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Graham Hancock is a British bestselling author of historical fiction, fantasy adventure and non-fiction books.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, he attended Durham University where he graduated in 1973 with a First Class Honours degree in Sociology, before launching a career in quality journalism.

For years, Hancock wrote for some of the top newspapers in the UK, including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, and The Guardian.

He also had a brief spell as co-editor of New Internationalist magazine, and also served as the East Africa correspondent of The Economist between 1981 and 1983.

Despite publishing his first book in the early 80’s, Hancock’s breakthrough came in 1992 with his bestselling The Sign and the Seal.

Renowned for his international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal (1992), Fingerprints of the Gods (2001), and Heaven’s Mirror (1998), Hancock’s books have been translated into 27 languages, selling more than 5 million copies across the globe.

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Genres: Adventure, Fantasy / SF, Historical Thriller, Non-fiction

Born: 1950

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • Entangled (2010)

Fingerprints of the God (Non-fiction)

  1. Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization (1995)
  2. Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilisation (2015)


  1. Africa Guide: 1980 (1979)
  2. Journey Through Pakistan (1982)
  3. Ethiopia: The Challenge of Hunger (1985)
  4. The Lords of Poverty: The Power, Prestige, and Corruption of the International Aid Business (1989)
  5. African Ark (1990)
  6. The Sign and the Seal: The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant (1992)
  7. The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind (1996)
  8. The Mars Mystery: The Secret Connection Between Earth and the Red Planet (1997)
  9. Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization (1998)
  10. Fingerprints of the Gods : The Quest Continues (2001)
  11. Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization (2002)
  12. Talisman : Sacred Cities, Secret Faith (2004)
  13. Visionary: The Mysterious Origins of Human Consciousness (2005)
  14. The Master Game: Unmasking The Secret Rulers Of The World (2011)
  15. The Divine Spark: A Graham Hancock Reader: Psychedelics, Consciousness, and the Birth of Civilization (2015)
  16. America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization (2019)

War God

  1. Nights Of The Witch (2013)
  2. Return of the Plumed Serpent (2014)
  3. Night of Sorrows (2017)
Non Series

Detailed book overview

Non Series


Graham Hancock has spent decades researching and writing some of the most ambitious and successful nonfiction investigations into ancient civilizations and wisdom. Entangled uses all of Hancock's skills and knowledge to propel a fantasy adventure like nothing else preceding it. 

Entangled is a timeslip novel alternating between present day California, Brazil, and prehistoric Spain, with two teenage female protagonists who must come together to avert an incredibly bloodthirsty takeover of the human race. 

Entangled is the first book in a trilogy relating the story of an unrelentingly evil master magician named Sulpa who is on the loose and determined to destroy humanity. Leoni, a troubled teen from modern day Los Angeles, and Ria, a young woman who lives in Stone Age Spain, meet in a parallel dimension outside the flow of time to stop Sulpa's spectacular, deadly materialization of the modern world. 

Entangled rides a growing wave of interest in parallel dimensions and imaginary worlds and will have immediate appeal to readers of Philip Pullman, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Kate Mosse, among others.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2010
ISBN: 978-1934708569
Publisher: Disinformation Books

Fingerprints of the God (Non-fiction)

Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization

In Fingerprints of the Gods, Hancock embarks on a worldwide quest to put together all the pieces of the vast and fascinating jigsaw of mankind’s hidden past. In ancient monuments as far apart as Egypt’s Great Sphinx, the strange Andean ruins of Tihuanaco, and Mexico’s awe-inspiring Temples of the Sun and Moon, he reveals not only the clear fingerprints of an as-yet-unidentified civilization of remote antiquity, but also startling evidence of its vast sophistication, technological advancement, and evolved scientific knowledge.

A record-breaking number one bestseller in Britain, Fingerprints of the Gods contains the makings of an intellectual revolution, a dramatic and irreversible change in the way that we understand our past—and so our future.

And Fingerprints of God tells us something more. As we recover the truth about prehistory, and discover the real meaning of ancient myths and monuments, it becomes apparent that a warning has been handed down to us, a warning of terrible cataclysm that afflicts the Earth in great cycles at irregular intervals of time—a cataclysm that may be about to recur.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1995
ISBN: 978-0517887295
Publisher: Crown Pub
Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilisation

On the heels of the very successful hardcover edition, Hancock returns with this paperback version including three new chapters brimming with recent reporting of fresh scientific advances (ranging from DNA to astrophysics) that substantially support his case.

