultimate volume of the Blackwood Saga, distraught by the slaughter of his loved ones, Caleb embarks on a mission of revenge to the Tower of Elarion, a forgotten outpost on the Barrier Coast said to exist outside of time and space--and which Caleb believes holds the key to unlocking his inexplicable new powers.

With Caleb gone and Mala fleeing a deadly assassin from her past, Will agrees to lead a band of adventurers to recover the stolen Coffer of Devla. The last-ditch attempt to save the Revolution takes Will, Yasmina, and their companions through a portal to Praha, the most dangerous city on Urfe: a place seething with thieves, monsters, and weird magic from another age.

And in New Victoria, unbeknownst to his brothers, eldest brother Val finds himself taken under the wing of Lord Alistair and ordered to perform a very important task: find the Coffer of Devla and secure it for the Congregation.

As the brothers' lives on Urfe spiral further and further out of control, their individual journeys become a fulcrum for the fate of the Realm--and a forge that threatens to consume them.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1733818858
Publisher: GryphonWorks
A War of Wizards

With the legendary sword Zariduke and the Coffer of Devla securely in the hands of Lord Alistair, the fate of the Revolution—along with the Blackwood brothers—has never looked so bleak.

While Caleb leads his army on a doomed mission across the Ninth Protectorate, Will remains imprisoned in a cloud dungeon on the other side of the Great Ocean. In the spired city of New Victoria, Val continues to stand by Lord Alistair’s side, an unwitting pawn in the Chief Thaumaturge’s scheme to destroy the Revolution and the Blackwood lineage once and for all.

As the Congregation prepares the killing blow, the only hope the brothers have to survive is to band together once again, retrieve the stolen artifacts, and lead the Revolution in a war against the wizards.

But is there a chance of victory against the overwhelming might and magic of the Congregation?

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 979-8593603586
Publisher: Independently published

Detective Preach Everson

Written in Blood

Detective Joe "Preach" Everson, a prison chaplain turned police officer, is coming home. After a decade tracking down killers in Atlanta, and with a reputation as one of the finest homicide detectives in the city, his career derailed when he suffered a mental breakdown during the investigation of a serial killer who was targeting children.

No sooner does Preach arrive at home in Creekville, North Carolina--a bohemian community near Chapel Hill--than a local bookstore owner is brutally killed, the first murder in a decade. The only officer with homicide experience, Preach is assigned to the case and makes a shocking discovery: the bookstore owner has been murdered in exactly the same manner as the pawnbroker in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment.

With the help of Ariana Hale, a law student and bibliophile who knew the victim, Preach investigates the local writer's community. As their questions increase, a second body is found, this time eerily resembling the crime scene in a famous Edgar Allan Poe novella. Preach and Ariana realize that their adversary is an intelligent, literate killer with a mind as devious as it is disturbed--and that one or both of them may be his next target.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1633883611
Publisher: Seventh Street Books
A Shattered Lens

A detective investigates the murder of a teenage golden boy that has rocked a small town--and the chief suspect is the victim's mother.

Annalise Stephens Blue has plans to become a world-famous filmmaker. As she begins filming an exposé of her small town called Night Lives, she uncovers more than she bargained for: on the very first night of filming, she stumbles upon a murder in the woods, and flees the scene steps ahead of the killer.

Detective Joe "Preach" Everson is called to investigate. The victim, David Stratton, is the town's golden boy and high school quarterback. A modern version of what Preach used to be. Not only that, the boy's mother is Claire Lourdis, a beautiful divorcée who Preach fell for in high school--as well as the main suspect in her son's murder.  

As Preach delves into the secrets lurking beneath the surface of the town and searches for the missing girl who may have witnessed the crime, he must put his own feelings aside and pursue the answer to a terrible question: is a mother capable of murdering her own child?

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1633885387
Publisher: Seventh Street Books

Dominic Grey

The Summoner

When a United States diplomat disappears in front of hundreds of onlookers while attending a religious ceremony in Zimbabwe, Diplomatic Security special agent Dominic Grey, product of a violent childhood and a worn passport, is assigned to investigate.

Aiding the investigation is Professor of Religious Phenomenology Viktor Radek, as well as Nya Mashumba, the local government liaison.

What Grey uncovers is a terrifying cult older than Western civilization, the harsh underbelly of a country in despair, a priest seemingly able to perform impossibilities, and the identity of the newest target.


Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 979-8515097165
Publisher: Independently published
The Egyptian

At a mausoleum in Cairo’s most notorious cemetery, a mercenary receives a package containing a silver test tube suspended in hydraulic stasis.

An investigative reporter tracking rogue biomedical companies is terrified by the appearance of a mummified man outside her Manhattan apartment.

