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Beth Linton is the British author of the paranormal fantasy romance series, The Guardians' Trust.

Passionate about writing from a very early age, Beth wrote her first novel on her mother’s old typewriter at the age of eight.

Given the endless challenges that accompany being a mother, and daily life in general, Beth figured that an enchanting romance book could provide quite the escape from the rigors of the real world.

Currently residing in North Wales, the United Kingdom, Beth was recently featured in the Author’s Corner, 2020 of Chester University.

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Genres: Paranormal , Romance

United Kingdom


The Guardians' Trust

  1. Ana (2020)
  2. Siana (2020)
The Guardians' Trust

Detailed book overview

The Guardians' Trust


Fate has it that Dr Ana Jones must leave the human world and enter into an Amazonian realm in order to assist the Resistance who are battling for their future—a destiny that is quite like travelling back in time.

A Double by nature, she has no option but to enter the gateway and tie the knot with someone she doesn’t know.

As a warrior, Brenin may be the face of the Resistance, but he was purely born for Ana.

Although he welcomes the marriage, and the shapeshifting nature of his new wife, will her warmth and affection be enough to save both man and panther from the conflict?

Author: Beth Linton
First Release: 2020
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Siana spends every waking moment worrying about her safety.

A female born in a man’s world, she is treasured for her womb—until she is given a lifeline.

Although she finds solace in the Resistance, all that fades away when she discovers that she is to get married again.

Required to join the Guardians, will she find the courage to let destiny takes its course and allow herself to love?

Pryce, principled and compassionate in every sense of the word, welcomes Siana into The Guardians’ Trust.

However, in order to win her love, he must prove to her that he is worth the risk of loving.

Author: Beth Linton
First Release: 2020
Publisher: Evernight Publishing