Twenty years ago, Graham Hancock published Fingerprints of the Gods an astonishing, deeply controversial investigation of the mysteries of and the evidence for Earth's lost prehistoric civilization. Twenty years after this massive bestseller debuted, Hancock returns with its sequel, filled with completely new scientific and archaeological evidence.

Since 2007, a host of new proof has come to light supporting his theories through new archaeological discoveries. He travels to a wholly different set of ancient sites, including Gobekli Tepe, and brings entirely up to date and exciting material to the table for fans eagerly awaiting more evidence in favor of the prehistoric civilization. 

And, even more intriguing, he proposes an answer to the one question he could not answer in Fingerprints what caused this civilization to disappear. Magicians is poised perfectly for what his fans want to hear as well as for ushering in a new generation of readers.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1250118400
Publisher: A Thomas Dunne Book for St. Martin's Griffin


Africa Guide: 1980

"Africa Guide 1980" by Graham Hancock takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the diverse and enchanting continent of Africa during a pivotal year. Set against the backdrop of political turbulence, social transformation, and the looming threat of apartheid, this gripping novel captures the essence of Africa in all its complexity.

As a passionate explorer and adventurer, Hancock delves deep into the heart of Africa, uncovering hidden gems and untold stories along the way. With vivid descriptions and meticulous research, he paints a vivid picture of the continent's rich landscapes, vibrant cultures, and remarkable history.

Through the eyes of diverse characters, "Africa Guide 1980" explores themes of identity, colonization, and the struggle for independence. It offers a nuanced perspective on the challenges and triumphs faced by the people of Africa, blending personal narratives with historical events.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1979
ISBN: 978-0904439120
Publisher: World of Information
Journey Through Pakistan

"Journey Through Pakistan" by Graham Hancock takes readers on an extraordinary expedition through the diverse and captivating landscapes of Pakistan. In this enthralling novel, Hancock delves deep into the heart of the country, unearthing its hidden treasures and shedding light on its rich history.

With his keen eye for detail and remarkable storytelling, Hancock paints a vivid picture of Pakistan's majestic mountains, bustling cities, and ancient archaeological sites. From the breathtaking peaks of the Karakoram Range to the bustling bazaars of Lahore, readers are immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Pakistani culture and traditions.

Beyond the surface, "Journey Through Pakistan" explores the complexities of a nation at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. Hancock's encounters with diverse characters and communities provide a window into the social, political, and religious dynamics of the country, offering a deeper understanding of its challenges and aspirations.

Through his exploration, Hancock invites readers to embark on an enlightening and transformative journey, fostering a greater appreciation for the rich heritage and resilient spirit of Pakistan.

NB: Co-authored with Mohamed Amin and Duncan Willetts.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1982
ISBN: 978-0370304892
Publisher: Random House UK
Ethiopia: The Challenge of Hunger

"Ethiopia: The Challenge of Hunger" by Graham Hancock is a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of one of Africa's most pressing issues. In this eye-opening novel, Hancock delves into the complex challenges of hunger and food insecurity faced by Ethiopia, a country rich in history and culture.

With meticulous research and firsthand accounts, Hancock brings to light the underlying causes of Ethiopia's persistent food crises. He uncovers the intricate web of factors, including political instability, climate change, and economic disparities, that contribute to the nation's struggle for sustenance.

Through intimate narratives and encounters with individuals affected by hunger, Hancock humanizes the issue, highlighting the resilience and determination of the Ethiopian people. He raises crucial questions about the role of international aid, sustainable agricultural practices, and political will in addressing the challenge of hunger.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1985
ISBN: 978-0575036819
Publisher: David & Charles
The Lords of Poverty: The Power, Prestige, and Corruption of the International Aid Business

Each year some sixty billion dollars are spent on foreign aid throughout the world. Whether in donations to charities such as Save the Children, Oxfam, CARE, UNICEF, or the Red Cross, in the form of enormous loans from the World Bank, or as direct payments from one government to another, the money is earmarked for the needy, for relief in natural disasters—floods or famines, earthquakes, or droughts—and for assistance in the development of nations.