A Bulgarian scientist who dabbles in the occult makes a startling discovery in his underground laboratory.

These seemingly separate events collide when private investigators Dominic Grey and Viktor Radek are hired by the CEO of an Egyptian biomedical firm to locate stolen research integral to the company’s new life extension product. However, after witnessing the slaughter of a team of scientists by the remnants of a dangerous cult thought long abandoned, Grey and Viktor turn from pursuers to pursued.

From the gleaming corridors of visionary laboratories to the cobblestone alleys of Eastern Europe to a lost oasis in the Sahara, Grey and Viktor must sift through science and myth to uncover the truth behind the Egyptian and his sinister biotech—before that truth kills them.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 979-8515103088
Publisher: Independently published
The Diabolist

Globe-hopping detectives Dominic Grey and Professor Viktor Radek have a distinct specialty: they investigate matters that involve mysterious or unexplained phenomena. Crimes that other agencies can’t or won’t touch.

When a controversial religious leader is immolated in the Mission District of San Francisco, the local police chalk it up to a bizarre suicide. Yet witnesses claim a mysterious robed figure set fire to the priest. When a cult leader in Paris dies under similar circumstances, Interpol asks Grey and Viktor for help.

Convinced the culprit is a charismatic New Age prophet who has become an Internet sensation, Grey and Viktor undergo a perilous journey into the world of the occult as they try to penetrate the prophet’s inner circle. Along the way, they realize the prophet has ties to Viktor’s past, and that a far more sinister plan is afoot—a plan that, if successful, will shake the world to its core.

From the catacombs of Paris to London’s nefarious East End, from the haunted walls of York to a lost fortress in the Sicilian wilderness, Viktor and Grey’s latest case plunges them into a vortex of modern-day black magic, ancient heresies, and the most dangerous place of all: the cobwebbed corners of their own pasts.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 979-8515107284
Publisher: Independently published
The Shadow Cartel

The General.

A name whispered in hushed tones among the criminal underworld, from Miami to Buenos Aires. A name even the drug cartels fear.

Yet the General is a man without a face. There are no fingerprints on file, no known base of operations, not even a biographical sketch. He operates in the shadows, but somehow controls a vast criminal empire. And he has never made a direct incursion onto U.S. soil—until now.

In Miami, disgraced DEA agent Fred Hernandez is called to investigate a bizarre crime scene, where the bodies of four drug dealers are sprawled around an iron cauldron. Even stranger is the mysterious ‘blue lady’ that a drug-addled witness claims killed the men. 

Lana Valenciano, an ambitious CIA operative, informs Agent Hernandez that the murders might be connected to a legendary South American criminal known as the General. Lana claims the General has become a threat to national security—but has no idea how to find him.

The government’s best hope? Private investigators Dominic Grey and Viktor Radek, who might be the only people alive with the skills to unravel the General’s tangled web.

Thrown together on a covert manhunt, Grey and the two agents delve into the darkest reaches of international drug trafficking, only to unearth a sinister chapter in the history of the CIA that has spilled into the present—and put them in the crosshairs of an underworld puppeteer with a frightening reach.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 979-8513662006
Publisher: Independently published
The Reaper's Game: A Dominic Grey Novella


Three years ago, a deranged murderer dubbed the Halloween Killer butchered half a dozen people in New Orleans. He was caught and sentenced to die. Just before his execution, the Halloween Killer vowed to take revenge on the district attorney who put him behind bars.

Less than a week after the lethal injection, Sebastian Gichaud, a wealthy playboy grieving over the death of his mother, throws on a black cloak and hacks the prosecutor to death with a giant scythe.

Not only did Sebastian appear to be fulfilling the serial killer’s last wish -- he claimed that he was the Halloween Killer.

Now, as the anniversary of the grisly murder approaches, Sebastian is facing trial. No one will touch the case. In a desperate attempt to save his son, Sebastian’s father hires Viktor Radek, professor of religious phenomenology, to investigate.

If Sebastian is guilty, Viktor wonders, then why are he and his associate Dominic Grey being warned off the case? And why did the Halloween Killer visit a series of reincarnation experts before his death?

None of Professor Radek’s doubts might matter, because he and Grey face the impossible task of convincing an Orleans Parish jury that Sebastian Gichaud is either a prisoner in his own mind – or possessed by the spirit of the Halloween Killer.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2016
ISBN: 978-1537701349
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The Resurrector

A modern day Dr. Frankenstein, probing the secrets of life and death.

A secret society spawned by the greatest evil the world has ever known.

Two men racing against the clock to stop the spread of a horrific virus.

