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Phil Kurthausen is an English bestselling author of psychological and crime thriller novels, such as the series featuring Erasmus Jones.

Although a lawyer by profession, Phil has worked as a flower salesman, a light bulb repair technician and has also had a stint with BBC radio 4 extra.

He currently lives in Barcelona.

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Genres: Contemporary , Mystery, Thriller

United Kingdom


Non Series

  • Don't Let Me In (2018)
  • How To Kill Your Friends (2019)

Erasmus Jones series

  1. The Silent Pool (2014)
  2. Sudden Death (2014)

Detailed book overview

Non Series

Don't Let Me In

“How exactly do you escape from your own trap?”

Broadcasting her popular podcast from within the safety of her home, Sarah finds herself drawing unnecessary attention when she starts digging for the truth surrounding the killing of a teenage girl 12 years ago.

In the process on managing her agoraphobia, as well as the online trolls, Sarah comes across more unsettling truths about the cold case.

But as she gets closer to getting a potential perpetrator in the murder, the online threats aimed at her become increasingly physical.

As danger draws closer to her front door, Sarah only has only two options: fight or flight!

Author: Phil Kurthausen
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-1912604937
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
How To Kill Your Friends

“Who needs enemies?”

There’s something about Meredith…

Meredith is a young and unaccomplished girl living in a ramshackle apartment. Her life is a sorry and never ending tale of struggling to make ends meet, until she crosses paths with a man from her past, one who offers her a way out and a chance to make a fresh start.

Having bulldozed her way into the lives of the opulent and extravagant, Meredith will go to great lengths to preserve her new lifestyle.

This an addictive, psychological crime thriller by Phil Kurthausen set in the Spanish City of Barcelona.

Author: Phil Kurthausen
First Release: 2019
ISBN: 978-1912986798
Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Erasmus Jones series

The Silent Pool

“It’s either you run…or die.”

Times are hard and the English City of Liverpool is on the brink of bankrucy.

Help however comes in the eleventh hour in the form of peculiar billionaire Kirk Bovind, a passionately religious man determined to change the moral fabric and herald a new era of salvation to the streets.

When a man mysteriously disappears, solitary lawyer, Erasmus Jones takes the responsibility of tracking down the missing Stephen.

This is however more than just the case of a missing person. Even more eerie is that Bovind, Stephen and the victims once knew each other as boys.

Author: Phil Kurthausen
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00HAJG0HG
Publisher: HQ Digital
Sudden Death

Despite feeling worn out, lawyer Erasmus Jones receives a job offer that he simply can’t refuse; one in the form of protecting the latest protégé in world football.

As he plunges into the extravagant of the football elite, Erasmus learns of the down side of the beautiful game—rife with corruption, deception and murder.

Given that it’s his biggest case yet, Erasmus is determined to complete the assignment.

When an old flame however shows up unexpectedly to request for his help, Erasmus is left caught between two deadly cases: all of which will test his professional instincts now more than ever before.

Author: Phil Kurthausen
First Release: 2014
Ebook: B00N1XRRI6
Publisher: HQ Digital