The magnitude of generosity from the world’s wealthy nations suggests the possibility of easing, if not eliminating, hunger, misery, and poverty; in truth, however, only a small portion of this sixty billion dollars is ever translated into direct assistance. Thanks to bureaucratic inefficiency, misguided policies, large executive salaries, political corruption, and the self-perpetuating “overhead” of the administrative agencies, much of this tremendous wealth is frittered away, as Graham Hancock’s alarming and comprehensive book reveals. 

Hancock cuts through the smoke screens and hot air of the “aristocracy of mercy” to provide a critical look at a multinational business that has never been subject to strict accountability.

Lords of Poverty is a case study in betrayals of a public trust. The shortcomings of aid are numerous, and serious enough to raise questions about the viability of the practice at its most fundamental levels. Hancock’s report is thorough, deeply shocking, and certain to cause critical reevaluation—of the government’s motives in giving foreign aid, and of the true needs of our intended beneficiaries.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1989
ISBN: 978-0871134691
Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press
African Ark

"African Ark" by Graham Hancock is a captivating and immersive journey into the heart of Africa's wildlife and conservation efforts. In this remarkable novel, Hancock shares his firsthand experiences and encounters with the magnificent creatures that inhabit the continent's diverse landscapes.

With vivid descriptions and engaging storytelling, Hancock takes readers on a thrilling safari adventure, introducing them to Africa's iconic species, from elephants and lions to rhinos and gorillas. Through his interactions with dedicated conservationists and local communities, he sheds light on the challenges faced in protecting these endangered animals and preserving their habitats.

"African Ark" goes beyond the surface, delving into the complex web of issues surrounding wildlife conservation, including poaching, habitat destruction, and human-wildlife conflict. Hancock's passion for the natural world and his advocacy for sustainable practices resonate throughout the narrative, inspiring readers to appreciate the beauty and importance of Africa's wildlife heritage.

NB: Co-authored with Carol Beckwith.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1990
ISBN: 978-1860462924
Publisher: Harvill Secker
The Sign and the Seal: The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant

The fact of the Lost Ark of the Covenant is one of the grant historical mysteries of all time. To believers, the Ark is the legendary vesel holding the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. The Bible contains hundreds of references to the Ark's power to level mountains, destroy armies, and lay waste to cities. The Ark itself, however, mysteriously disappears from recorded history sometime after the building of the Temple of Solomon.

After ten years of searching through the dusty archives of Europe and the Middle East, as well as braving the real-life dangers of a bloody civil war in Ethiopia, Graham Hancock has succeeded where scores of others have failed. This intrepid journalist has tracked down the true story behind the myths and legends -- revealing where the Ark is today, how it got there, and why it remains hidden.

Part fascinating scholarship and part entertaining adventure yarn, tying together some of the most intriguing tales of all time -- from the Knights Templar and Prester John to Parsival and the Holy Grail -- this book will appeal to anyone fascinated by the revelation of hidden truths, the discovery of secret mysteries.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1992
ISBN: 978-0671865412
Publisher: Touchstone
The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind

Guardian of the ancient mysteries, the keeper of secrets . . . For thousands of years the Great Sphinx of Egypt has gazed toward the east, its eyes focused on eternity, reading a message in the stars that mankind has long forgotten. And today as our civilization stands poised at the end of a great cycle, it is a message that beckons insistently to be understood.

All the clues are in place. Geology and archeo-astronomy have already indicated that the lion-bodied Sphinx may be vastly older than Egyptologists currently believe, dating not from 2500 B.C., but from 10,500 B.C.—the beginning of the astrological Age of Leo. And we now know that the three pyramids of Giza, standing on high ground half a mile to the west of the Sphinx, are in fact a precise map of the three stars of Orion’s belt, formed in fifteen million tons of solid stone.

Are these monuments trying to tell us something? And, if so, what?

NB: Co-authored with Robert Bauval, this book is also known as Keeper of Genesis.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1996
ISBN: 978-0517888520
Publisher: Crown
The Mars Mystery: The Secret Connection Between Earth and the Red Planet

An asteroid transformed Mars from a lush planet with rivers and oceans into a bleak and icy hell. Is Earth condemned to the same fate, or can we protect ourselves and our planet from extinction?

