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Aalia Lanius is an American upcoming fiction author, accomplished entrepreneur, wife and mother.

Born in the mid 70’s in Napa, Aalia has always been passionate about reading and writing.

She had for the longest time taken a backseat on her story telling abilities, choosing instead to focus on being a business magnate.

It was only until 2018 that she finally decided to pursue her passion for writing, making her debut with the fictional novel, Tough Love.

Her personal story paints a vivid picture of the ultimate strength of a woman, as she overcame divorce, early stage cancer and two autoimmune diseases to become the wife and mother she is today.

Aalia holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, and currenty lives in Los Angeles with her Executive Film Producer husband, Joseph Lanius.

She has four children; two of which are from her previous marriage.

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Genre: Fantasy / SF


Non Series

Tough Love

“All that glitters is not gold”

Aleyna would wish for nothing more than to uphold her traditional family desires, but is in a miserable marriage with her husband, Kyle. Considering that she is a public speaker on confidence and success, Aleyna feels like she is living a lie.

Things turn for the worst when she soon discovers that the cancer she had seemingly overcome has returned; leaving her with an incredibly tough choice.

Will she choose her life or her marriage?

Tough Love is an encouraging story of self-discovery, healing and courage.

Author: Aalia Lanius
First Release: 2018
ISBN: 978-0692999219
Publisher: Catalyst Group, LLC