On three different continents, a mysterious illness has baffled scientists and incited worldwide panic. When a tattoo steeped in Aryan mysticism is found on one of the victims, a South African boy who walked into his township a month after his own funeral, Interpol turns to Professor Viktor Radek and Dominic Grey for help.

After racing from Atlanta to Iceland to Cape Town, Grey and Viktor come to believe the deadly virus is connected to a resurgence of a legendary arm of the Nazi party. A global organization whose leader might be a notorious brain surgeon rumored to have performed illicit tests during Apartheid, and who might be continuing his experiments from a sun-drenched manor in the Western Cape.

As the victims of the virus mount and the chance for a cure fades, the world's only hope to prevent a catastrophe beyond imagining rests in the hands of a broken warrior and a relentless professor, facing the darkest of forces.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1548420444
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
The Family

Will the source of an ancient mystery finally be revealed?

On a cobblestone street in Prague, a murder victim is found with two puncture wounds resembling bite marks on her wrist. The cause of death is ruled as exsanguination-severe blood loss.

Worried the chilling crime will ignite a media firestorm, the Czech police call on Professor Viktor Radek, renowned professor of phenomenology. Like the authorities, Viktor arrives at the only rational conclusion: the murderer is mimicking a vampire.

Yet during the investigation, Viktor uncovers a suspect with a connection to the Order of the Dragon, an ancient organization dedicated to keeping the Ottomans out of Europe. An organization whose membership once included Vlad the Impaler, long thought to be the historical basis for Bram Stoker's infamous count.

In a dual-timeline narrative that keeps the reader guessing at every turn, Grey and Viktor follow a trail of clues across Central and Eastern Europe that draw them deeper and deeper into a mystery involving the origins of the vampire mythology, as well as a modern-day crime family with secrets they will go to great lengths to keep hidden. Secrets that might be more terrifying than Viktor and Grey could ever have imagined-and which draw them ever closer to a seemingly impossible realization.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2022
ISBN: 978-1955804103
Publisher: Sixth Street Press

Genesis Trilogy

Unknown 9: Genesis

To solve the enigma of her past, a brilliant but troubled young woman joins a deadly global treasure hunt.

Strange hallucinations have plagued PhD student Andie Robertson throughout her life. After years of consulting doctors, she decided the visions were a glitch in her own mind until her mentor, the famous physicist Dr. James Corwin, is murdered in Italy, and Andie finds a stack of ink drawings in his office that bear a remarkable resemblance to her hallucinations.

Shocked, Andie digs deeper and learns that Dr. Corwin developed a device that might shed light on the very nature of reality. She is even more stunned to discover that her mother, an academic who disappeared when Andie was a young girl, might also be involved.

Determined to find answers, Andie follows a trail of clues placed by Dr. Corwin, for reasons unknown, in museums and cultural sites around the world, highlighting human achievement as well as a tapestry of secret knowledge woven into the threads of history.

Yet Andie is not the only one searching. Powerful forces know of her mentor's invention, including a mysterious elite society that spans borders and will stop at nothing to find the device. Now a target herself, Andie and a disgraced journalist embark on a perilous journey that might hold the key to a new frontier of knowledge-and which also promises to unlock the doors of her past.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2020
ISBN: 978-1999229702
Publisher: Reflector Entertainment
Unknown 9: Revelation

After escaping from a watery dungeon in Venice, astrophysics PhD candidate Andromeda "Andie" Robertson and investigative reporter Cal Miller are whisked to Bologna by a member of the mysterious Leap Year Society. 

A deadly confrontation with the Society's bitter rivals, the Ascendants, sends Andie and Cal on the run once again, desperate to solve the Star Phone puzzle so they can reclaim their lives and rescue their loved ones.

Brilliantly juxtaposing a modern-day thriller with a historical search for a missing physicist, REVELATION probes ever deeper into the mounting mysteries surrounding Andie and her past.

What is the source of her strange hallucinations?

What are the true origins of the Leap Year Society and the Ascendants?

How are her mother and her mentor, Dr. James Corwin, involved?

From Italy to India and New York to Buenos Aires, Andie and Cal risk their lives to probe a secret world hidden in plain sight, drawing closer to answers that will determine not only their own fates, but who controls a new frontier of knowledge.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2021
ISBN: 978-1999229795
Publisher: Reflector Entertainment


Hemingway's Ghost

Someone's killing Hemingways!

On a whim, six Hemingway impersonators use a Ouija board at the Hemingway house in Key West, trying to contact the great man himself.

And then they start to die.

Hemingway’s Ghost is a Hitchcockian mystery novella (approximately 70 pages in print) by Layton Green, author of the bestselling Dominic Grey series and other works.

Author: Layton Green
First Release: 2011
Ebook: B004ZGOB8W
Publisher: First Ward