In his most riveting and revealing book yet, Graham Hancock examines the evidence that the barren Red Planet was once home to a lush environment of flowing rivers, lakes, and oceans. Could Mars have sustained life and civilization?

Megaliths found on the parched shores of Cydonia, a former Martian ocean, mirror the geometrical conventions of the pyramids at Egypt's Giza necropolis. Especially startling is a Sphinx-like structure depicting a face with distinguishable diadem, teeth, mouth and an Egyptian-style headdress. 

Might there be a connection between the structures of Egypt and those of Mars? Why does NASA continue to dismiss these remarkable anomalies as "a trick of light"? Hancock points to the intriguing possibility that ancient Martian civilization is communicating with us through the remarkable structures it left behind.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1997
ISBN: 978-0609802236
Publisher: Broadway Books
Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization

In Heaven's Mirror, author Graham Hancock continues the quest begun in his international best-seller Fingerprints of the Gods: to rediscover the hidden legacy of mankind and to reveal that "ancient" cultures were, in fact, the heirs to a far older forgotten civilization and the inheritors of its archaic, mystical wisdom.

Working with photographer Santha Faiia, Hancock traces a network of sacred sites around the globe on a spectacular voyage of discovery that takes us from the pyramids and temples of ancient Egypt to the enigmatic statues of Easter Island, from the haunting ruins of pre-Columbian America to the splendors of Angkor Wat. It is a journey through myth, magic, and astounding archaeological revelations that forces us to rethink the cultures of our lost ancestors and the origins of civilization.

NB: Co-authored with Santha Faiia.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 1998
ISBN: 978-0609804773
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Fingerprints of the Gods : The Quest Continues

Fingerprints of the Gods is a revolutionary rewrite of history that has persuaded millions of readers throughout the world to change their preconceptions about the history behind modern society.

An intellectual detective story, this unique history book directs probing questions at orthodox history, presenting disturbing new evidence that historians have tried - but failed - to explain.

This groundbreaking evidence includes:

· Accurate ancient maps that show the world as it last looked during the Ice Age, thousands of years before any civilization capable of making such maps is supposed to have existed. 

· Evidence of the devastating scientific and astronomical information encoded into prehistoric myths. 

· The incredible feat of the construction of the great pyramids of Egypt and of megalithic temples on the Giza plateau. 

· The mysterious astronomical alignments of the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. 

· The antediluvian geology of the Sphinx. · The megalithic temples of the Andes. 

·The myths of Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl. 

· The pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in Mexico. 

· The doomsday calendar and eerie memories of the ancient Maya.

 · The warning from the Hopi of Arizona.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2001
ISBN: 978-0712679060
Publisher: Cornerstone
Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization

In this explosive new work of archaeological detection, bestselling author and renowned explorer Graham Hancock embarks on a captivating underwater voyage to find the ruins of a mythical lost civilization hidden for thousands of years beneath the world’s oceans. Guided by cutting-edge science, innovative computer-mapping techniques, and the latest archaeological scholarship, Hancock examines the mystery at the end of the last Ice Age and delivers astonishing revelations that challenge our long-held views about the existence of a sunken universe built on the ocean floor.

Filled with exhilarating accounts of his own participation in dives off the coast of Japan, as well as in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Arabian Sea, we watch as Hancock discovers underwater ruins exactly where the ancient myths say they should be—submerged kingdoms that archaeologists never thought existed. You will be captivated by Underworld, a provocative book that is both a compelling piece of hard evidence for a fascinating forgotten episode in human history and a completely new explanation for the origins of civilization as we know it.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2002
ISBN: 978-1400049516
Publisher: Crown
Talisman : Sacred Cities, Secret Faith

Talisman is a roller-coaster intellectual journey through the back streets and rat runs of history to uncover the traces in architecture and monuments of a secret religion that has shaped the world. The story takes us from Heliopolis to Luxor, Alexandra, Toulouse, Florence, Rome, Paris, London, Washington DC, New York and, finally, to the global pandemonium following 9/11/2001.

It is a tale filled with romance and intrigue, heroism and faith, peopled by Ancient Egyptian astronomer priests, Christian Gnostics, Hermetic sages, learned Jews, Arab savants, Occitan Counts, Cathar perfecti, Knights Templar, Renaissance magi, Rosicrucian invisibles, Bavarian illuminati and Freemasons." "Pivotal historical events and processes, not least the Renaissance, the birth of scientific rationalism and the French and American revolutions, are radically re-evaluated in the light of new investigative evidence presented for the first time in Talisman.

Even the belief that the United States has a global mission, so obvious today, may ultimately prove to be less the result of a short-term reaction to terrorism than the inevitable working-out of a covert plan originally set in motion almost 2,000 years ago.

NB: Co-authored with Robert Bauval.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2004
ISBN: 978-0140271768
Publisher: Penguin Books
Visionary: The Mysterious Origins of Human Consciousness

Discover the pathway to the gods.

Less than 50,000 years ago mankind had no art, no religion, no sophisticated symbolism, no innovative thinking. Then, in a dramatic and electrifying change, described by scientists as "the greatest riddle in human history," all the skills and qualities that we value most highly in ourselves appeared already fully formed, as though bestowed on us by hidden powers.

In Visionary, Graham Hancock sets out to investigate this mysterious "before-and-after moment" and to discover the truth about the influences that gave birth to modern human mind. His quest takes him on a journey of adventure and detection from the stunningly beautiful painted caves of prehistoric France, Spain, and Italy to remote rock shelters in the mountains of South Africa, where he finds a treasure trove of extraordinary Stone Age art.

Hancock uncovers clues that lead him to travel to the depths of the Amazon rainforest to drink the powerful plant hallucinogen ayahuasca with Indian shamans, whose paintings contain images of "supernatural beings" identical to the animal-human hybrids depicted in prehistoric caves and rock shelters. 

Hallucinogens such as mescaline also produce visionary encounters with exactly the same beings. Scientists at the cutting edge of consciousness research have begun to consider the possibility that such hallucinations may be real perceptions of other "dimensions."

Could the "supernaturals" first depicted in the painted caves and rock shelters be the ancient teachers of mankind? Could it be that human evolution is not just the "blind," "meaningless" process that Darwin identified, but something more purposive and intelligent, something that we have barely even begun to understand?

NB: Previously published as Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2005
ISBN: 978-1637480069
Publisher: New Page Books
The Master Game: Unmasking The Secret Rulers Of The World

The Master Game is a roller-coaster intellectual journey through the back streets and rat runs of history to uncover the traces in architecture and monuments of a secret religion that has shaped the world.

Pivotal historical events and processes, not least the Renaissance, the birth of scientific rationalism, and the French and American revolutions, are radically re-evaluated in the light of new investigative evidence presented in The Master Game. Even the belief that the United States has a "global mission," so obvious today, may ultimately prove to be less the result of a short-term reaction to terrorism than the inevitable working out of a covert plan originally set in motion almost two thousand years ago.

The Master Game refers to a scheme or "game" played on the world stage to bring about a world order governed by a lofty goal which, today, we term the "Masonic Ideal." The Master Game traces the origins of this game of symbols and words and talismans from ancient Egypt all the way to modern times, and places it squarely on the elitist Scottish Rite Freemasonry, headquartered in Washington, DC, and ruled by a secretive and powerful brotherhood of men who have attained the thirty-third degree. The Master Game exposes this world order's true purpose and, more importantly, shows how it has affected the United States of America and badly backfired on 9/11.

NB: The book is adapted and expanded from the authors' earlier, out-of-print book Talisman.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2011
ISBN: 978-1934708750
Publisher: The Disinformation Company
The Divine Spark: A Graham Hancock Reader: Psychedelics, Consciousness, and the Birth of Civilization

Psychedelics: Medicinal? Vital in interspecies communication or communion with the sacred? Are you reaching enlightenment or damaging your brain?

In this anthology, edited by bestselling author Graham Hancock, 22 writers discuss psychedelics and their myriad connections to consciousness. Travel to South America, the American Southwest, outer space, inner space, and back in time to revisit Pahnke's The Good Friday experiment. Explore the effects of ayahuasca, LSD, and much more.

Illuminating the topic like never before: Mike Alivernia * Russell Brand * David Jay Brown * Paul Devereux * Rick Doblin * Ede Frecska * Alex Grey * Nassim Haramein * Martina Hoffmann * Don Lattin * Luis Eduardo Luna * Dennis McKenna * Thad McKraken * Rak Razam * Gabriel Roberts * Thomas B. Roberts * Gregory Sams * Robert M. Schoch * Mark Seelig * Rick Strassman * Robert Tindall

And, of course, Graham Hancock.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2015
ISBN: 978-1938875113
Publisher: Disinformation Books
America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization

Was an advanced civilization lost to history in the global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age? Graham Hancock, the internationally bestselling author, has made it his life's work to find out--and in America Before, he draws on the latest archaeological and DNA evidence to bring his quest to a stunning conclusion.

We’ve been taught that North and South America were empty of humans until around 13,000 years ago – amongst the last great landmasses on earth to have been settled by our ancestors. But new discoveries have radically reshaped this long-established picture and we know now that the Americas were first peopled more than 130,000 years ago – many tens of thousands of years before human settlements became established elsewhere.

Hancock's research takes us on a series of journeys and encounters with the scientists responsible for the recent extraordinary breakthroughs. In the process, from the Mississippi Valley to the Amazon rainforest, he reveals that ancient "New World" cultures share a legacy of advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated spiritual beliefs with supposedly unconnected "Old World" cultures. 

Have archaeologists focused for too long only on the "Old World" in their search for the origins of civilization while failing to consider the revolutionary possibility that those origins might in fact be found in the "New World"?

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1250756954
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

War God

Nights Of The Witch

This is the epic story of the clash of two empires, two armies and two gods of war. Five hundred desperate adventurers are about to pit themselves against the most brutal armies of the ancient Americas, armies hundreds of thousands strong.

Dark powers that work behind the scenes of history show their hand as the prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl is fulfilled with the arrival of Cortés. The Aztec ruler Moctezuma fights to maintain the demands of the war god Huitzilopochtli for human sacrifice. The Spanish Inquisition is planning an even greater blood-letting.

Yet, in the midst of the brutal and bloody battles, deep friendship and love survive through the massacres.

Tozi, a young girl, who has seen many deaths inflicted in many ingenious and horrible ways, uses her magical gifts to save those she loves.

Pepillo, a Spanish orphan who serves a sadistic Dominican friar, is taken under the wing of Cortés, and begins to learn what it takes to be a conquistador.

They are caught up in the headlong collision between two gods of war, along with Malinal, a beautiful sex slave, whose hatred of Moctezuma runs so deep she will sell out her own land and people to destroy him.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2013
ISBN: 978-1780361901
Publisher: Peach Publishing
Return of the Plumed Serpent

The conquistador Hernán Cortés is hell-bent on conquering Mexico for the Aztecs’ gold. Having destroyed the Maya at Potonchan, Cortés now marches on Tenochtitlan, the Golden City of the Aztecs, wrapped in the aura of a returning, vengeful god.

His small force of just five hundred men will have to defeat the psychotic emperor Moctezuma and the armies of hundreds of thousands he commands. Cortés expects that the warlike Tlascalans, hereditary enemies of the Aztecs, will join him, but instead finds himself locked in a deadly struggle and a fight for his life. 

Even as Cortés risks all in the bloody campaign against the Tlascalans, he plays mind games with Moctezuma, aiming to dismantle the Aztec emperor’s confidence and defeat him psychologically before ever having to face him on the battlefield.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2014
ISBN: 978-1780362496
Publisher: Peach Publishing
Night of Sorrows

Cortés and his small army of Conquistadors enter Tenochtitlan, the island city of the Aztecs, as guests of the psychotic emperor Moctezuma who plans to trap them there and kill them all. In a stunning coup, Cortés acts first, taking the emperor hostage and ruling the Aztecs through him. 

All of Mexico seems about to fall into his hands until a report comes from the coast of the arrival of a new army of Spaniards. This force is more than three times the number of Cortés’ men and has been sent not to strengthen his army but to attack and wrest the conquest from him. 

Faced with the choice of abject surrender or war with fellow Spaniards Cortés chooses war and marches out to do battle but, in so doing he fatally weakens his garrison in Tenochtitlan and throws open the doors of Hell.

Author: Graham Hancock
First Release: 2017
ISBN: 978-1780363226
Publisher: Peach Publishing